Fate's Evil Curse

So Many Promises

Kanade woke up in one of the unused rooms in the moon dorms. She had stayed there last night because she didn't want to have to face Zero and Yuki. She hated lying to them and that’s all she had been doing lately. She knew she couldn't dodge them forever, but what was she going to say? Kaname made her promise not to tell them what had happened.

Kaname killed Shizuka and she didn't stop him. She didn't care that the horrible woman was dead, it was a good thing; but that deed was something that Zero had to do. Kaname almost drank Shizuka dry and he left the rest for Zero, but she doubted that he go to her in time. She could see Shizuka slowly turn to ash as they left through the shattered window. Now Zero will become a level E and fall into the darkness. She felt like she had betrayed him.

To kill a pureblood is an unforgivable crime. So what is going to happen now? Someone will notice won't they? Will they figure out it was Kaname?

Kanade stood up and punched the wall next to her, leaving a hole. Her clenched fist only stung for a mere second. Her eyes widened as she stared down at her hand, which was healing a small scrape right before her eyes. She snapped her head up and ran towards the bathroom across the hall. She gasped when she saw red eyes looking back at her in the mirror. She ripped off her shirt she had borrowed from Rima and stared at the markings all over her upper arms and back.

She leaned over the sink and held her head low, absolutely mortified.

Some of Shizuka's blood must have gotten into my system… which means that I'm a vampire forever.

She erupted with anger and the floor under her started to shake. The mirror cracked and the roof creaked.

"Kanade." A soft voice whispered into her ear. She lifted her head and turned to him. His eyes softened the instant they caught hers. "Calm down. You are not eternally vampire, you were changing in your sleep and Senri gave you some more of his blood." She stared at him as she felt his soothing emotions fill her up and everything around her stopped. "Everything is alright." He pulled her into an embrace and she returned it, feeling unconditionally safe in his arms.

"Kaname." She cooed, taking in his scent. She then realized the painful dryness in her throat. She clenched her jaw and pulled away from him.

"Are you hungry?"

She nodded; trying to keep her gaze towards the ground instead of the outlines of the mouthwatering looking veins underneath the skin of his neck. He reached into his pocket and took out a small box of tablets.

“I can’t…” She felt herself begin to go over the edge.

“Kanade, if you lose control he won’t forgive you.” He handed it over to her and she took it carefully so that their skin didn't touch. She slowly opened the box and downed almost half the tablets. She handed the small box back to him, sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall. She took a deep breath, happy that the dryness in her throat was finally gone.

Her head snapped up when she realized that Kaname was next to her and she wasn't wearing a shirt.

"What's the matter?" He asked. She narrowed her eyes at him and clenched her fist. She quickly grabbed her shirt and covered her chest. Even though she was wearing a bra she still felt violated.

"Pervert." She hissed. He just laughed.

"Although I do enjoy seeing you without that article of clothing, I was much more worried about your well being than your obscenity."

"Worried?" She stared at him in confusion. "You were worried… about me?"

"Of course I was." He knelt down and laid his hand on the side of her crimson face. "I worry about you all the time. You always make things so hard and you seem to enjoy getting yourself into trouble."

Her senses were so heightened, she could hear the swiftness of his heartbeat, see every line in the curves of his ivory lips. The smallest gesture, the simplest kind word, fed her eminent desire for him. She felt she might pass out from the lack of breath as he gazed into her eyes. She slowly started to lean in only to stop herself.

He loves Yuki and she cares for Zero. She knew that they would both be furious if they found out that her and Kaname's relationship included anything like that. She stood up and he mimicked her.

"I... should go." She started towards the door.

"Is everything alright?"

She knew he was aware of what she almost did and she could feel his disappointment hover around her, but she also felt a sense of accomplishment; as though he felt he won her over.

"Yes I'm fine." She took a sharp breath as she felt the slight stabbing pain emerge from her core.

"Be careful not to reveal what you are to the human's when you go outside. You should return to your human self soon."

As if on cue the burning started to erupt within her and Kanade fell back onto the ground. Kaname looked away finding her pain unbearable to watch, knowing that even the slightest attempt to comfort her would simply become more painful for her. She held in her screams as she writhed on the ground. When it was finally over she shakily stood up, holding onto her stomach as she tried not to let the stabbing pain envelop her. He stepped out of her way as she stumbled over to the bedroom.

"Thank you for worrying about me." She whispered before closing the door and changing into her uniform set out for her.

When she walked back out into the hallway he was gone. She took a deep breath and made her way downstairs. She walked towards the door, both frightened, and drowning in disbelief that she had almost succumbed to him once again.

She walked past the gates only to run into a bunch of angry and demeaning stares, they were assuming the worst. She nervously smiled and headed towards the Chairman's building.

There are going to be some nasty rumors tomorrow.

Kanade was walking to her room when she came across Zero and Yuki. Zero had just pushed Yuki out of his room and she had been yelling at him.

She grew stiff when their stares met hers.

Shit. Shit!

"Kanade?!" Yuki tackled her into a hug. "We thought you were dead or that Ichiru somehow ran off with you!" She exclaimed. She let go waiting for Kanade's response.

"Oh uh… I…" Then Zero made his way towards her. A steadily building anger erupted in his chest, and his eyes narrowed fiercely. She backed up to the wall and he stood over her. He had her trapped, the stabbing feeling lightly nagging at her.

"What happened last night? Who killed Shizuka?!" He growled.

"I-I don't know…" She stammered.

"Where did you go all night? Why weren't you in class?" Yuki asked as she tried to pry Zero away from the nervous dhampire.

"Uh well... I"

Shit, shit, shit!

She remembered what Kaname told her to say.

"She threw me out the window. I passed out and one of the night class students apparently found me and took me back to the moon dorms."

She kept her head downcast to the ground; afraid he might be able to see right through her if she met his gaze.

"Are you okay?" Yuki asked. She nodded and averted her gaze towards the end of the hall as Zero stared at her, racking through his mind about whether if she was telling the truth. If she wasn't, what had really happened that she couldn't tell him? Better yet, how in the hell did she go against a pureblood without using her vampire weapons.

"How did you move so fast when you fought her? Aren't you a normal vampire?" He asked. Her eyes widened in surprise. She met his gaze and she began to feel as though she was choking on her words.

"Dhampire powers I guess." She blurted out, following an obviously fake laugh.

Yuki gave her a confused look. Kanade narrowed her eyes at her.

Zero wanted more than anything to believe her and tried his best to find evidence that would say that she was telling the truth.

"Oh Kanade! So nice of you to come back!" Chairman interrupted. He must have been cooking because he was wearing a ridiculous apron. She nervously smiled.

"Yeah. Sorry."

"Zero you should go lie down. Kanade and Yuki will do night patrol."

"Oh no Kanade shouldn't, she fell out of a window last night!" Yuki exclaimed.

"No, no I'm fine I healed overnight. Dhampire power and all." She started to sweat a little as Zero didn't move from his intimidating position, hopelessly trying to convince himself that everything she was saying was true.

"Okay then." The Chairman smiled and went back to the kitchen.

"Come on Kanade!" Yuki headed towards the door. Zero slowly moved away from her and went back into his room.

She looked over at Yuki and nodded before following her off for patrol.

A few hours later the two thought they might have saw something suspicious.

"I think I saw a figure over there." Yuki pointed over to a bunch of trees. Her and Kanade ran to investigate.

"This is Cross Academy, I hope. Am I mistaken?" An unfamiliar man was suddenly standing in front of them. They cautiously hovered their hands over their weapons. "Ugh. I came after overtime work, so it has become so late."

Kanade felt the light stabbing feeling, instantly knowing he was a vampire. Yuki was just starting to work it out when Kanade made a break for it. She knew that she needed to get out of there before he caught her scent. She stopped when the vampire appeared in front of her. The pain started to increase.

"You're an odd smelling guardian. Tell me. Where is the other one?"

She saw claws start to form from his fingers. She went for her daggers at her sides, about to block his attempt to hit her, but instead felt the burning ache for a second and found herself a few feet back. Zero had lightly pushed her back and he was now standing in between him and Yuki, his hand holding the vampires claws back.

"What is your business with me?" Zero asked.

"Zero Kiryuu." He pushed up his glasses. "For committing the murder of pureblood, Shizuka Hiou, by the command of the Supreme Institution of Vampires, the senior council, you are sentenced to death."

"What?!" Kanade exclaimed. She couldn't understand why they would think it was Zero. She knew who the real culprit was.

"We take pride in our duty to protect the pureblood nobles of the council of ancients, but you managed to escape our eyes and get your hands on Lady Shizuka. As far as we are concerned pureblood vampires are a sacred existence. Anyone who inflicts as much as a small cut on any of them should expect to be executed, Zero Kiriyuu. This serious crime can only be paid with one mortal life. That is a cheap bargain don't you think?" Zero tightened his grip on the vampire’s claws and broke his hand. Kanade could hear the cracking of his bones. "You broke the bones of a vampire!" The man jumped back and fell to his knees.

"It's too bad... there are no 'cheap' bargains to be obtained here." Zero was crouched down in pain. He slowly stood up, holding onto his chest.

"Zero?" Kanade whispered.

"Even if you defeated me alone you cannot escape." The vampire on the ground said. Then the stabbing feeling got heavier. Kanade winced in pain and looked up to see vampires were now surrounding them. She tightened her grip on her daggers. "We said we will have you executed. That is your fate."

‘No way we can beat this many in a fight.’

"You have nothing to do about this so just go." Zero said to the two girls at his side.

"I can't do that." Yuki said.

"Zero didn't do it! I did!" Kanade cried out.

Zero and Yuki looked over at her with surprise and all of the vampires laughed.

"How are we supposed to believe a weak human girl like you could kill a pure blood?" One of them smirked.

"I'm not hum--"

One of them suddenly turned into ash. She looked over there Kaname was surrounded by other night class students. Senri had his blood whip out, which is what killed the first vampire.

"The council of Ancients has consented to attend this school." Kaname said walking over to them. "It was already an inevitable matter to have that woman hunting for Zero."

"Lord Kuran!" All the attacking vampires exclaimed as they bowed.

The pain started to become unbearable. Kanade dropped her daggers and fell to her knees desperately trying to not to scream as she focused on breathing. Yuki grabbed ahold of her in an attempt to comfort her.

"However, the for purebloods' “sacredness” and for the sake of protecting it, why must Zero be executed?"

"Lord Kaname, if a pureblood such as yourself stands in our way, we will be unable to fulfill our duties. We would like you to leave with your honorable school friends." One of the vampires said.

"I thought I made special efforts to warn against dishonoring this Academy with this foolish behavior. Even from the dogs of the council of ancients."

"Lord Kana--" The vampire tried to stand up but Kaname abruptly slashed his arm off. Yuki gasped.


They did just as he said. Once it was clear and excruciating pain has diminished slightly, Kaname walked over to the three prefects. As he grew closer the pain only grew intense once again. Kanade tried to hold back her tears. She was crouched over on the ground,

"I would suggest you don't do such reckless things in the future, Kanade."

The vampire's words rang in her ears, “The fact that you have defended Zero Kiriyu, will be reported to the council of ancients Lord Kaname.”

‘Does this mean that they will go eventually go after Kaname as well as Zero…?’

"Will you be alright?" He asked Yuki.

"Kaname, Zero being their objective is not a good enough reason for this."

"I understand that." He brushed the back of his hand against her slightly flushed cheek. "Don't worry." He assured her.

"What are your intentions Kaname Kuran?" Zero growled.

"It's something I overlooked, that's all." He glanced down at Kanade. She refused to meet his eyes. He sighed and walked off with the rest of the night class following him.

It was Saturday morning. Kanade would usually be reading a book or sleeping, but instead she was lying on a branch at the top of a tree in view of the boys dormitory. She longed to be by Zero's side. He seemed to barely ever be around anymore. He had moved back into the dorms and she was determined to keep him safe from the vampire council. She now took it upon herself to follow him around everywhere. Although she knew he would be mad if she told him her intentions, so she needed to make it a bit more discreet.

"Lady Kanade." She looked down to see Aido standing under her.


"Lord Kaname would like me to inform you that he is leaving the grounds on business."

"Shouldn't that be something he should be telling the Chairman, not me?"

"He already informed the Chairman, but he would like to make sure that you know to be extra cautious and not to do anything rash while he's gone… like turn." He glanced over at the boys dorm and she let out a chuckle.

"You think that I'm going to drink from him?" She pointed towards the dorm and started to laugh hysterically. "Zero wouldn't let me drink his blood if I was dying…"

She thought back to the night that Zero had drank from her and she almost died. Kaname said that Zero had given her some of his blood, so maybe he would do such a thing in a case like that… but it surprised her that he even listened to Kaname in the first place, even when it came down to her life…

She lost her balance and started to fall from the tree, but instead of landing on the hard ground though, she was in Aido's arms and the agonizing pain came erupted.

"Let go!" She screamed, not able to take the sudden pain. He quickly set her down and took a few steps back. She leaned against the tree panting wildly when she gathered herself up off. "Did Kaname leave you behind to protect me or something? Is he punishing you?"

"I stayed behind voluntarily. I'm here simply because I didn't want to go."

"Why would you want to be stuck here?" He averted his eyes in response. "You know as a prefect I should be telling you that you aren't supposed to be here and to get back to your dorm... but I'm too lazy I guess." She looked over at the boys dorm and saw Yuki standing on the front steps.

"You really are one of us--"

"Shut up! I'm not one of you don't say that!" She snapped at him.

"Sorry… Lady Kanade." He scowled.

"I've always been like this, I can't help it. I wish I were more like Yuki, so positive and lively.”

"Have you seen the Chairman? I can't find him." He changed the subject. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"I don't keep tabs on that buffoon. Try asking his daughter."

She pointed over at Yuki. Aido walked up to her, saving her from a scolding from the girls dorm advisor. Kanade stood up and watched them. She saw Zero looking back at her from the window. She started to get a bit nervous, knowing that he had spotted her.

He jumped out of the 3 story window and interrupted Yuki and Aido’s conversation. After an exchange of words Aido ran off and Zero chased after him. He was heading towards Kanade, which was a mistake.

"Adio! Stop!" He did as she said and shot her a glare. Zero came up.

"Why did he stop for you?"

Oh shit that was a bad idea.

"Aido if you won't go to your dorm than why don't we wait for the Chairman in his office?" She started to lead the noble as Yuki and Zero followed them. She could feel Zero's stare from behind her; she started to sweat a little at how uncomfortable it was making her. He is always so good at that.

Kanade sat on the other side of the room narrowing her eyes at Aido. He was requesting a bunch of unreasonable things from Yuki and Zero.

"Aido!" She growled.

He stopped and they all looked at her.

Shit if I order him around he will have to listen and they might figure it out.

"Never mind..." She huffed as she crossed her arms and tried to tune him out.

Aido ate enough food for three people, even though he said he wouldn't eat Zero's cooking. Yuki went to go tell Zero to make more, leaving Aido and Kanade alone at the dining table.

"You don't want them to know do you?" He asked. She averted her eyes and took a sharp breath, clinching her hands together tightly to fight the nearly irresistible urge to punch him down. "They will find out eventually."

"Just stop being so unreasonable." She growled.

"Yes Lady Kanade." He bowed, it was obvious that he was now teasing her.

"And don't call me Lady or bow at me! Just treat me like any other human."

He was suddenly leaning over her with his fangs bared and his eyes trailing down her neck.

"Any human?" He smirked.

"If you dare move even one inch closer I will rip your throat out." She hissed.

He let out a sigh and took a step back.

"Geez. How would you explain that to them?" He smirked. She looked away and clenched her fists, if she applied any more pressure to her skin with her nails she was sure to start bleeding.

"You took so long!" Aido whined. Kanade shot him a glare and he just smiled.

"Zero is making something right now. Go ahead and eat a tablet for now." Yuki set down a full box of tablets. Aido just stared at it. Yuki was about to walk out.

"Is this Zero's?" He asked. Yuki grew stiff.

"No! No it's not."

"It's mine." Kanade interrupted. "I thought I lost it."

She turned to him and Yuki looked up at her friend nervously. She had no idea that Kanade knew of her and Zero's secret.

"Don't be upset, Zero knows we know. Since I'm a genius it's natural for me to notice." Aido said.

Kanade rolled her eyes. "Oh please." She folded her arms across her chest.

"Don't tell anyone please." Yuki said to the both of them with her head down, ashamed.

"I'm not that cowardly Yuki."

"I'm sure if he knows, everyone does. I thought it was just Kaname and I." Kanade instantly regretted what she said as she saw Yuki’s eyes widened.

"I don't know what Lord Kaname is thinking though." Aido looked down. "Why does he treat a girl like you and a dhampire so specially? Even having a run in with the senate house on purpose... I can't understand it."

"Doesn't he treat Kanade the way he does because she is a pureblood?" Yuki asked.

Aido gave Kanade a surprised look, "So she knows?"

"Yuki, don't tell Zero..." She trailed off, staring at the wall next to her.

"Oh so that's why you’re hiding it." Aido laughed at her and she narrowed her eyes at him, furious. "The fact that Kanade is a pureblood is irrelevant. She still defies vampire nature. And you," He looked over at Yuki. "You're just a human."

"It's not... special treatment." Yuki said.

"Are you really saying that? I'll kill you."

"Aido." Kanade growled.

Yuki looked down, "Kaname saved me... our relationship is simple. I look up to him."

"Simple... huh..." He trailed off. "This is what you believe no matter what happens?"

"Well sometimes I waver, but I believe it. Even if I'm betrayed, it's okay." She grinned.

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