Fate's Evil Curse

Vampire Parties Suck

'In the past and even now just hearing her name stirs me up... ever since that day... I always hated that woman.'

Shizuka suddenly appeared in front of Zero. His eyes widened as her voice echoed in his ears.

"You really wanted to kill me didn't you...? The desire to kill... where will it go now?"

He looked down and his hands were covered in blood.

The voice changed into a higher pitched tone. "It might change into..." He looked up and Kanade stood in front of him covered in blood. "A vampire's evil instinct." She started to fall over with her eyes half closed and as her hair flew up to cover her face every aspect of her changed into Yuki.

"Zero..." She choked out as she fell into his arms.

'Blood... The choking scent of blood.'

"Yuki!" He cried out as he shot up. He then realized that he was lying in bed in the infirmary. He took in a few sharp breaths as he caught himself shaking.

"Zero?" He looked over and Yuki stood in the doorway. "I found you... geez!" She walked over to him. "I didn't think you would be ditching duty in a place like this. Kanade and I have been searching for you." He glanced up at her. "What's wrong?"

He grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

"Yuki." He breathed as he held her firmly against him. Her eyes widened. "You're alive... I thought I killed you!" He grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her closer.

"I... can't breath... Zero." He quickly loosened his grip. "Zero..." She pulled back and grabbed his face with both of her palms. "Zero! Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He stared up at her.

She let out a sigh and smiled.


'Yeah I... I want these gentle hands... and this kind smile...'

He grabbed her face with both of his palms and started to lean in so their lips were inches apart.

'Even though I should not want such a thing.'

He was about to press his lips against hers but he then dropped his head to her shoulder and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry... never mind"

Kanade stood against the wall near the doorway, feeling her heart rip into two pieces as he listened.

Later that day Zero was summoned to the Chairman’s office.

"Zero, here." Kanade heard the Chairman say.

She was standing outside his office, her ear pressed against the door, listening intently. A few days earlier there was an incident with a day class girl who was bitten. Kaname had wrongly accused Zero and Kanade was worried that the Chairman was going to do something drastic.

Yuki and Kanade obviously testified against it, but the Chairman was still bit skeptical. She told the Chairman later when on one else was around that Zero hadn't left her sight at all lately and he believed her.

Right now Kanade was just making sure that Kaname's finger pointing didn't effect the Chairman's decision anyway. Her and Yuki were both furious at the pureblood. Yuki even said she would never speak to him again. Although Kanade would never go that far, she still felt the same.

"Orders from the council: you will observe the party that will be held here for vampires tonight. There will be many vampires, so it will be a lot of work."

"I understand. I will attend." Zero said. Kanade abruptly crashed through the door and interrupted them.

"Kanade! How rude! Is there a problem?"

"I'm very sorry to barge in Chairman, but please let me go as well."

Zero narrowed his eyes at her. He knew perfectly well that she was listening in and was following him around.

"I'm sorry Kanade but it's too dangerous and there will be many vampires there. It would be very painful." The Chairman said.

"What if I went as a vampire?"

"No." Zero hissed. "You will not go."

He walked out and Kanade gave the Chairman a pleading look.

"Let me protect Zero."

He let out a sigh. "If you can get Kaname on board then I can’t stop you.”

"Easy." She was determined and she knew how to wrap Kaname around her finger.

"No way." Kaname growled.

"Oh come on, please! I want to see what the vampire world is like." She fluttered her eyelashes and gave him the puppy dog eyes.

"I said no."

Kanade took a step forward, paying no attention to the nagging pain in her core increasing as she moved in close. They were in his office alone, it was her last resort.

"Kaname." She laid his hand on his chest, trying her best not to cringe at the burning. "Please." She begged.

"Why do you really want to go?" He asked as he moved her hand so she didn't have to feel any more pain.

"Why does it matter?" She inched in close so that her lips were only millimeters away from his. He seemed unaffected though.

Damn his self-control. I thought he liked me!?

"Is it because Zero is going?" He asked.

She hovered her lips down to his neck, knowing that he would be able to see straight through her if she tried to lie.

"Just let me go." She breathed against his skin, he didn't seem to even notice at all.

"I can see what you are trying to do and it won't work."

She let out a sigh and moved away from him.

"Then what will?"


"Please." She was getting desperate now and he could see it. She started to get a bit worried when she saw a grin tug at the corner of his mouth.

"On one condition."

"Thank you again for letting me wear one of your dresses Rima." Kanade mumbled nervously as Rima curled her hair for her.

It was black dress that made her look like she was going to a funeral. Although it wasn't really her taste it covered her markings as a dhampire quite well.

"It's fine."

Rima had helped Kanade get ready for this vampire ball thing. She personally would have rather been wearing her uniform and standing by Zero the entire night, but Kaname's condition, to simply torture her, was to make her go as one of the night class student’s dates. He offered to be hers but she refused since she was still mad at him for accusing Zero. He was going to make Senri do it, but she wouldn't let him since Senri is Rima's date and she didn't want to take him away from her. Even though around Senri she didn't feel uncomfortable. She ended up being Takuma's date, he volunteered.

"You didn't have to go with Takuma you know." Rima stated.

"But isn't Senri your boyfriend?"

"No. We are just friends."

"Oh... I'm sorry I just assumed."

"Don't you have feelings for him… you have been drinking his blood."

"Am I supposed to?"

"When you drink another vampires blood, usually you grow to have feelings for them."

‘Is that why Kaname doesn't like it when I drink other vampire’s blood? Then why hasn't he been giving me Rima or Ruka's blood?’

She looked at the vial of Senri's blood in her hand and held it out to Rima.

"Don't worry." She smiled. "Senri is only a friend. He has helped me a lot even if it was against his will. I will not ask him of anything else." She had already drunk enough blood for tonight and there was very little left in the vial.

"If that is the case, keep it. You may need it in the future."

"Thank you Rima." She paused momentarily, not knowing exactly how to put her next words. "Rima... can we be friends? I feel like all the other vampires are nice to me because Kaname said to be or because I'm pureblood, but I don't want you or Senri, or any of you to feel like that."


She and Senri are emotionless and detached people and being around them, it made Kanade feel normal. She looked up at herself in the mirror.

"Why are my eyes red when I change into a vampire and you’re eyes aren’t?”

"It might be because you have never tasted more than a few drops of blood and your hunger is just showing, but the tablets should've fixed them. I heard that the Takanashi ancestor refused to drink blood. She was always hungry and her bloodlust showed in her eyes. Maybe her eyes were passed down through her decedents, you're the first Takanashi I've met so I really don't know."

"Oh... Did she die… my ancestor?"

"It's said that she died during the beginnings of the war between vampires and humans. However, there hasn't been any evidence to prove it." Ruka said as she glared at Kanade from the doorway.

"How... sad."

"Come on." Rima grabbed Kanade's hand and pulled her out of the room. They walked downstairs to see everyone was waiting for them.

"I'm sorry that I made you wait." Kanade said to Takuma and Kaname who were waiting at the foot of the stairs. Rima went to Senri's side and Ruka to Akastuki.

"It's fine." Takuma smiled "You look beautiful."

"Thanks." She looked over at Kaname.

"Are you sure you want to go? This is dangerous." She nodded and he sighed.

She wanted to make sure that the vampire council wouldn't attack Zero at the ball. The risk was too high and she knew Kaname wouldn't try and save him.

Kanade tightened her grip on Takuma's arm as they made their entrance. Kaname disappeared somewhere, which was making her uneasy. Being around this many vampires is hard for her without him around.

"Calm down. You'll be fine." Takuma gave her a reassuring smile and she nodded.

He's right; I just have to tell no one my real last name.

"Ah Takuma! So nice to see you!" A woman came up and hugged him. Kanade quickly let go of his arm. "Who is this?" The woman smiled at her.

"This is Kanade, mother. She's a classmate of mine." Takuma said. Kanade forced herself to smile.

"Nice to meet you." The woman held out her hand.

"You too."

"Are you hungry?" She asked, just noticing the red eyes staring at her nervously.

"Uhm no I'm fine."

The woman gave her a confused look and Takuma quickly led Kanade away. She stayed close to him as she looked around for Zero.

"Lady Kanade?" She looked over at him. "I need to go get Kaname please stay here."

"Can't I come with?"

"Go talk to Zero. You've been staring at him this whole time." She looked away as the heat rose to her cheeks. "I will be right back with Kaname."

She looked over at Zero and took a deep breath as she walked over to him, but then Yagari came into sight. She quickly turned around and walked over to Senri and Rima.

"The vampire hunter that knows about me is here." Her voice sounded a little shaken.

"He won't hurt you." Senri said in an uninterested tone.

"Can I have a tablet?" She asked him. He handed her his little box and she grabbed one. "Thanks."

She got a glass of water and dropped it in, hoping that it would calm her nerves. She looked up and her eyes widened when she saw Yuki up on the balcony above them.

What is she doing here?!

"Kanade!" She looked over to see Aido was calling her over. "Father, Mother, this is one of my classmates, Kanade."

"You are very beautiful." His mother said.

"Thank you."

"Are you a member of the night class?" His father asked.

Everyone suddenly got quiet and started to bow. She looked around and saw Kaname, Aido pulled on her dress. She looked down at him and he motioned for her to bow. She quickly did as he said. Everyone rose and she mimicked.

"My apologies. I did not mean to disturb all of you." He looked over at Kanade and slightly smiled.

"Lord Kaname, is it true that you took the human's side at the board meeting? This human..." One of the men pointed to Zero.

"It is true." Kaname said. Everyone started to chatter.

They are all praising him… they all respect Kaname so much.

"Lord Kaname, thank you for taking care of my son." Aido's father said.

"Thank you very much for inviting me to this party Mr. Aido." Kaname smiled.

What Aido is Aido's last name! Wow I really know nothing about the night class…

"I'm sorry that I do not show up at parties much." Kaname added.

"Do not worry about it Lord Kaname. Actually today I have a favor to ask of you."

"Father!" Aido exclaimed. A girl came walking up from behind his father.

"This is my daughter, Tsukiko. It would be great if you would take interest in her. Our family would like that very much."

"Father, please stop. Lord Kaname I did not ask of this--"

"I do not know how things will turn out, but I will keep that in mind." Kaname smiled and the girl blushed. Kanade's eyes widened.

"Please meet my daughter as well!" Someone cried out.

"Mine too!" Everyone started to bombard him with introductions to many beautiful girls.

"Lord Kaname used to completely ignore the subject before…" Someone said.

"Yes. He has matured and understands the importance of the pureblood's role." Another person mumbled.

A pureblood's role? Would this have been my life if I was born a full pureblood and not dhampire?

"Kanade." She looked over and Takuma was standing behind her.

"I'm glad you're back." She smiled and let out a breath of relief. Then everyone grew silent again and bowed. She quickly mimicked them.

"Everyone do not say such things. Poor Lord Kaname." A girl came walking in. She was overall, beautiful; one of the most beautiful girls Kanade has ever seen.

"Lady Sara!" Someone exclaimed.

"A member of the Shirabuki family… it's really her." Another person mumbled.

"This a rare sight to see Lady Sara at a party."

"It's been awhile Sara." Kaname said.

"Kaname ever since you started going to school, I haven't seen you at all." Sara said. Kaname kissed her hand. "We are one of the only remaining Pureblood vampires. We have to stick together."

A pureblood... Like Kaname... Like me.

Well I guess in a sense I'm not a pureblood. I don't have any respect; I would actually be the least respected person here if they knew what I really was.

Kaname soon after excused himself and everyone went back to chattering.

"Takuma." Kanade started.


"Where does Kaname keep going?"

"Yuki is here." He whispered in her ear. "We found her unconscious on the front steps soon after we came and Kaname is just making sure she is okay."

Kaname seems to much rather enjoy time with Yuki...

"Thank you for telling me." Her throat tightened as she said her words, trying to evade the thoughts running through her mind.

"Did you talk to Zero?"

She looked over at the hunters.

"His Master is here." She whispered.

"Don't worry. Just stay by me, he won't kill you." He smiled.

"Thanks…" She trailed off staring over at Zero.

What would I even say anyways...?

She danced with Takuma and Senri a few times, constantly tripping over her own feet and steeping on their toes before Kaname came back.

Kanade was drinking a tablet and watching Rima and Senri dance, when he came up to her. Everyone was staring.

"Would you join me in a dance?" He held out his hand and she unwillingly nodded.

Just looking at him brought back those thoughts. Could they really ever be together? Even without half his heart belonging to Yuki... the world that he lives in seems so far away.

This reminded her a lot of the school dance, everyone staring as Kaname and her were in their own little world. She put her feet on top of his like they did before and then the feeling of floating came. Everyone was watching them.

"You sure dancing with me is a good idea?" She asked him in a low voice so he could only hear.

"To them you are just another choice to be my fiancé… when in reality you've always been my bride."

"No I'm not..." She looked down and her throat tightened. "We could never be together. Not with what I am." There was a long pause. She looked up at him, waiting for some kind of response.

"I guess in a way the curse was never lifted." He gave her a slightly sad smile. That smile was so beautiful yet so heart wrenching.


“Like I said before our ancestors loved each other deeply, but no matter how hard they tried there were just too many obstacles; as though it were a curse.”

"I wonder… how many times this has happened with our families…”

“Our families have a long history, my dear. I assure you it’s happened countless times.”

“I suppose… It's okay. Just being around you is enough." She tried her best to smile but she felt like her heart was slowly dropping with each exchange of words, knowing exactly what was about to come next.

"I feel the same."

She took a sharp breath feeling as if she was choking now.

"So promise me… that no matter what we will be at each other's side. Even if there is another girl on your arm, we'll at least be friends." Her tears began welling up. She made it sound like she was going to be around for a long time…

"So you aren't planning to tell the vampire council about who you are and take the blame for Shizuka's death?"

She stared at him wide eyed. He always seems to know everything. How does he do that? She could feel his sadness start to envelop her. He must also know what is coming.

"I have to protect you and Zero."

"Zero can protect himself and I have the rest under control. You have no need to worry." He took a deep breath and they danced in silence for a few moments as he brought up the courage to say his next words. "I promise. We will be together forever Kanade, even if we aren't lovers."

Kanade's tears started to fall. She felt like she couldn't breath.

"Don't tell anyone. Not Yuki, or Zero, or any of the night class. I don't want any of them to know, ever." She choked out. "Let's just keep this our secret."


"And stop calling me your bride." She forced a laugh, which sort of sounded like a dying cough.


She could see the pain in his eyes and to top it off she felt it floating around her. Everything was suddenly crashing down and she just wanted to curl up in his arms and cry.

When the dance was over she stood between Rima and Senri as she watched Kaname dance with Sara.

"Why are you crying?" Rima asked.

"Cause love fucking hurts."

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