Fate's Evil Curse

A New Day of Celebration

Break was now over and the three prefects were now standing by the front gates, welcoming the night class students back to the Academy. Kanade tried her best to hide her embarrassment as Kaname approached them.

"I'm home." Kaname said.

"Welcome back." Yuki smiled.

"Yuki, here is a present." He handed her a flower that was petrified and made into an ornament. "It's a rose which only blooms once every ten years, hardened in resin. I decided to get it because it was unique." Yuki stared at it with wide eyes. "Would you have liked food instead?"

"Huh? That's not it! I just thought it was very pretty!" Yuki exclaimed.

"It was a beautiful place where even a rose would bloom during this season. I will take you next time..." Yuki stared at the large unidentifiable object Kanade held in his arm. "It's not food." He smiled.

"Uh… yes I can tell by looking at it."

"Zero, here is a present." Kaname held out the odd thing to Zero.

"I don't want it."

"It's a life sized doll said to be cursed from ages past. I bought it just for you." Kaname held it out to him. Zero abruptly grabbed it from him, threw it to the ground and stomped on it.

"Thank you very much Kaname it served its purpose, I've had enough." Zero flashed him a fake smile. Kanade giggled at their silliness. Kaname looked over at her and smiled that sad smile of his.

"Good to see you smiling again in time for your birthday.” Her eyes widened in panic. Zero and Yuki stared at them in confusion.

"Kanade? It's your birthday?" Yuki asked.

"No!" She exclaimed.

"Kanade is troubled by her original birthday so today is her new birthday." She narrowed her eyes at him as he held out a chain with a vial of blood hanging from it. "My birthday present to you, a vial of my blood; should you ever be in need of it." He handed it to her. The unusual gift surprised her. She nervously smiled, glancing over to see Zero staring at the vial intently.

"Um thanks, Lord Kaname."

"Kaname!" Yuki interrupted. "I have something very important that I need to talk to you about tonight!" He leaned in so he was inches away from her ear.

"What? A confession?"

"Uh." She grew stiff. "Ah… Um… Ahh, Everyone! Please let me check your names off on the student rooster!" She ran off to the other night class students.

Kanade stared at the vial of Kaname's blood as she walked back to the Chairman’s house.

‘I wonder… if he has the same idea as me…’

She headed straight to her room without even greeting the Chairman. She sat down on her bed and examined the vial.

‘How did he make the vial so that it doesn’t hurt when I touch it?

I wonder if it’s some sort of vampire hunter technology…’

"Kanade?" Yuki called out.

"Come in." Kanade said as she hooked the necklace on. Yuki cracked the door open and popped her head in.

"Kanade can you come out for a second?" Kanade nodded and walked over to her side.

"Did you ask him yet?" Kanade was referring to Yuki asking Kaname about her forgotten past, which was something that Yuki has been very prominent about lately.

"No, not yet. Right now it’s about you."

"What do you--?"

Yuki opened the door to the chairman’s office, "Happy Birthday!" The Chairman cried out. Kanade jumped back in surprise to see the Chairman jumping up and down with a party hat on and Zero standing behind him looking utterly bored, his hat in his hand. There sat on the desk beside them was a large cake covered in candles and a pile of presents.

"Uhhh… It's not even my birthday… "

"Kaname said your real birthday isn't a happy day for you so he suggested that today would be your new birthday!" The Chairman explained.

‘That idiot… how does he always know…?’

At this point she was grinning from ear to ear and her tears began to well up.


"I'm sorry it's just… no one's ever done anything like this for me before." She smiled and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand.

I thought that I didn't matter… that I was just a bother an annoyance…

Yuki pulled her into a hug, "You're our family now Kanade."

"Really?" Kanade’s voice began to crack.

"Of course I did I adopt you!" The Chairman exclaimed as he held up the adoption papers.

“When did you…?”

“The papers were finalized this morning!”

She stared at him in awe before tackling him in a hug.

"Thank you!” She cried out, tears streaming down her face.

"Of course Kanade." She pulled away from him and looked over at Zero. She tackled him in a hug. The burning pain flowing through her. He kept his hands in his pockets and didn’t return her embrace. Although things between the two of them weren’t the best at the moment, he was happy to see her happy.

'Maybe becoming apart of the night class could wait a bit longer. I want to enjoy my new family while I still have it.'

Later that night after Zero found Yuki wallowing after her failed confrontation with Kaname, he decided to pay Kaname a visit. The prefect pushed the moon dorm’s door open to see the pureblood waiting for him at the top of the stairs.

“I thought I smelled something unpleasant…” Kaname grumbled.

“You already knew what Yuki wanted to ask. Why didn’t you just answer?” Zero growled.

“I wondered why you would come here with an aura intent of making enemies. This is not the place to talk. Come to my room, if you don’t mind coming to the room of your most hated vampire leader.” He sauntered off to his room and zero reluctantly followed. “Sit anywhere you like.” Kanade said as Zero closed the door behind him.

“Were you the one that erased Yuki’s memories or not? Are you involved with Yuki’s past or not?” Zero said as he stood behind the pureblood. “And if you can’t answer those questions, what reason would that be? Do you have any intention of relieving Yuki’s insecurities?”

Kanade rubbed his forehead out of annoyance and glanced back at Zero, “Then shall I crush one of Yuki’s insecurities right now?”

Kaname pinned Zero against the wall causing it to shatter behind him with his fingers wrapped around the hunter's neck. Zero held his gun, the bloody rose, against Kaname's head; seeming unfazed by the sudden attack.

"Kill me... If I get the chance I'll probably shoot you." Zero hissed. Kaname pushed him harder against the cracking wall.

"You... a vampire's instincts should tell you to revere and to fear a pureblood. But for you to bear your fangs at me, to even think about tasting Kanade's blood... I truly despise you." The loud sound of a gunshot filled the air and Kaname threw Zero up, his fingers still tightly wrapped around his neck, and pinned him against the side of the nearby couch. Zero held his gun to Kaname's forehead. "How many times did you think about just killing me? But you wouldn't be satisfied if things went that easily would you?"

"Do all purebloods not know when to quit?"

Some of Kaname's blood from the gunshot dripped down onto Zero's cheek.

"I don't want to hear it from someone who's not serious. Although I do not like how close you have gotten with them, Kanade and Yuki would be sad if I was to accidentally kill you,”

Zero narrowed his eyes, "What is your relationship with Kanade?"

Kaname slightly smirked as Zero's eyes began to glow red from the smell of blood.

"Kanade and I have a long history in which does not concern you. It seems there are unhealed scars on Yuki's neck... if you dare put another on Kanade I'm afraid I would not be able to hold myself back though and the interval between “the hunger” is growing shorter." Kaname pulled away and slapped him across the face, causing Zero to begin to bleed across his cheek. "I wonder if you will be able to protect either of them with this fact."

"You should have just hit me with that first." Zero said as he tried to catch his breath, still aiming the gun at the pureblood.

"If I were to do it, it would be now before you are unable to withstand the unbearable hunger that will assault you. Listen, Zero." Kaname leaned in and whispered, "You should drink my blood now."

"... Don’t joke."

"Why would it be a joke? Within my body flows the Kuran pure blood, which will certainly lengthen your life and you promised her didn't you? That you would protect her no matter what? You are her guardian. It is your duty to live and protect. The shadows of insanity will become distant and although I can protect her quite well, it would be a problem if you died now."
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