Fate's Evil Curse

The Long Lost Twin

"Before I start first period, there is something I need to say." The homeroom teacher said.

"Yori, where is Yuki?" Kanade whispered.

"She said she had a headache."

"It will only take a moment." The teacher went on.

Something must have happened when Yuki talked to Kaname.

She stood up, about to go find her.

"Kanade? Is there a problem?" The teacher asked.

"Just going to the bathroom real quick." She started to walk out.

"But don't you want to meet our new student." She gestured towards the door. "Please introduce yourself." She let out a sigh and looked over. She was still as stone as the shock overcame her.

"Hello. Starting this semester I'm going to be a student here."

'He has the same face as Zero. The same face…’

Everyone started to whisper. Kanade just stood there and stared at him in disbelief.

"You?!" She exclaimed. Everyone turned and stared at her. They started whispering even more.

'What is he doing here!?'

"Yuki!" Yori exclaimed.

She didn't bother to look over, she was still awe struck by who was standing in front of her. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Did your headache go away?" Yori asked the girl crouched down behind the desks.

"Yeah I'm okay, sorry. Did Zero come?" Yuki whispered.

"No but--"

"Yuki." Kande interrupted. She looked up at her and then over at him. Yuki stood up and stared in shock as well.

"Due to various reasons I ended up living separately from my older brother. I am the other twin Ichiru Kiryu, nice to meet you."

"Ah!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Miss Cross, if you are going to your seat please do so." The teacher yelled.

"Ah yes." She scrambled to her seat, Kanade didn’t budge.

"Miss Yoshi since you don't seem so eager to leave now that Mr. Kiryu has come he can sit next to you."

"Ah I don't think--"

"I'd like to look after him until he becomes accustomed." Class president stood up.

"I like that idea!" Kanade exclaimed.

"No he will sit next to you Miss Yoshi and you will show him around. You are a prefect after all."

"But Zero sits next to me!" She started to get nervous.

"Yes, but since Zero almost never comes to class I don't think he will mind."

She sat down, giving up. Ichiru started to walk up to his seat, but when he passed Yuki he stopped and whispered in her ear.

"Zero's taste in things was supposed to be good... but for him to think of you as precious..." He trailed off before taking his seat next to Kanade. She scooted as far away from him as possible. "I would have thought that you'd be in the night class, Lady Kanade."

"Don't call me that." She hissed.

Soon the first class ended and the usual 10 minute break started. A swarm of students rushed over to Kanade and Ichiru’s desk, all curious about the new transfer student.

"I didn't know Zero was a twin!" One girl exclaimed.

"You guys are identical right? Why don't your hairstyles match?" Another girl said.

"Would everyone be happier if we matched? Then maybe I will cut my hair..." Ichiru said.

"Really just like that?"

"Ichiru you're different from your older brother, much more cheerful." Class president said.

"Thank you."

"If there's something you don't know don't hesitate asking me."

"It's okay I have Kanade." Ichiru turned towards her and smiled.

"How about Class President shows you around!" She interrupted. She felt as though she needed to get way from him as soon as possible.

"I'd much rather it'd be you." He scooted his chair closer to hers and she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Oh Kanade! He's taken an interest in you!" One girl said.

"You're so lucky!" Another girl said.

"I don't think--" Kanade started.

"You two should go out!" Someone exclaimed.

"What!?" Kanade shouted.

"Yeah! I bet he'd be a better boyfriend than Zero."

"Zero and I never went out." She hissed.

"I think that's a great idea don't you Kanade?" He grabbed her hand and she was surprised when she didn't feel any pain. She stared at their hands in amazement. She didn’t expect him to be human.

"Oh how cute!" One girl exclaimed.

"But I wanted to be with the new transfer student." Another girl said.

"Wow that was fast."

"They look good together."

"He's a lot nicer than Zero."

"She looks better with Ichiru."

She didn't move her hand or protest so everyone got the wrong idea. Yuki tapped his shoulder.

"Come with me." She said. He got up and followed her. Yuki looked over at Kanade and signaled her to come along. She followed them out.

"Hey you… I know you're trying to take me somewhere where there is no one to listen in on our conversation but… are you stupid?" He asked.

"Yeah she kind of is." Kanade added. He smiled over at her and she felt a chill run down her spine from the creepy aura.

"You're willingly trying to be alone with someone who could be the enemy. Have you thought that it might not be safe?" Ichiru pointed out.

"She has me." Kanade said walking over to her side.

"You can't protect her, not while you’re in your human state."

‘God dammit. He's too smart.’

"I suppose that's how you're always making Zero worry… "

Yuki looked down and people started to clear the hall suddenly. Kanade looked over and Zero came out from behind the corner, stomping towards them.

"Zero?" Yuki said under her breath.

"Zero surprised everyone and they all ran in fear." Ichiru seemed amazed.

"Yeah they do that." Kanade said. Zero grabbed her and Yuki's arm and pulled them both behind him. She winced at his touch and he quickly let go.

"If you're here for revenge why don't you hurry up and finish it." Zero growled and Ichiru smirked.

"Aw… I thought you permitted my admission because you wanted to console your younger brother. But, for now I will hold back. You're not going to quietly have my revenge are you? You can't have them both you know." He smiled before grabbing Kanade's hand and pulling her back to him. Zero grabbed her other hand sending the burning pain through her.

"Ah… " She trembled in pain and he quickly let go.

"We are going back to the classroom." Ichiru dragged her along. Kanade looked back at Zero to see his expression turn to absolute rage. Once they turned the corner she pulled away from his grip and pinned him against the wall. "Oh so early in our relationship?" He smirked.

"Shut up. We don't have a relationship." She growled and he simply laughed. He moved a piece of hair from her face and gazed into her furious eyes.

"I thought we were going to get married. I did promise to protect you." Her eyes widened and she took a step back. She was completely awe struck by his words. He simply smirked and now he was the one trapping her against the wall. "I won't tell Zero you are the one thing he hates the most if you show me around." She narrowed her eyes at him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to class.

"Their holding hands?!" Someone exclaimed.

"You two are so cute together!"

"We're not--" Kanade started.

"Thanks!" He interrupted her. She jerked her hand out of his grip and stomped back to her seat.

Stupid, annoying twin!

"Stop following me." Kanade growled as she stomped towards the moon dorms, hoping she would have lost him by now. "I already showed you around like you asked."

"But I don't know where my dorm is and I don't have anything else to do." He teased her.

"I already showed you the boys dorm!"

"But you didn't show me inside." He stood over to her a bit to close.

"Look at them they are so cute!" A random girl exclaimed a few feet away.

"They really suit each other."

"Cutest couple!"

"We aren't a--"

Ichiru suddenly crashed his lips against hers. She was to shocked to do anything and he pinned her arms to her sides. The heat rushed to her cheeks. He pulled away and she glared at him.

"What the fuck!" She screamed at him and punched him in the shoulder. "Do not touch me!" He started to chuckle.

"You're blushing."

"Shut up you annoying pervert!" She trudged off, but he kept following her. She couldn’t help but blush due to him looking so much like Zero. "I have to go do my job as a prefect so if you're going to keep following me, stay out of the way!" She yelled at him before she went to help with the mob of girls outside of the night class dorms.

What is with these twins and following me around?!

Ichiru stood by a tree and watched as the night class students came out. Kanade looked over as she held a group of girls back. Kaname was whispering something in Yuki's ear. She met eyes with the pureblood and quickly evaded her gaze.

"Thank you for your hard work, Kanade." He said while walking by her.

A bunch of girls were bombarding Yuki. She walked up to them and shouted for them to return to their dorms.

"Isn't that the girl that is dating Ichiru?" One of them said while walking off.

"I thought she was with Zero, they're both so scary."

"Maybe they have a love triangle."

"I'M NOT DATING EITHER OF THEM!" She screamed, causing them to run away in fear.

"Kanade?" Yuki asked with concern.

"It's nothing just a stupid rumor that's going around." She took a sharp breath and composed herself. "Everything alright with Lord Kaname? I never got the chance to talk to you about it since that stupid annoyance came here." She glanced over at Ichiru who was waiting for her a few feet away. He smiled and she huffed before looking back at her petite sister.

"Why are you calling him Lord all of a sudden?" Yuki asked.

"Heh? Uh it's a vampire thing…" Kanade scratched the back of her head as she started to get nervous.

"He… he said he loved me." She looked down. Kanade stared at her in awe and when the girl looked back up the dhampire quickly averted her eyes.

"Isn't that a good thing?" She said, trying to hide her sadness.

"I guess, but he is avoiding my questions and it's really getting on my nerves. We are so... different."

Kanade let out a sigh and looked back over at her adopted sister.

"Yuki, you have a chance to be with the one you love, you should take it. And as for the avoiding of questions, you need to give him no other way to elude." She put her hand on her shoulder in an effort to comfort her.

"I... I don't really know if I love him...." Kanade glared at her and she started to get nervous. "But you're right. I will make him tell me tonight, will you come with me?"

"Uh… Why me?" She really did not have to watch as Kaname smothered her.

"Zero is already going to make sure I don't chicken out, but it'd be nice if there was someone there to make sure Zero doesn't lose control and also… Kaname listens to you." Kanade's eyes widened, she was taken back by the fact that Yuki had noticed how she had some control over Kaname. "Because you are a pureblood, like him right?" Kanade smiled with relief that Yuki hadn’t seemed to find out about the dhampire’s feelings for Kaname.


"So you will help me?"

"Of course I will Yuki. Anything for my new sister." Kanade pulled her in for a hug. "You haven't told Zero about me…? "

"No, don't worry your secret is safe with me." She said.

"Thanks." She looked over at Ichiru and he was still there smiling like an idiot. "So annoying." She said under her breath before walking off to make sure the girls go back to their dorm.

Once she finished making sure all the day class students were settle she needed to deal with him.

"Do I need to lock you in your room? It’s past curfew! Go to your dorm!" Kanade yelled at Ichiru who was still following her around.

"You and Yuki seem close." He said.

"So? She is my sister now."

"She took away the one you loved though." She narrowed her eyes at him.

"How do you know that?"

"Shizuka used to tell me a bedtime story about two star-crossed lovers who were cursed. You're her right? The cursed one, the last of the Takanashi, the pureblood dhampire."

"I was your bedtime story?" She laughed. "Not a very cheerful thing to think about before going to bed."

"Shizuka had a thing for tragedies."

Kanade looked down.

'I guess my life is a bit of a tragedy…'

"You're supposed to be dead."

"So are you." She growled.

"Perfect couple." He smiled.

"We are not a couple!" She screamed at him as she grabbed ahold of his arm and dragged him to the dorms. "Go!" She pointed to the front door. He smirked.

"Make me."

Oh man he is pissing me off.

"Will you please just go in." She sighed.

"Fine." He huffed and did as she said.


“You sure you don’t want to join me?” He winked from the top of the steps.

“Die!” She screamed as she walked off.

“Been there done that!” He laughed.

"I'm here!" Kanade panted furiously trying to catch her breath.

"What took you so long!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Just having trouble getting everyone back into their dorms." She nervously laughed and faked a smile, Zero could see straight through her.

"Come on, classes are going to be dismissed soon." She grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the night classrooms with Zero trailing behind them. He knew that she had been with Ichiru, what he didn't understand was why she was letting him follow her around the same way he himself used to.

They came across the night class right when they were finished. Zero and Kanade stood behind Yuki; Kanade tried her best to ignore the pain.

"Kaname." Yuki said. The pureblood turned back towards them.

"Lord Kaname." Aido started.

"I'd be grateful if you went ahead without me."

"Okay…” He reluctantly walked off.

"Well Yuki?" Kaname said.

"I'm sorry to bother you here Kaname…"

"It's alright, but… you're such a mean child. You know how I feel about him, but yet you bring Zero. Why not just Kanade?" Yuki looked down.

"Kanade is here so you will listen to me and I forcefully brought him with me so I wouldn't be evaded by you. "

"Ah… about how I said, I love you?"

"Li… " Yuki stuttered. Zero leaned against the wall and Kanade mimicked him. She looked the other way, focusing her attention towards the empty hallway."… Like that." Yuki finally managed to say.

"I meant it, but you didn't like it?" Kaname asked. Kanade internally snickered; he knows she liked it.

'Stop messing with her.'

"There is no chance I would not like it!" She exclaimed. "From back then and even now!" Zero looked over at them. "I have absolutely no reason to hate you Kaname." She looked down. "Even if you are a vampire, just like the one who tried to feed off me… It was because you were there I… "

"Yuki." Zero interrupted her, reminding her of why she was there.

"As a part of growing, there is doubt sprouting inside of me. Why… me? I looked at it every which way. No matter how far I try to reach, I'm not someone who matches you. Kaname, you have something to do with my missing past." Kaname stared blankly at her and then lightly smiled. "I'm right aren't I?" She clung onto him. "Then why won't you tell me the truth? Please tell me." She looked down at her feet. "I can't live like this. I'm not going to turn our bond into an escape path. I want to know so I can become stronger. Please."

"… Silly girl. It would be easier for you to remain inside your box garden for a little bit longer…" He said.

"Kaname." Kanade interrupted.

"Do not use our situation for Yuki's sake, Kanade." He looked up at her and she quickly evaded his gaze.

"What do you mean--?" Zero started.

"Are you sure?" Kaname ignored him as he resumed his talk with Yuki. "Even if the hidden truth is drenched in blood… do you still want to know?"

"Yes… Kaname." Yuki said. Kaname sighed and Zero stared at Kanade, trying to understand what he meant by 'their situation'. She is a dhampire and he's a pureblood.

'Why did he let her live in the first place?' He thought to himself and looked over at Kaname. 'How did he look past her state?'

"You are the only person who has given me warmth. I've been afraid that you would hate me if you knew the truth." Kaname said.

"I would never hate you." Yuki stated.

"Then show me proof." Kanade looked over and he had his arm around Yuki's waist pulling her in closer. "Will you be my lover?"

Kanade felt her heart drop from his words and her throat begin to tighten. She looked over at Zero and he had his head down now, lost in thought and despair. He hated to hear those words.

"Kaname…. no!" Yuki exclaimed. "Let go of me." She tried to pull away. "Did you think that if you said that, that I would pull back? Please let me go! I'm tired of being evaded!"

"Yuki." He grabbed her hand. "If you prove it then I promise I'll tell you. If you face me to say it then I'll seriously tell you."

She looked down, "Liar."

"I'm not lying. So Yuki-- if you want to know then you should listen to what I have to say." Yuki gave up and didn't fight back when Kaname embraced her. "Good girl… don't look at me with such worried eyes. Zero, from now on I will also protect Yuki properly, with care, and as her lover."

'Don't cry. You knew this would happen just not like this… ' Kanade thought.

"Kanade." She looked over at him. "Don't forget our promise."

'Our promise to be together forever, even if it means that I will have to watch him be in another girls arms...

I’m such an idiot.’

"Kanade I need you to go get Ichiru for me." Chairman said. Kaname was standing in front of him, he looked back at her.

"Why me?" She growled.

"Well you are his girlfriend!" The Chairman teased.

"No I'm not! Where did you hear that?!" She hissed. He laughed.

"The whole school is buzzing about it! Don't worry I know it's just gossip!" She glared at him and nervously looked over at Kaname who had on a blank expression.

“… Fine.” She grumbled.

Kanade was heading towards the dorms when Zero suddenly came out from behind a tree with his gun aimed at her. She jumped back from the scare.

"Zero? What are you doing?" She held her hands up and took a step back.

"What are you to Kaname Kuran? Why is it that he didn't kill you on sight? You're one of him aren't you? You're a pureblood."

"Zero, you’re talking nonsense." He was frightening her. He didn't seem like himself.

"Then why aren't you dead? How are you alive?" He screamed taking a step forward. "They told me you died when we were kids."

"I don't know w-what h-happened it was t-too long ago." She stammered out of fear as he drew closer. With every step he took she moved back.

"Then how come he didn't kill you? Why does he care about you when all vampires hate you're kind? What is he to you?!" He screamed as he ran up to her and rested the gun against her chest, holding by her hair. The stabbing feeling was so immeasurable she started to sweat.

"My fiancé! He was my fiancé!" She screamed as her tears started to fall and her knees weakened. He was taken back by her answer. His eyes widened and he slowly lowered the gun.

"What?" He whispered.

"We aren't anymore though. I called it off." She looked down at her feet as he loosened his grip from her hair. She was trembling in fear as she slowly moved away from him. "He loves Yuki, just as he showed it a few hours ago." He took a step forward and she took another back. "Please, don't come any closer." She choked out, as her tears grew heavier. "Stay away from me." She exclaimed before running past him and into the boys dormitory.

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