Fate's Evil Curse


Kanade slammed open the door to Ichiru's room and stomped in. "Wake up." She growled as she wiped away her tears.

"What is it?" He sat up. He rubbed his eyes and leaned over the nightstand to turn on the lamp. He wasn't wearing a shirt. She could feel her cheeks get hotter as her thoughts reverted back to Zero. She felt her throat tighten and more tears started to form at the simple thought of him.

"The Chairman wants to see you, get dressed." She choked out, trying to hide her grief. She grabbed one of his shirts off a shelf and threw it at him. She started to walk out, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Are you alright?" He could see her puffy eyes and her stained cheeks.

"I'm fine." She looked over to the wall next to her and tried to pull out of his grip, but he wouldn't have it. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against his bare chest; she felt her tears begin to fall.

"What did he do to you?"

"I-I d-don’t know what you’re t-talking about." She mumbled into his chest.

"One of them hurt you."

She lost control and let her tears flow.

"Z-zero. He held his g-gun at me.”

He stroked her hair and hid his face in her shoulder.

"He would never hurt you, even if it seemed like he wanted to he didn't. He loves you. He always has."

'Why am I even here? I am nothing compared to Yuki in their eyes... I am just a second choice.'

They stood there in each other's arms as Kanade tried to pull herself together. When she finally succeeded he put his shirt on and grabbed her hand.

"Lets go." He pulled her along.

'Maybe Ichiru isn't all that bad of a guy'

"Aw you guys really are a cute couple!" Chairman exclaimed pointing to their intertwined hands.

'No! He just wont let go no matter how hard I try!'

"We are not--"

"Thank you!" He smiled and pulled her close. Kanade felt the heat rush to her cheeks. She looked over at Kaname who had a blank expression. She finally pulled away from the twin's grip and took a step back. "I thought that I had the letter of recommendation from the council and I've already passed every test and interview, so why do I have to be here?" Ichiru said.

Kanade stood behind him, leaning against the door. She tried to put as much distance between them as possible so Kaname didn't get the wrong idea.

"I'm sorry for bothering you." Chairman yawned. "But I wanted to introduce you to this person from the moon dorm." He gestured towards Kaname.

"What does the head of the night dorm want with me?" Ichiru asked. His personality seemed to have changed. He raised an eyebrow. "Do you want me to become one of the pieces in your game?"

'Huh? What game?’

"How troublesome. Just because you guys live forever you are always trying to find someone to mess with.”

Kaname gave him an obviously fake smile, "Troublesome or not, you are in the game for sure."


"Who are you aiming at?" Kaname said. He glanced over at Kanade who was dumbfounded by their conversation.

"Even if you know it, you can't do anything about it right?" Ichiru grabbed her hand. She tried to pull out of his grip, but he wouldn't let go. Kaname was suddenly standing over him, his fangs bared.

"Do not touch her so freely." He growled.

"Kaname?" Kanade whispered, frightened by his actions. He met her gaze and took a step back, composing himself.

Ichiru smirked. "I'm not a hunter, just a normal 'human' so you can't do anything about me right? That's why the council of ancients is using me, but if I'm in your way," He pushed Kanade out the door and started to close it behind him. "Why don't you just remove me once and for all?" He closed the door and she narrowed her eyes at him. He started to drag her outside.

"You're with the council!?"

"Don't worry I haven't told them about your situation... yet." She smirked and jerked her hand free.

"Go ahead. I was planning to do it anyways." He gave her a surprised look.

"Why would you do that?"

"To protect Zero, he didn't kill Shizuka." She got behind him and tried to push him towards the boy’s dorm, but he wouldn't budge. After many tries to get him to move she finally gave up, "What do you want now!?”

He took a step closer so he was standing over her. "Be my girlfriend."

"Are you kidding? No! Stop messing with me!"

"I'm not. By the way Kaname reacted by me just holding your hand, it would drive him and Zero mad to see me with you."

"So this is part of your revenge?"

"It's just a fun plus." She glared at him, before grabbing his hand and started to drag him to the dorms. "Is that a yes?" She didn't say anything. "I'll take it as a yes." She stopped and pointed towards the doors to the dorm.

"In!" She demanded.

"What? You aren't going to walk me to my room?" He teased.

"Will you just go in already?" He could see that she was about ready to break down and he didn't want to pester her anymore so he did as she said and once he was inside she let her tears fall.

'Don't cry, you will get through this.'

"I thought he would never leave." She jumped when she heard his voice and slowly turned to see Zero come out from behind a tree. "Get away from me!" She cried out.

He let out a sigh, reached into his jacket, and grabbed his gun. He slowly set it on the ground and took a few steps away from it with his hands up. She was overcome with confusion. He kept his head down.

"I'm sorry about before. I was just frustrated with the whole Yuki thing and then I started to think that you were a pureblood and it was just the tip of the iceberg." She started to sweat as he looked up and drew closer. Once again with every step he took forwards she took one backward. "I know sometimes I make you scared of me and I push you away, but it's only because it's the best thing for the both of us. I can't let you keep on getting hurt because of me. I'm sorry I thought you were one of those evil purebloods, I'm sorry that I scare you so much."

He drew closer and she felt her knees buckle down. He caught her in his arms and the burning washed over her. Her tears started to fall, but she didn't scream. She was to lost in despair from his words.

'He won't love me if I'm a pureblood…. He would kill me if he knew'

He quickly set her down on the ground and moved away from her. Thinking that she was crying from the pain. She stared at the ground in front of her.

"Kanade?" She looked up towards him and felt her heart drop when she met his violet eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Her voice cracked. "I'm fine."

The next morning Kanade walked out of the Chairman's building to see Ichiru standing out there waiting for her.

"What are you doing here?" She started to walk past him and he ran up beside her.

"I’m walking my girlfriend to class of course."

She glared at him. They were walking past the cafeteria when she saw a bunch of night class students. She walked up to them and he followed.

"What are you all doing out here during the day? Go back to your dorms!" She ordered them. They turned toward her revealing Yuki, Yori and Zero. She grew stiff.

'Shit, shit, shit.'

She glanced over at Ichiru and gave him a look that told him to leave, but he just smiled at her.


"We are sorry Lady Kanade, but we are here on President Kaname's orders to protect and follow Lady Yuki." Akastuki said.

"Uh-- uh." Yuki started.

She looked over at Zero who was now having a stare down with his brother.

“Oh well… I’ve got to go!” She exclaimed. With that she just walked away as fast as she could and Ichiru followed after her.

"Stop following me!" She yelled at him.

Usually she would have yelled at them to go back to their dorms some more and say that she could protect Yuki perfectly fine, but with Ichiru following her everywhere she needed to keep her distance from Zero, and Zero is always with Yuki these days.

"Who has the answer for this question?" The teacher asked.

Kanade was stuck in a really uncomfortable position. She was now sitting in between Zero and Ichiru. She was sitting as close to Zero as possible, despite the pain so that Ichiru wouldn't hold her hand or anything of the sort.

"Isn't it painful sitting so close to him?" Ichiru whispered to her and pulled her chair closer to him. Zero glared at him and pulled her chair back towards him.

'Oh god I've become the rope in their game of tug of war.'

They did it a few more times before she became too overwhelmed, stood up, and walked out. The teacher was used to it from her by now so she didn't yell at her or run after her like she used to. When she got outside of the classroom she took a deep breath and sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall.

"Leaving so early?" Aido asked. He had been guarding the door.

"Just sort of feels like I'm suffocating in there." The piercing pain nagged at her. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself to make sure she wouldn't fall apart.

"You do understand that the hunter's twin in there is working for the vampire council and could very well be trying to kill you."

"I wish that was the case." She rolled her eyes.

"I'm surprised Lord Kaname doesn't have us protecting you as well."

"He knows I would just order you away. I can take care of myself." There was a long silence. "Where are Senri and Takuma? I haven't seen them since they left for break."

"Visiting family I think."


Aido opened the door to the classroom during break. "President is calling for you, Yuki, come over for a minute. You too Zero." He looked down at Kanade who was still sitting against the wall. "And you."

Kanade walked behind Yuki with Zero. She was nervous about being so close to him.

Aido and Yuki were talking about something, but Kanade was to preoccupied with trying to find what words to say to Zero.

"Zero…" He looked over at her from the corner of his eye. "I'm not going out with Ichiru."

"I know." He kept his gaze straight ahead. "He is just trying to make me angry."

So he figured it out….

"And it's working." Her eyes widened as she stared at him in surprise. "Why do you let him?" He asked. She felt guilt start to wash over her. She held her head down and watched her feet.

"I get so carried away, because he looks like you so much. I can touch him without pain and even though I know it's not you… " She trailed off, the heat rising to her cheeks out of embarrassment. He didn’t reply as he kept his gaze in the opposite direction.

When they stopped they saw Kaname was sitting against a tree reading a book, surrounded by picnic materials.

"Don't be rude to Lord Kaname." Aido said before walking off. Kaname looked over at them.


'Don't let this effect you.'

"Finally I can see you." He held his hand out for her. "Come here." Yuki didn't budge.


"You don't have to worry about anything now. Come here." She didn't move. "Why are you still standing over there? You are still not aware of it?" She finally sat down.

"You don't have to force yourself to do this during the day time."

"It's okay." There was a long moment of silence. "Ahh I see you are too aware of my existence. I'm not going to ask you anything excessively. I just want to have lunch with you since it's been awhile since we had a meal together."

"Kaname!" She was really nervous.

"What? You don't like the lunch?"

"You promised me right? You will tell me my past!" He looked down.

"Now isn't good. With that frightened look from you, I won't tell."

"I knew you'd get away with this! Fine then I will imagine my past as I like!" She huffed. Kaname looked back at the two uncomfortable prefects leaning against a wall.

"Zero you look pretty bored. Can you hear it? The students from the day class probably know how to get here. Why don't you stop them before it gets noisy." Kaname suggested. Zero started to leave. "Thank you for your help." Kanade started to walk after him. "Kanade." She stopped and reluctantly turned around. "You can stay." She walked back to her spot against the wall with her head down.

'Why do I have to watch this? Why is he torturing me?'

Then she remembered their promise to each other; 'We will be together forever Kanade, even if we aren't lovers' she let out a sigh.

'He is just following through on his promise.'

She clenched her fists in anger towards herself for making such a promise. The awkward, forcefulness of the situation made it even more difficult to bear as her sadness and anger built steadily in her chest.

"I noticed awhile ago, Kaname's personality has grown evil lately." Yuki said.

"My character has always been evil. It's just that you haven't noticed. Now I'm just enjoying myself seeing your reactions."

Kanade tried to tune them out. Then she saw Yuki fall into his arms and she averted her gaze back to them, listening intently.

"Is it really okay for me to love you?" She asked. The question ran through Kanade's head.

'Is it Kaname? Is it really okay for either of us? Why did you have to do this to us? You're so cruel for making us love you.'

"Yuki, it's okay. I will protect you."

Kanade felt like her heart smash into a million pieces

‘She is so lucky.'

She then realized that her sister had fainted. Her eyes widened and she was overcome with panic. She ran over to her and picked her up. She wasn't as heavy as she thought she would be.

"I'm taking her to the infirmary."

"Thank you Kanade."

Kanade sat awkwardly in between Ichiru and Zero once again. The Chairman had invited Ichiru over for dinner and Yuki was passed out in Kanade's room. They sat in silence. Zero abruptly got up.

"I'm going to check on Yuki." He said before walking off.

“Alone at last.” Ichiru smiled and he leaned over her.

“Pervert!” She jumped up from her chair. Suddenly she smelled blood, which seemed odd to her since she wasn’t in her vampire form. Zero was unexpectedly running down the hall towards the front door in a panic. "Zero?! What's happening?" She exclaimed. She ran after him. The Chairman must have saw them run out from the kitchen because he was running after them as well.

"Wait Zero! Kanade! I need to talk to you!" He yelled after them.

"Zero!" She cried out. He bumped into Ichiru and then ran off.

"Zero?" He asked. She was going to run around him, but Ichiru grabbed her.

"Let go!" She shrieked at him.

"There is nothing you can do."

"Shut up!" She pushed him aside and ran after Zero. She couldn't breath and her throat was burning. She was so thirsty suddenly from the smell of Yuki's blood. She ran up to Zero who was standing on the edge of the roof and had his gun pointed down at Yuki and Kaname.

"I knew it, Yuki's blood. Then..."

"Ze… ro… " Yuki stared up at him. Kanade grabbed onto her neck as she felt her control start to slip by the sight of blood.

"THE PRESENCE OF TWO VAMPIRES! KURAN! YOU… TOO… YUKI!" It looked like he was about to shoot. Kanade grabbed onto him and then the burning agony came. It wasn't like when she usually would touch Zero, it was like when she touched Kaname. She tried to ignore it but it was so overpowering she let out a scream, however; she wouldn't let go.

"DON'T SHOOT!" Kanade cried out through her screams of pain. The cold air around her and the heat erupting within her made the pain completely unbearable and she felt her body begin to get heavy

"Stop it Zero!" Yuki screamed at the same time. "He is my… brother." Kanade and Zero grew stiff with shock. "Sorry… I'm sorry." Yuki whispered.

"Sib--lings?" Zero choked out and Kanade fell to the ground, no longer able to withstand the pain.

"I would have been happier if I was born as her real older brother." Was the last thing she heard from Kaname before she passed out from the pain.

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