Fate's Evil Curse


Kanade found herself descending down a large staircase to the party below her in a ball gown.

'What's going on? Where am I?'

When she came to the bottom of the steps a man that looked exactly like Kaname but with longer hair approached her. Her heart started to beat a bit faster. He got down on one knee and kissed her hand.

"You look beautiful, Lady Kanade." He looked up at her and smiled.

'Kaname? Is he Kaname? What's going on?'

She unconsciously smiled back. He led her to the middle of the floor and grabbed onto her waist. The music began and he started to move. She tried to follow, but she kept stumbling.

"You still can't dance I see." He lightly chuckled in her ear. He lifted her up and set her feet on his. She felt as if she was floating. "Will you ever learn?" He laughed. Everyone watched them as they danced.

"I guess not."

"I know that we can never be together, but just being around you is enough. So promise me, my love, that we will be by each other's side forever, no matter the circumstances." She stared at him. It was almost the exact same thing she had said to Kaname that night.

'Is this a dream? It doesn't feel like it… it feels so real.'

She thought of what Kaname had said to her when she told him the same thing.

"I promise that we will be together forever, even if we are not lovers." She felt tears fall down her face.

'Why am I crying?'

"We mustn't let anyone know." He said.

'What is.... what is this? '

"It's like we are cursed." She stared at him and he gave her a sad smile.

It is Kaname! That sad smile it’s exactly the same…

She lifted her hand off his shoulder and laid it on his cheek, he was warm.

'Is this real or not? I can't tell.'

"Kaname..." The song stopped, he pulled away and bowed.

"Excuse me, my Lady." He quickly walked away, she tried to follow him but then an unfamiliar man stopped her.

"Kanade." He grabbed her hand. "Won't you join me in the courtyard?" He asked before pulling her outside away from the crowd. "Kanade. I cannot wait any longer. I know that you wish to wait until we are joined in matrimony, but--" He pulled her in and bit into her neck.

"What are you-- LET GO!" She tried to pull away but she was starting to feel weak.

'Vampire. He's a vampire and he's drinking from me. I'm not burning. I'm not burning from the inside out. This has to be a dream!'

"Get away from her!" Someone yelled. The man lifted his head and saw Kaname standing across the courtyard.

"This is none of your business, sir." The man gripping onto her said.

"Kaname!" She cried out.

"How can you treat your bride so cruelly?"

"She is my bride I can do with her what I like." The man smirked.

"No. I will not let you." The ground shook and it was all cracked and broken. The man threw Kanade down to the ground.

"You dare go against your soon to be king?" The man exclaimed.

"Even if you do marry her, my family still outranks yours. I will kill you so you cannot take advantage of her any longer."

Kaname's shadow turned into a frightening monster and it charged towards the man, but the man drew his sword and his shadow did the same. The shadows ran into each other and the man started to charge through them. Kaname wouldn't have been able to see. He was about to counter attack, fully knowing what the man was trying to pull. But Kanade got up and ran in front of Kaname, causing the sword to run through her heart.

"Kanade!" Kaname cried out and she fell into his arms. He looked up at the man. "Die!" He bit into his finger and his blood whipped straight through the man causing him to bleed so much that he fell to the ground. "Come on Kanade it's just a sword." He tried to grab it and it shocked him. "What? It's… vampire hunter. But how did he wield it?"

Kanade lifted her hand and laid it on the side of his face.

"Kaname." She could feel every moment of pain from the sword being stabbed through her heart despite it all being a dream.

"Kanade." His tears started to fall. "I will soon join you in death."

"No." She choked out. "Live. But please don't forget me and do not lose that smile of yours I cherish so." She had no idea where her words were coming from, but she believed them with all of her heart.

"But you promised..." His tears fell onto her face.

"And when I am reincarnated I shall follow through on that promise."

"I will wait for you, my love." He laid his forehead against hers and she closed her eyes.

When Kanade woke up she was in her room.

'What was that? I've never had a dream like that before.'

She looked over and Kaname was standing over her.

"Do you remember now?" He asked. "Do you remember who I am?"

"It wasn't a dream?" He nodded. "But how am I...?"

"It seems that you have been reincarnated."

"Reincarnated?" He nodded. "But how do I… "

"I awakened your memories from your past life." She suddenly remembered everything, as if something had just smacked her on the head. She remembered the nights they would sneak out and watch the stars, the days when they would do nothing but kiss under the apple tree, their first party together, his proposal, absolutely everything.

"Kaname..." She stood up and gently caressed his cheek with the tips of her fingers. She noticed the markings on her arm and that there was no burning feeling.

"Aido gave you a bit of his blood. It seemed that the smell of Yuki’s blood once she was turned made your body react. You are extremely sensitive to Kuran blood…” She looked back up at him and studied his face.

"So you aren't Yuki's brother?"

"It's complicated." She stared at him in confusion.

She lost herself in his soothing brown eyes, "This… this isn't real. This has to be a dream."

"It isn't." His hands encircled her face, his thumbs running softly against the smoothness of her flushed cheeks "I waited for you, just like I said I would. I made sure our bloodline stayed pure. Your parents had a daughter and son and they married and my sister married my brother generation after generation, so that you'd be reincarnated as the pureblood Takanashi you were. Centuries passed and when I was awakened from my sleep. When I heard of your birth as a dhampire I couldn't believe it and I was devastated to hear of your death once again." Tears started to stream down her face.

"Kaname." He leaned in and kissed her forehead. "Kaname!" She jumped into his arms and he held onto her tightly, taking in her scent.

"I've waited over 8,000 years to feel your warm embrace once again."

"8,000? It's been 8,000 years!? I'm so sorry Kaname..." She rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes.

He leaned in and lightly pressed his lips against hers. She deepened the kiss and eagerly tangled her fingers in his long brown hair. It was a kiss building with passion, more and more with each passing second. Their tongues tasted, tested, and dove against one another, binding them more deeply than before. He pulled away and slowly leaned down, kissing her warm neck. She shuddered at his hot breath, a moan building up in the back of her throat.

"I'm so glad your back." He whispered.

"So am I." She breathed. She hadn't been this close to him in awhile and it was pure bliss.

His kisses trailed back to her lips and she welcomed his passion filled touch; she more than anything wanted to sink her teeth into his warm skin. She pulled away, panting furiously.

He leaned in close to her ear, "I love you."

Her knees grew weak at his hot breath and his wonderful words. She knew he meant it, but couldn't help but think of her new sister when he said them.

"What about Yuki?" He took a deep breath and buried his face in her shoulder, hesitant on how he would say his next words. She watched him and knew instantly what he was thinking. "You love her too." She closed her eyes and tried not to let the tears that were forming, fall. He slightly nodded. She slipped out of his hold. "So why aren't you with her now?" She stared down at her feet.

"I came to get you." He looked up at her, hopeful that she would come back to his arms.

"I do not understand."

"Do you not remember your promise just minutes before your death?”

"Kaname…" She did remember, but she realized that those promises were not going to be easy to fulfill.

"Kanade, I have waited for your return for thousands of years and now that you are finally back within my reach I will not let you go so easily. Now is the time for you to follow through on your promise." He looked down at the vial of his blood hanging from her neck. She grabbed hold of it. "I have something I need to do. I'm going to take you and Yuki out of here in the morning.” He walked out, closing the door behind him.

She stared down at the vial of his blood in her hand, lost on what to do.

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