Fate's Evil Curse


~5 years old~

"Kanade, I'd like you to meet Kaname." Kanade's father gestured to the boy at his side. "He will be your playmate." She watched after her dad as he left them alone and headed towards his study. When he had disappeared she glanced back at the boy and was overcome with his feelings of curiosity and happiness, feelings she had never experienced before.

"Hello…" She said, gripping onto her porcelain doll. He abruptly ran away. "Hey! Come back!" She called out as she ran after him.

~7 years old~

"Kanade leave me alone! I told you I don't want to play with you." Kaname said as he pulled his arm away from her grip.


"No!" He ran off. She followed after him like she always did, but this time she tripped and fell. He stopped and ran back towards her. "Are you okay, Kanade?"

She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face in confusion. That was the first time he payed any attention to her. In the two years she's known him she'd always be running after him, but just now he ran after her.

~9 years old~

"Kanade! Come down! Why are you always putting yourself in these situations?!" Kaname yelled at her from below. She was standing on a high branch in an apple tree.

"Cause it's fun!" She exclaimed. Although she did, in fact, find putting herself in these situations to be fun, her real goal was to make him to run after her. She grinned down at him.

"This isn't funny Kanade!" He called up to her. She slipped and suddenly she was on top of him. He had his eyes closed and wasn’t moving.

"Kaname? Kaname? Are you alright?!" She shook him, worried that she had seriously injured him. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"I'm just kidding!" He laughed. She stared down at his smiling face in amazement.

That was the moment that she fell in love with Kaname. His smile was so warm and he always seemed happy. She was never that way. She was always so sad, but not when she was around him. Kaname's happiness made her happy.

~11 years old~

Kaname and Kanade were sitting by the apple tree in the Takanashi Castle’s back yard. He was reading a book and she was playing with her doll. He looked over at her.



"When you're old enough… who are you going to marry?"

She was surprised by his question, but then she smiled and said, "Kaname, of course."

He then leaned in and kissed her. The sudden shock caused her to be stiff. He laughed when he pulled away and saw her crimson red face.

"Good." He smiled his beautiful warm smile. She stared at him in awe, processing what had just happened, before grinning from ear to ear. She could see, feel, and touch every one of his emotions and they were all pure joy.

~13 years old~

Kaname was chasing Kanade because she had stolen his book that he was in the middle of reading. When he caught her they fell onto the grass with him on top of her. He stared down at her for a moment before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers for the first time since they were 11.

"Kaname… I love you." She confessed, her cheeks burning. He smiled and moved the hair out of her face.

"I love you too."

~14 Years Old~

The two lovers sat at what they now considered their spot underneath the apple tree, holding hands. They were talking about what they would name their children once they were married.

"What should our daughter's name be?" Kaname asked.

"How about… Yuki." He smiled at her suggestion.

"Yes, Yuki. Such a beautiful name." He kissed her cheek and she turned bright red. He chuckled at her.

~15 years old~

"Kanade!" Her father called for her. She ran inside with Kaname trailing close behind. "Kanade, I'd like you to meet your new fiancé " He gestured to a boy who looked about 18. "This is Lord Hatori Otonari" She was overcome with panic. Kaname had just proposed to her a few days ago and now she was engaged to some strange man. She curtsied to him anyways and he bowed. She glanced back at Kaname who held a blank expression. " We will hold your engagement party during your birthday, in one week."

Kanade remembered absolutely everything. Her father and mother were never around and she was lonely so they had Kaname be her playmate. Their families were just friends, but Kaname came to be the family she never had. He was always there when she was hurt and he always took care of her with that wonderful smile of his. Yuki seemed to have the same name as their non-existent daughter. Kanade chuckled to herself.

'He must have had something to do with that.'

She remembered the nights that she would sneak out of her room and they would gaze at the stars. She'd fall asleep in his arms and the next morning she'd find herself back in her room with a smile plastered on her face.

'He loved me. He really loved me.'

The night she died was her engagement party. She told him to, “live to never lose that smile of his that she fell in love with.”

'But where did that smile go Kaname?'

She promised him that they would be together forever even if they weren't lovers. And they made that promise again, the night of the vampire party.

'Kaname, we have gone around in circles repeating our past and even in another life we cannot be together…. we really are cursed.

…I have to make a decision. Will I stay and try to put everything behind me, or will I leave and watch Kaname and Yuki live a happy life?’

Kanade ran out of her room. She felt the light burn her skin, but it wasn't even close to the pain she had been through this past year. She had caught the scent of blood. It was familiar but she couldn't put her finger on whose blood it was. It smelled a lot like Kaname or Senri, but it definitely wasn't either of theirs. She stopped when a group of unfamiliar vampires appeared in front of her.

"Kanade Takanashi, by order of the vampire council and the vampire hunter association you are sentenced for death for the crime of being a dhampire." One of them said.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" She exclaimed. "I can't help what I am! Have you ever heard of the name Takanashi, vampire dog?!" Two of his vampire friends charged at her without a word, but with one swift wave of her hand she turned them into dust. "I am the Royal Takanashi, pureblood princess, second heir to the throne, and I have been reincarnated."

She glanced over at two of his comrades and waved her hand, turning them into dust. The vampire that previously spoke to her started to tremble in fear. He had never heard the name Takanashi, but by the looks of it her family was a powerful one. He took a step back, fear written all over his face.

"I have more power than you can imagine." She turned two more vampires into dust. "And now that I have regained my memory of my lost life I know exactly how to use it." She gave him an evil smile and with that he began to run the other direction as fast as his feet would take him, but it seems that wasn't fast enough. "So you will address me as lady!"

She lifted her hand and with one point of the finger he turned into dust. She stared at the pile of vampire remains as she was suddenly overcome with the stabbing pain; she doubled over and let out a whimper. After using so much of her power with so little vampire blood in her system she was turning back.

Whoa... I lost myself there for a moment.... how did I ever cope with all this power?

She felt a grin tug at the corner of her mouth as she remembered Kaname.

"That's right." She mumbled under her breath.

~6 years old~

"Kaname, play with me!" Kanade screamed at the boy who refused to spend any time with her and would run away at the very sight of the girl.

Suddenly the ground shook and the roots from the tree next to her started to come up. She looked around, confused by her surroundings. She didn't understand why everything seemed to always react around her when she got angry; she didn't know how to use her powers. Kaname stopped and stared at her.

"Kanade." He said in a low voice. She looked back up at him. He slowly walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "Calm down. You can't let yourself lose control." He had a sudden serious tone that she had never heard from him before. She nodded and the ground stop shaking. "Don't lose yourself in anger, it will only lead to bad things." He then lit up and grinned from ear to ear. "But I know you're not bad Kanade."

She stared at him for a second in confusion. She couldn't completely understand what he had meant. No one ever said anything like that to her. Did he really believe in her? Was he praising her?

She smiled back and then tackled him in a hug.

Kaname would always tell her that she wasn't bad whenever she doubted herself. She always thought of herself as evil since everyone seemed to avoid her, but Kaname always gave her a smile and told her she wasn't. He was always so reassuring.

'Kaname... you were so kind and gentle. Your smile always saved me.'

'I have to hold onto that so I won't lose myself, because I won't have Kaname to smile at me and tell me I am good anymore...'

Then she remembered Yuki and her loving smile.

'Kaname, you must find good in yourself through that smile as I did from yours, because when I think about it Kaname… I haven't seen that smile at all in this life. Where did it go?'

She stumbled across Aido who had seemed to have fallen from the roof. She winced as the pain grew heavier the closer she drew to him.

"Lady Kanade!?" He stared at the pureblood in confusion. "What are you doing?"

"Aido, you must never breathe a word of this to anyone." She said as she grabbed onto his shoulders and leaned in close. “This will be our little secret.” She whispered, before sinking her fangs into his neck and drinking his sweet blood.

“Lady Kanade!” Despite his shock he did not fight back. He let himself be drained by the pureblood and when she was satisfied she apologized for her actions.

Kanade looked up to the roof where Aido had fallen off. She saw Yuki being hovered over by an evil vampire who looked vaguely familiar. It was obvious by his presence that he was apart of the Kuran bloodline, but he wasn't anything like Kaname and Yuki. She jumped up in front of Yuki in an attempt to protect her. She hovered her hands over the vampire weapons strapped to her sides, ready to defend herself from his attacks.

"You will not touch her!" Kanade exclaimed.

"Why hello there Kanade.” The vampire smirked. “I see you are finally awake. If I had known of your being alive sooner I would have changed my plans.”

"Who are you?" She growled.

"You know I never did enjoy your mother's blood." Her eyes widened from surprise. "It was always so bitter from her constant gloomy mood, but you seem just as lively as Juri, maybe I will devour you as well. You can perhaps be my mistress." He chuckled evilly. She was overcome with fury as she gritted her teeth and reached for her daggers which gave her an electric shock.

"Ah!" She exclaimed from the sudden pain.

"Takanashi's can't use anti vampire weapons without Kuran blood flowing through their veins." He chuckled as she charged towards her. She quickly grabbed onto the daggers, ignoring the shocking electricity flowing through her. She sliced through him causing him to jump back. She had only sliced off what seemed to be his arm.

"You will not touch me or Yuki." She hissed. "You will not destroy my family!" She cried out.

Suddenly a large vine shot up from the ground out of nowhere and shot straight through the vampire’s chest, he instantly turned into dust. She frantically looked around to see who was controlling them. She gasped when she saw Zero wrapped in the vines, overcome with the strange power that possessed him. The vines lifted Zero up from the ground and set him on to the roof.

“…Zero?” She was so overcome with disbelief, her voice cracked as she spoke. Yuki simply averted her eyes, seeming unaffected by Zero’s current state.

The wind suddenly picked up in an unnatural manner. Kanade returned her attention to the now gaping hole in the middle of the roof where the wind was the strongest.

“Hey.” Zero started. He held onto his chest as he pushed through the pain his new power caused him. The vines began to become more abundant around his right arm. “How long do you plan to sleep?” He said in a low voice as the vines began to engulf his arm and he gripped onto his gun, the bloody rose. “Wake up, vampires.” There was a sudden burst of wind again and a dark shadow of some sort shot out from behind him, about to attack until Yuki blocked it with Artemis. Zero glanced back at her, “What are you doing? You are the enemy.”

“I decided a long time ago that I will be Zero’s ally.” Yuki said in a calm voice as she focused on her surroundings, readying herself for another attack. “Even if we are enemies too.” Another burst of wind erupted and a shadow was coming her way, she blocked it with her scythe easily. Meanwhile, the attacks were more abundant towards Zero. He blocked each attack with his vines, without even moving a muscle. Each one came fast than the other, but it wasn’t even a challenge for him to block them. Kanade stood and watched them in amazement, never before had she seen them fight in such a manner. Suddenly she felt an odd presence. She looked around and out of nowhere three whips of blood shot straight towards her, a common attack within the Kuran bloodline. She grabbed onto her daggers and sliced through them. Her eyes widened when they didn’t disappear and instead multiplied and morphed together. She took a step back as she began to shake from the uncertain threat in front of her. She gasped when a menacing hand reached out from the blood towards her. The evil vampire from earlier, Rido, erupted from the blood and leaned over her.

“Your family has always been weak compared mine. You rely on the Kuran bloodline to survive. With that in mind I wonder if you will really be able to beat me… Kanade.” He chuckled ominously.

“Stop it…” She said in a low voice as her anger began to boil within her. “Stop saying my name!” She exclaimed as she slashed her daggers at him. Suddenly Zero’s vines threw her back and sliced through the evil vampire. Kanade brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked over at Zero who refused to meet he gaze.

“Hey freak… you’re my prey.” Zero growled under his breath. “Behave as a hunted animal should and at least try and fight to escape your death.”

The blood shot up from the ground and in front of Zero. The blood swarmed in an odd motion for a moment and Rido’s took form in his body again.

“Why am I your prey?” He asked as he leaned over Zero. “Oh… is it because I dealt the blow that killed your twin?” Kanade’s eyes widened as she heard the vampire talk about Ichiru. “But you ate him...” He chuckled, “and you took back the power that should have been yours, didn’t you?”

“…Zero? What is he saying?” Kanade choked.

“My dear girls, just listen to this, this guy is as much of an evil vampire than I am! He devoured his very own brother, the flesh of his flesh.” Rido grinned from ear to ear. “But you are making a big mistake, ex-hunter. It’s the opposite.” He leaned over closer to Zero and said in a low, threatening voice, “It’s you who are my prey.”

Yuki ran up behind Rido and pulled back her scythe, about to slice through him, but Zero’s vines stopped her.

“Get back. Don’t take my prey.” Zero said in an emotionless tone.

“Why?” Yuki screamed. “Zero! I just… this man is the source of all the bad things that happened! I just want to—“ Zero was suddenly scratched across the check, causing his to bleed. Yuki stopped and stared.

Rido looked back and smirked, “When you get angry like that your aura becomes even more similar to the one the late Juri had.” Yuki was about to try and attack him again when Zero’s vines grabbed hold of her and threw her off the roof.

“You’re getting in my way.” Zero said as he wiped off the blood dripping from his wound.

“Zero! Stop it!” Kanade exclaimed. “Just let us help!”

“Hey, don’t go handling my little girl in such a rough manner.” Rido said. “You should just be quiet and let me devour you to make our strength apart of mine.” He suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Kanade, grabbing onto her. She let out a small yelp before he covered her mouth to stop her from screaming with one of the whips of his blood. He stroked her hair and took in her scent. “At least you left her to play with for now.” He chuckled and looked back up at Zero. Kanade frantically tried to escape his hold but it was no use. She was as weak as any other human compared to him. “You know I was waiting for you to be ripe to eat.” He told Zero. “Shizuka planted the seed and Kaname raised you. Now it’s time for me to reap the fruits. Your whole life was violated and controlled by purebloods, and now you will disappear the same way you lived.”

“Yeah… and that’s why I’m going to massacre every single one of you freaks.”

Kanade’s eyes widened as Zero’s vines shot at them. Rido threw Kanade towards the vines and dodged the attack, leaving her in the crossfire. Once she was no longer in his grip out of instinct she flipped in the air and dodged the attack. The vines shot through the roof destroying the whole side of the building. Kanade was now falling with nowhere to land but in the rubble. She froze as she watched herself plummet down into the rocks. She closed her eyes as she awaited a painful impact.

Meanwhile, Yuki watched from the ground as the side of the building collapsed. She gripped onto Artemis as she felt a presence around her.

“Zero?” She called out. Suddenly whips of blood shot out from the rubble towards her. She swung her scythe back, ready to attack, when Rido appeared behind her and whispered in her ear,


“I am not my moth--”

“Why am I not good enough, Juri? … Why?” Rido said in a low voice. “What am I missing? What should I do for you to… Even though I… Even though I love you so much that I feel like eating you whole.” He grinned and Yuki pushed the blade of her scythe through his back, just missing herself. “Juri…” He cooed. “This is not the weapon I want.”

Suddenly a swarm of vines shot through the ground and ripped Rido into shreds, not one vine even starching Yuki. Yuki looked up, overcome with disbelief as she saw Zero standing over her on the edge of what was left of the roof, pointing his gun in her direction. She stared up at him as she felt Rido’s hand brush against her cheek. She stood still as he ran his fingers through her hair before crumbling to his final death.

The vines began to return to Zero as he descended down the rubble and stood a few feet away in front of Yuki.

“Zero… are you okay?” Yuki asked as she took a step forward. Zero stayed silent as he pointed his gun at Yuki.

“Don’t get close to me. How could I possibly be okay?” Zero said. “Everything. I’m tired of it all… that’s why… I want to put an end to it all. If I kill every single pureblood there is… then this will certainly be forgiven as well. You didn’t do anything bad… Yuki.”


“…Why…aren’t you moving?” He averted his eyes as his anger began to erupt, “I wouldn’t mind if you killed me right here!”

Kanade shot her eyes open to find herself no longer falling and instead safely in Kaname’s arms. She let out a sharp breath of relief as she gripped onto his coat.

“I had forgotten…” She said under her breath, “ how you were always there to catch me.”

She looked over to see Kaname’s right arm wrapped in vines as he carried her to the top of the roof where Zero and Yuki were. She gasped at the scene before her.

"What a welcome." Kaname said in his always seemingly calm voice.

"It's because I've made up my mind. I have decided to exterminate all pureblood vampires." Zero hissed.

“Zero…” Kanade started. Kaname set her down and Zero’s vines wrapped around him more. She took a step forward, only to stop when Zero’s vine’s began to creep towards her. “What is going on…? What are these things…?” She asked as she stared down at the vines that began to wrap around her ankles, keeping her in place.

“It’s the true power of the bloody rose, Kanade.” Kaname said.

"Kuran! You're next!” Zero growled, ignoring Kanade’s stare.

"I must thank you for having severed those troublesome fetters, but I can't possibly forgive your existence any longer." Kaname took a deep breath, trying to hold in his anger. "Because you dared to point that gun at her!" The vines that wrapped around Kaname grew in numbers and before Kaname could even take a step they stacked him, cutting his hand off.

“Kaname!” Kanade cried out. She tried to run to him, but the vines wrapped around her legs kept her in place. Her eyes widened when she saw it started to grow back.

"Even if you had done so without real intent to kill either of them, I couldn't forgive such a thing." Kaname said, seeming unaffected by Zero’s actions.

"Bloody rose, if you have awakened this much you must recognized my voice; as well as the taste of my blood. Would you kindly take down those vines restraining us? There is someone I want to protect." The vines retracted from Kaname and Kanade and Kaname’s hand began to take the form of a weapon.

"What did you do?" Zero hissed.

"Thank you bloody rose." Kaname lifted the scythe his blood formed to replace his hand, ready to strike Zero. Kanade and Yuki ran towards them.

"Bloody rose do not forget who is the enemy." Zero growled as his vines began to get ready to attack again. Yuki and Kanade stood in between the two.

"STOP YOU TWO!" Yuki cried out as she blocked Zero’s vines with Artemis.

"NO!" Kanade screamed at Kaname as he stopped his scythe inches away from her heart.

"Step aside Kanade. He pointed a weapon at Yuki and he would do the same to you! Even if it had been for only a second, I could not possibly forgive that man after that!” Kanade could feel all of his pain envelop her as memories of the night he had to watch her get stabbed and die flashed before the both of them.

"Kaname…" She started, his anger swirling around Kanade like a cloud. Yuki looked back at him.

"I won't forgive him. Even if for a hundred years, or even a thousand years you were to hate me afterwards I… " Yuki dropped Artemis, walked over to Kaname, grabbed onto his hand and the scythe disappeared.

“I don’t want to make you say such sad words…” Yuki said.

The pain of losing the one he loved for over 8,000 years seemed to be the only thing that could make him fall to such an unstable state and Kanade felt every bit of it. It broke her heart that she caused him to feel this way.

"Kaname, he is not the same as the cruel man.” Kanade held her head down. “You have already broken one of my dying wishes, don't break anymore." She felt all of his sadness surround her, tugging at her broken heart.

Yuki licked Kaname's blood. He broke his gaze from Kanade and gave Yuki a sad smile. He pulled away from her and started to walk away.

"As you please… You may take your time to say your farewells."

"Kaname..." Yuki said. He glanced back.

"Besides you are already well aware of the one and only place you must be." Kanade could tell he was saying it to the both of them and she clenched her hand into a fist at her side, trying to hold back her frustration.

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