Fate's Evil Curse

One Year Later

It’s been over a year now since that day…

The day I remembered my past life…

The day I lost my best friend…

The day I let the love of my life leave with my sister…

After that day Kanade drank so much of Aido’s blood that she was a vampire for over a month. She had lied to Zero when she told him she had taken Kaname’s blood and now she was back to being the dhampire she always had been. Since that day she hasn’t seen those three once.

Kanade, Yagari, and Kein Cross were gathered in the Chairman's office. Since the day Kaname destroyed the council of elders and brought down the hunter association, Kein Cross has taken the title of President of the Vampire Association. However, in reality it has been Yagari running the operation as well as Cross Academy. In the mean time Kein has been taking responsibilities for his actions, but It is now time that Kein regain his spot as Chairman.

"That's about it I'd say. Now you just have to read this detailed report about the whole thing! "Yagari slammed a pile of papers down on the desk. "Dumbass!" He had his feet rested on the desk and was leaning back his the chair, lighting a new cigarette. Kanade sat at the edge of the desk, happy to see her adopted father once again after months of time with only Yagari. "Kanade would you get off!" Yagari growled.

"Don't be so mean to us, Dad." She chuckled.

"For the last time I'm not your dad!" He mumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose out of frustration. At this point Kanade expected Chairman to get mad and go on rant about how he was her father and not Yagai, but he stood still with his head held high, holding back any sign of emotion.

"But I think of both Chairman and you as a father, ever since you saved me from that vampire!" She tried to lighten the mood, but her attempts seemed to fail.

"It's not like you needed it, you could of just turned him into dust with one look." He rolled his eyes. She looked down, trying to hide her regret.

~1 Year Ago~

Kanade watched as Kaname and Yuki walked off together, trying to hold back the tears.

'I have to let him go. He wants her, I don't need my powers to know that.'

She tried to refrain from using her powers of empathy on anyone, so she didn't have to feel anymore despair than she had already. She walked off; not bothering to listen to the rest of the night class students plans to find their beloved dorm president again. Although she was telling herself that she was going off to find the Chairman, in reality she just wanted to get as far away as possible from anything to do with Kaname. She found herself by the apple tree she always ran to. She cursed herself as it only made the pain worse because it reminded her of the tree she spent so much of her time with Kaname at in her past life. She collapsed onto the ground and broke down. She felt like she was crumbling into a million pieces from her heartbreak.

She sensed the presence of a low level, unfamiliar vampire heading towards her way.

"You smell…. Amazing!" He exclaimed.

She said nothing, she waited for the vampire to drain her of her life.

'My Kaname…

The one whom I lived for…

He’s dead and gone…

She closed her eyes and awaited death, but instead of feeling the unbearable pain of some lowly vampire's fangs sink into her flesh, she heard a gunshot. Her eyes shot open to reveal the hunter, Yagari, standing over her.

"What are you doing lying there?" He inhaled the last of his cigarette before throwing it to the ground and stepping on it. He slowly crouched down to her side to see if she was hurt in any way. "Since when does a pureblood simply lie back and let a level E drain them?" He asked, fully aware of her intentions. She simply stared at him in disbelief.

'A hunter.... tried to save me?'

"Hey…. you still alive? A thank you would be nice."

She composed herself and took a sharp breath.

"Thank you, Hunter. I understand that you hate all vampires, since it is your life's work to kill them. So you had no reason to kill that vampire who craved my blood."

He stared at her, surprised by her wording. She sounded like she was a completely different person than the one he met in the pool not long ago.

"Actually if he drank your blood he would have gained power and would become a problem." He grabbed her waist and threw her over his shoulder. She stayed limp, not bothering to fight back.

"So now you are going to take me to my death."

"Why would I do that?" He grabbed another cigarette out of his pocket.

"I am a dhampire of course! An abomination! It is your duty along with all vampires to kill me upon sight!" She lifted her head and waited for his response.

"There is no Vampire Council or Vampire Hunter Association right now since that vampire friend of yours killed all of them. I can do whatever I want." He inhaled from his cigarette. Kanade jumped out of his grip and stood in front of him, trying to understand the emotions radiating around him. It was as if he was... pitying her.

"I do not understand. Vampire hunters will take any chance to kill a vampire. Here is your chance to kill one of the most memorable, yet you do not take it? I do not understand your pity for me and why you feel as if you have to take care of me."

"Will you stop talking like that, it's annoying." He dropped his now bud of a cigarette to the ground.

"This is how a Pureblood Princess should talk!" She couldn't help but feel offended that she didn't seem to be a fit enough target for him.

"Yes, but you are not a Pureblood Princess you are that idiot Cross's adopted human daughter." Kanade was taken aback by his words. He was the last person she expected to say anything along those lines. She thought that he hated her for what she was.

"But I am an abomina--"

"You're human; more human than you think. We vampire hunter's only kill dhampires because that was part of the treaty. Although this is a rare chance to be able to kill a defenseless pureblood like yourself, you are still close to that buffoon and now that he has already losing one of his daughters, I don't think losing another at my hand, nevertheless, would help."

He grabbed onto her wrist and dragged her into the direction of the front entrance. She did not protest as she processed his words.

‘If a hunter like him thought of me as human, then maybe I had misjudged him and others like him…

Maybe I will stick around for a bit longer and see what this guy's problem is...'

Kanade got up hugged Yagari from behind. "Besides you are the one I've been living with since Chairman is always gone! I don't want you to go now!"

"Get off of me." He growled.

She did as he said, but her smile did not fade. She knew he liked it. Over the month she was stuck as a vampire, she could sense his feelings and the way he cared for her. She knew that he thought of her as a daughter and he liked it when she showed her affection for him.

Kanade looked over at the Chairman, waiting for him to retaliate at her display of affection for Yagai, but he stayed silent. He's changed so much in the past year and it hurt to watch him this way.

"We will have you back at your position as Chairman soon, Cross.” Yagari said. “Talk about a stupid job no one wants to do. So many annoying duties, catering to what everybody wants and all that; and with the board of directors of the school being all full of themselves and constantly complaining about it all..." He deeply inhaled the smoke from his cigarette. "Anyway we are told that it seems that the head of the Ichijou group will change. But you mustn't cut your connections with them, no matter what. Make sure to also keep a good connection with the Aido clan."

"If they just let me rule as queen, things wouldn't be so confusing!" She interrupted, trying to make Kein smile, but still no luck.

"For the last time you were never even queen!" Yagari exclaimed, annoyed by her interruption.

"I know, but still."

Her title as the second heir to the throne of Queen of Vampires was nothing but a title. The only way she could become anyone with actual power would be if the Kuran bloodline died out, but in the end it was the Takanashi bloodline that went extinct.

Kanade crossed her arms and pretended to pout, but in reality she was relieved she wasn’t queen. She knew now that the council of elders were killed, Kaname was probably dreading being the new king. Even though he was a different Kaname than the one she grew up with in her past life, she knew that he would much rather go about life with less responsibility.

She recalled him once saying, "I am truly sorry that you will be dragged into the horrid world of monarchy, it is a disgusting world that is full of nothing but fools." It was something he had said when he was informed of her engagement to the man who planned to take over the throne. At that time the Kuran King made the decision to give the Takanashi bloodline the throne out of sheer tiredness, but in the end he was never able to.

"The systems have changed and you know that." Yagari said. She nodded, wanting to change the subject immediately. She did not want to think about Kaname anymore. "It's lucky enough that they didn't kill you on the spot after foolishly telling them who you are. As if they are even going to consider your opinion on the new council."

She giggled to herself, remembering his reaction when she came back from telling all of the heads of the Pureblood and noble families her identity.

"I wanted to bring order and clean up Kaname's mess!" She paused for a moment, when she realized she had just said his name. She felt her heart dropped from the remembrance of their final words. "I am the Pureblood Princess they have to listen to me… Besides at the time I had the power to protect myself so you don't need to fuss about it." She looked away in case there was any sign of her emotions showing on her face.

"Yes, but now I have to protect you!" Yagari growled.

She tried to laugh, but failed miserably, "And I know you will do a good job!"

She clung onto him, taking in his scent; it reminded her of Zero. A sincere smile tugged at her lips. She had accepted the fact that almost everything about Yagari reminded her of her best friend and she came to the conclusion that instead of feeling sad about it she would smile and be happy that she had some sort of connection to him.

"Get off of me!" He shoved her away, but there was a hint of a smile on his face. Kanade was the closest thing to a daughter he had and the fact that she thought of him as a father made him more than happy. Kanade walked over to Kein’s side, allowing Yagari to get on with what he was saying. "And lastly, this is for the both of you, you must absolutely hold back any contacts and closeness with Kaname Kuran, understood?"

Kanade narrowed her eyes at him. She did not like the fact that he was trying to keep her away from Kaname all this time. He refused to let her attend the meetings he had with him, even though she was a large part of the matter.

"I understand him, but why me!?" Kanade exclaimed.

"He hurt you by choosing that little girl!"

She burst out laughing. Yagari blamed Kaname for her troubles for not picking her over Yuki that day and couldn’t help but hold a grudge.

"Look Chairman! Yagari is worried about me!" She pulled on Kein's coat. He was silent and stiff, not reacting in anyway; which made her feel uncomfortable. She let out a sigh and stared at her feet. "It's okay Yagari, I told you this was my dying wish. I am truly happy for Kaname even though at the same time it hurts."

She tried her best to put on her best happy face when she looked back up, but he could see straight through her. He huffed and grabbed a new cigarette. Instead of calling her out on it, he decided to continue his complaining to Cross.

"Its no wonder this school could create a night class... Cross..." He went on about how the board for the school is really powerful and they wanted to expose the vampires and even use their blood to prolong their life. When he was done ranting Yagari stood up from his chair. "It's all up to you now. Show us what you have learned and concluded to in the past year." He started to walk out the door.

"Thank you for your hard work." Chairman finally said. Yagari glanced back, surprised that he finally opened his mouth.

"Damn straight it was hard work."

"And to think what lies ahead will be more troublesome." Kein looked down.

"You're right on that. Not to mention that until my stupid apprentice becomes old enough to be made the Association President, we are both stuck; you as the official president just for the appearances and me as the de facto one. What a pain in the ass." He took a hit from his cigarette and walked out. Kanade ran after him.

"You're going to make Zero the President of the Association?!" She caught him in the hall. He raised an eyebrow and turned back towards her.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Kanade looked down, not wanting to answer or get into a detailed conversation about Zero. She instantly regretted even bringing it up. He let out a sigh, seeing how bothered she was just thinking about the hunter. "You know if you just tell him you're human again then he might actually forgive you, and this nonsense about killing you might go away."

Even though Yagari would never let that happen, Zero still promised to both Yuki and Kanade that their deaths will be at his hands.

"I can't tell Zero." She whispered before tackling him into a hug.

"Ugh. What's with you and hugging me?" He kept his hands in his pockets.

"It's like I'm hugging Zero." She looked up at him, his eyes wide in disbelief. "He doesn't return my hugs either.”

She hid her face is his chest and he hesitantly wrapped his arms around her. He knew she was hurting, even though she would try to hide it.

"They are both stupid for not picking you."

She pulled away and smiled, "Thanks Dad!" He tried to hide his smile. "See you at the party!" She waved goodbye and he walked off grumbling to himself about how he wasn’t her dad, all the while trying to hide the smile plastered on his face.

Kaname and Yuki were having an engagement party and that is where Kanade would finally be making her first appearance after the new treaty she was able to reinstate with the new council that included the safety of all dhampires. Although she tried to think of it as a positive event, she still couldn’t help but dread it. Tomorrow she would have to face Kaname, Yuki, and Zero for the first time in over a year.
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