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Fate's Evil Curse

Stalker Like Behavior

Kanade quickly grabbed an apple from the kitchen and made her way outside, map in hand, determined to find the her classroom today on time. But when she opened the front doors she was welcomed with an unexpected surprise.

Standing at the bottom of the steps was Zero. He had his back to the door, leaning against one of the statues that decorated the entrance.

"What are you doing here?" Kanade growled, not wanting to have to deal with him. He turned towards her as she descended down the stairs.

He didn't seem to know the answer himself.

"The Chairman asked me to take you to class."

She glared at him, "I'm fine. I can find my way on my own." She walked past him heading in the wrong direction.

"Obviously not." He grabbed onto her arm and she was immediately overcome with the agonizing feeling of her burning from the inside out. She held in a scream and fell to her knees. He let her go and the burning faded into slight stabbing and then completely disappeared. She tried to catch her breath. "What's wrong?" He asked with an annoyed tone, masking his actual concern for her.

"Nothing." She held onto her stomach and pushed herself up. "I just tripped."

She didn't quite understand why the unbearable pain simply came out of nowhere and disappeared within seconds, so she didn't want him to question her about it. He stared at her, seeing straight through her lie and hoping he could uncover it with just one look, but she was completely composed.

"Come on." He started towards the classrooms and she followed, afraid that if she protested and they ended up arguing again that sooner or later she might be overcome with that mysterious pain again. She trailed behind him in silence, racking her mind for an explanation for what would cause this unidentified discomfort within her.

Meanwhile Zero was glancing back at her with the corner of his eye, making sure she hadn't run away. He could tell she was in deep thought and for some reason he more than anything wanted to hold a conversation with the strange girl, but was at loss of words. What could he say?

Zero led Kanade into their first period class. She walked up to the homeroom teacher as Zero took his seat.

"I'm Kanade Yoshi, the new student."

The homeroom teacher nodded as she checked her role call list. The bell rang and the rest of the students took their seats.

"Everyone, please welcome our new transfer student." She gestured towards Kanade and gave her an encouraging look. "Please introduce yourself."

Kanade's eyes widened, not expecting to have to do such a thing.

"Umm... I'm Kanade Yoshi." She tried to project loudly enough for everyone to hear.

She looked over at the teacher, waiting for her to instruct her where to sit. She looked down at her seating chart.

"Since you two both skipped class yesterday I can assume you are familiar with each other, so you can sit next to Zero." She pointed towards the familiar, scowling expression and Kanade was overcome with surprise.

That was the last place she wanted to be seated. She simply stared at the woman, pleading to her telepathically to say 'Just kidding sit there!' and point to a seat in the corner of the room. The teacher looked over at her with a confused look.

"Is there something the matter?"

Kanade shook her head; afraid to protest since she had no idea how the old woman would react if she refused. She forced herself up the steps that led to back of the room and reluctantly sat next to him. She then noticed that she was sitting directly behind Yuki. She let out a breath of relief; happy that there was someone there she knew that didn't completely crawl under her skin.

She looked over at Zero and he seemed to be watching her intently. He quickly looked away, hoping she didn't notice his gaze. Although he had enjoyed his time at his desk by himself, he felt just a little pleased that she was sitting next to him. Her boldness and familiar traits to him made him comforted, but right now he did not understand his feelings fully. He desperately tried to figure out what it was that was pulling him to her. What was so familiar about her?

She knew he was watching her, making her feel uncomfortable, she just didn't understand why.

The bell rang and Kanade quickly gathered her things, wanting to get away from Zero's stare as quickly as possible. She stood up and headed for the door when Yuki suddenly appeared in front of her. She jumped back out of surprise.

"Hey Kanade! I'm so glad you found your way today!"

The reserved blonde couldn't help but feel more uncomfortable, since the girl in front of her was unnaturally cheery just like her adopted father.

"Uhh yeah." Kanade pushed past her, not wanting to have to deal with such an annoying smile.

She found herself lost in the hallway trying to find her next class, not even realizing that Zero was following after her.

One of the boys from her previous class approached her.

"Hey Kanade." She looked up at him, waiting to hear what he had to say. "I'm Jason. I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch--" He stopped mid sentence when he saw Zero stop behind her, glaring down at him. "On second thought, never mind " He walked past her and she was overcome with confusion. She looked back and slightly jumped from surprise.

"Are you following me?" Her thoughts leading back to the idea of him stalking her.

"You're going the right way, our next class is over there." He nodded down the hall. She looked over at the door number and the number it said on her schedule.

"How did you--?"

"The Chairman gave Yuki and I your schedule. She has this class too." He had an annoyed tone in his voice, just wanting to get moving. She stared at him for a second before forcing herself into the classroom where she sat in front of him. She felt uneasy knowing that he was staring at her from behind.

Lunchtime quickly came and the piercing feeling that seemed to be nagging at Kanade all day made it hard for her to build up an appetite. She simply bought a water and an orange before following Yuki and her friend Yori to a table, with Zero closely behind. She had given up on telling him to leave her alone and to stop following her. It felt as though that was all she seemed to be doing this morning. Even after the classes that he didn't have with her, he was outside the classroom waiting for her as soon as the bell had rung. She found it creepy and undoubtedly irritating.

He said every time he was just making sure that she wasn't getting lost, just as the Chairman had instructed; which was true. Usually Zero would never bother with such things though, but he couldn't help but find amusement from seeing her flushed, red face full of anger whenever she came out of the classroom to see him waiting for her.

Zero sat down next to Kanade and she scooted her chair away to tell him that she didn't want to be so close to him. He smirked, finding it hilarious at what lengths she was going to try and get rid of him. She noticed that he hadn't gotten any lunch.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Kanade asked him, She instantly regretted it, realizing she just showed concern for him.

He ignored her, staring off in the other direction.

"Zero seems to almost never eat." Yori said.

Yori seemed unaffected by Zero's glares and stares in any way and found his grumpy demeanor annoying as well. But it's never her he seems to try and infuriate. It did nothing but confuse Kanade; the way that Zero would find pleasure in annoying her, but barely spoke a word to Yuki or Yori.

The next morning Kanade found Zero waiting for her in front of the Chairman's building once again. She was filled with anger as she stomped down the steps to confront him.

"Why are you here today?! I know my way now I don’t need you escorting me!" She threw her arms up, showing just how frustrated she really was.

"Come on." He started to head towards the classroom building expecting her to follow, but she stood still with her arms folded. "What?" He glared back at her, annoyed by her persistence.

"Leave me alone." Her eyes narrowed.

The piercing pain started to emerge and she tried her best to push it aside. He was now standing over her, his eyes trailing to her neck. He held his breath, trying his best to ignore the craving he felt.

"If you don't come with me right now, I'll drag you." He demanded.

She stared at him long and hard, trying to see if he was bluffing. She let out a sigh, realizing he wasn't messing around and did as she was told.

'I should be as far away from this girl as possible right now with that scent of hers’ is what he kept telling himself, but he could not control his actions of impulse.

He needed to keep his distance, but that was the opposite of what he was doing. He did not act this way willfully, he couldn't help but feel like he needed to protect her, like her knew her. He never encountered someone who seemed to hold the same rage in his eyes and he had never before felt this magnetic like feeling that he had when he saw her, pulling him to her side.

Eventually Kanade began to get used to Zero's unwanted presence that seemed to be around almost all the time for the past week. He even stayed by her side after classes ended, when she would go to the library, or even when she would sit by the large apple tree that gave her this odd feeling of comfort as she read a book.

He would always make her go to her room early before he had to start his duties as a guardian and she finally stopped arguing with him after the third day. She got used to his silence and his stare. Although she found his presence frustrating, she couldn't help but find joy in the fact that someone with such a beautiful face wanted to be even within 5 feet of her.

She was sitting against the apple tree reading "Huckleberry Finn"; the book she was assigned for English class. Zero sat across from her leaning against a smaller cherry blossom tree.

"Why do you always come here?" He asked. She looked up from her book, surprised that he broke his long silence.

"I find this place comforting." She informed him. "Why do you always follow me?" She didn't expect an answer since she had been asking it non-stop for the past week without so much as a hint.

"I find you comforting." He mumbled. She managed to make it out despite his low voice.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, not at all expecting those words to come out of his mouth.

"Have you ever been here before?" He asked her.

"No… I was born and raised in North Dakota, never even left the city, let alone the country." She looked back down at her book, trying to find her place.

He simply stared at her, trying to figure out what it was about her that made him act so out of character.

After a while Kanade found Yuki much more comforting rather than annoying, and spent most of her time around the enthusiastic girl, with Zero close behind. Yuki didn’t mind, in fact, she loved Kanade. She found her gestures to try and include her in Kanade's and Zero's confusing, yet close friendship, nice of her.

"Why does Zero follow you everywhere, Kanade?" Yuki asked as they walked to their next class with Zero trailing behind. It had been a month of Zero's constant presence. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe he has a crush." She knew he could hear him, she glanced back to meet his narrowed eyes and she let a smile spread across her face. She just loved to tease him.

Yuki looked back at him confused. She had never seen Zero act this way with anyone. She felt a bit of jealously tug at her heart, not quite understanding why.

Kanade was sitting at the apple tree she seemed to favor, reading a book. Zero was sitting across from her under the small cherry blossom tree, as he always did.

"Where were you after 4th period today? It's not like you to not always be there waiting for me." Kanade looked up at him, waiting for his reaction.

Although she was a bit relieved when she did not find him waiting outside her classroom, at the same time she couldn't help but feel worried if something had happened. This seemed to be happening a lot lately.

"Doesn't matter." He said, not knowing how to explain his painful fits that started occur a lot more lately, which was keeping him from her much more often.

Kanade looked back down at her book and they sat in silence.

“You know… I never used to read this much. For some reason ever since I came to Cross Academy I seem to enjoy it a lot more, especially when I’m in the presence of this odd tree.” She glanced up at the tree; it was the largest apple tree she had ever seen, towering over them. She often wondered of the stories it held.

Zero said nothing in reply; instead there was once again a long silence. She went back to reading her book, but after awhile Zero had suddenly stood up and was now walking over to her side. She looked up at him, curious to why he was behaving so differently from usual. He sat down beside her and met her stare.

"I want to try something."

He leaned in and she noticed that her piercing pain that had been rising from her core a lot more lately had returned once again. She watched him with curiosity as he lifted his hand up to the side of her face. With his touch, she instantly felt the burning pain, she cringed and he pulled away. The pain started to fade from the burning sensation to the mere stabbing feeling.

She stared at him in shock. As soon as his skin had come in contact with hers she felt the mysterious pain. She did not even realize his true intentions to kiss her; she was much too distracted.

She grabbed his hand and felt the burning pain emerge once again and as soon she pulled away it seemed to fade. She tried to piece together what exactly was going on as he watched her intently, not completely understanding her actions.

At first he had thought she had felt disgusted by his touch and that was why she had cringed, but when she grabbed onto his hand so abruptly repeatedly he was overcome with confusion. He desperately wanted to know what was running through her mind. He wanted to know why she acted the way she did and he wanted to know why it was so hard for him to stay away.

She grabbed onto his hand again and took note of the fact that the burning feeling came only when they touched. She pulled back and stared at him in astonishment.

'What is going on?'

After dropping Kanade off in her room Zero made his way to the Chairman's office. He needed to know everything about Kanade to understand what was going on. He needed to know whatever secret it was the Chairman was keeping. He didn't bother to knock, simply barging in. The Chairman jumped in his seat.

"Why don't you ever knock Zero?" He asked, letting out a sigh. Zero glared at him and smashed his hands against the desk between the two, causing it to crack slightly.

"Who is she?" He growled.

The Chairman's eyes widened but his expression soon changed into distress and he let out a sigh.

"I see..." He trailed off. Zero simply stared, waiting for his explanation. "Alright." The boy relaxed a little, surprised that he gave up so easily. "Her name isn't Yoshi it’s… Takanashi."

Zero's eyes widened. "What are you talking about? She is dead." He growled, not liking that the Chairman would make up such a cruel lie.

"Oh so you remember her?"

"Of course I do and that is nother!"

"I assure you it is, it turns out her death was faked. I just recently learned about it myself."

"How is that even possible?" Zero growled.

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