Fate's Evil Curse

You Kept Me Sane

The first day of school had arrived and Kanade was beyond nervous. After what had happened a year ago many people found out about the night class being vampires. Many people’s memories were erased, but a few who refused were left to remember and one of those few just happened to be her friend Yori. Kanade thought about telling her that she was a vampire as well, but she was frightened that she would be mad at her for lying or become scared of her. So she kept her secret and now she had to lie to her even more.

Kanade walked into her new classroom, she scanned the room and counted the people who remembered. Out of nowhere she was tackled into a hug by Yori.

"Kanade!" Yori exclaimed, smiling up at her.

"We’re in the same class again.” Kanade smiled.

“What luck we have.” She pulled away and led her to her seat. "Kanade… you should know that Zero is here." She whispered.

"What? I… I didn’t think he would return to the academy…” She looked around, trying to find Zero, but he was nowhere to be found. She began to panic as the thought of seeing him again made her nervous. The new Ethics teacher walked in; he was young and handsome. All the girls started to whisper.

"I bet he'd be able to catch you when you run out of the room unlike our other teachers." Kanade simply laughed and nodded at Yori's comment.

In the middle of class Yori was called to the Chairman’s office. Kanade watched after her in confusion, Yori wasn’t the type to get in trouble.

She came back a few minutes before class ended, sat down at her seat next to Kanade, leaned over and whispered, "The Chairman wants me to go find Zero."

Kanade was taken aback by the request, but she kept composed, "Have fun with that."

The two students grabbed their things and walked out of the classroom together, they then parted ways as Yori went on her mission to find Zero and Kanade headed towards her next class. She stared at her feet as she walked, trying not to think about Zero.

'What does the Chairman want with him? Will he tell Zero of my presence here? No, he wouldn't….'

She ran into something hard and fell onto the ground. When she looked up, expecting a wall, she saw that what she had run into her first period teacher, Mr. Takamirya. He stared down at her, examining her.

"Sorry." She started to push herself up when she noticed that his hand was held out to her. She hesitated for a second but ended up taking it.

"Cross, right?"

"Uhmm yeah." She wasn't used to being called by her new last name. She then realized that he was still staring at her, she felt a bit uneasy. "Uhh is there something on my face?"

'Can he see what I am? Is he a vampire? A hunter? I can't tell when I've been human this long...'

"Oh, no, sorry..." he said, realizing he was making her uncomfortable. He walked past her without another word. She watched after him in distress, frightened of what he might know.

Kanade sat on the floor of her room, leaning against the edge of her bed, staring at the vial of Kaname’s blood held by a chain around her neck.

It was over year ago she told Zero she had drunken from this vial of blood, when in reality she showed him the empty vial of Seri’s blood she was given for her first vampire ball.

She did it all in an attempt to test him, to see if he would accept her even as a pureblood; but the results left her with nothing in the end. She couldn’t help but think if she had just said nothing, would she be by Zero’s side right now?

Throughout the year that was all she could think about. She knew Kaname leaving was something that she wouldn’t have been able to avoid, but things were different with Zero. All she could think about was the fact that maybe; just maybe, she had a chance to be with him. Although she knew about his feelings for Yuki, maybe… he would have given her a chance.

Her mind was in a whirlwind and her emotions were on the brink of losing control. This was a common thing she had to deal with for the past year. Ever since her memories of her past life were given to her she was much more vampire than human, even when she didn’t drink human blood. The amount of power she had wasn’t something her human farm was equipped for, leaving her struggling to keep herself sane at times. She looked over at the potted plant that sat on her windowsill, wilted.

~7 years old~

"Kaname! I'm hungry!" Kanade grabbed onto his arm.

"What am I supposed to do about it?" He asked not taking his eyes away from his book, a bit annoyed at her persistency.

"Can't I have some of your blood?" She asked, not realizing that it was an improper thing to ask. He looked up at her, surprised that she would ask such a thing so bluntly.

"Why would I give you my blood! We are neither lovers nor family. The only reason why I even come here everyday is because my father is forcing me." He looked back down at his book. She grabbed it and threw it on the ground before jumping on top of him. The flowers around them started to wither and the leaves on the tree above them started to fall. Her powers were still impossible to control and everything around her seemed to react to her emotional state.

"If you give me some of yours I'll give you mine." She said before licking his neck. She wouldn't usually invade his space like this, knowing how uncomfortable it made him, but she was acting on instinct from hunger. "Please, this will the be only time... I'm so hungry. Mama forgets to feed me sometimes." She looked up at him with hopeful eyes. He stared at her for a second, evaluating how hungry she really was. He let out a sigh and slightly nodded. This would be the first time anyone had ever drunk from him, but to his own surprise he didn't really mind that it was Kanade.

"Yay!" She exclaimed.

She leaned down to his neck, sunk her teeth into his skin, and took in his wonderful taste. He tasted so much better than her mother or father. His feelings of joy and innocence flowed through her. His blood tasted like sunshine, it was like delicacy, and luckily it wasn't the last time she would taste it.

Ever since then they would drink each other’s blood. They grew up feeding off of each other’s energy and as a result they gained all the powers of each bloodline, something that could have only happened between children. They gained unimaginable powers from each other. If they wanted, they could have become the most feared vampires in history, but they never cared about that; all they simply wanted was each other. No one knew of their powers, not until the night Kanade died. From then on Kaname became the most powerful vampire in the world and Kanade became nothing but a story only Kaname cherished.

Many of Kanade's powers have to do with the mind. She can feel, see, and touch other peoples’ emotions: anger, suffering, jealousy, everything. She can control someone's mind and even speak through a person. Although she can control objects around her and even affect the weather, most of her powers have to do with mind games; they are not easy though. Along with her own sadness she can feel everyone else's around her and it is very painful on her part.

That’s why Kaname made such an impact; he always radiated feelings that made her happy. Except now she can't help but think that without Kaname by her side, she is no longer strong enough mentally and physically to handle herself. Her powers are so overbearing that she can lose herself in them, many Takanashi have the same problem. Many commit suicide and most go mad.

When Kanade looked up her family history in the archives it was revealed that many turned one another human. She learned how to turn the empathy powers she possessed on and off in her past life, but she has noticed herself losing control of that switch and at times it turns on by itself.

Kanade took a deep breath and focused on happy memories; many of which she shared with Yagari in the past year. All of her other memories were related to Kaname or Zero, which were the cause of her losing the control in the first place. This left her at a loss and made things beyond difficult in the beginning.


You kept me sane all those years…

Now look at what you've done…

What am I supposed to do now?’

"Kanade, it is time to go." The Chairman knocked on Kanade's door; they were already going to be late to the ball. She didn't reply. He slowly opened the door to find staring at the vial of blood in her hand, lost in deep thought. "Why haven't you changed?!" She was already in her dress. He was referring to the fact that she was still human and they were about to attend Kaname and Yuki’s engagement party.

"I changed my mind, I do not want to go." She set down the vial of blood on the ground in front of her and brought her knees to her chest. The Chairman let out a sigh, knowing exactly what was going through her mind.

"You have to go Kanade, you are the one who proposed the new treaty and you made yourself apart of this. If you do not show up then people will misunderstand. We need you since you are on both sides."

"But... Kaname will be there and..." She trailed off as she stared at the ground in front of her.

"Zero, yes. I'm sorry Kanade, but he needs to be there as well."

"I know..." She tightened her grip around herself. She didn't want to think about it him, but she couldn't stop. The first time they met, the time they he saved her from the level E, the time they danced, the time she left him.

"He will not hurt you. Although it was part of the vampire and hunter treaty to kill any dhampire on site, this new treaty will forbid it. Along with that, Yagari will be there to protect you along with myself. And Kaname would never let him harm you as well." He walked over, crouched down beside her, and laid his hand on her shoulder.

"That isn't what I am afraid of." She looked up at him. "Having to look into Zero's eyes and see his pain and suffering and feel all of his anger within me, that is what scares me." She looked back down at the vial.

"It will be fine.” The Chairman assured her. “Besides if you refuse to go I will be forced to get Yagari and you know that if he has to he will drag you there kicking and screaming." She tried to laugh at his comment, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Yes I suppose so and knowing him he would refuse to let me drink the blood and my secret would be revealed." She looked up at him and let out a sigh. She took off her necklace, which held Kaname's blood and put it in a drawer, sat on her bed and twisted off the cap of the vial containing Akatsuki's blood. She looked over at Chairman. "I would suggest that you wait in the car, this isn't a pretty sight." He nodded and walked out, closing the door behind him.
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