Fate's Evil Curse

The Debut

The car stopped in front of a large castle. Kanade looked out the window and took in the atmosphere and she felt a sense of nostalgia overwhelm her. The Chairman got out and opened the door for her. He held out his hand to help her out and she took hold of it. As she looked around many memories of the few times her family took her to the Kuran castle flashed through her mind; circumstances were extremely different then. Her parents rarely took her outside of the family’s property due to the powers that she was still to young to control. The only time they let her leave the grounds was on Kaname’s birthday, when they would hold a large ball for every pureblood and noble family to attend. Although the pressure of keeping appearances gave Kanade a large amount of stress, she greatly enjoyed celebrating Kaname’s birth with his friends and family.

"Are you ready?" The Chairman asked Kanade, holding his arm out his arm for her. She snapped out of her daze and looked up at him. He smiled down at her.

Ever since she regained her memories along with the unstable circumstances that came with her powers, the way she thought completely changed. Her memories of her past life felt as though she was a completely different person and when she would think of those times she would easily forget about her life as a dhampire. Her memories were more of a jumble than anything. Rather than these two lives of her merging, it was like there was a door in her mind and when she would open that door the Kanade from her past life would take over; a proper pureblood princess.

They were standing outside of the doors leading into the ball where she would make her first public appearance. She took a deep breath before linking her arm with the Chariman’s. He looked over at the people who were holding the doors and nodded his head. They started to open the doors. Kanade was wearing a dress that showed every one of her markings down her back and upper arms, showing every last one of the vampires exactly what she was.

The doors were wide open. The sea of ball gowns and suits all turned their attention to her and bowed. As she walked down the ballroom she scanned the room. Bouquets of flowers decorated the walls and tables, twinkling lights hung from the high ceiling, and the every surface was as white as pearls. It was like a scene out of a movie. The atmosphere was like something she had never experienced before in this life.

She saw Yagari, Zero and her ethics teacher standing in the corner of the room. Her eyes widened from surprise, uninformed that he was, in fact, a vampire hunter. She could see he was a bit shocked to see her as well. She shook it off and looked straightforward meeting eyes with Kaname. She felt her throat begin to burn and she was suddenly overcome with an unbearable thirst, she ignored it at her best.

Kaname and Yuki each gave her a smile. They were the only vampires in the room with the social status to stand as she made her entrance. As she approached the two she smiled and curtsied, just as she was taught to do when approaching the Kuran family in her past life. She gave the Chairman a slight nod and he walked off. Everyone stood up and started to whisper amongst each other.

"Hello Yuki, Lord Kaname." Kanade smiled.

"Kanade!" Yuki pulled her sister in for a hug and she gladly returned it. "You don't have to call him Lord you know."

"Force of habit I suppose." But that was a lie, calling him lord was something necessary for her to keep the gap she made between Kaname and herself. She looked up at him. "The Chairman says that the treaty I suggested went well. I am deeply sorry I could not attend the meeting."

"No need to worry. Yagari was adamant on representing your requests and became very helpful in the process." He lightly smiled, but he had that pained look in his eyes he always seemed to have when he looked at her.

"It's been awhile since I last attended a party as a Takanashi, the last one was quite dramatic...." She trailed off. He stared down at her with a concerned expression.

"I assure you that this time there will be less… “drama”.”

She nodded and people began to approach them. Kanade remembered everything she learned in her past life about how to act around other vampires; it was Yuki she was worried about. She looked over to see Senri and Rima. She briefly excused herself and walked up to them with a smile.

"I have not seen you two in a long while."

"We have missed you very much, Kanade." Rima said. Although her tone sounded bored and emotionless Kanade knew she meant it.

"I feel the same." She then noticed Takuma with Akastuki and Ruka. She couldn't help but smile. Over the past year Takuma’s whereabouts were unknown to her. She asked Yagari to look into it but he never bothered. She knew he was all right, but nevertheless she was worried. She walked up to him. "Takuma."

He looked over at her and she awaited his signature cheerful smile, but instead she got a depressing, fake one she had never seen him pull before. She made sure to keep herself composed and not to react anyway, fearful that she would make him uncomfortable by asking him invading questions in such a setting.

"Lady Kanade, I have missed you." Takuma said as he leaned down and kissed the back of her hand.

"I feel the same. Save me a dance." He nodded and she looked over at Akastuki and Ruka. "Nice to see you two again." Ruka looked away and huffed.

"She's still a bit mad about you asking for her blood."

"You are very courageous Ruka, to refuse a pureblood who could change your very will. I admire you for that. Please do remember what I said."

Kanade was referring to the promise she made them make to not tell Kaname about her asking for blood. She did not force any if them to donate. However, Akastuki and Aido voluntarily gave her theirs and Ruka simply refused. She glanced over to meet eyes with Kaname and instantly felt as if her throat was on fire, unendurably thirsty all of a sudden.

She walked over towards Yagari, who stood in the corner of the room, only a few feet away from Zero and her ethics teacher. She face away from him, keeping her gaze towards the party since everyone was watching. She spoke in a low voice, "Yagari, I'm starving and all they have here is human blood, can I have some tablets?" She held out her hand behind her back.

Her personality completely changed when she talked to him. She was back to being his annoying little daughter.

"I told you not to come up to me while I'm working." He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Oh calm down. I don't have pockets so you’re holding my tablets right now.” She turned towards him and crossed her arms over her chest. “And besides you're my personal bodyguard I should be able to talk to you, they know how I'm on neutral ground.” She raised an eyebrow. “Or is it because you don't want your friends to get the wrong idea."

She glanced over at Zero and Mr. Takamirya who were staring right at them, along with most of the vampires attending the ball. He let out a sigh and pulled her tablet box out of his pocket. She grabbed a handful and downed them all in one gulp. His eyes widened as he observed her unusual behavior. She grabbed a few more and gave the half empty box back to him.

She stared down at the handful of tablets and remembered the promise she made Zero, in what seemed like ages ago, never to take one. She had broken that promise long ago when her hunger was beyond control, but even after all this time she still felt a cloud of guilt hover over her. For she knew the promise he made her make that night had nothing to do with the tablets, but rather with becoming a vampire. She hadn’t realized the meaning of this at the time, but that was before things had become so complicated. That was a time where the only worry she really had was the strange, beautiful boy who would follow her every step no matter how much protested.

“Are you finished?” Yagari asked her, snapping her out of her daze.

"Umm… yeah. Thanks.” She looked over at the two hunters observing them. “What's Mr. Takamirya doing here anyways?"

"He's a vampire hunter, one of my apprentices."

"Did he know about me?"

"I told him what you were just not who exactly. Now will you leave me alone?" He growled through his teeth. She looked over and Mr. Takamirya was walking their way.

"Is there a problem?" He asked.

"Of course not, I was simply getting some tablets, which Yagari was so kind to hold onto for me." She showed him the tablets. "Who would of thought that my Ethics teacher would be a vampire hunter."

"Who would of thought my student would be the famed dhampire princess."

"Oh so you remember me? Tell me, do you remember Yori?" He just blankly stared at her. "You're the one who brought her here right?" She glanced over to see her classmate being bombarded by unfamiliar vampires. "You will be punished for this." She looked back at Yagari and he nodded. She noticed that the pureblood Sara was talking to her as she headed their way. "Sara, so nice to see you again."

Sara gave her a confused look. To her they have not met yet, even though the first time Kanade saw her she was just a lowly dhampire. Kanade noticed that she smelled of fresh blood.

"Kanade?" Yori exclaimed. “Are you a…?” Everyone started to whisper.

"She didn't call the Princess by Lady."

"How dare she speak to her so informally."

"Yori, I am truly sorry that you had to find out this way… I’m afraid I was too selfish to tell you the truth. I hope that you will let me explain in the future. However, you should not of come here tonight." Kanade said.

"I was just about to take our guest to the hosts." Sara reached out for Yori, but before Kanade could push her back Zero grabbed hold of the pureblood’s wrist.

"Do not touch a human so freely." He growled.

"Zero, please let go of Sara. She was simply confused. Do not move so rashly." Kanade laid her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" He shoved her away. She heard Yagari start to move their way but she lifted her hand, giving him the signal to stop and he did.

"Maybe you will listen to her." Kanade sighed as she nodded towards Yuki who was pushing her way through the crowd.

"Yuki!" Yori exclaimed.

"So it really is you, Yori!" Yuki ran up to them.

'Yuki, don't act too childish. If you show weakness they will prey on you.'

Yuki noticed the situation. "Would you please let go of her? She is one of our precious guests." She rested her hand on Zero's arm.

"Don't touch me." He growled. She looked down, Kanade could feel the girl's sadness tugging at her heart.

"I'll stop touching you if you let go of her." He reluctantly did as she said.

Zero grabbed Yori's arm and dragged her away. "There you saw her, that should be enough for now.” He growled.

"She is a tasty looking human isn't she?" Sara said as she watched after them.

"Sara, humans are no longer to be thought of as food. We must respect them, do please keep your offending thoughts to yourself. She is a dear friend of both Yuki and I.” Kanade said, trying her best too seem composed and not show any sign of disgust towards the way she talked.

"My deepest apologies, your highness. Did you hear that everyone? The human is their friend, so hands off. We are not to think of them as food any longer."

Kande walked off, not wanting to have to smell the fresh blood on her anymore. She instantly hated that woman and it took all of her self-control not to use her powers to make the pureblood think she was a monkey. She swallowed down all the pills she had left with one gulp.

The dhampire made her way over to Kaname, Yuki following close behind her.

“Shall we do the opening toast?” Kanade asked him.

“If you will.” Kaname nodded with a slight smile. He handed her a glass of water with a tablet and she walked up a few of the steps, grabbing everyone’s attention. Everyone fell silent as they waited for her toast.

"I would like to thank everyone for attending tonight, I am so glad that we made this new treaty so that vampires, humans and even dhampires can live in peace." Kanade raised her glass. Everyone mimicked her, some people raised their glasses of blood while others of tablets. "Thank you very much Kaname and President Cross for everything you have done for us. Also I'd like to congratulate Kaname and Yuki on their engagement. I wish you happiness." She met his eyes, but quickly averted his gaze, taking a sip from the glass. Everyone did the same before clapping. She downed the whole glass in one gulp, her throat still burning since the first moment she walked in.

Kanade danced with Takuma, Senri, Akastuki, and she had just finished her dance with Aido. Despite remembering all the years she was trained in ballroom dancing, to this day she was still a horrific dancer. They walked over to the rest of the previous night class students and Senri gave her a few more tablets from his box so that she didn’t have to ask Yagari again. She downed them all with one gulp. They were starting to get worried by her sudden hunger.

"Excuse me." A deep voice said.

She looked over and a tall man with long blonde hair, wearing a mask had approached her. He seemed familiar... but she was sure she never met him.


"Would you care to dance, my lady?" He bowed.

"Umm sure."

She gave Aido her glass and the man held out his hand for her. She took it without hesitation and followed him onto the dance floor. There was something about him, something not right. She used her abilities on him and his emotions swirled around her. He felt honored and content. He seemed… normal.

He led her out to the dance floor and grabbed her waist. She laid her hand on his shoulder and took a sharp breath.

"You should know that I am a very bad dancer." He chuckled as if he already knew and then the music started. He slowly moved his feet and she followed, occasionally stepping on his toes. "Why do you wear a mask at a party such as this one?"

"Because I came uninvited." He whispered into her ear and her eyes widened.

"Why would you come to such an occasion uninvited?"

"To see your beauty in person, of course. I heard that the princess was reincarnated and I wanted to see it for myself."

"So you believe in reincarnation? Many people here suggest I never died at all, yet you go straight to the idea that I had done so and came back to life."

"Let's just say I have experience with such matters." He grinned at her and she cocked her head to the side in confusion, she couldn’t understand him at all. His emotions did not make any sense and neither did what he was saying.

"Who are you?"

He leaned into her ear and his voice dropped to barely a whisper,

"My given name here is Geoffrey Shirabuki, but in my past life my name was Hatori Otonari."

Her eyes widened and she filled with panic.

"Why would you say such cruel words as a joke?"

"It is not a joke my dear, it is really I. You aren't the only one who was reincarnated."

"H--how?" She felt her knees start to weaken and if he hadn't tightened his grip on her than she would have fallen to the ground right there and then.

"After you lost your life our dear Kaname killed me and I was reincarnated as Miss Sara Shirabuki's brother. Although she is a troublesome girl, she has many great ambitions."

"You... but... how do you--?"

"Remember? I'm not exactly sure myself." The song ended but he didn't let her go. She tried to move out of his grip, but he wouldn't let her budge. He leaned in close and whispered, "Do not worry my dear, I will not hurt you. It was your own fault for running in front of my sword that night. I promise you that when I am king of the vampires you will be mine once again." He let her go and in that instant he disappeared into the crowd. She stared at the empty space in front of her in shock.

'This cannot be happening'

She was about to go rest, but then Kaname approached her.

"May I have this dance?" He extended his hand.

She nodded, wide eyed and butterflies in her stomach, a reaction she always had when he asked her that question. She took his hand and felt her hunger begin to forcefully nag at her again. She used all of her self-control to ignore it. At first she did not hop onto his feet like she was so accustomed to. He started to lead, but she kept stumbling. He laughed and lifted her onto his toes against her will.

"You don't have to be that formal." He smiled.

"Sorry..." She tried not to meet his eyes.

'Should I tell him about that man?

No, I can't always go running to him when something is wrong. I'm not even sure if it's true anyways. He was probably messing with me. Sara doesn't even have a brother.'

Everyone was watching them, as usual, but she could not find Yuki.

"Have you told her of our past lives together?" Kanade asked.

"No, you told me not to."

“Knowing her if you told her she would try to let go of you immediately thinking she would be setting you free." Kanade chuckled as she stared down at their feet.

"Yes. That is something she would do."

They danced in silence for a while. Kanade noticed that she lost control of the switch that kept her powers in tact momentarily and her head started to throb, she quickly composed herself and the pain faded. She looked up at him. She wondered if he was having troubles too...

"Kanade, I do not see why you make yourself suffer." Kaname said.

"What do you mean? I'm not suffering."

"I do not understand why you won't take my blood..." He stated. She stared him in panic.

'He knew?'

"How did you--"

"Do you not remember the reason why I let you drink my blood and vice versa in the first place?"

The song ended, he stepped back and bowed before walking off. He always seemed to do that; it was extremely annoying to her. Kanade excused herself from the party and walked into the other room. She sat on the small couch and thought about what he had said.

~7 Years old~

Kanade was crying by the apple tree and Kaname saw her while walking by. She looked up and he was now standing over her.

"Did you fall again?" He sat down in front of her, she shook her head.

"I asked Mama if she loved me and... and ... I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to do it!" She threw herself into his arms.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Mommy gets mad whenever I ask her those questions because I can tell she is lying when she says she loves me." She sobbed into his shoulder.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because... Mommy didn't feel anything when I asked her that question the first time. She just sat there and said she loved me with no feeling. I asked her why and she got angry. That means she is lying right? She doesn't love me." She looked up at him and noticed his sudden sadness. "So it is true!" She cried even more and he held her.

"I'm so sorry Kanade... I will find a way to end your suffering."

Kanade stared at the shiny, wood floor as she tapped her foot, lost in deep thought.

'Was that his way? Had he figured it out?

That was right before he let me drink from him and after I drank his blood I started to be able to turn it all on and off.

Was it that... Kaname's powers, along with feeding off my energy, had he weakened my powers and given me more control?

But I never told him what I was going through. How did he know?

I always thought it was because I was just hungry and then when we were lovers it became more than just instinct.

But in reality he was doing it all for me?

But now… that I am in this state…

Will I be able to deal with the full power of the Takanashi family?'

She knew that from her previous life many of her elders were driven to madness with her power and that was exactly what she had feared.

She looked up, just realizing the smell of blood being awfully strong the room. She looked over at the large table in the center of the room with a cloth covering it. She stood up and slowly walked over to it, afraid of what she might find underneath the sheet. She slowly lifted the cloth to find a pureblood's ashes.

She knew right away who it was.

"Oh Ouri, I was so looking forward to meeting you." He could of told her many things about the world after her death for he was well known pureblood during her past life.

She looked back at the doorway to see Aido and Yuki standing there. Yuki ran the other way towards the scent of fresh blood that had occurred a few moments ago. Kanade walked out and followed after her, she would have run but she was afraid to see who else’s life had been taken.

When she arrived at the source of the scent she came across Zero and the Chairman standing over a human corpse along with Yuki in the doorway. The human's blood had spread all the way to Yuki's shoes.

"I was afraid that something like this would happen tonight." Kanade said.

"I will definitely find whoever did this." Yuki tightened her grip on her dress. Kanade rested her hand on her sister's shoulder as a comforting gesture.

"Stay out of this! This isn't something to play with." Zero said.

"I know that! I'm no longer Yuki Cross, who didn't know anything about the world and had no power to do anything. If something... if something bad is happening then I... will take action to protect my loved ones. Definitely!" Kanade smiled at her.

'She is so confident in herself, I'm so envious.'

"Yuki." Kanade turned back to it was Kaname standing behind them. Kanade felt her throat begin to feel immensely dry and her hunger suddenly become apparent once again. She held her head down as she tried to keep control of herself. "You should leave the room before the scent of blood effects you. You should leave as well Kanade."

"But the party is already--" Yuki started.

"With what just happened here that farce of a party is obviously over, Kuran." Zero interrupted her.

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