Fate's Evil Curse

The Madness

The ball was over and it was the morning after. Since Kanade had taken an entire vial of noble blood for the occasion, she was still a vampire the next day. The events of the party nagged at her: the masked man who claimed to be her ex-fiancé who killed her in past life, her ethics teacher and vampire hunter bringing her human classmate thus revealing her secret she tried so hard to keep hidden, and the mysterious killings of the pureblood Ouri and the innocent vampire hunter. Everything seemed to be chaotic to a point of disbelief.

She was walking to class, wearing her trusted blue colored contacts to hide her blood red eyes. They weren't any sort of prescription due to her having perfect eyesight in her vampire form, but for some reason everything was a bit blurry. Her head started to hurt and suddenly she began to feel a bombardment of emotions start to fill her; boredom, anger, sadness, happiness, anxiety, fear, love, hate. So many emotions ran carelessly through her until she felt as if she would break. Her head was pounding and she fell to her knees, panting wildly as she tried to gather herself up.

"Kanade!? Are you alright?" One of the boys from her class came up to her. He put his hand on her shoulder and his touch felt like a hot iron to her skin. She let out a scream. He jerked away.

"S-sorry." She got up and started to walk again.

Everyone around her began to turn different colors, some people were blue, some were yellow, some were purple. She ran into someone and he was as cold as ice. She looked up and saw Mr. Takamirya. He was white, green, and red.

"Kanade?" He looked down at her confused. Although he was reluctant in even talking to her, he did not retaliate when she grabbed onto his arm.

"Why are you so cold?" She asked, instantly jerking her hand back. She could feel his worry, confusion, and disgust for her fill her up. "Stop it! Stop!" She held her hea from the growing pain as people passed her, whispering to each other as they observed her odd behavior.

She ran outside and gasped when she looked around and everyone seemed to look like Kaname. He was absolutely everywhere and she could not tell if any of them were real.

"Kaname!?" Her head kept pounding and everything was distorted.

She was losing control. It came so sudden she didn't have time to compose herself before it got out of hand and now she could barely tell what was reality and what was a figment of her imagination. This was simply the tipping point into her fall to the madness in which so many of her ancestors had fallen to before.

'No, no, I have to fight it.

I can fight it.

I can fight it...

Generations of my family fought it before and so can I.'

At the time though Kanade did not realize that her situation was very particular when it came to her pureblood powers, for it was abnormal for a pureblood of her lineage to posses all three senses of empathy; touch, sight, and possession. And because of this unusual trait of hers, the madness that came with her bloodline would not be so easy to fend off.

"Kanade!" Someone who looked exactly like Kaname ran up to her.

"Kaname?" She cupped his face with her hands. He was full of confusion and cold to the touch. She was about to pull away, but he grabbed her hand and his coldness filled her up.

"No it's Kaito Takamiya, your Ethics teacher."

His face started to get blurry. He was reluctant to touch her, but he knew if he didn't keep her in place she would run away.

"You're so cold." She mumbled.

"What is the matter, Kanade?" He was getting impatient, about ready to drag her to the Chairman.

"I didn't mean it." A small voice sobbed. "I didn't mean to ask mommy." Kanade looked down and saw it was a little girl sitting on the ground beside her, curled up in a ball. She leaned down slightly and realized that it wasn't just any girl, It was her younger self, but she had red eyes. "Mommy doesn't love me does she?" She grabbed onto the side of Kanade's leg and cried.

"No, no, mommy loved me, she had to." Kanade said as she her eyes causing her tears to spill down her cheeks.

"What are you talking about?" Kaito said, unable to the see the little girl of Kanade's imagination. He was starting to get a bit creeped out.She opened her eyes and he looked like Kaname again.

"Kaname, no.... I don't need you!" She pulled out of his grip and ran off.

'Was that Kaname?

No it wasn't, Kaname is never that confused, he was always so sure of himself.

My head... it hurts so much.


Why is Kaname everywhere? '

She found herself at the familiar apple tree and she watched in disbeleif as the little girl ran around it, giggling.


What do I do?'

Her head was throbbing. She held her head tightly and crouched down on the grass.

'Make it stop...'

She heard a metal clinking. She turned around to see that Zero was standing behind her a few feet away with the bloody rose aimed at her heart. He was the color red and he had so much anger within him.

"Zero?" She whispered.

"What are you doing on school grounds? Why are you wearing a uniform?" He hissed.

'Is he just another figment of my imagination?'

She cautiously took a step back. "Go away... you're not him... you're not Zero... you're just in my head. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" She screamed at him.

"Kaname?" She looked over and it was the girl again. "Kaname where are you? I'm hungry!"

"You don't need him. He has someone else now. He doesn't love you." She told her. The girl started to tear up.

"But Kaname is all I have." She fell to the ground, sobbing.

"You don't need him!" She didn't want to watch herself cry over him like she'd done so many times.

"Yes I do, Kaname keeps me alive, he keeps me from doing bad things."

"Kanade, Kanade are you hungry? Why are you here?" A woman knelt down over her. It was her mom, the one from her past life. The little girl sat up.

"You love me right mommy?" The little girl asked, gripping onto her shirt.

'No, don't ask that question!'

The woman hesitated for a sec.

"Of course I do..."

"Lair!" The little girl and Kanade screamed as she disappeared.

"Kanade!!" Zero yelled at her. She looked over at him. "Who are you talking to?" He tightened his grip on the gun. She was out of control, but he couldn't figure out what exactly was causing her to act this way.

"Kaname! I'm hungry!" The red eyed girl cried out.

"Do you even remember why I first let you drink from me?" Kanade heard Kaname's voice as if it was the wind. She looked around for him, but he was no where to be seen.

"I was hungry." She said to the voice. "Mommy stopped feeding me."

"What the hell are you talking about Kanade?" She looked back at Zero who had his gun still pointed at her.

"Zero, I'm hungry. Why did mommy stop feeding me?" She asked in a childish voice.

"You're not making any sense!" His anger started to build up in his chest, he was about to snap at any second if she didn't start acting normally.

"Mommy didn't love me did she?" The red eyed girl kept repeating as she sobbed. "Where's Kaname?"

"No, she loved you. She had to. Kaname is the one who doesn't love you!" She let Zero's anger take over her as she screamed at the little girl.

"Kanade! Get ahold of yourself!"

He couldn't take it anymore, when he looked at her all he could see was the human girl he promised to protect. He put the gun down, grabbed her shoulders and shook her furiously, trying to get her to snap back to reality. His cold touch made her suddenly alert.

"Zero, everyone is Kaname. He's everywhere! I'm losing control. Zero, I need you to kill me. Right now, just as you've always wished."

She knew that he craved to kill, she could feel it. She also felt his shock and anger start to erupt inside of her. Her head pounded as she was filled with his overwhelming emotions.

He processed her words. She was giving him a free pass to kill the thing he hates most and he was considering otherwise.

"Why would you tell Zero to do such a thing when you know there's another way?!" A young girl with blue eyes appeared next to her, tugging at her shirt.

"What do you mean another way?" Kanade said to the girl.

Zero's eyes widened and he gave her a confused look.

'What the hell is wrong with her?' He thought.

"Kaname will save you! He loves us! He saved us!" The red eyed girl exclaimed. Kanade brushed her off, concluding that she wasn't going to help. She grabbed onto Zero's jacket and pulled him into her.

"I can feel your urge to kill and I'm losing control. I'll do something bad if you don't kill me right now." She looked around as she noticed the trees around her started to turn from their normal, healthy green color, to a dead brown. Everything around her was dying and the clouds in the sky began to darken as the sound of thunder boomed in the distance. Her powers were beginning to affect the world around her.

'If I lose myself anymore than I already have...

If I fall deeper and deeper into the darkness...

Then I could hurt the ones I love.'
"Kaname?" The red eyed girl kept asking repeatedly.

"Shut up!" Zero growled, pushing Kanade off of him and onto the ground beside the little girl.

She was a pureblood, the being he hated the most, the thing he swore to kill. With a chance like this he should have taken it right away, but to his own surprise he was reluctant.

"Kaname? I'm hungry! Mommy doesn't feed me anymore." The red eyed little girl was sobbing again.

"Well? What are you going to do?" Kaito said as he approached the conflicted hunter. Kanade looked up at him and to her he was just another image of Kaname.

"Kaname?" She pushed herself up, stumbled over to him, and grabbed his arm.

He narrowed his eyes at her, annoyed by the fact that she would think he was anything even remotely vampire. He was about to push her away, but his coldness made her more aware and she gripped onto him. He was just a blurry figure now, but she could tell he was the same person as before by the white and green colors surrounding him. His confusion, disgust, anger, it filled her up; making her head feel like it was going to explode.

"Help..." Kanade whimpered under her breath before letting go of him and falling back onto the now dead grass. The little girl sat beside her, watching her intently.

"I need Kaname. He is everything to me." The red eyed little girl said. "Kaname helped me gain control, he believes in me."

"Something is wrong with her, you can either kill her or you can save her. I called Yagari and he said that her family has a long history of this. After searching the records he found out that it's caused by the pureblood power in her bloodline and many would be able to temporarily fix it by being drained of their blood, making their powers too weak to go out of control. So you have to make a choice."

"... I swore to kill her." Zero growled through his teeth, clenching hands into fists at his side as he watched her whimper in pain from the throbbing in her head.

"You also promised to protect her under any means possible." Kaito pointed out. Although Kaito thought of her as nothing but an evil pureblood, Yagari thought otherwise. And despite his beliefs, if his master thought she was good then there must be something special about her.

"Zero? Do you care? Do you really care? Or are you lying like the rest of them?" She didn't realize that she had said her words out loud.

"Only Kaname cares." The vampire child said.

Kanade's tears began fall furiously, "No, Kaname doesn't care, not anymore. He was the only one who cared, but now he has someone else and he doesn't care at all."

"Zero!" Kaito said to him in a stern voice. "Yagari said if we don't do something now she could very well go on a massacre."

Kanade shook her head. "But, Zero... Zero might care." She whispered to the girl.

"No, they are lying, everyone lies! Only Kaname cares!" The vampire child screamed.

"Shut up! Kaname doesn't care! He never cared! No one cared! Not even him! You're all alone! ...I'm all alone..."

The thunder grew louder, the ground started to shake and the horses in stables not far away started to get restless. The tears wouldn't stop now. Zero slowly crouched down next to her and pulled her into his arms. He pushed back her hair that covered her face and his cold touch startled her.

"Zero." She cupped his face in her hands. "You're right, Zero doesn't care either because I'm a pureblood..." She said to the little girl, keeping her eyes fixated on him, assuming he was another figment of her imagination. "So he can't know I'm still part human."

He was overcome with surprise. She smiled as she held onto his sudden happiness. The shaking had stopped and the ground underneath them started to turn into ice.

"I do care Kanade." He whispered before leaning in and sinking his teeth into her warm neck. The throbbing in her head started to fade and the little girl disappeared. Zero wasn't cold anymore, and the ice underneath them started to melt. She was soaked in the blood and water.

"Zero." He pulled away and examined her. Her blood covered his mouth. "What have you done?" She whispered before passing out.
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