Fate's Evil Curse

Box of Secrets

The Chairman was off on business and Kanade was snooping around his desk, trying to find some answers. Lately she had been constantly asking about her family and what he knew, but he would never say anything. He made the excuse that it wasn't his place to tell her and it infuriated her.

As she was looking through the drawers she came across a small locked one. She grabbed a bobby pin and attempted to pick the lock, however theft was in no way her specialty. After much trial and error she gave up on the bobby pin and proceeded to look for the key. Only an hour and a half later did she find the key, hidden underneath a fake bottom of one of the other drawers. When she was finally able to open the mysterious drawer the only thing there was a small wooden box with her name on it. Her eyes widened and she slowly picked up it up, examining it. It was old and covered in dust, as if it hadn’t been touched in over a decade.

She tried to open the box, but it wouldn't budge. She looked around for a lock, but there didn't seem to be one. She looked for some sort of secret to open it but she came up short in the end. After a long moment of thinking she came to the conclusion that she had fallen to her last resort. She got up and ran to her room with the box in hand. She grabbed one of the vials of Aido's blood and dropped a small amount onto her tongue. She laid herself on the ground and waited for the pain to stop.

When she was fully turned she crawled over to the box and focused on opening with her mind. Although her powers did not apply to opening locks specifically, she did have the ability to control objects with her mind and could force things open. She avoided doing this before out of fear that the madness would creep up on her again, but she was simply too curious to pass this up.

The lid of the box suddenly shot open and a mess of papers flew up into the air and floated around her in a circle. She started to get frightened, for the floating papers were not her doing. She cautiously looked around and examined each item. All of them were rather surprising, but the most jaw dropping, frightening one was a drawing of a woman that was dated back to over 10000 years ago that looked quite similar to her self. The paper was old, but somehow perfectly preserved. It almost looked brand new. She glanced over and her eyes widened when she saw a picture of a painting of her from her past life. It looked like it was hung up in a museum in the photo.

There was also a picture of Zero and Ichiru, but when they were children and their parents were behind them. She couldn’t help but smile at how adorable the twins were when they were toddlers. Zero looked almost exactly like his father and Ichiru resembled their mother. She looked over and noticed a small picture of her mother in this life and a man she had never seen before and at the bottom of the picture it said Yuzuru and Yuri Takanashi. She grabbed the picture to examine it more closely as she came to the conclusion that it had to be her father. He was a handsome man with blonde hair and electric blue eyes, just like her mother and Kanade.

She smiled as her tears began to form. She was so happy that she resembled him. She looked back up at the floating pages and saw a letter with her name on it. She grabbed it from its floating position. Her tears flowed down her cheeks when she saw her father's name at the bottom of the page.

My Dear Daughter Kanade,

If you are reading this then that means that something happened to your guardians and now you are one of us and for that I am truly sorry. Our family is a very troubled one and for you to have to be apart of it once again is a terrible fate. From the moment you opened your eyes we knew you were going to have many hardships in your life and every decision we made was in an attempt to protect you from that cursed fate.

The reason why we left you in the care of the Kiriyu family is because even though they are vampire hunters, they believe that dhampires, like yourself should have a chance at life. Your mother and I love you very much and that was why we had to leave. It was a hard decision, but we didn't want you to have to carry the burden of the Takanashi family. You are a very powerful vampire and you must not let the madness take you over.

I suggest you find the Kuran clan. Their family has helped us for generations with controlling our powers. Their blood is very powerful and somehow always kept the madness at bay for your mother and I. They are good people who will care for you very much. Give my love to Juri and Haruka.

Kanade, you must always fight. Don't you ever let yourself get lost. I wish I was still there to turn you back into the human you deserve to be. You deserve a happy life.

Love,Your Father, Yuzuru Takanashi

Kanade set aside the letter, processing everything she had just read as she wiped away the remaining of her tears.

‘It is as I suspected…

Kaname’s blood would keep the madness at bay…’

She fumbled the small vial held by the chain around her neck.

‘But there’s still much I don’t understand…

Her father said she was left in the care of Zero’s family. However, she lived with her mother for as long as she could remember.

What happened?

What separated them?

And how…

How did the Chairman get this…?’

She looked up at the pictures and papers surrounding her. There was a picture of her as a toddler with the Zero and Ichiru's parents. They were holding her in their arms and they were smiling. There was also a picture of Kanade and the twins as children playing in the snow. They looked so happy. She grabbed the picture and suddenly she was overcome with lost memories.

~ 3 years old ~

"Kanade!" Ichiru exclaimed, running towards the small girl approaching them with her parents close behind. He tackled her in a hug and she gladly returned it.

"Ichiru! I missed you!" She looked up and saw Zero now running up to them. He threw his arms around the two.


"You guys just saw her a few days ago." The twin's mother said.

"Yeah, but it's hard being away from Kanade for so long. How are we supposed to protect her like you said to while she's gone?" Zero said. The twins pulled away from her and they each grabbed one of her hands.

"We are going to marry her when we are older so Kanade is never gone!" Ichiru exclaimed.

"Both of you?" Their father asked and they both nodded. "Is that okay with you Kanade?" He chuckled.

"Yes! I love Zero and Ichiru! I never want to leave them!" Kanade smiled and they both hugged her again.

"Aww how cute!" Kein exclaimed as he took a picture.

"Lets go play Kanade!" Ichiru said before the three ran off to a pile of snow.

~2 months later~

"Kanade you're so pretty." Zero said as they sat and played with some blocks in the twins’ living room.

"Yeah Kanade you're the prettiest." Ichiru added.

"No I'm not!" Kanade exclaimed.

"Yes you are!" They both said.

~3 months later~

"Kanade! Mommy says that you are moving in with us!" Ichiru tackled her into a hug.

"I know!" She wrapped her arms around him and smiled. "Now we can be together all the time, all three of us."

~ I week later~

Kanade was in her new room, missing her mother and father. She had never been away from them before and she didn't understand why they had left her there. She was crying in her pillow when she heard the door creak open. She looked over and the twins were in the doorway.

"Kanade? Why are you crying?" Zero asked as they walked over to her. She sat up and wiped away her tears.

"No reason." She mumbled. They didn't believe her and they crawled into bed with her in the middle of them.

"There's no reason to be sad Kanade, because now we are here to protect you." Zero cuddled up to her.

"Just like we promised." Ichiru said as he did the same. She smiled and closed her eyes feeling completely safe in their arms.

"Thanks guys. I love you."

"We love you too." They both said before they all fell asleep together.

Kanade fell asleep in between the twins again the next night, but when she opened her eyes she was no longer in her bedroom. She looked around and saw that she was in a seat and next to her was her mother who she thought had left her.


Her mother fluttered her eyes open, her cheeks tear-stained.

"Hello, Kanade."

"Mommy, what's going on?"

"We are on a plane, we are going to America."

"What?! What about Zero and Ichiru? Where's daddy?"

"They are gone."

Kanade broke down in despair from her new memories.

"Zero... Ichiru..." She mumbled under hear breath as she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself.

‘They loved me…

They both loved me…’

It was so long ago though none of them remembered. Their parents took her in and then her mother took her away from them. What had happened? Why couldn't she grow up with the two and live happily? Even if she did stay with them by the time she would be 9 Shizuka would have come and... but if she stayed with them would their fate have been different?

One of the photos suddenly floated towards the door and the others went into her bag.

"What are you doing?" She asked the somehow magical papers. Suddenly her coat floated onto her body and her bag was around her arm. "How are you doing that? How are you controlling other objects?" Her coat started to push her towards the door. "Wait!" It stopped. She walked over to her drawer and downed the rest of the vial of Adio's blood. "If you want to go out so badly I can't have myself changing in the middle of the road."

Even though Zero, Kaito, Yagari and the Chairman all told her she needed to stay inside today while they were all working, this was something she needed to do.
Kanade walked out of the front gates of the school to see the masked man from the party as though he was waiting for her.

"Have you come to tease me more about my past, Geoffrey? If that is your real name... How did you know I was here?"

"This used to be your home back then was it not? I see they turned it into some type of school after your parents death though."

"What are you talking about?" She asked. She looked back at the school in front of her and her eyes widened when she realized this was her old home from her past life. She opened her bag and one of the pictures flew out. It was a picture of her mom and father standing outside of a castle. This was the family castle.

"You don't have all of your memories do you?" He asked. She looked back over at him.

‘What other memories? What else is there?’

He noticed the floating picture behind her.

"What is that?" He pointed towards it and it hid behind her.

"Floating picture filled with memories of my past…" She started to walk past him and the picture followed.

He chuckled, "You were always a bit crazy…” She ignored him and kept walking. "Where are you going?" She stopped and turned back towards him.

"It is none of your concern. Why have you come anyways? You do understand that I could kill you with one look, it's not like you don't deserve it."

"No you can't." He smirked. She began to get annoyed by his amusement.

"What are you going on about?” She growled. “Who are you really? Sara does not have a brother and I highly doubt you are the reincarnation of my killer."

"Oh, but I am." He smirked and took off his mask to reveal his familiar face. Kanade's jaw dropped and she took a step back. He had the same face as the man she was once engaged to, the man who drank from her without permission, who plunged a sword into her heart. She felt the ground shake under her and the clouds above her suddenly started to grow dark. "So now you believe me I see." He looked up at the clouds above them. "It seems you have very little control over your powers now."

"Get away from me." She growled as the stones under him started to crack and a heavy rain began to pour.

"I wouldn't act so rashly, it is a great crime to kill a pureblood is it not? You don't want your precious Kaname to be angry with you now do you?"

"Kaname would rejoice from your death in an instant.” Lightning struck the ground next to him and he didn't even seem to flinch. Instead he laughed before he turning into a bunch bats and flew off. She tried to strike them all with lightning, but she kept missing.

When he was out of sight she stared down at the ground in shock,

How is this possible?

After walking into town Kanade sat on a bench, overcome with fear and despair from Hatori being back in her life. She opened her bag and one of the pictures of her parents flew out.

"Eh? Stop it! Stay in there! Someone will see!" She tried to catch it in the air but it kept dodging and then it suddenly began to fly away. She quickly ran after it as it flew down the street. "Get back here!" She screamed after it.

She found herself in an ally behind a small, old pub she grabbed the picture and was overcome with an echo of the past. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again Kanade stood somewhere she had never been before, an old back road. She looked around and gasped when she saw the Chairman fighting a vampire who was falling to level E. He looked so different. His stature was so serious and gloomy, his hair was down from its usual ponytail and he wasn't wearing any glasses. He was holding a vampire hunter sword in hand...

"One of these days I will erase everything away not only photos but you all as well!" He took a swing and the vampire turned to dust.

"What you just said, were you serious about that?" A woman with a hood asked. It was obvious she was a vampire. She had long, dark, brown hair and Artemis strapped onto her back. "You said you plan to wipe out all of us…. are you serious?"

"Well if we eradicate the main culprits of it all our duty here will be over.” The Chairman said.” And if such a thing could happen… maybe this disgusting curse could come to an end as well. There's nothing wrong with going for such a dream is there?"

He smirked and then swung his sword towards the woman. She pulled out Artemis and blocked the attack, but he didn't give up. He kept grinding the sword against hers.

"Hey wait a minute!” the woman exclaimed. “I just came here because I heard there was some guy doing bad things in Isaya's territory! H-hey! Are you listening to me?! Listen when people talk! Oh youuuu!" She jumped out of the way and kicked him screaming, "Take that! Pureblood kick of doom!" The Chairman was thrown to ground.

"No! Don't hurt the Chairman!" Kanade screamed out as she ran to his side. He was somehow fine… just a bit bruised. If she was a pureblood though he should have been seriously injured. She looked up at the woman and her jaw dropped when she saw her face. "Y-Yuki?!" She started to walk up to them and Kanade stood up in front of the Chairman. "Don't come any closer! I don't know what's wrong with you, hurting your own father, but I won't let you do it any more!" She screamed at the woman who didn't even seem to acknowledge her.

"Phew, now we should be able to talk. Oh hey now that if I think about it I think I've seen your face before."

"Yuki…?" Kanade cocked her head to the side in confusion as she carefully observed the woman who drew closer. Within that moment she realized that this women was, in fact, not her sister despite looking almost exactly like her. She she was a bit older and just… different. The Chairman sat up and turned towards the woman.

"Oh you're surprisingly resistant. Oh whatever… as I was saying mister hunter." She pointed at him, straight through Kanade's body. Kanade's eyes widened and she quickly moved back, stepping on the Chairman.

"Ah!" She moved back more so she was standing behind him.

"Will you please not speak of us vampires as if absolutely all of us are evil or like a disease spreading infestation of germs? In any case, stop at once that nonsense of “you all” and “eradication” and so on!" She scolded him.

"Wow… you're even gutsier than Yuki." Kanade commented.

"IDIOT! Seriously, you must be dumb or something! You hunters really are always hardheaded no matter in what times we are. To think you would try to catch a super cute, young girl like me!"

"Uhm what?" Kanade chuckled. She could see the Chairman was beginning to get annoyed.

"You say young girl but what age are you again you-" The Chairman started.

"Do you have any complaints with my wife?" A man came from behind the Chairman and walked straight through Kanade towards the woman.

"Ah!" Kanade jumped back. "You look like Kaname!? Why do you look like Kaname!?" She was beginning to get a bit creeped out now.

"Haruka!" The woman exclaimed.

"Juri!" He smiled as the woman tackled him in a hug.

"Come heeere! Where had you gone?"

"No where. You just ran off ahead and I was catching up." He beamed.

"Wait… Juri, Haruka?! Are you Yuki and Kaname's parents!?" Kanade exclaimed as she remembered them being mentioned in her father’s letters. They didn’t reply, unable to see or hear her, as this was only an echo of the past.

"Juri!" A woman cried out. Kanade looked back and her jaw dropped at the sight of who was coming towards them. "Juri! What is with you always running ahead?" A women ran up to them.

"I tried to bring you along, Yuri, but you fell out of my grip!" Juri exclaimed.

"Mom…?” Kanade said in awe. “…Mom! You look so young, almost exactly like me! What are you doing here?"

"It's because you know I don't like running and I hate it when you pull me like that!" Kanade's mom pouted.

"Oh don't be so gloomy, Yuri!" Juri smiled.

"Yuri is always gloomy." A man suddenly appeared behind her mother and wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing her on the cheek. Her mom instantly lit up.

"Dad?!" Kanade felt her joy build up when she saw him.

"Noda!" Yuri exclaimed and turned around to kiss him on the cheek.

"Noda?” Kanade cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Yuri! You are always running off!" Another man who looked exactly like Noda came up next to them.

"Two! Why are there two dads?" Kanade exclaimed.

"Yuzuru!" Yuri cried out before embracing him. "Blame it on Juri! She is the one that is always making me go outside!"

"It's because you are always locking yourself up in that castle of yours." Juri intervened.

"Just because your blood helps control our powers, does not meant that we need to go outside and do such things. It's too tiring." Yuri pouted again.

"You love it!" Noda chuckled.

"Shut up!" Her mother laughed.

"Mom… what’s going on?” Kanade said.

"Doesn't it bother you guys that she refuses to chose between you two?" Haruka asked the two men as he held Juri next to him.

"No, we know she loves us equally." Yuzuru said before they both kissed the top of Yuri's head and she started to blush.

"Yuri you're so lucky that you have twins who love you!" Juri exclaimed before pulling her into a hug.

The Chairman just watched them all in disgust as the air of cheerfulness and utter joy made him want to puke.

"Twins?!" Kanade exclaimed before suddenly she was back to where she was before, in the alley behind the pub. "Mom?" She whispered but there was no one around. "Twins? Dad had a twin and you loved them both?" She couldn’t help but think of Ichiru and Zero. "Wait... Mom was a vampire?!"

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