Fate's Evil Curse


Another picture came flying out of her bag and it was a picture of her mother in a school uniform. It started to float away and she ran after it.

"Wait!” She screamed as she ran after it, not caring what the humans around her thought.

The picture stopped in front of a school. She stared at in confusion.

"What are we doing here?" She asked the picture and it started to float inside. "Wait!" She ran after it and found herself inside in front of the shoe lockers. The picture stopped and she narrowed her eyes at it. "We shouldn't be in here." She grabbed onto it and her eyes widened as echoes of the past started to appear around her.

"Yuri, why are you always so gloomy at school?" Juri asked as her and Yuri headed over to the lockers.

"I'm sorry Juri, it's just hard for me to be cheerful like you. The only reason I'm even here is because you asked me..." She stared at her feet and tightened her grip on her books in her arms.

"But you always seem so happy around the twins." Juri pointed out.

"I know… something about them is just so uplifting. They understand my pain and yet somehow they can still smile." Yuri sighed as she changed her shoes. She glanced towards the arch that led outside and frowned. "Look Juri, it's raining just like the forecast said."

"How annoying." Juri pouted as she saw the rain pour outside. "And I couldn't find my umbrella anywhere this morning."

"You think any of them have anything to do with this?" Yuri asked.

"Probably." She sighed.

"See you later Juri!" A group of girls said as they past them waving goodbye, not even acknowledging Yuri.

"See ya!"

"You're so popular Juri, how do you do it?" Yuri said.

"You would be too if you spoke up more."

"I think I'm just socially awkward."

"Did you see the three guys outside?" A girl said to one of her friends as they passed the two vampires.

"They are so attractive, I wonder who they are here for!" Another girl said.

"Oh no." Juri pouted as she started to walk outside. Kanade followed silently as she watched the past unfold in front of her eyes.

Their eyes narrowed when they saw the three boys standing at the front gates of the school holding umbrellas.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Juri exclaimed, as she got closer to Haruka. He smiled at her as she went on and on about how annoying he was being.

Yuri ignored the two identical boys each holding an umbrella as they anxiously waited for her. She walked right past them and Kanade followed her in confusion. They walked up behind her and cast their umbrellas over her head. She sharply turned around and glared at them.

"This is getting really annoying." She growled.

"What is? We just didn't want you to get wet." Noda smirked.

"We would hate it if you caught a cold." Yuzuru smiled.

"Stop it! I know what you are doing! You just want to see whose umbrella I will go under! Well guess what? Neither! I am not choosing. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

"We know that Yuri, and we've decided to accept it." Yuzuru said.

"So why don't we share an umbrella." Noda said as he handed his umbrella to her and got under Yuzuru's. "And we will follow you."

"Always." Yuzuru said and they both smiled down at her.

Yuri grinned before walking off with the twins close behind.

The memory faded and Kanade found herself outside of the school of the present. She stared at the empty space in front of her and another picture floated up in front of her. It was of Zero's parent's holding her as a child.

"I still don't understand. My mother is human. I am positive about this." She said to the picture as it simply hovered in front of her. She rolled her eyes and leaned in as he closely examined the picture. She felt her heart break a little as she noticed that they were smiling at her toddler self so lovingly, as if she were their own.

"What are you up to?" A deep voice asked.

Kanade abruptly turned around to see Hatori standing behind her with his arms crossed and a smirk spread across his face.

"Have you been following me?" She asked. The clouds above them started to turn dark.

"Well, part of me." A snake slithered over to him, crawled up to his arm and disappeared into his body. "I'm actually here on my sister's behalf. I just love the effect I have on you." He pointed towards the sky that was now covered in dark clouds. "I also love that you are so out of tune with yourself that you can't even sense me when I'm right on your trail. You have changed quite a bit Ms. Takanashi, It's so... interesting." He flashed her a smile and took a step towards her. She instinctively took a step back and once again heavy rain began to pour. "By the way, your mother was probably turned into a human by a family member. It seems that we both have been reincarnated with absolutely pure blood."

"How do y-you even...?" She wanted more than anything to run away as he drew closer but her legs only seemed to move backwards at a very slow pace as her fear overwhelmed her.

"Lucky for me the Shirabuki family had a few affairs with mine.”

She hated how much this man affected her.

"Leave me alone." She hissed and the ground started to shake.

"I will not hurt you, my dear. I simply understand that you are in search for answers and it just so happens that I have them." He smirked and the ground stopped shaking as he got down on one knee with his hand placed over his heart. "I swear upon my life that no harm will come to you from me."

She stared at him in disbelief. Even though she only knew him for a short amount of time in her past life she knew he would never kneel for anyone. She swallowed her fear and the raining stopped.

"What do you want?" She lifted her chin, trying her best to seem composed.

"I simply wish to marry you as intended in our past life." He stayed on the ground, but his smile never depleted.

"Bullshit. You are a greedy man who just craves my blood for power." She felt like he was stabbing her all over again with the grin on his face… He chuckled and she started to tremble. "Do you know of what happened to Ouri the night of the ball? Did you..." She tried her best to calm herself for her distress was starting to become apparent through her voice. "Did you kill him?"


"Was it Sara?" He simply smiled. “What are you two planning?"

"Overrule the king of course, what else?" He stood up and she jumped back. He laughed at her and winked. "My sister is calling me so I'm afraid I have to go now."

He walked inside the school and when he disappeared the clouds above started to disappear and she calmed down. The picture hovered back into her sight, but she ignored it.

'I should tell Kaname...’

She looked around in confusion as she began to feel familiar emotions start to form around her. She walked around towards the front entrance of the school to see Zero talking to Sara Shirabuki. Her and Hatori were just smirking at him. The vampire hunter was so overcome with the urge to kill it started to scare Kanade.

They hadn't talked since he drank from her only a few days ago. He had been ditching class, most likely in an attempt to keep his distance from her. She saw that he had noticed her and she panicked. She turned her attention to the picture.

"Go!" She exclaimed and it flew off with her running closely behind. The picture stopped when they were at a graveyard.

"Why are we here?" She asked the picture. It started to float in between two headstones. She took a few steps forward when she saw the names on the headstones belongs to Zero’s parents and beside them was Ichiru’s headstone.

She recalled her new memories of him and fell to her knees in front of the grave.

"Oh Ichiru…. I'm so sorry I didn't see it earlier. You knew didn't you? You drank Shizuka's blood and not only does that make you have her memories but regain lost ones as well… I'm so sorry." She broke down into tears. "Ichiru. I loved you as well as Zero." She sobbed. The picture came floating to her side. She looked up at it. "I don't want anymore memories of him… It already hurts to much."

"Are you going mad again?"

She turned around and saw Zero standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

"No…" She pointed towards the floating picture next to her. "I was... talking to this..."

"What are you doing out here? You're supposed to be at school." He looked away and gritted his teeth trying to hold back his anger, "Why are you a vampire right now?" He growled.

"I needed to use my powers...." She pushed herself up and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. She stared at him as she took in his features. He was so tall and his silver hair had grown a little longer over time, making it easier to cover his face. She walked up to him and put her hand on his chest. She could feel Ichiru inside of Zero. She wrapped her arms around him. They were both in her arms, just like before. "Ichiru." She whispered and he stiffened. "I'm so sorry that I left you... I'm so sorry."

"What are you talking about?" He mumbled as he kept his arms to his side, refusing to return the embrace. She lifted her head, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to her. She laid her hand on his forehead and used her powers to give him the memories of their childhood. His eyes widened and he abruptly jerked back. "What just happened? What did you do?"

"I helped you recover your memories from when we were toddlers."

"How did you--"

"The Takanashi have very specific abilities..."

He stared at her as he processed his new memories. Suddenly he grabbed onto her and pulled her into an embrace. She was surprised by his abruptness, but happy nevertheless. She took a deep breath and smiled. She felt his fangs brush against her skin. "You can have some if you want... my blood."

He took a sharp breath and lifted his head.

"No... I'll only drink from you if I have to."

"So you're just going to wait until I'm lost in the madness to drink my blood?" She chuckled. "No way. You need to drink from me at least once a day while I'm a vampire."

He narrowed his eyes at her, tightened his grip around, lowered her down onto the ground, and set down the bouquet of flowers before sinking his teeth into her neck. When he pulled away he looked down at her and her smile faded. She could see the pain in his eyes.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"Why are you here?" She looked around and realized she was on top of Ichiru's grave. She saw the picture floating over her.

"...I miss him terribly." She looked at him with a pained look in her eyes as she thought about him. Zero collapsed beside her and pulled her close.

"I do too." He whispered. "You know I came here wondering if there was even one chunk of humanity left inside me… I had a chance to kill a pureblood and the delight of the idea actually sent shivers through my body. I thought '”Finally... finally I will be able to have my prey.” That feeling is so similar to a blood impulse only a vampire would be able to understand. When I came here I thought, “I can't remember what it is like to be human." She could feel his pain, his urge to kill, all of his emotions like a cloud surrounding her. She stroked his hair and listened as he went on. "But... around you I feel nothing but human." He tightened his grip around her. "I forget what I am when I am around you... I forget all my pain and just get lost in your humanity. Even when you’re like this, even when you act so formal… I feel human again." She felt her face begin to turn red from his words.

"Does this mean that you are no longer internally battling with yourself to kill me?"

"I don't think I could ever bring myself to do such a thing. I promised to protect you didn't I?” He met her eyes and his smiled dropped when she saw her expression.

She more than anything wanted to tell him that she felt the same, that there was nothing holding them back, but there was more. He didn't know the whole story. He didn't know of her secret past.

"Zero... there's something--" She stopped when she smelled something familiar. He sensed it as well. They both looked over in the direction of the smell, it was Yuki's blood.

Kanade jumped up out of his grip and ran towards the scent, Zero followed slowly behind. Kanade hopped over the wall and landed to Yuki's side. She was crouched over, coughing with her blood on the ground around her.

"Kanade!" Aido exclaimed.

"Yuki, who did this to you?" Kanade asked, pulling Yuki into her arms.

"I'm fine. I'm alright." Yuki coughed.

Zero pushed open the gate, making a creaking sound that caused everyone to look his way. Yuki started to cough more.

"Yuki?" Aido started to sweat as he thought about what Kaname might do to him later for letting this happen.

"It's fine. I just choked on my blood is all..." She started panting as she tried to catch her breath. "But really, it's not something someone can get used to, the sensation of flesh closing back over a wound."

"It was all my fault." Aido said.

"Why? That's not at all the case!"

"I don't understand what happened." Kanade intervened. Yuki looked over at Zero who had a blank expression on his face, but Kanade could feel his remorse. Yuki started to stand up and Kanade helped her.

"Hey! You shouldn't be moving!" Aido exclaimed.

"Err... good evening!" Yuki said to Zero.

Adio and Kanade both gave her confused looks. Zero reached for his gun and Aido began to panic. Kanade suddenly noticed feelings of cruelty and amusement radiate around her, but she knew it wasn't coming from any of the three vampire in front of her.

"Huh, wait a minute! Kiriyu! What are you sudden-" Aido started.

"Aww he noticed me." A voice interrupted. The three looked back and Kanade saw where the odd emotions were coming from. A little boy emerged from the pool of blood on the ground a few feet away. "Bummer, I just wanted to sharpen my blades on her a little longer." He whined. "No need to look so scary." He lifted his hat and gave them a devious smile. "Well too bad!" He sung and stuck out his tongue. He looked over at Kanade. "Have fun with Hatori?" Kanade stiffened at his teasing words. Yuki was starting to faint.

"Disappear. I don't care that this is just an alter version of you, I'll still beat it to a pulp until it doesn't work anymore." Zero growled with his gun aimed at the vampire.

"Okay." He pouted as he started to melt in the pool of blood. "Byee Byeee!!" He waved before his blood turned into a bunch of bats and flew away.

"Lord Kaname will definitely strike him back for this." Aido said as Yuki passed out in Kanade's arms. Aido panicked again. "HANG IN THERE!" He screamed as he hovered over her limp body. "Hey! Yuki Cross!"

Zero walked over and picked up the unconscious girl from Kanade's arms, throwing her over his shoulder. They stared after him as he started to walk away.

He glanced back, "Come on. I know a place where we can lay her down so she can rest for now."

"Ah yes, okay." Aido said. They walked a few feet behind Zero. Then hunter stepped in a puddle of blood and scoffed.

"This blood, send someone to clean it up." He ordered the noble.

"I will."

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