Fate's Evil Curse

The Truth Revealed

"Are you alright?" The hooded woman asked the pale girl who laid in the middle of the street with her eyes half open, staring at the night sky. She glanced over at the woman who gasped when she saw the girl's blood red eyes.

"You're like me aren't you?" The weak girl asked.

"Yes, why are you lying here in the middle of the street? Why are your eyes so red? Have you fed?" The woman asked as she stroked the girls face which was as cold as ice and her skin was frail like piece of paper.

"I have never tasted human blood and I never shall. I tried to throw myself from that building." She slightly nodded towards the tall castle in beside them. "In attempt to end this madness I feel inside of me, but with my luck I am not even wounded." She let out a sigh. "However, now I am too weak from the hunger to move, so I'm waiting for a carriage to run me over and maybe that will end my suffering."

"I do not think that such things will do the trick. Here." The woman stroked the girl’s tattered blonde hair and held out her wrist for her to drink from. The girl just stared at her in amazement.

"Why do you seem to worry about me even though you know nothing of me?"

"I do not hate human's either. My parent's loved me despite the fact that I was born a very different creature. I respect your beliefs and I do not think that a girl like yourself with such a kind heart deserves to suffer."

"You're lucky." The girl said as she averted her attention back to the stars above. "I am afraid that I do not have a kind heart. I can feel the dark soul I hold within me, eating at me every second of the day." She took a sharp breath and gazed into the woman's eyes. "I can't... I can't even remember my name, I'm so lost in the darkness." She started to sob. The woman lifted the girl up and laid her limp body against hers as she held her wrist up for the girl.

"I will name you Kanade, after my long gone sister." She said as the girl gave into temptation and bit into the woman's wrist.

Kanade woke up on a small couch in an unfamiliar office.

"Where am I?" Kanade asked herself as she sat up. Zero was standing across from her, leaning against the wall with his arms folded against his chest. She looked down at her hand which was clutching the now crumpled up drawing. She abruptly sat up, momentarily blinded from moving too fast. She held onto her head as she regained her sight. Zero's jacket, which was draped over her as she slept, fell to the ground. "What happened? Where's Adio?" She asked him. She looked around and noticed that her bag was on the floor with the pictures scattered everywhere.

"Who are you?" He asked as he held up a picture of a painting of Kanade from their past life. Her eyes widened at his words. She looked down to see that the markings that indicated she was in her vampire form were no longer there. She pushed herself up and walked over to the mess of pictures on the floor.

"Go back inside the bag please." She held the bag out for the pictures and they did as she said. She looked back at Zero and felt her heart break in half at the pained look in his eyes. "I think that this isn't really the best place to discuss it." She said as she held out her hand for him, just to pull it back as she realized that she was back to her human form. "Lets go somewhere we won't be disturbed." She said with her head downcast. He narrowed his eyes before leading her out.

Yuki woke up on top of the coffin, alone, with a single rose lay on top of her. She sat up and suddenly broken out into a run towards his office in search of him. She pushed the doors open to see Kaname, drinking a cup of water with a tablet on the bottom. She crouched down and let out a breath of relief.

“I thought you went somewhere else.” She said.

“I was wondering why your expression changed. All for such a thing.” Kaname smirked. Yuki glared at him, stood up, and held out the rose in anger.

“It’s not “such a thing”! Put the rose back!”

“I was fetching your clothes while I came across a vase. I thought it might remove the bad taste. After seeing such unclean events, you should gaze upon natures beauty.”

Yuki looked down at herself, just now realizing she was in nothing but her nightgown. She suddenly became flustered, overcome with embarrassment.

“Pervert!” She screamed.

“I didn’t do anything else though…” Kaname said. "I had a feeling that someday, I would want you to know the truth." He had his back to her. "And when the day came that you listened to me obediently, I wouldn't be able to endure it any longer. So I tricked you... Without any regard for your circumstances, even."

Yuki dropped the rose in her hand and hugged him from behind.

"It's not about how beautiful the rose was. Just when I opened my eyes... I wanted the first thing I saw to be my brother's face."

"Do you still think of me as your brother?" He turned around to face her. "It's okay if you think that I stole your brother's life..."

"I understand." Yuki said as she gazed into his big brown eyes. "From now on I'll call you Kaname..." She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her face into his chest. “There is just one more thing…” She pulled away from him and held her head downcast. “The woman I saw in your memories… the one that looked like Kanade… she’s her ancestor right...? She was someone you cared for greatly…” She regretted bringing it up when she saw the pain in his eyes when she said the girl's name.

"…She died." Kaname said. Yuki lifted her hand and cupped the side of his face.

"After going to such lengths to keep her at your side… and losing her the way you did… I’m sure it was a shock for you when you saw my sister… “

“Yuki…” She could see how much discomfort he felt when even talking about her so she decided to drop it.

Zero led Kanade to his small apartment. She kept her head down as she stood in the doorway of the small bedroom. He stood in the middle of the room and stared at her. She unwrapped herself from his jacket and set it on a small chair in the corner of the room.

"Nice place." She said, avoiding his eyes as she looked around.

"Does this have to do with him?" Zero asked. She internally winced at the very concept of him. She nodded and took a sharp breath.

"Zero... I've lived once before, not as a human or a dhampire. I was once born a pureblood and I lived with my mother and father who were also purebloods." He narrowed his eyes, not completely understanding what she was trying to say. "And... I spent many of my days with Kaname..." She took a sharp breath as her heart ached just thinking about it. "In fact, we grew up together and over time… we fell in love and swore to marry. And the me right now is a reincarnation of that same girl."

"If you were reincarnated how is it that you remember?" He asked.

"Kaname... brought my memories back."

"So you've been in love with him since the beginning?" He asked. She slightly nodded.

"I'm so sorry Zero. However, you should know that since I regained my memories of the past my feelings for you have not wavered."

“…You’re talking crazy.”

She let out a sigh; for she knew if she went like this they would be going in circles. She stared at him for a long while, trying to figure out what to do. However, after long moment of thought she nodded and reached into her bag, taking out a close to empty vial of blood.

"I'm going to show you my past... after drinking my blood I could feel you trying to look into the depths of my heart. I’m sure you saw many confusing things… I will open my heart to you this time and show you the truth… I just don't want to feel the burning pain the entire time though so if you could look away for a minute." She twisted off the cap, but he stomped over, grabbed the vial and threw it against the wall.

"I don't want you to take anyone else's blood." He bit into his wrist, causing himself to bleed and held out for her. She stared at him in disbelief awe.

"I don't think--"

"Kanade." He interrupted her. She looked up at him and when she met his eyes she knew it was okay. She nodded before grabbing onto his arm, sending the burning pain throughout her body. She pressed her lips against his wound, sucking the blood out of the tiny holes he pierced into his flesh with his fangs. The burning pain grew more and more intense. She fell limp and he caught her in his arms, gripping onto her tightly and covering her mouth to muffle her screams. When the burning faded she looked up at him pointed to her neck.

"Your turn... "

Zero slowly leaned down and licked her warm, pale skin. He was hesitant about the idea, but he wanted to be sure. He didn't want to believe that such a thing was real, that there was even more to the Kanade than what he knew; more that would widen the gap between them. He bit into her neck and she opened her heart to. He began to fall through her memories.

“Kanade, I’d like you to meet Kaname.” A deep voice said from the darkness that surrounded Zero. “He will be your playmate from now on.”

“Kaname!” A child’s voice exclaimed.

“Kanade, when you’re old enough… who will you marry?” A young boy’s voice said.

“Kaname… I love you.” A girl’s voice said.

“Will you marry me, Kanade?”

Zero suddenly found himself back in the same place he was the last time he drank from Kanade, a dark place with a large apple tree standing over him. The young, red eyed girl he saw before was sitting underneath the tree. She looked up at him.

"Kaname is the reason why I'm alive." She said. Zero clenched his hands into fists at his side in anger. He felt another presence and turned around to see himself holding the bloody rose to his head. In a split second Zero grabbed his gun as well and pointed it at the other him.

"You're one of them aren't you? Aren’t you!?" The other Zero screamed before taking a shot. Everything suddenly turned black.

Zero found himself moving away from the simple fragments, falling deeper into Kanade's memories. The darkness around him started to disappear and he watched as he fell through memory after memory. He watched the Kanade of this life sat in a dark room and stared into space, which was something she did for days at a time. Her life seemed to mean nothing to her after she was ripped away from him and Ichiru by her mother who, overtime, grew to neglect her. Occasionally, when her mother did care it seemed almost disgusting to Kanade. She even had trouble crying when her mother killed herself by driving her car into a lake.

She simply lived out of habit. Everyday seemed the same. Outside of school she just sat in her room and watched TV, trying to find meaning in life. He felt sorry for her as she would stare out the window at nighttime and just wait for something to happen.

He fell deeper into her memories, finding himself back at that tree that she would always sit by after class, reading. She remembered her say once that this spot was where she felt the most alive, the most free. He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings around the tree.

Kanade, looking around when she was around 13, ran up to his side, laughing. It didn't make much sense, since the memories he just saw of her childhood never showed her laughing, not once, and here she had red eyes instead of her electric blue.

"Kaname!" She exclaimed. Zero was overcome with fury at the sound of his name. Why would she even say his name? She didn't even know him when she was this young.

A young boy ran up to her side. He yelled at her with a serious tone, "What is with you! Why did you pour that wine down that girl's dress?"

"Because she wouldn't stop bothering you! She liked you, you know!" She crossed her arms and pouted.

"No she didn't." Kaname said.

"She did! She was all over you! Only I can have you okay?" She said as she clung onto his arm and he smiled. Never before has Zero saw either of them smile like that, as if they had no worries in the world. It was like they were two completely different people.

"You are the only one in my heart." He said before kissing her forehead.

Zero clenched his fists, trying to hold back the urge to grab the bloody rose and shoot the kid right there and then. Suddenly, his surroundings changed into a different memory. He was now outside of a small building that was right next to the big castle that the tree stood behind. This was Kanade’s playhouse when she was young, but on clear nights sometimes she would sleep there so that she could watch the stars with ease. He saw the same boy sleeping under a small window. The window opened and Kanade, when she was around 14, was peeking out. She looked straight at Zero; however, unable to see him. She then looked down at Kaname.

"What are you doing?" She asked and he woke up. He looked up at her and grinned from ear to ear. "Did you even go home last night?" She asked him and he shook his head, his smile still huge.

"I didn't want to leave you." He said. She smiled and Zero could feel her love for him; it absolutely disgusted him.

"I love you." She said before leaning down and kissed his lips.

Zero felt as if he was going to puke at the scene in front of him. He became more and more infuriated with each memory.

Suddenly he found a memory with a different, unfamiliar man.

“Kanade, I'd like you to meet your new fiancé." Her father gestured to the tall, blonde man. "This is Lord Hatori Otonari" Kanade curtsied to him even though Zero could feel her sudden panic. The man bowed back and gave her a smug smile. She glanced back at Kaname who had a blank expression. "We will hold your engagement party during your birthday, in the fortnight."

The memory changed and Hatori and Kanade were taking a walk in the garden. Kanade seemed the way she was when she was living her human life, lifeless. She watched her feet as they walked in a long silence.

"I'm sorry that this may seem quite sudden." The man said. Kanade simply nodded. "I want you to know, however, that I will make sure that you live a good life. That you are treated well and are kept busy." Kanade once again only gave him a slight nod. "Our children will be quite successful and looked up to with great respect." Kanade her attention towards the apple tree they were passing by. Suddenly she was taken off guard when he grabbed onto her. He leaned down and grazed his fangs against her skin. She shivered in fear of his obvious intentions. "I am sorry Kanade you just smell so... delicious. Would it be to scandalous for me to have a small taste?" He asked.

"Mr.O-Otonari p-please, can't we w-wait till after the wedding?" She asked. He met her frightened gaze and let out a sigh. He let go of her, took a step back, and bowed.

"Of course, my apologies."

Zero narrowed his eyes and stared at them in confusion.

The two disappeared before his eye and he looked over to see Kanade and Kaname sitting by the apple tree together.

"I don't want to marry him." Kanade sobbed into Kaname's chest.

"I know, I don't want you to either." Kaname said as he stroked her hair to comfort her, but it wasn't helping.

"But I'm supposed to marry you! It was supposed to be you and me! It's always been you and me, no one else." Kanade gripped onto his shirt, her tears staining his jacket.

"I'm so sorry, my love"

Kanade lifted her head so her eyes met his.

"Let's run away."

"Kanade... you know we can't." He wiped the warm tears sliding down her cheek with the back of his thumb.

"I can't live without you Kaname. We were supposed to be together forever in every life forever and ever."

"I know..." He let out a sigh. She stared at him as he looked down, lost in thought. "Kanade..." He pulled her in for a kiss. It was the most passionate kiss they held, full of so much love for each other that it seemed like a dream to Kanade. When he pulled away he rested his forehead against hers. "Wherever you are, no matter what happens, my heart will always be with you until the end of time."

She felt her tears flow heavier down her cheeks as he said his words and she pulled him in for another kiss.

When the memory changed to her death on the night of the party he was overcome with remorse as he watched Kaname grip onto her dying body. That was the first time he saw the pureblood cry.

Zero felt all the of the pain Kanade had to go through; all the anxiety and panic attacks that she had when she went outside the walls of the castle before drinking Kaname's blood. He felt the loneliness she felt when she wouldn't see her parents for weeks at a time and only at parties held in her honor.

He wanted more than anything to hold her in his arms when she asked her mother if she loved her and the answer was a simple lie. She had been through so much pain and the only person that seemed to be there for her was that pureblood, so why isn't he there for her now?

Zero woke up in his bed. Kanade was passed out and turned back to her human self on the floor. He sat up and stared down at the unconscious girl, processing everything he just saw. He hated Kaname for what he was, but he hated him more for not picking the girl passed out in his room instead of Yuki.

He wanted to be mad at Kanade and he was, but he really just wanted to protect her from the pureblood hurting her anymore than he already has.

He didn't want her to stare out her window and question her existence ever again. Even though they both held another someone in their hearts, they can mend each other’s scars together over time.

Kanade fluttered her eyes open to see Zero staring down at her. She averted her gaze, afraid of what he would say.

"I don't care about your past… and I don't want you to feel sad anymore...”

She grinned from ear to ear. He felt a smile tug at his lips before he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, causing her to feel the burning sensation all throughout her body. She yelped at his touch and he quickly pulled away.

He sliced his wrist with his fingernail and held it out for her. She took it and once again felt the burning pain take her over. He pulled her up on the bed and held her as she writhed in pain while her cells changed from human to vampire.

When the agony was over he instantly crashed his lips against hers, tightening his grip around her. He lowered her down on the bed so he was on top of her. He pulled away and smiled down on her. She brought her hand up to his cheek.

"I don't understand... you hate Kaname, and it doesn't seem to bother you that we were once lovers."

"I'm just glad that you're mine, now."

"How can you love such a tortured thing as me?"

"Only us tortured can understand one another's pain, I think we've both been through enough."

He leaned down and kissed down her neck trailing his lips to her chest. He lifted up her shirt over her head and kissed down her stomach, causing her to jerk underneath him. There was a clanking sound. She looked back and saw a gun now fallen on the floor.

"Zero." He looked up at her, she sounded distraught. She wiggled out of his grip and leaned down to pick up the gun. She opened it up to see it was loaded, her eyes widened and she dropped it on the floor making a loud clanging noise. He sat up. "Uhh... why was there a loaded gun under your pillow?" She pointed down at it and he let out a sigh.

"No reason."

"Hey! Don't ignore the question! Why do you have a loaded gun under your pillow?" He glanced over at the clock.

"I need to go, they need me to help out with Aido's interrogation again."

"Aido is being interrogated? For what?" She exclaimed as he got up and walked past her towards the closet. Within seconds she threw him back onto the bed and pinned him down. He stared up at her with wide eyes.

"Maybe you are more of a vampire." He mumbled and she was overcome with fury.

"What is wrong with you? You really haven't accepted me at all have you? You lie to me, threaten to kill my friends, lock up my own kind for absolutely no reason, and I bet if I had drunken this vial of Kaname's blood that night we wouldn't be here right now!” She pointed to the vial that hung around her neck. “Am I right?" He said nothing. "Why are you being so prejudice towards me once again? I thought we were over this!"

"So that is his blood…" She was taken aback by his response. “I disregarded it yesterday thinking it was just Aido's or Senri's. I didn't want to believe it was his when I saw you reaching for a different vial in your bag. But now..."

She felt as if she was being stabbed in the heart by his words.

"If I drank this you wouldn't care for me anymore would you?" He said nothing. "This is who I am!" she screamed as she pointed to her red eyes. "This is how I was born! If you can't accept that then..." She stopped and thought about her next words. If she said those words then there is a good chance that she will never be able to be with Zero again. "I refuse to be with someone who only loves part of me...”

She got up, put her shirt back on, grabbed her bag, stomped out the door and slammed it behind her. She ran outside and took a deep breath when she was far enough away to not feel his presence any longer. She tried to ignore the discomfort of the sun beating down onto her skin. She held her head in her hands as she sat down on a bench and broke down into tears. She heard her phone that the Chairman gave her start to ring. She fumbled for the device in her pocket and saw it was Yagari. She pressed answer and brought it to her ear, trying to hold back her tears. "Is there something wrong?"

"I was just calling to check up on you. What happened?" He asked, fully aware that she was crying now from the sound of her voice.

"I'm fine...." She hung up the phone and pushed it back into her pocket, taking a deep breath. She felt a familiar presence. She looked around and jumped when she saw a snake next to her. She knew instantly who it was. "Get away from me." She hissed at Hatori. She pushed herself up and ran the opposite direction. When she was far enough away she stopped and opened her bag.

One of her mother, her father, and Noda came flying out.
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