Fate's Evil Curse

Tear After Tear

Kanade sat in the corner of the dark room with her head down in despair. She had returned back into her human form after a day of being locked in there.

Why? Why would Kaname do this?

She felt her tears begin to return. She had been crying nonstop since he left her in there. Every once in awhile Yuki would stand in front of the door, but she wouldn't say anything as she heard the sobs of her sister from the other side.

"Kaname?" Squeaked the little red-eyed girl who had been crying alongside her. She was still there despite Kanade no longer being in her vampire form.

"He left. He locked us up." Kanade whispered.

"Why would Kaname do that?" The little girl asked.

"I don't think that he's our Kaname."

"What are you talking about? Of course he is!"

"Our Kaname would never do this. He would never put us in a cage like this… He is someone else…”

"Kaname always has a good reason for the things he does, he is smart. He will finish whatever it is that is on his agenda and then he will return to us." The little girl said. Kanade glanced over at her.

"You sound nothing like a little girl. Is that really what I sounded like back then?"

"Daddy said I was an old soul."

Kanade let out a dark chuckle.

She glanced over at her bag in the corner of the room. "Are you there?" She said out loud. Nothing happened. "Why would he do this? Why?"

The little girl just sat and watched Kanade as she stared at the bag. After a few moments it began to float and it hovered over to her. Then one of the pictures of Yuki as a child came out. Kanade grabbed it, but nothing happened. She picked up the bag and looked inside. There were only a few drops of noble blood in her last vial. She twisted open the cap and dropped the rest onto her tongue. The burning feeling she was reluctantly accustomed to began to envelop her. She dropped the vial and it shattered at her side. She writhed in pain with her eyes half open as she watched the rest of the pictures float out of her bag and surround her. The pain stopped and they all fell on top of her. She felt as if she was being transported into a different world as she spun in circles, falling deep into the past.

"I still have no idea what to name her." Kanade heard Juri's voice as she was falling.

"Me either." Haruka said.

"I wish Yuri was here..." She sighed. "She would have had millions of ideas."

Kanade's eyes widened as she heard Juri talk about her mother in past tense. She then came in contact with the floor, it hurt a lot less than she thought it would. She sat up and watched the scene of Juri holding a new born child with Haruka and a young boy standing over her.

"I'm sure she's fine. She can survive perfectly well without our blood as long as the twins stay by her side." Haruka comforted her. Juri simply nodded. "Any ideas, Kaname?" Haruka asked the boy.

"How about... Yuki?" He smiled down at the newborn girl.

'You... despite being someone else you knew about our imaginary daughter’s name…

You did have something to do with it, Kaname...

But why?

Why didn't you name her after me if you looked at her as if you loved her.'

She felt the room begin to spin as new scenery appeared before her. She found herself at Cross Academy; however, it looked extremely different, like a home rather than a school. A man who looked exactly like Kanade's father ran past her.

"Dad?" Kanade whispered.

"Yuzuru! Yuzuru! Please!" Yuri exclaimed as she ran after him, looking as though she was only a teenager at the time.

"Mom!" Kanade ran after the two and found them by the apple tree she felt attached to. Yuri was pinning him down onto the grass.

"Yuzuru, I'm sorry." Yuri said.

"Why won't you just choose?" He exclaimed as he struggled under her.

"I love both of you."

"That isn't possible. You must love one of us more!"

"Of course it's possible. You two are two halves of a whole." She stroked his cheek. "You are both my everything, do not make me choose and only be half happy. You and Noda, I can't live without you." He stopped struggling as he gazed up at her. "You two are the only things in this world that can make me fully happy. You suffer the same pain as me, yet you still are able to somehow smile. I don't get it, but for some reason your smile makes me smile." She let out a chuckle and as he grinned up at her, grabbed her hand and kissed it. She started to blush furiously.

"Yuri, you are the only thing in this world that can make me smile as well, why would I want to share you?"

"Please, don't make me choose." Yuri pleaded.

He kissed her forehead and she turned crimson.

"Dad... you loved her so much... that's probably why she was always so sad when you died. She didn't seem to care about me and when she did it seemed to be forced. It was because you made her a better person didn't you? Why did you have to die? Why?"

Meanwhile, people were beginning to notice Kanade’s absence.

"Zero." Kaito called after the hunter through the halls of the vampire association building. The silver haired boy stopped in his tracks and turned towards him. "Yagari heard Kanade crying over the phone, he's coming back from a hunt early. Apparently she's been missing ever since. Do you have any idea where she might be? You know Master will blame you if she isn't here when he returns."

"No... I haven't seen her." He started to turn away. Kaito grabbed his arm.

"She may be the very evil thing we hate, but she is still part human and she is still your responsibility."

"She is no longer mine to protect." Zero hissed before ripping out of Kaito's grip and stomping off.

Kanade found herself in an unfamiliar room within the academy. Her mother was sitting in the corner with her head down and her arms wrapped around herself. The woman looked up at her.

"Are you apart of this madness?" She asked Kanade. The dhampire looked around to see if she was talking to anyone else.

"You can see me?"

"You're in my mind aren't you?"

"I suppose...."

"What is your name?"


Her mother darkly chuckled.

"So you're the one that man mistook me for, the evil man's bride."

Was he evil? Is he not as good a person as she thought he might be?

"I am not his bride any longer… he has a new bride." Kanade said.

"I see, so you are simply thrown away even though he has loved you for over 10,000 years? I do not believe such a thing…" Yuri scoffed.

"It wasn't 10,000…"

"Are you not my ancestor?"

"Why would you think that?"

"My ancestor is the only vampire I know of with those red eyes…"


“So this is the madness… tell me do you appear in front of all of us? Do you find amusement in your own kin’s suffering? Ever since I saw that creature… I can barely face Juri with that thing roaming her halls as though he was their own son…”

"Yuri?" A low voice said as the door creaked open. They both veered their attention to the man in the doorway with a concerned look on his face.

"Noda..." Yuri breathed. He walked over to her side, not being able to see Kanade. He sat down next to her.

"I am sorry for what you had to see, but that doesn't mean that you should let yourself fall into the darkness."

"I am sorry, Noda..." Tears started to stream down Yuri's face. "I just... what if something like that happens again? Why did they keep that child? What if we have a daughter and he steals her away claiming her his own. I could not live with myself then." He cupped her pale face with his hands.

"I will not let that happen.”

“What can you do against an ancestor? Once he grows up he will be beyond powerful…”

“I will not let you suffer any longer… Our family has been through enough pain over the years. Maybe it's time you do as our mother did…" He said.

"What? Noda, don't you dare. Do not do such things! What about Yuzuru?" He wiped the warm tears from her cheeks with the back of his thumb.

"He'll be fine. He's smart." He closed his eyes and his tears began to fall. "You will not remember such pain any longer when you open your eyes."

"Noda no--"

He crashed his lips against hers before she could say another word. Their tears slid down their cheeks and onto their lips as they shared one last moment of passion. Yuri passed out and Noda turned to ash.

"No!" Kanade cried out and then her father came bursting in.

"Noda! No! No! You idiot!" Yuzuru screamed as he kneeled over his brother's ashes. "How dare you! How dare you leave me! You bastard! I won't let her go!"


Kanade felt the room spin and the scenery changed to the outside of the castle. Her mother lay unconscious on the sidewalk by the gates. She fluttered her eyes open and sat up.

"Where am I?" She asked herself as she looked around.

"Are you alright?" Yuzuru walked up to her.

"Who are you?" He was absolutely beautiful and somewhat... familiar.

"He's Dad, Mom!" Kanade exclaimed.

"I am the owner of that castle you lay in front of. Were you hit by something?" He knelt down and extended his hand towards her.

"I-- I don't know..." She grabbed the beautiful man's hand and he helped her up.

"Do you have amnesia?"

"I... I think so..."

"Would you like to come inside and rest?"

Kanade felt as if she was in a whirlwind as a new memory suddenly appeared in front of her. She found herself standing before her human mother and vampire father in the sitting room of the castle. She was holding a newborn child in her arms and they were both smiling down at it.

"Why don't we name her... Kanade?" Yuri asked. Yuzuru's eyes widened and Kanade could feel his surprise and worry as her mother's memories were obviously trickling through her new set of mind, for that was their great ancestor's name.

"Yes, I suppose that is a good name." He smiled, trying to pretend to not have any care in the world as he looked down at his new daughter.

"Why can't I just talk to her?" Yuki asked Ruka and Akastuki who were guarding the door that led to the room Kanade was locked in.

"Kaname just wants to make sure she's safe and he's just afraid you might do something reckless." Ruka explained.

"Why is he keeping her locked up though?!" Yuki exclaimed.

"You'll have to ask him yourself." Akastuki said. Yuki broke out in a run to Kaname's office. She threw open the doors to find him sitting on the couch, drinking a tablet.

"Why are you torturing her!" Yuki exclaimed.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're keeping Kanade locked up for no reason!"

"I have a very good reason." He stood up and stroked her cheek. "I have some things to do that I've already made a decision about." He walked over to the door and looked down. "However with her around some kind of hesitation was born within my soul and little, by little the uncertainty was increased, even after her death. But you, please don't hesitate." He turned into a bunch of bats and flew out.

"Wait! Brother!"

Yuki ran towards Kanade's room to see that Ruka and Akastuaki were now gone. She tried for the door handle, but it was locked. She pounded on it with two fists crying out her name.


The unconscious girl on the other side of the door did nothing, for she was too deep into the past to hear anything from the present.

Yuki took a few steps back from the door before charging at it with all of her strength, busting it down. She hurriedly looked around the room and gasped when she saw her sister in the corner passed out underneath a pile of papers. She ran to her side and started to shake her, aware that she was in her vampire form from her markings.

"Come on Kanade!" She wouldn't wake up so Yuki picked her up and ran outside with her limp body in her arms.

The pureblood ran all the way into town, frantic as she tried to follow Kaname’s scent.

Suddenly, a vampire hunter truck came out of nowhere and Yuki jumped in front of it with Kanade still unconscious in her arms. The Chairman was sitting in the passenger seat with another hunter behind the wheel. The truck abruptly stopped.

"Please, let me go with you!" Yuki exclaimed. The Chairman nodded and Yuki pulled Kanade into the back of the truck.

"What happened to Kanade?!" The Chairman exclaimed. "Where is the world has she been?!"

"Please, right now, just go!" The hunter that was driving slammed his foot against the gas pedal.

"That way!" Yuki exclaimed through the bars that separated the hunters from the vampires. She was leading them towards where she felt Kaname was.

"How did we get two pureblood's in the back of our truck?" The driver asked.

"Just go! Faster!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Step on it!" The Chairman cried out and the driver did as he said.

Meanwhile, Kanade found herself in front of the Zero’s childhood home.

"I know that this is a lot to ask, but we are glad that you are so kind as to take her in." Yuri said as she let go of her toddler's hand and pushed her towards the two hunters.

"We owe it to you for saving our boy's lives from that rough vampire." Mr. Kiriyu said taking the young girl's hand.

"Mommy? Where you going?" Kanade asked.

"Mommy and daddy are going to go away for a while to see about your future. For right now, it's best for you to stay with the Kiriyus. They will take care of you and love you just as much as us." Yuri smiled down at her child before patting her on the head and pulling Mrs. Kiriyu into an embrace. "I'm so glad I met such wonderful protectors as yourself. I know she will be safe in the twins' hands."

Suddenly the memory changed and she was spinning rapidly once again.

'Was that dream of the hooded woman a memory?

Why am I the only one with her red eyes?

Is it just a coincidence?'

She stopped spinning and found herself in front of her family's castle. Her father was standing in front of the gates with her human mother.
"You should have stayed with her..." Yuzuru quietly said. He grabbed Yuri's hand and watched as the hoard of vampires and hunters approached them.

"You said that they are supposed to punish both parents and that they already know about me being human and that I know of your kind, so who's to say they won't go looking for me? They need to think she is dead."

"I know...but—“

"Don't worry about me."

The head of the Vampire Hunter Association approached along with the head of the Vampire Council.

"Where is she, Yuzuru?" The head of the association asked.

"She died, I tried to turn her but she didn't make it."

"A pureblood? Not surviving a transition?" The head of the vampire council said.

"She was weak and we all know very little of dhampire's anyways." Yuzuru said.

"Even so, you purposely birthed a dhampire child and that is a grave sin, even if you are one of the most highly respected purebloods it still goes against all vampire laws and nature. You know of the consequences, I suggest you say goodbye to your human we will erase her memories afterwards."

"No!" Yuri exclaimed taking a step forward. "Don't you dare touch him!" She cried out.

"Yuri." Yuzuru cooed and pulled her back into a hug. She started to tear up as he sadly smiled in her arms. "I'm so glad that he gave you this life, but I am still simply too selfish to let you forget me…"

"Who is... he?" Yuri asked.

A part of him turned into a bunch of owls and surrounded her, transporting her away kicking and screaming.

"Dad! What are you doing?” Kanade screamed. "Yell! Fight! Do something!” She ran up to him, fell through him, and hit the ground. She lifted her head up to see the association lift a vampire hunter sword above her father. He was full of sadness, but still held a smile on his face.

"Goodbye, my love." He whispered before the man struck at his heart and he turned into ash.

"No!" Kanade screamed, kneeling over her father's ashes with tears trickling down.

Yuki left her unconscious sister in the truck whe they finally arrived at their destination. She and ran towards the Hanadagi castle, bursting through the front doors.

"Kaname?" Yuki stopped with wide eyes as she saw the scene on front of her at the top of the main stairs. Kaname held his sword up, ready to swing at Adio's father who was on his knees. Aido and the Chairman ran up behind them. Kaname chopped off the man's head and he turned to dust.

"Father..." Aido was in complete shock as he had just witness his father being slaughtered by his friend. "Father... what..." Aido slowly started up the stairs.

"Once when my hesitation came to its end, I chose being with the both of you, the time I could spend together with you. However, now that it seems he is back I'm going to fulfill my original plans. Forgive me... Thank you Yuki." He turned into a bunch of bats and they flew away. Yuki stood in shock while Aido slowly walked up the stairs to his father's ashes.

"Father..." He started to sob.

"You two stay here. I'll chase Kaname." The Chairman said before running after him.

"Why, Lord Kaname? Why?" Aido cried out.

Kanade woke up with tears in her eyes as she lay in the back of the truck. She stared up at the ceiling in despair, not caring about where she was or how she got there. She clenched her hands into fists and noticed that she was holding a now crumpled piece of paper in her hand. She lifted it up over her head so she could what it was and felt her tears begin to flow more furiously. It was a picture of her father and mother at their wedding... She felt as if her heart was breaking over and over again as she lied there in utter despair.

The Chairman opened the door to the truck and Yuki and Aido climbed in, silent.

"Where... are we?" Kanade said through the tears.

"Kaname... killed my father..." Aido said under his breath. Kanade's eyes widened at his words and the little girl with red eyes appeared.

The little girl was sobbing into Kanade’s stomach, pounding on her, screaming Kaname's name.

"Stop it." Kanade said through her tears.

The little girl bit into Kanade's arm causing her to wail out in pain. It was one of the most painful bites she ever received and she started to feel them all over her body. She started to bleed out, not healing.

"S-Stop." She begged the small girl as she drained her and within seconds Kanade blacked out.

~8 years old~

It was Kanade’s first party. She was finally allowed to attend one since she had finally gained control of her powers, thanks to Kaname's blood. She had absolutely no idea how to act or what to say and she wasn't really aloud to cling onto Kaname. He was on the other side of the room, talking to his father. She stood alone and admired him from afar. A young woman with long brown hair and big brown eyes came up to her.

"Are you Kanade?" The woman asked and she nodded. "My name is Elizabeth. I'm Kaname's mother."

"Oh! Yes, he has told me about you." Kanade smiled, trying her best to be polite.

"He talks about you as well, quite often actually. It's like he is a whole other person when it comes to you. When he isn't around you or talking about you, he is usually sulking and is quite serious all the time. I don't really understand it..."


Kanade looked over at him, noticing how he was standing a bit straighter than he usually did and his emotions were much more serious and flat then they were whenever she was alone with him. It didn't really seem like him, like he was someone else completely. He glanced over at her and smiled, his mood turning back into its usual cheerfulness. She smiled back.

Zero was sitting at his desk in the Vampire Hunter Association building, doing paperwork for the President, trying to get his mind off Kanade. He didn't mean to say those things. He didn't want to hurt her anymore, but he couldn't help himself. She was still a pureblood and she was still holding onto him.

Kaito was annoying him as he tried to work.

"Here's the next file." The secretary set down a pile of papers in front of Zero.

"Thank you."

"You're so blunt." Kaito commented.


“Look… The Chairman found Kanade with Yuki. She’s okay. Just unconscious.”

“I see.” Zero said, keeping his focus on his work.

“I get that you’re angry at her, but you should know that Yagari found out something…”


“I’m not supposed to tell you this since he’s adamant that the method used now between you two is the best, but it seems that the Takanashi family have a long history of consuming Kuran blood. If that dhampire drinks from that vampire… then maybe she won’t have to cling to you...”

Zero's phone began to ring. He reached into his pocket and checked the collar ID to see the Chairman was calling him. It must be an emergency since he rarely called. He pressed answer and brought the device up to his ear.

"What's the matter?"

"Kaname Kuran has become a dangerous vampire. He murdered two vampires just an hour ago. I'm coming in with his fiancé and....Kanade she--"

"I am no longer Kanade's guardian. Her situation has no meaning to me." He interrupted.

"She is hurt, it's pretty bad and she isn't healing."

Zero's eyes widened as he heard the news, he began to panic.

"How close are you?" He stood up and stomped out of the room with Kaito listening closely behind.

"5 minutes. Meet me outside." He ended the call and Zero broke out in a run down the stairs.

"What's happening?" Kaito exclaimed as he followed him.

He didn't answer. Zero was too preoccupied with the situation at hand. A million things were running through his mind. What if she dies? Will their last words be the most regretful?

He made it outside underneath the pouring rain, which was a sudden reaction to her powers spinning out of control. He arrived just in time as the truck backed in. The Chairman ran out and unlocked the door revealing Yuki handcuffed kneeling over Kanade, passed out and covered in blood. Aido sat against the wall with his head down.

"Get away from her." He growled. Yuki stood up and took a step back as he picked Kanade up, trying his best to not let the smell of blood affect him. "What happened?" He growled to the Chairman. The Chairman motioned Yuki to come out of the van and let out a sigh.

"I have no idea, we left her in the truck since she was passed out when Yuki came with her."

"You just left her?" Zero hissed.

"Come on Zero, let’s take her to the infirmary." Kaito suggested.

"They can't do anything for her while she's in her vampire form." Zero said before he started to run towards the main building with her in his arms. He stopped when she suddenly started to tremble and make choking noises. "Are you changing?"

He had no idea what to do, he wanted to wait till they got inside, but it seemed like she was running out of time. He knelt down, setting her on the ground, bit into his wrist, and held the blood in his mouth before smashing his lips against hers and letting it run down her throat. When it was all gone he pulled away and a few tears were now running down his face, easily hidden with the rain roaring over them.

She was still writhing on the ground, shaking uncontrollably. He could hear her heart beating at an abnormal pace and her breaths were scarce. The windows from the building surrounding them started to shatter and the glass flew everywhere. Zero covered her as much as he could.

"Please, please don't do this! Don't leave me now!”

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