Fate's Evil Curse

Valentine's Day

Kanade and Zero were walking to their next class. It was just last night that Zero was informed of who Kanade really was and he still couldn't wrap his head around it.

Kanade was lost in deep thought, also trying to wrap her head around the thought that with just one touch from Zero can cause her enormous, unnatural pain.

She tested earlier today to see if anyone else's touch did the same by bumping into almost anyone she could find in the hallway. Zero couldn’t make sense of her odd behavior, and frankly expressed annoyance to her.

It seemed that it was only the scowling silver haired boy so far who caused her such odd pain. They walked past the entrance to the moon dorms and noticed that there was a large crowd surrounding the gates.

They stopped and moved towards the mob, confused by what all the noise was about. As they got closer they saw Yuki standing on the wall that separated the crowd of screaming girls from the night class dorms.

"Alright everyone the night class students do not come out during the day so head to class!" She yelled at them.

Kanade didn’t understand what was going on. Zero had told her about how part of his job as a member of the disciplinary committee was to keep the screaming girls from the day class away from the night class when they would come out, but she never saw them crowd around the gates so early in the day.

"Bunch of idiots." Zero mumbled.

"What's going on?"
She looked over at him in confusion.

"The day class girls want to give the night class boys their chocolates."


"You know because it's Valentines Day." She simply gave him a confused look. "Do you not celebrate Valentines Day in America?"

"No we do, just not like this… Couples just get mushy and show off to everyone. It doesn't get so crazy." She watched as the girls screamed and squealed at the gates, trying to push them open.

"Here girls give their crushes chocolates on Valentines Day."

She had never heard of such a tradition before, but for some reason found it to be a bit more tolerable than the annoying couples.

"And they are all crushing on the night class students?" She asked. She didn't understand why they would all act so crazy over the students who came out at night. It's not like they were all that special.

In fact, she would think that a lot of them would be all over Zero. He is quite attractive compared to the rest of the day class boys.

"Yeah. It's disgusting." He scowled.

One of the crazed girls started to climb the wall. Yuki was about to stop her when the girl suddenly lost her grip and began to fall. But instead of meeting the hard concrete ground, she was in Zero's arms. Kanade hadn't even noticed that he left her side. She felt a bit of jealousy tug at her heart. The fact that other girls seemed to be unaffected by his touch bothered her.

"Way to go Zero!" Yuki cried out before she started to climb down from the wall. Zero yelled at everyone to return later when the night class students come out. The crowd fanned out since they all feared Zero too much to try any further.

Yuki and Kanade ended up walking to class together with Zero trailing behind them.

"So Kanade are you going to give anyone chocolates?" Yuki asked excitedly.

"Uhhh." When she thought of who would be her crush all she could think about was Zero. Probably because he was one of the few boys she actually talked to. She decided it was best to avoid the question, knowing he could hear everything that they were saying. "What about you?"

"Haha nah!" Kanade could tell by Yuki's nervous behavior that she had been lying. She was glad that she was also a bad liar.

"Liar." She teased. Yuki just laughed nervously. Kanade looked down and noticed a ribbon peeking out of her friend’s messenger bag. She leaned in and spoke in a low voice so Zero couldn't hear, "Is it for Zero?"

"What no!" Yuki exclaimed, surprised that Kanade would think that she had those feelings for him. Kanade raised an eyebrow.

"A boy from the night class?"

Maybe she is also one of those crazy fan girls and is just lucky enough to be apart of the disciplinary committee.

"Well…" She smiled to herself.

”I see." She couldn't help but wonder why everyone was so crazy over these guys. "If I come today when the night class leaves their dorms will you point him out to me?"



They walked into the classroom and took their seats.

"Don't tell me you've become one of them too." Zero growled. He didn't want Kanade anywhere close to those students, especially now that he knew exactly who she was. She couldn't help but laugh at his accusation.

"I just want to see what all of the fuss is about. Don't think that I will let you lock me up in my room early this time."

He glared at her, knowing that even if he tried to do such a thing he would fail. He tried his hardest to hide his evident anger.

"Don't get in the way." He grumbled.

Kanade walked out of her 6th period class with Yuki to find that Zero wasn’t waiting for her unlike usual. She couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. Yuki saw the look on her face and instantly understood, but only because Yori had pointed out to her earlier since she herself was simply to naive to notice on her own. She reached into her bag and pulled out a small box of chocolates.

"Here, I accidentally made extra. I thought that maybe you could give them to Zero." Yuki held the chocolates out and Kanade hesitantly took them, giving her a confused look.

"I thought that you only gave chocolates to your crush though."

Yuki knew that wasn't the whole truth, you can give chocolates to your friends and family as well, but she also knew that the only way Kanade would understand was if she just nodded and smiled.

Later that day as the sun began to set Kanade leaned against a tree that stood towards the end of the line of screaming girls trying to push each other to the front of the barriers that Yuki and Zero had set up specifically for this day to give the night class students a pathway. Kanade offered to help, but Yuki said that she couldn't unless the Chairman appointed her as apart of the disciplinary committee and Zero gave an outright no.

The gates started to open and the screams got louder. Kanade's jaw dropped at the sight of the night class students who had just emerged from behind the doors.

'Wow they are all really beautiful.' She thought.

She quickly composed herself. She did expect attractive people, of course, but not that attractive.

She noticed that one of the groups of screaming girls just ahead of her started to actually climb over the gates. Yuki and Zero were too busy to notice, so Kanade ran over to the girls and started to push them back.

"Hey! Get back behind that gate!" She yelled at them.

"Who are you!" One of them screamed.

"You can't tell us what to do!"

"Oh shut up will you!" Kanade hissed and they instantly went silent as if it was Zero who had given them the order. Kanade smiled at herself, loving the feeling of being feared by them a little too much.

"Who are you?" A gentle voice asked her. She glanced over and saw that it was, in fact, one of the night class students who was addressing her.

"Uhmm I'm Kanade." She said while pushing back a few girls who were now jumping on top of her and holding out their chocolates for the boy.

She noticed that all of the other night class students had now stopped and were staring at her. She started to feel a bit nervous, it was as if a hundred Zero's were glaring.

"Are you a new member of the disciplinary committee?" His voice was so smooth and tranquil, she felt like she was melting from his words.

She couldn't help but notice that he was the most beautiful out of all the night class students who were now gazing at her. Her heart started to race. The piercing feeling started to emerge, but it was minor enough that she was able to ignore it.

"Uhh no… I saw that they were starting to climb over so I thought I would help out."

"Kanade! I told you not to get in the way." Zero bellowed as he headed over to her side. He hissed at the eager girls and they instantly shut up. Zero glared at the boy who was talking to her. "You better get to class." He growled. It was obvious that he wasn't very fond of the night class, unlike everyone else.

"Yes, well thank you Kanade for helping Yuki out." The boy slightly bowed his head at her and she nodded.

He glanced over at the other night class students as if telling them to follow. Yuki ran to Kanade and Zero's side and watched after the mesmerizing group. From the look on her face it was obvious that she lost her chance to give the one she liked her chocolate. Some girls managed to climb over the gates and fell on top of Yuki, sending her to the ground at the bottom of a dog pile.

Something fell out of her pocket and Zero bent down to grab it. He then threw the foreign object at the back of the boy’s head and he turned around, catching it with no hesitation.

"You forgot one." Zero said. The boy looked down at it and smiled.

"I accept. Thank you Yuki." He said before walking off with the other students following behind him, disappearing into the building ahead.

"Was that your chocolate Yuki?" Kanade asked her as Yuki pushed the girls on top of her away and stood up. She nodded and glared up at Zero.

"How dare you give it to Kaname like that!" She started to punch him in the chest.

'So his name is Kaname….'

"You were going to wimp out!" He retorted. Kanade looked over at the two, just realizing now that they really did seem like brother and sister.

"He probably didn't even want it." Yuki went into a slump, watching after him.

"I think he really appreciated it." Kanade smiled, remembering the way he said, “Thank you for helping Yuki” it was obvious that he has some feelings towards her.

"Zero can you go take Kanade to the Chairman's building. I'll make sure everyone else gets back to their dorms." Yuki suggested.

"Oh no it's fine I can find it." Kanade started to look around, trying to figure out the right direction.

"No you can't. Come on." Zero huffed and started to walk ahead. Kanade followed behind, relieved that the piercing ache she had felt started to fade.

Zero quickly disappeared into the Chairman's building, but when Kanade walked in after him he was nowhere in sight. He seemed to be doing this a lot lately.


She started to look around for him and when she passed by a hallway, she came across him leaning against a wall.

"I know you're there. Just come out." He growled.

She started to walk towards him, but quickly retreated when she saw another girl come out from hiding on the other side of the hall.

"Umm I wanted to thank you for saving me this morning and since today is a day to thank people with chocolates I--"

"Just go away!"


"Forget about it!"

The girl ran off. Kanade decided to throw away the chocolates that Yuki had given her to offer to the scowling boy, for she knew he would not accept.

'I guess it was silly anyways.'

The fact that they couldn't touch without her feeling an enormous amount of pain would obviously get in the way. Zero had suddenly fallen to the ground and she ran up to him with worry.


It was obvious he was in pain. He was holding onto himself, almost like if he didn't he would fall to pieces.

"Go away!" He started to shudder and breath heavily. His behavior reminded her of herself whenever they touched.

"Do you feel like you've been stabbed repeatedly and that your insides are burning from the inside out?" She instinctively asked, wondering if he, somehow, felt the same way without her touch.

He looked up at her surprised that she was able to explain his pain so precisely. Kanade noticed that the piercing feeling started to emerge as she sat down next to him and the burning sensation soon followed when she grabbed onto his hand. She cringed at the sudden pain, but endured it.

"Don't touch me." He tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let him, tightening her grip instead.

"We will get through it together." She gritted through her teeth, holding back a cry of pain. He stared at her in astonishment completely forgetting the agonizing discomfort he felt.

He didn't understand what she was doing, but it was obvious to him by the way she was trembling she was also in pain. He wondered if she was going through the same process as her… and he hoped more than anything that wasn’t the case. He cringed as the pain intensified.

The Chairman walked in on them and let out a sigh, as if he was expecting to come across something like this. He started to pour a glass of water.

"You will feel better after drinking this." He extended the glass out to Zero.

“What is it?"

"You know what it is, Zero." The Chairman's tone was very serious.

'Could it help me as well?' Kanade thought.

Zero suddenly slapped the glass out of his hand and sent it crashing to the floor.

"What was it?" Kanade asked.

"I doesn't matter. Just promise me you will never drink it." He stared down at her, waiting for a response. She nodded, not wanting to have to argue with him while they were both in so much pain.

"The fits are coming much more frequently now, for the both of you. If you refuse it the pain will get worse. Zero, why don't you understand? You have endured it this far, you won't be able to refuse much longer and you could very well end up hurting the one you swore to protect." He glanced over at Kanade. She tried to follow their conversation, but was completely lost. "But you already know that don't you?"

The pain started to fade for Kanade as Zero stood up and walked away without a word. She sat there and watched after him, completely dumbfounded.

“Kanade.” The Chairman said. “You should really keep your distance from him, especially when he’s in that state. Otherwise… I’m not sure how he’ll react.”

That night Yuki walked in on Zero in the bathroom sitting on the floor drenched with no shirt and a towel hanging around his neck, lost in deep thought.

"Ah! Zero you're here.” She noticed the distressed look on his face. "What's wrong?" She asked as she knelt down beside him.

He said nothing as he held his head down. Yuki grabbed the towel from his neck and started to dry his hair.

"Silly... you'll catch a cold. At least dry yourself off."

It looked as if he hadn't even noticed what she was doing as he stared off. She grabbed his shirt that was laying at his side and helped him put it on.

"Come on, I need some help to get the sleeves on right… Did Kanade give you her chocolates?"

Zero glanced up at her with surprise.

Yuki let out a sigh. "I guess not."

She stood up, reached into her pocket, and pulled out a small chocolate.

"Here!" She smiled down at him as she held it out.

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