Fate's Evil Curse

I'm Sorry

Kanade and Yuki arrived at the night dorms the day before the other students were about to arrive.

"Kanade, why don't you go pick your..." Yuki stopped as she realized that Kanade was already at the top of the stairs in a daze.

"I see you turned back in your sleep" Kaname's words echoed in her mind as she recalled all the moments they spent together here. "Do you want some blood? I can get one of the nobles to give you some."

"I don't want to force anyone into offering me blood."

"I do not like causing you pain."

His sad eyes that always seemed to watch her popped into her mind as she walked over to the bathroom. She stared down at the tile floor as she replayed the moments in her mind.

"Kanade." The soft whisper echoed. "Calm down. You are not eternally vampire, you were changing in your sleep and Senri gave you some more of his blood." She remembered his calming emotions as his thumb softly glided across the dampness on her cheek. "Everything is alright."

She felt her throat tighten as she remembered feeling absolutely safe in his arms.

'I don't think I can stand being here....' Kanade thought as she ran out of the dorms.

She soon asked the Chairman to build the cottage and in one days time he got it done.

Kanade and Aido stood behind Yuki as they approached the new night class.

"Thank you for coming.” Yuki said. “And I hope a day will come where we don't have to make such promises, but I'm sure you all came here acknowledging the “promise”. I'll confirm this once again though. Please do not touch any humans while in school. If a time comes when one of you breaks this promise, then I will be the one to deal with it, if not me then Kanade, before the hunter outside the door must do it himself."

"Of course, Lady Yuki. We will refrain from drinking from any humans." A noble bowed.

"I am glad that both representatives of the pureblood royalty are here." A girl said as she curtsied.

"Also, please have respect for the hunter who was so kind as to take the role to watch us and protect us." Kanade said.

"Yes, my lady." They all said as they all bowed before her. Yuki stared up at her sister with amazement on the impact she had on them.

When the dorm meeting ended a few noble vampires approached Kanade.

"Lady Kanade, I hear that you will not be staying in the night dorms, but in a small cottage just outside of them that the Chairman built." A girl said.

"Yes, I am sorry that I will not be staying with you. However, I will be in every class and every dorm meeting." Kanade assured them in the monotone voice.

"But why are you not staying here my Lady?" Another girl said.

"I am not a big part of this. I am simply here because Yuki asked it of me, please think of her as the authority figure instead of me." Kanade said, before walking out of the room. She stopped when she saw Zero leaning against the wall just outside of the room with Yuki and Maria a few feet away. Zero looked over at Kanade and started to walk off. She stared after him. He stopped in his tracks and turned his head towards her.

"Are you coming?" He asked.

"Uh... Yeah..." She quickly ran up to his side and they walked off, not bothering to glance back at the two girls who she knew were staring.

"I don't see why you are going along with this game of school." Zero said as he walked ahead of her.

"It is just a favor I am doing for my sister." Kanade said, her tone dull and without emotion.

"Shouldn't you be helping clean this mess up?"

"Yuki is doing a fine job. I am only the second heir. Unless she appoints me to queen, I am not to take charge..."

They walked the rest of the way in silence.

Zero led her inside the small cottage. Kanade sat down on the end of her bed as he stood in the middle of the room slipping his hands in his pockets and averting his attention out the window

"You seem... different now." He said as he stared at his feet. "Ever since you came back after disappearing for days… ever since…”

It was as if her light went out. She always seemed to have the same blank expression on her face now and she would always talk in an emotionless voice.

"Is it hard... with her around?" Kanade asked, ignoring the subject.


She knew he was lying, but she said nothing. He sat down next to her and moved the hair away from her neck. He slowly leaned down and kissed her warm skin she shuddered at his warm touch. He bit into her neck with his sharp fangs. He grabbed her legs and pulled her into his lap as he drained her. She rested her hand against his chest, trying to keep her breathing steady. When he unhinged his fangs from her flesh he licked her wound, which instantly healed. He lifted his eyes up to meet hers. "Sorry... I just..."

"It's fine..." Despite having taken Kaname’s blood she was still frightened of the madness. She wasn't sure the small amount she took would keep it at bay. Even so she still cared about Zero's well being and with the hunger he possessed for Yuki she knew he was suffering now more than ever.

"When you’re hungry, come to me..." He said.

The next thing he knew she was pinning him down on the bed, leaning over his neck, and bearing her fangs before sinking her teeth into his flesh. He did not protest as he stared up at the ceiling. She could feel the hidden small part of him that wished for Yuki's blood. She pulled away and let out a sigh before licking his wound and kissing it, making it heal instantly with her powers. She rolled off of him and lied down next to him as they both stared up at the ceiling.

"Why do you care for me Zero…? Even when we were kids… why did you let me in with open arms?" She said, her voice as always emotionless.

"Because… you have always been in my life as a light that made the world a little bit brighter. I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside where it can fester quietly as a mental illness... but when I'm with you it's as if it's alright for me to feel sad... and it's alright for me to tell you every bit of it."

Kanade was at a loss of words. She looked over at him and she felt as if there were butterflies in her stomach. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. He grabbed hold of her waist, pulling her body into his. She deepened the kiss, her fingers delved into his silver locks eagerly as his tongue traced the contours of her soft lips. Her legs curled around his narrow waist, fingers lacing into his wild hair, drawing him to her thirstily. He tugged on the ends of her shirt but before he could do anything else she pulled away and in a blink of an eye she was leaning against the wall on the other side of the room.

"Sorry." She said.

There was a long silence as they both stared at the ground.

"Are you acting this way because of whatever happened those days or because of... what you are now...?"

"I don't know…”

Zero clenched his hands into fists. He stood up and walked out of the room without another word.

Kanade brought her hand up to her throat, which was dry and slightly burning from the hunger. Even though she had just eaten, Zero's blood didn't seem to quench her thirst whatsoever. Ever since she drank Kaname's blood.... nothing seemed to help.

'I'm sorry Zero....'

She slid down the wall and held her head in her hands.

"I'm sorry." She whispered under her breath.

~14 years old~

"Kaname, will you read me the story again?" Kanade asked, pulling at his arm. She couldn’t help but act childish around him. He looked down at her and let out a sigh. He was getting really bored of that book.

"Aren't you tired of it yet? I've been reading it to you since you were 6." She shook her head and grinned.

"I like the idea that we can be together even in a different life. It makes me happy that there is a chance that we were in love in a past life, as well as will be in the next." He was surprised by her words, he didn't think that she took the tale so seriously.

"But it's just a story. There is no such thing as reincarnation."

"I think that if we believe hard enough then anything can be real." His eyes softened and a smile tugged at his lips.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. The heat rose to her cheeks. He held out his arm. She happily grabbed onto him and he escorted her to their apple tree.

That tree was where they had their first kiss, where they confessed each other’s love, and where they would always meet when Kaname came to see her. They sat down and he took the book out from his pocket. He always kept it on him in case she would ever ask for him to read it to her. She leaned against him as he read to her the same story he told her for many years.

It was about two lovers who were cursed by an evil witch and they could never be together so they both end up committing suicide and then they were reincarnated and they found each other in another life, finally able to be together. Even though at that time reincarnation was nothing but a fairy tale between the two of them, Kanade still believed in it, especially on that night.

A day had passed and it was in transition between classes. Kanade was walking with Senri and Rima. She seemed to fit in even more with the two since she joined the night class with the emotionless front she put up.

"Are you with the guardian?" Rima asked Kanade.

"It's complicated…"

"Excuse me could I have a moment?" Yuki announced in the hallway. Everyone grew quiet and turned their attention towards her. "In town, there seems to be group of our kind stirring up trouble. Will those of you who want to stop it go together with me?"

"...Is that an order?" Someone asked,

"... No." Yuki said.

"Then I'm going." A noble raised their hand.

"Then me too." Another raised their hand.

"Me too." Maria said.

"Would you like me to come as well Yuki?" Kanade asked.

"The Chairman has asked to see me, but I think this is a bit more important. Will you go on my behalf?" Yuki asked. Kanade nodded her head and walked off.

Kaito let out a sigh and Zero stared up at the window leading to the night class.

"Zero lets go. Even though it may be extremely unpleasant to have the assistance of vampires." Kaito said putting his hand on Zero's shoulder. Zero stayed silent as he stared ahead. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. Nothing at all."

"Would you rather of have Kanade come?" He asked, not completely understanding how the boy in front of him was feeling.

Zero turned around and walked off without another word.

Kanade knocked on the Chairman's door, awaiting permission to enter. She could feel the presence of purebloods on the other side and she felt her stomach begin to churn as she realized exactly who it had to be.

"Come in." A muffled female voice said. She pushed open the door to reveal Sara Shirabuki, Hatori, and the Chairman. "We were just discussing that it was Kaname who killed my dear fiancé Ouri.” Sara said.

"How could you know that, did you see it happen?” Kanade said. “I could not catch his scent at the scene, which I'm very sensitive to so I highly doubt that is the case." The Chairman was surprised at her monotone voice. "But maybe.... I'm wrong." She whispered, her expression still blank.

"Kanade, I'm so glad Yuki sent you." Hatori smiled.

"Yes me too." Sara said before pulling Kanade into a very much unwanted embrace. Kanade stood stiff, desperately waiting for her to let go. When she did, Sara fell to her knees and clutched onto Kanade's shirt. "Please save us. The death of Mr. Hanadagi must also be Kaname's doing and the next would be my dear brother and I. If it's you and Yuki you will surely be able to protect us from him. I'm begging you, let us stay by your side." Kanade stared down at the girl, her face blank and her eyes cold.

"No." She said before turning around and beginning to walk out.

"Please, my sister and I did nothing wrong."

She stopped in her tracks and glanced back, "Why should I help either of you? I do not believe either one of you will be able to follow the rule of respecting humans by the way you talk of them. Even now you smell of blood fresh blood..." She scowled before stomping out.
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