Fate's Evil Curse


Kanade walked back into the night dorms to run into Yuki.

"What did the Chairman want?" She asked.

"It seems that Sara Shirabuki and her brother wish to join the night class. I declined them due to their lack of control over their hunger."

"You did that without my consent." Yuki held her head downcast.

"They are bad people, who deserve to be the victims in Kaname's rampage."

"They do not deserve to die for following their instincts, I'm sure that if we asked them to they would agree with the terms."

"Well I do not. I strongly advise you to leave them to their deaths." Kanade narrowed her eyes down at her sister.

The next day Kanade met up with the rest of the night class, awaiting for the gates to open that led to their classrooms.

"Good morning Lady Kanade."

"Good morning my Lady."

"Good morning." Kanade said.

"Good morning, Kanade." Her eyes widened as she heard the familiar voice. She twirled around and there he was with his sister clinging to his arm, Hatori, smiling deviously.

"What are you doing here?" Kanade growled.

"I let them come." Yuki said, taking a step forward.

"Yes, she was much more lenient than you were." Sara said.

"Yuki, I advised you against it. You do not trust your own sister?"

"They needed our help and I wasn't going to leave them to die." Kanade glared at her before heading back towards the dorms. "Where are you going?" Yuki asked.

"I'm feeling under the weather, I will be taking the day off." Kanade said before disappearing from their sight.

Kanade leaned against the door of her cottage and slid down to the ground, not bothering to go inside. She took a deep breath and clenched her hands into fists.

"Why aren't you in class?"

She looked up and it was Zero. He had his hands in his pockets and he was looking the other way.

"She didn't listen to my warnings, she's so troublesome." Kanade said as she stared at the ground. He said nothing. "Please do keep an eye on the two newcomers, I have reason to believe that they will cause problems." She focused on his emotions as they hovered over her. He was sad and confused. She let out a sigh.

There was a long silence. "About the other day..."

She stared at the ground as she searched for the right words.

"I don't know how to not love him, I'm sorry." She stood up and grabbed the door handle. "I can't remember a time when I didn't... so it's just hard for me now to hate him." She pushed the door open, walked in without a glance back and closed the door behind her. She could still feel his presence a few feet away.

He was filled with fury. His head was downcast and his hands were clenched into fists at his side. She could feel every bit of his anger wash over her as she sat in her room and stared at the wall in front of her.

Kanade did not leave her cottage since then. A week passed and it was late at night after classes had ended. Zero walked by Yuki's room and caught a glance of her downing a few tablets. He held his breath as his urges started to emerge.

He hurried outside and leaned against a tree, panting furiously. It seemed the hunger was more intense.

"What's the matter?" Hatori said from behind him. Zero glanced back at the pureblood's smug expression. "Harder to control your hunger now with that girl around?" He darkly laughed. “Have you even been able to get even a drop of blood in your system since Kanade locked herself away?” He grinned. “Both of them won't be able to control their hunger. It seems only Kaname's blood could quench their thirst. Isn't that the tale? That the only thing that can quench your thirst is the blood of the one you love? With that in mind, tell me, is Kanade’s blood not enough for you?"

"Hatori." Sara called after him as she approached them. "Do not tease the hunter, he doesn't care about your obsession with that girl." She averted her attention to Zero. "If you need my blood, shall I bestow some of it to you? I have an interest in a being like you."

Zero simply narrowed his eyes at them as his anger steadily rose in his chest.

"Pl-please don’t act that way towards Zero.” Maria interrupted. “Don’t make fun of the next Chairman of the Vampire Hunter Association. Please don’t cause any trouble for the academy.”

Yuki watched the scene from out a window in the night class dorms as she remembered what the young girl said to her earlier,

"Are Lady Kanade and Zero together now?” Maria asked. “I would have thought it would have been you, but I guess you belong to Kaname... I suppose she stole him from you though… Maybe you should steal him back…”

"Kanade is my sister. I would never do such a thing..." Yuki said.

“Even so… do mind if I give it a try?” Yuki looked back at her. And Maria bowed. “I disrespected you and Lady Kanade even though you are purebloods. If you want to punish me I will accept it. But Kanade has been locked in that cottage for over a week now since the Shirabuki siblings came… I’m sure he’s hungry. You belong to Lord Kaname after all. You don’t need Zero anymore, right?”

Yuki looked down. "It's not that I don't need him, it's just that we've become enemies..."

The sun came up and Yuki began to get frustrated with how little control she seemed to have over the vampires. Over the past few days she began to have less and less faith in Sara’s words and she began to see the hint of deceit that followed her. Yuki grabbed her umbrella and made her way outside towards Kanade’s cottage.

Kanade sat in the corner of the dark room with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around herself. She held her head down, the only thing running through her head being Kaname Kuran.

"Who are you?" His gentle voice echoed around her… "Uhmm I'm Kanade." "Are you a new member of the disciplinary committee?"

“Why me? Why was I supposed to be with you?”… "Our ancestors have loved each other for centuries, except many things happened and they were unable to be together...it’s as though they were cursed.”… "What does that have to do with us?”

“I'm sorry that I will not be here for your birthday."… "How did you know?"… "That was the day I thought you had died, of course I remember it. It used to be one of the hardest days of my life, but now it's a happy day."

There was a sudden knocking on the door. Kanade shot her head up to see the doorknob begin to turn.

“Kanade… it’s me.” Yuki called out to her from the other side as she jiggled the knob, with no luck in being able to get it to open. Kanade stayed silent as she waited for her to leave. “…I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you…”

‘It’s not that…’ Kanade thought. ‘That isn’t why…’

“After observing the Shirabukis I’ve noticed what you meant about their ulterior motives… but it’s too late now. I’ve already promised their safety…” Yuki let out a sigh and she held her head downcast. “Many of the vampires only came because they thought you would be attending classes with them… my hold on them… I’m beginning to lose it. Please… come out…”

‘I’m sorry...’

“Kanade…” Yuki said.

‘I’m sorry…’

“… Even so… I will keep trying my hardest.”

‘I want to leave…’

“Because I believe that this is best course of action. I will make sure no one disturbs you until you are ready to come out…” Yuki said before walking off.

‘But she won’t let me…’

Kanade met eyes with the little girl holding the door shut and felt a shiver run down her spine.

Meanwhile, Maria was going out for a stroll when she came across Zero lying down on a bench.

She stood over him and said, "Your reaction is quite slow isn't it?" She had a large umbrella cast over her head to protect her from the sunlight. "Even though a vampire is standing right beside you." He sat up with a blank expression. "You don't notice unless there's hostility or an intent to harm?" He narrowed his eyes at her, making her a bit nervous. "Umm... yesterday was a bit distressing wasn't it?" He whipped his gun out and swiftly held it to her head. She jumped back and started to sweat.

"Why is there a vampire wandering around the day classes courtyard? Get back to your roost." He said as he stood up.

"A-a-actually I've forgotten the way back." She stammered. He let out a sigh.

"You've got to be kidding..."

He started to lead her back.

"Thank you for being so kind... yesterday too. It might have been because you were there that I wasn't reproached by Lady Sara." He said nothing as he led her on without even a glance back. There was a long silence.... "Zero.... you actually don't hate vampires do you?" He looked back at her for a moment before picking up the pace. "If it wasn't that... then you would have already killed Yuki and you wouldn't be with Lady Kanade.... It may not have been intentional but they both betrayed you didn't they? They both made you think that they were human. When in reality they were far from it."

"I've never thought that either of them betrayed me."

"Is that so…”

Classes had ended for the night and Yuki was walking towards her room when she came across Zero at the top of the staircase. They both stopped at their tracks.

“…I apologize for causing you trouble for you… both yesterday and today. The situation has become like this because I didn’t keep a careful eye on them… It has become more difficult since she has withdrawn from her duties…” Yuki made her way up the steps, passing him as she said, “I will establish a hassle-free system as quickly as possible. That’s all I wanted to say.”

“In any case, big shot, don’t let people belittle you.” Zero said. Yuki stopped and glanced back at him. “If you wait for the day class students to become victims then it will be too late. If you cannot win over those vampires then put an end to this school now.”

“If it ends it is true that things will be more relaxed. It’s true that a lot of them are difficult to control. But I… if I give up, I am afraid of what would happen next. Actually… actually I want things between us to go back to the way it was in the past.”

“You have become somewhat weird.” Zero said as he looked back up at her. “You have not drunk any blood for a long time right?” He grabbed onto her arm and pulled her down the steps. “Come here.” He said as he dragged her outside and into the forest close by. He threw her against a tree and turned towards her, lifting up his sleeve. "This is for our coinciding interests." He lifted his wrist up and bit into his flesh, his blood began to drip down. "My blood, drink it." He held it out for her and she turned her head away. "If you keep on acting like a coward I will crush your game of school this instant."

"What about Kanade? I can't do it, I never wished for such a thing. I can't betray her like that."

"Fine, I'll crush it then. I can't let someone with hunger written all over her face handle those guys." He said.

He needed to check. He needed to know if he could handle being around Yuki and still be with Kanade. He needed to see if he could control himself.

"Cherish yourself more!"

"Yuki." He said in a stern voice.

She took in a sharp breath before slowly reaching for his wrist and bringing it up to her lips. The warmth radiating from his skin and his scent triggered something in her and instinct took her over. She jumped onto him sending the both of them to the ground. Her fangs hovered over his neck. She was about to bite down, but she pulled away.

"Do you really love her?" She asked.

"Do you want to give up?"

"It's not that..." She brought her head up to meet his gaze. "I... I'm not biting you simply because you asked me to. You belong to someone else and so do I. It's like you said, this is an agreement of mutual interest." There was a long pause. "… I... have always been holding back my thirst. Only a little will do. This is because once I'm satisfied I can surely work towards becoming Kuran's pureblood.... and you can go back to protecting her..." She looked down and took a sharp breath. "You're so calm. And here I am being so nervous. It's very.... just for the moment... Zero can you not think of anything else...?"

"It does not matter." He mumbled as she slowly leaned in. "There's nothing inside my heart that would affect us even if you saw it, everything..." She bared her fangs and sunk her teeth into his warm flesh. His sweet taste ran over her tongue and flowed down her throat with ease.

Suddenly, Yuki found herself in an unfamiliar place. There was a graveyard with a giant dead tree on top of a coffin wrapped in vines. Yuki as her human self sat on the roots of the tree that were sticking out from the ground.

"It's okay." She smiled. "Don't worry. The thing that Zero is most afraid of is sleeping inside of here now."

Cherry blossoms flowed through the wind and Ichiru came up from behind her with his mask on. She glanced back and he took it off.

"The one guarding the coffin is only a lingering memory." He said.

She heard the sound of a little girl laughing in the wind. She looked around and saw a small blonde girl with electric blue eyes run up to her with a smile plastered on her face.

"You will protect me from the bad thing right?" The girl asked.

An older version of Kanade came up from behind Yuki. She had red eyes and her marks were showing.

"I am the same as him and there is nothing you can do about it." She said.

"Hey-- don't pry into my heart." Zero interrupted, bringing her back into reality.

Kanade held her head in her hands as the little girl sat on the other side of the room stared at her. She caught the scent of blood.

"Zero?" She whispered.

“It seems the Kuran girl has decided to have a taste of our beloved guardian.”

Kanade looked over and the little girl’s eyes had changed from their pure red into an electric blue.

“What are…?”

“It seems that you’ve lost control again. However, we can no longer hurt you since you took his blood.”

“Why are you here?” Kanade asked and averted her gaze back down to the floor.

“You haven’t been drinking.” She said. Kanade held onto her burning throat as she tried not to think about Kaname. “If you go on like this it will only get worse… you can feel them can’t you? All those emotions floating off into the near distance… sooner or later they will come after you and rip you into pieces.” Kanade glanced up through her hair to see that the girl’s eyes changed again, back to their blood red color. “As long as you keep Kaname at a distance your hunger will only increase.”

“Kaname doesn’t want me… I’ve thought about it long and hard. The reason as to why he locked me in that room was because he knew I would protest his actions and try to stop him.”

“Then all you have to do is accept him for what he’s become and he will not push you away.” The little vampire girl changed into an older version of Kanade’s past self. She was wearing the same dress she wore on the night she died.

“He isn’t the same man as the one we loved… he is a different person.”

“You’re wrong.” Kanade looked up and her eyes widened when she saw that the girl had changed again. Standing over her now was the woman from the drawing, the Takanashi ancestor.

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