Fate's Evil Curse

I'll Heal Your Wounds

It was the night after Yuki drank from Zero. Kanade sat in her room curled up in a ball on the floor. Her alarm beeped rapidly for her to get up and get ready for classes.

“That guardian… he’s betrayed us by letting her drink from him.” The young girl with blue eyes said as she sat on the edge of the bed. “What a pity… I was rooting for him.”

“He has always had feelings for that pureblood girl.” The young vampire girl with red eyes said from the other side of the room as she sat on the windowsill with the curtains drawn. “Kaname didn’t begin to have feelings for her until we died.”

“It seems we are nothing but a second choice these days. With that girl around…” The blue-eyed girl said.

“Her name’s Yuki.” Kanade said.

“Why must you care for the girl who stands in the gap between you and Kaname?” The red-eyed girl asked.

“It’s the same with the hunter, it seems that she wants them all to herself.” The blue-eyed girl said.

“Will you really just sit and wait for her to make a decision and just take the leftovers? What does that make you?” The blue-eyed girl said.

“Stop it.” Kanade said as she laid her head down on the floor. “Honestly… I don’t want either of them anymore. I just want to stay here and sleep…”

Suddenly the door swung open and Zero stomped in. The two girls disappeared. Kanade’s eyes widened as he stood over her. For once there was silence.

"It's time to go to class. Get up." Zero growled.

"What?" She asked.

He walked over to the alarm clock and turned it off. "Your class president is worried about you. No more skipping class."

He grabbed her uniform from her closet and threw it at her. She sat up and stared at him in confusion.

"Get ready." He ordered her. He started to walk out, but stopped when he didn't hear her begin to move. He turned back towards her and narrowed his eyes. "If you don't get up and put your uniform on I will do it for you."

She returned her gaze towards the ground. He walked over to her, picked her up, and set her on the bed. Her eyes widened as he started to pull at her shirt. She grabbed his hands.

"Okay, I'll go." He pulled away and started to walk out. "Zero..." He stopped, but didn't turn around. “Please stay…” She said, afraid that the madness would appear again. He paused for a moment in surprise. She walked over to the bathroom to change. He stood by the front door and waited for her silently.

When she was finished she walked over to him cautiously. He held out a box of tablets for her.

“Has it come back?” He said, asking about the madness. She shook her head, not wanting to make him worry about her. She took the box and downed a couple of tablets before following him outside.

They walked in silence towards the classrooms building.

"Zero..." She whispered. He said nothing as he awaited her next words. "Are you alright? I smelled your blood last night..."

"I'm fine."

'I missed this. I missed always having you close by, despite my protesting.'

He stopped in front of the building.

"I'll see you later." He nodded his head towards the door. She held her head down and nodded, but she didn't budge one inch.

She lifted her head and met his eyes. She got on her tiptoes and kissed his neck where he could see the faint markings of fangs. His eyes widened, but he didn't push her off.

"From now on I'll always be there to heal your wounds. I'm sorry I couldn't earlier..." She pushed open the door and started to walk in.

"Even if you’re the one that put them there?" He asked. She stopped and paused for a second. She glanced over at him through the corner of her eye.

"Of course." She said before walking inside.

Kanade walked up behind Senri and Rima who were standing in the doorway of the classroom. She peeked in to see Sara sitting in a large chair and everyone standing around her, with Hatori and Takuma behind her. Yuki was crouched over with a defeated look.

"What is going on?" Kanade asked.

"Kanade?” Yuki looked up in shock. “…It seems that there is a huge gap in leadership and charisma, Sara is our new class president."

"But I think I will pass this job over to Yuki. The responsibility of this job is too much for me." Sara said as she smiled up to Kanade who only become more angry with her smug aura.

"Sara Shirabuki may be a more refined pureblood, but that does not mean that she is any better than Yuki Kuran.” Kanade said. “Yuki is the president and no one else, as vice president I forbid anyone else claiming the role."

"Oh so you’re the vice president? Well then, maybe I will keep the job."

Kanade clenched her hands into fists as she tried to fight back the urge to slap her.

"I think Kanade would be reluctant towards receiving orders from you, sister." Hatori said.

"Yes, perhaps you’re right. She would get nothing done and it would be troublesome. For now I will decline the role and when that perspective of yours changes I will happily accept it." She smiled.

"What makes you so sure that it will ever change?" Kanade gritted her teeth.

"Oh I am confident." Her and Hatori smiled, sending Kanade into a fury.

"Please do not fret. Here, a peace offering." Sara said as she held out a bottle of new tablets. Kanade narrowed her eyes at her.

"Won't you please take it? You need to eat something." Hatori said.

"Please accept my apologies." Sara said with the bottle still extended. Kanade glared at her as she reluctantly took it.

After classes Kanade sat in her room as she stared at the bottle of tablets Sara had given her. She hadn't seen Zero since earlier that night.

'What in the world is going on?

What is happening around me?

What is Kaname doing?

Why is Hatori here?

What are the two of them planning?'

"They will taste much better than the usual ones you scarf down." She heard a low voice say. She shot her head up to see Hatori standing in front of her. She stood up, mentally cursing herself for not noticing his presence earlier. “However, I advice against giving it a try.”

"Get out." She hissed.

"Oh calm down would you?" He smirked.

"I'll kill you right here right now if I have to." She growled as the ground began to rumble underneath her.

"I told you, I will not harm you."

"What are you planning? What is Sara up to?"

"She is a smart girl, I am confident that I will not have to lift a finger." He put his hands into his pockets and walked out. She ran after him and out the door in fury, but he had disappeared. She didn't bother to follow him any further, knowing it'd be useless.

'What a pest.'

Meanwhile, at the hunter association Kaito was giving Yagari a report on the night class at Cross Academy.

"Is she alright...?" Yagari asked Kaito.

"So you're worried about the vampire now?" Kaito teased. Yagari narrowed his eyes and Kaito let out a sigh. "She locked herself up in her little house for weeks. It was only today that she decided to go to class. She doesn't show much emotion these days. She's like the rest of them now. I wouldn't keep my hopes up when it comes to her."

"How is it.... with those three?" Yagari asked, straightening himself up as he tried to look a bit more professional. He refused to believe that the Kanade he knew had completely been obliterated.

"Who knows? Why do you ask?" Yagari said nothing as he awaited his answer. "Well it's fickle with all of them. I'm starting to think they have some messed up love triangle now. But, if the relationship between the three of them is fine then we should make use of those feelings they have."

"This is just in case something unexpected happens and the two girls will do as their told. It'd be better if we lured Yuki Kuran on our side. What we really need to know is if Kanade Takanashi is."

"Before the incident she assured us she was neutral, but now I'm not entirely sure." Yagari said.

"Because they are both pureblood's that have no difficulty using the hunter weapons it'd be better that we had them both.” A hunter standing behind Yagari said. “However… the weapons are made to kill vampires. I do not understand why these two particularly have the ability to wield them..." The hunter trailed off.

A few nights later Yuki decided to hold a meeting with the people she trusted. It was a weekend so there were no classes. Aido set down a large bottle of tablets next to Kanade's bottle and Senri's slip of tablets. Yuki, Kanade, Senri, Rima and him were all standing in a circle around the items.

"It's probably the same thing." Aido crossed his arms and stared down at them with the rest of his fellow students. "Akastuki asked me to look into this. An investigation is being carried out currently."

"Earlier Takuma said the new blood tablets have appeared on the market. I guess those are these are the ones. Apparently Sara requested improvements." Yuki said.

"She and Hatori are obviously up to something." Kanade commented.

"Please inform me immediately when the test results are out. It is needed to report the results, although I am reluctant to report to the association."

"I am willing to report on your behalf, sister." Kanade said. Yuki nodded

"The President has been asking for my presence recently, it seems that it is urgent in his eyes. Please go see what it his he wants." She started to walk off, but stopped in her tracks. She didn't look back. "I am glad you are back by my side once again Kanade." She walked off and Kanade felt a smile tug at the corner of her lips.

When daybreak came Kanade approached Zero who was leaning by a nearby tree, watching her intently.

"Would you mind escorting me to the Chairman's office? I know you don't like it when we leave the moon dorm grounds without your permission."

He nodded and began to walk off. She followed after him. They walked in silence.

Kanade knocked on the Chairman's office in the school.

"Come in." He said from inside. She pushed open the doors. Zero waited outside in the hall.

"Dorm President Yuki has asked me to take her place in representing the night class for your matter, she sends her sincerest apologies as she is busy with other important matters at the moment."

"I see... no matter this message was for you as well." Kanade began to worry as his sudden morbid emotions swirled around. "It seems that Kaname has confessed to killing Ouri and Hanadagi."

Kanade felt as if everything was crumbling around her as she heard his words. The world seemed so wrong at the moment. Kaname, the man who kept her strong and held her close really was a cold blood killer. The one that she thought she knew the most, turned out to be the person she knew the very least.

"I see." She said as she felt her heart drop.

"I'm sorry..."

"I will inform Yuki." Kanade said as she walked out of his office in a daze.

"So he told you?" Zero asked with his arms crossed as she walked out of his office and began to walk back to the dorms with a blank expression. She simply nodded. He walked behind her, watching her every move carefully.

Kanade knocked on the wall next to Yuki's open door as Yuki was staring out the window.

"What was it the Chairman wanted?" Yuki asked.

"Yuki...." Kanade started, her head downcast and her tone morbid. Yuki turned towards her with a worried look.

"Are you alright?"

Kanade nodded. "It's Kaname.... he left us a message.... he admitted to killing Lord Ouri and Hanadagi and has announced his next target as Sara and Hatori."

"I see... I've had enough of his nonsense." Yuki said, clenching her hands into fists at her sides. "I promise Kanade, I will stop him." Kanade nodded as she kept her head down and her gaze glued to the ground, her mind completely blurred as she tried not to think to hard about what was going on around her. Yuki let out a sigh. "At least he hasn't forgotten about us...." She looked the other way as she tried to fill the silence. "Kanade... maybe we are just chess pieces for him... and from now on I will do as a chess piece should. I'll do what is expected, in the position I've been placed.... by Kaname's hand, I'll take one step at a time, then after that I'll see him again... and I will end his foolishness..." There was a long pause.

"The man I thought he was… he wasn’t like this at all. He did not lie or use people… The Kaname we know with the same face as that man… is someone who I don’t know at all. Yet…” Kanade's throat tightened.

Yuki walked up to her and pulled her into an embrace.

"I know Kanade, I love him as well."

Kanade fell into her sisters arms, breaking down into tears. Yuki stroked her sister's long blonde hair.

"I'm so sorry, Yuki.”

"Now, now, what do you have to be sorry for? Kaname has a way of catching hold of your heart with one simple look of acknowledgment. I know how much he meant to you, and everything that he has done for you, but since now Kaname has abandoned us it seems that we will have to move forward without him. I don't know why he is being this way, but he deserves to be stopped, Kanade."

Kanade kept herself composed as she left her sister and made we way outside of the moon dorms. As she walked back to her cottage she kept her emotions bottled up, waiting until she was in the safety of her room to break down again. However, she was not a lucky as she hoped. Zero waited for her at the front door of her house.

“What are you doing here?” Kanade asked, struggling to keep her composer.

"I have to make sure you don't go crazy again and end up devouring the whole day class."

“I’m fine.” She started towards the door but before she could reach for the knob he grabbed onto her arm, she stopped and looked back at him.

“You shouldn’t keep people at a distance. You should show your true emotions, like you used to.”

Kanade held her head downcast as she moved out of his grip. “…It seems that almost everything around me is a lie that is beginning to unravel all at once."

"If you just listened to the facts earlier than maybe this wouldn't have come as such a surprise for you."

"I guess... you're right.”

"What will you do now that you’ve seen his true self?”

"I… I don’t know… move on I suppose… but… how do I... how do people move on?"

"I'm no expert at the matter, but maybe just taking it one step at a time. That's what we were trying to do wasn't it? We were together to try and forget the them, to try and let go. Wasn't that the point?" She stared up at him as her heart began to flutter. "Maybe we should try again."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because, You are the only thing that matters to me.”

"And Yuki?"

He met her gaze wholeheartedly. "She reminded me of you." Kanade's eyes widened in awe and felt her heart begin to quicken. "When I met Yuki.... she was so kind and careful and all I could think about was you. I couldn't remember you no matter how hard I tried, but I knew you existed... and it made me think, “maybe this is what she was like.”

"You... I impacted you that much? I was apart of you for that long?"

He nodded, "but I should probably tell you first... I’m giving Yuki my blood."

The madness was right.

"I see." She averted her gaze back to the ground. "You know the Takanashi and Kuran have a bond that allows them to feed each other in ones time of need. It's like an oath we made to each other, there is no need for your blood. I can easily take your place."

"There is no need for you to lose any blood unless necessary." There was a long pause. Kanade looked up at him in awe and he caressed his cheek with his palm. "So are you willing to try and move forward with me?"

"I..." She tried to find the right words, but nothing was coming to mind. His argument was very convincing, but she feared the thought of him gaining false hope. "I will think about it." She pulled away from him and quickly made her way inside her cottage.

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