Fate's Evil Curse


A few days later the results of the tests Aido executed had come in and the two pureblood sisters, Kanade and Yuki, were going to confront Sara.

Yuki pulled out the tablets from the already opened envelope and held them out.

“After an investigation made by Aido’s research institution this new tablet was found to have something prohibited in it.” Yuki said. “Some elements made out of the blood of purebloods.”

Sara sat in the middle of the room with Takuma and Hatori standing behind her.

“Ah, I see.” Sara said. “Well it’s getting more popular though.”

“Whose blood is it?” Yuki said. “Certainly not mine.”

“Nor mine.” Kanade said.

“Actually, it’s mine.” Sara confessed with confidence. Yuki’s eyes widened and Kanade crossed her arms, internally satisfied with her gut feeling being correct.

“Sara! You know how dangerous our blood is—“ Yuki took a step forward and Takuma stood in front of Sara protectively. “…Takuma?”

“We’re born with the blood… such a wonderful and rare power. We should make use of it before getting exhausted. Don’t you think so? I can do something with my talent rather than be used by others, can’t I?”

“It’s the purebloods who are using others against their wills!” Kanade said.

“So we will stop you.” Yuki said.

Sara let out a chuckle, “I guess you’re talking about Kaname? What will you do if you finally know everything?” She smiled. “What do you think? If I tell you the dark secret Kaname is hiding will you two become my allies?”

The two girls suddenly grew stiff from her words. Kanade felt chills run down her spine as she noticed Hatori's menacing smirk.

"What secret?" Kanade asked, not taking her eyes away from the man out of fear that if she did he would attack at any moment.

"Yuki, Kanade, would you go back for today?" Takuma asked, taking a step forward. "It seems that a bloodshed is about to occur and it's quite frightening." He faked a smile.

"Takuma." Sara hissed in a deep voice.

"Yes Lady Sara, my deepest apologies." He bowed, the chains from her binding words holding him in place.

"Takuma, please don't worry. Things like bloodshed has never crossed my mind. I can’t just ignore this. Sara, just as you've said Kaname's currently doing things that aren't permitted. Although it saddens me to scare you, but I've heard he is given notice saying his next target is you and your brother." Hatori's smirk formed into a grin that spread from ear to ear. Kanade's raised an eyebrow, not expecting him to feel so smug at the news. Yuki clenched her hands into fists at her sides. "But I will not let Kaname have his way. No matter what Kaname's secret is."

"You will protect me right?" Sara smirked.

Yuki looked down, "Yes. Using the authority as the dorm leader, I will grant you and your brother temporary protection in this room of the dormitory."

Kanade narrowed her eyes. She didn’t agree with the idea of protecting such people.

"You must be on your best behavior though, one slip and we will no longer offer our protection." Kanade added. "Please do not leave this room.” Her and Yuki turned away and walked out without another word, Hatori's grin haunting her as she turned her back.

Yuki leaned against the closed door and Kanade mimicked her.

"You made it back safely." Aido said. He had been waiting for them outside in the hall the entire time. "That's great. Have you already told her?"

"Honestly, right from the start I've never really trusted Sara." Yuki said.

"She can probably hear you from inside." Aido grimaced.

"It's alright. Undoubtedly when I first met Sara after sneaking into the party, since then I never really liked her."

"Trusting either of them is a bad idea. Keep your distance." Kanade said before pushing herself away from the wall and walking off.

The sun rose and Kanade lied in bed, unable to fall asleep.

'This hunger has still not faded.' She thought. She looked around the room to check for the madness, but it was nowhere to be seen.

She felt her throat begin to ache and the dryness bothered her more than usual. She looked around for some tablets. She found her usual box which was beginning to come close to empty. This worried her since all the old ones were discontinued and all that there is to buy now are the ones Sara had tainted.

She downed the rest in one gulp, but her hunger wasn't in any way curved. She began to worry as she brought her hand up to her neck. She felt as if she was choking. She jumped up and ran towards her desk. There was a small fridge beside it full of water bottles. She grabbed one and downed the whole thing in one gulp. It just barely helped. She took a few deep breaths and her eyes glanced down to the desk where her phone was sitting. She barely used it nowadays. She knew Yagari nor the Chairman would call and who else would she talk to?

That was the moment Kanade realized just how alone she really was. She tried to convince herself that she finally had a family, but was that ever really the case? She was just some random girl...

She stared down at the phone and decided she would do something crazy. She picked it up and dialed Yagari's phone number. She held it close to her ear as she listened to the incessant ringing. The ringing stopped and Yagari answered.


"Yagari?" She whispered.

"Kanade?" He was obviously surprised.

"I was wondering...." There was a long pause as she searched for the right words. "Have you ever had a family?"

He also took a long pause as he tried to understand her words.

"Yes." He finally answered.

"What is it like?" She asked.

"Is there something wrong?"

"How do you know if you have a family?" She instantly regretted the question as she realized how stupid it sounded.

"I'd have to say... when they are is willing to sacrifice everything for you, no matter the cost."

Her thoughts then traced back to the memories of her father giving up his life for Kanade, but he was dead... Then she thought of Zero and Kaname.

"Yagari.... Is it possible to love two people at once?"

There was a long pause.

"Honestly?" He asked, breaking the silence.

"Yes." She stated.

"In my opinion, no. There will always be someone you love more in life, some of us are just to scared to believe it."

'I-- I want to believe I love one more than the other. I don't want to be scared anymore.... but I need to know the truth first.'

"Yagari can you do me a favor?"

Kanade grabbed her coat and umbrella and walked out of her cottage. She started to look around for Zero, but when she found him he was with Yuki. She felt her heart drop and she decided not to tell him where she was going. She would be back by sunset and hopefully he wouldn't notice.

She met up with Yagari at the front gates to the academy. He barely even glanced at her as they walked towards the car without even a greeting.

"Yagari..." Kanade broke the silence. He went on without any sign of hearing her, waiting for her next words. "…I'm sorry."

"What for?" He asked.

"I'm not that human girl anymore... there isn't an ounce of humanity left in me. I'm so sorry."

They arrived at the car and Yagari looked down towards his feet.

"It's fine… I just need to get used to it."

Kanade nodded, closed her umbrella, and got into the backseat while he sat in the passenger seat.

"To the Hunter Association." He told his hunter friend who was driving.

Not long after Kanade left Yori and the class president of the day class were trespassing on the moon dorms area. They came across two vampires and the class president called out to them. The two vampires began to chase them until Yuki and Zero stood in their way.

"Can you please move aside dorm head?" One of the vampires said.

"This is my job, Zero. Stand down." Yuki demanded.

"Then hurry up." Zero said.

Yuki gave him an odd look before stomping towards the vampires.

"Why did you do it?!" She exclaimed as she held onto one of their jackets. "You actually wanted to chase those two? Have you forgotten our agreement?" She snatched his bottle of blood tablets that Sara and Hatori had tainted from his hands and took a step back. "The agreement is to absolutely not harm any humans during this academic year; why did you come to this academy if you couldn't uphold that?" She took the other bottle of tablets away from the other vampire. "You guys forgetting such important things, it's because of these blood tablets right?"

The two vampire's eyes widened and instinct began to take the over. They both charged at Yuki.

"Give it back!" They screamed.

"As expected. Here Zero!" Yuki threw the tablets at Zero and he caught them with ease as Yuki anticipated their attack. They crashed into her, both biting into her arms. Zero pulled out his gun. "Zero! Don't interfere! It's fine." She looked down towards the two vampires. "Calm down. Find yourself. Recall the purpose of coming to this academy."

They pulled away realizing their actions and instantly regretting every minute. They both jumped back, got down onto their knees, and begged for forgiveness. Yuki then realized that it was her blood that seemed to cure them. She knelt down to their level.

"It's alright. Speaking of which it is still daytime, hurry back to your rooms."

"But..." One of them started with his head downcast.

"It's alright." She gave them a small smile. "I know you guys meant no harm. Don't mind it." She then noticed a spider crawling onto on of their shoulders. She held out her finger and let it crawl onto her. She brought it close to her face as she examined it. Suddenly it turned to ash and got lost in the wind. "Sara." She whispered to herself. She turned her head back to Zero. "Thanks for earlier, Zero."

"Stay away from me.” He stomped off.

The car escorting Kanade pulled up to the hunter association. Kanade followed Yagari towards the entrance. The hunter went inside, but when he looked back Kanade was standing a few feet away from the doorway.

"What are you standing there for?"

"I can't go in..." She trailed off.

Yagari huffed and walked back over to her. The next thing she knew she was being swept off her feet and into his arms. He took her inside and Zero popped up in her mind. He set her down and she followed him as he led her towards the library. She had asked him to take her there so she could look into the files on her ancestor, hoping she could come to understand Kaname better. As they walked across the courtyard Kanade felt the same head pounding, chest tightening feeling she had the last time she was there. It wasn't as strong though. She stopped midway and stared down at the cobblestone ground. Yagari turned towards her.

"What is it now?" He asked.

"Are we standing over that furnace?" She felt a small piece of sadness wash over her as she said her words.

"Yeah, why?" Without another word Kanade dropped her umbrella, got down on her knees and pressed her ear against the stone. "What are you doing?"

Kanade tried her hardest to tune everything out and focus on the furnace below.

‘Why is it that I have this strange feeling whenever I come to this spot?

What is it about that furnace?’

She listened as hard as she could and for a slight second she heard a beating heart within the fire. Her eyes widened and she felt that same sadness hit her again. She snapped her head up.

"Do you have any files on the woman?!" She exclaimed.

"No. What is it?" He asked.

"Can I go down to the furnace?" She asked.

"I don't think that is a very good idea, very few are allowed down there."


"I'm sorry, but I can't."

Kanade dropped her eyes back to the ground.

'Who is this woman?' She thought.

She knew the story well of how she sacrificed herself for humanity so that the hunters could make weapons to fight against the evil vampires. However, whenever it was brought up she couldn’t help but feel despair wash over her. As if she had lost a loved one. She never understood that instinct reaction she had. And maybe, just maybe, there was something more to it.

Zero knocked on the door to Kanade's cottage, but there was no answer. He couldn’t sense her presence inside, but he checked anyways. She wasn't there. He huffed and headed towards the main dorms. He checked in every room, but she was still nowhere to be found. He searched the grounds and even the sun dorms.

He walked back to the moon dorms. He was starting to worry. He leaned against a nearby tree and tried to think of somewhere she might be. Suddenly a menacing laugh filled the air. He glanced over and Hatori was standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Aren't you supposed to stay in that room with that vampire?" Zero said.

"Can't find her can you? She always did like to run off." Hatori said, completely disregarding the question.

"You talk as if you know her." Zero replied as he stared ahead.

"Oh quite well. She even gave me a little taste once."

Zero narrowed his eyes at him.

"Well I wouldn't expect another." Zero said before he began to walk off.

"You never know. Perhaps me or maybe even the vampire king will get another taste in the near future." Zero stopped in his tracks and glanced back with a glare that would send shivers down anyone else's spine. Hatori suddenly got very serious, “You should let her go. She isn’t yours to protect.”

Zero slightly turned his body to face him.

"What do you know?” He growled. “Who are you?"

“It's best that you don't know the answer to that question. For now we will just say that I'm just a man who shares the same interests as you."

"And what interests are those?"

"Kanade safe. My sister and I have a secret concerning you and Kaname Kuran that you might like to know."

"And that is?"

He smirked, "My sister wanted to be the one to tell you but I suppose I will just tell you here and now."

"I've already looked through all your files on the Takanashi, I was simply kidding myself thinking that I might have missed something. Since you refuse to show me the furnace though I have no more business here." She wanted to get at far away from the furnace as possible. Just being there made her want to crawl up in a ball and cry.

She turned around and started to walk off but Yagari grabbed her arm. She looked back at him with the corner of her eye.

"There is something the President wants to talk to you about."

"I should go back before classes begin. Can't he just talk to me when he's at school at a more convenient time?"

"You're the one that came here so you might as well.”

Kanade let out a sigh and instantly regretted not letting Zero know where she was going. Sooner or later he will notice she is gone, but she followed Yagari inside anyways.

Meanwhile, everyone was studying in their dorms when Yuki walked in with the disciplinary committee armband and a determined demeanor.

"We are having a routine room inspection! If you don't want us to ransack the place please hand over the blood tablets in your possession!" Yuki declared. "Huh? Where's Kanade?" She asked as she realized that she hadn't seen her sister since the night before. "I brought her armband." Everyone simply shrugged their shoulders. She let out a huff.

Kanade followed Yagari into the President's office.

"Hello Kanade." The Chairman gave her a small smile. She simply nodded her head. "I would like you to report something to Yuki. I have the pureblood Touma here. He is badly injured due to Kaname's actions. When he is healed I would like him to join the night class and undergo protection."

"Touma? He hurt that little boy?" Kanade said as she stared down at her hands and tried to contemplate why he would do such a thing. Sure that boy is rotten, but he is just a kid. He's simply spoiled is all.

"It doesn't matter if they are humans or vampires, I will not forgive random killing..." The Chairman said as he stared down at his desk.

"Kaname put the boy in harms way. You have to understand that vampire isn't who you think he is." Yagari said.

"I know… I have already come to that conclusion. He is not the man I once knew.” Kanade said. She clenched her hands into fists at her sides as she tried to control her emotions. She glanced over there was a feint outline of the little girl with red eyes staring back at her from the corner of the room.

"Yagari, can you leave us alone for a minute?" The Chairman asked. Yagari narrowed his eyes. After a moment he reluctantly nodded his head and left.

"When he is healed we will take him. Is that all you need?" Kanade asked.

"Actually, I want to discuss some matters with you and Zero since I doubt Yuki is coming. He will be here soon." The Chairman said.

"Zero?!" Kanade's eyes widened.

"Is there a problem? You see each other every day at the school, why would now be such a hassle?"


"Wait!" Yuki cried out as she ran away from one of the angry vampires in the moon dorms. She ran out of the room and closed the door on him.

'Kanade, where are you? I could really use your help right now!'

The vampire's arm shot through the door, his head following. Yuki held out her arm and he bit into it.

"It... hurts." She whispered to herself, trying to endure the pain.

"Hey!" Aido called out from the other side of the door. He pulled the vampire back. "Let go! Do you know who she is?!" The vampire stopped and looked up at him with a confused expression.

"Eh? I… How could I?" The vampire exclaimed and held his head in his hands in despair.

"As I thought. Aido!" Yuki poked her head through the hole in the door. "Let everyone drink my blood!"

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