Fate's Evil Curse

A Sweet Dream

Zero walked through the entrance of the Association and headed towards the president's office.

"Zero?" Yagari called out. "Were you asked to come over by the Association President? What a coincidence. Well, I appreciate your efforts."

"What do you mean a coincidence?" Zero asked.

"Kanade asked to come earlier didn't she tell you? I think she's still in there." Yagari said nodding towards the president's window. Zero's eyes widened and his anger piled up. "What about the other girl?"

"She didn't come." Zero bluntly stated. His pace began to quicken, reluctant to participate in any small talk.

"I see even his beloved daughter has abandoned him, poor thing. That daughter is pretty active in the day, I heard. Unlike Kanade who I'm told barely leaves her room. Although the new blood tablets seems to have issues, but their insignificant." As they approached closer to the office Yagari grabbed Zero's shoulder, making him stop in his tracks.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry." Zero growled with his eyes narrowed.

"I don't know what you're fussing about now, but finish up your business with the president and hurry back to the academy with Kanade. And keep an eye on Kuran Yuki. Make sure Kaname Kuran isn't hindered." Yagari stared to turn away. "Do not let any harm to Kanade. You are still responsible for her." They both parted ways and Zero trudged up the steps leading to the President’s office.

Zero knocked on the door and Kanade jumped in her seat out of fear. She could feel his anger radiate from behind the walls. Zero let himself in and she hid behind the couch. The Chairman had a confused look on his face.

"I know you're there." Zero said.

She winced at the sound of his voice and slowly peeked her head out, only to hide again once her eyes met his.

"Kanade, don't be so childish. Come out." The Chairman said.

Kanade took a sharp breath and slowly stood up. She hesitantly walked over to Zero's side with her head downcast.

"Sorry…” She glanced over through her bangs to see that the figure of the girl was gone.

"Now, recently it seems that neither sides are sending detailed reports. It'd be good if I was overthinking things. Ah, but Kaito did send a in a report regarding Yuki. I heard that earlier today she prevented an attack from the night class students am I right?"

"What!?" Kanade exclaimed. She looked over at Zero who kept his gaze forward, showing no emotion. She looked back over at the Chairman and he nodded.

"Some day class students snuck in and apparently the blood tablets made a few night class students act out of character." The Chairman said.

"Oh no! Then almost half the night class must be affected! I need to go help her!" Kanade started to run out, but she stopped when Zero spoke.

"Why do you care so much for that girl? She did steal him from you. Wouldn't it be better if she was troubled or even gone?"

She stared at the door in front of her as she consumed his words.

"Sure, I'm jealous that he chose her over me but.... if she is what makes him happy then I will do everything in my power to keep her safe, because that is what you do when you love someone.” She gave him one last glance before running out.

"Kanade!" The Chairman called after her, jumping up from his seat. He let out a sigh as he realized she was completely gone. "I was hoping to ask her about this matter as well..." He looked up and to his surprise Zero had disappeared as well. He let out another sigh. "I guess with Kaname being the way he is now, those two are a much better match."

Kanade ran as fast as her feet would take her, but it didn't seem enough. Lately she hasn't been drinking from Zero and has been avoiding any and every blood tablet. She stopped to catch her breath in the middle of town, panting furiously. Suddenly she felt someone lift her up and drape her over their shoulder. She kicked and screamed, but suddenly stopped when she noticed the familiar scent.

"Zero?" She squeaked a bit frightened by his infuriated emotions radiating around her. He said nothing as he carried her back towards the car. He pushed her into the passenger seat and he sat in the driver seat. “When did you learn to drive?” She asked him.

“During that year.” He said, referring to the year when Kanade was living with Yagari and Yuki with Kaname. They sat in silence for most of the drive.

"I thought he took you…” Zero said when they were only a few miles away from the academy.

Her eyes widened at his sudden words. She looked over at him, only to avert her gaze once again.

"No..." Was all she could muster up in response.

When they arrived at the academy they both got out of the car and Kanade started towards the front gates, but Zero suddenly stopped her, grabbing onto her arm. She looked back at him in confusion and he took a step towards her before pinning her arms to her sides and laying his head on her shoulder. Her eyes widened as she stared ahead.

"I thought you left me." He mumbled.

For a moment Kanade felt that he might cry from the sound of his voice, as if it was straining to sound calm. Kanade felt her heart drop as she thought about wrapping her arms around him and saying she would never leave him. But she knew that wasn't the best thing to do as she still held too much of Kaname in her heart to make such promises.

"I'm sorry Zero..." She whispered as her throat tightened. "I'm so sorry, but one day I will leave. I will stop him, and I will find out the truth. I will reveal his true self.”

She knew that her words would hurt Zero, but that was all she could think to do if she truly needed to let him go. It was the first time in awhile that she showed true emotion and she knew it would hurt him even more at the fact that it was over that pureblood. He lifted his head and in that second Kanade found herself being pinned against the wall surrounding the academy by a very angry Zero. She kept a determined expression as she met Zero's eyes, putting on a brave front.

"That guy, every cell of his existence, everything about him rotten! That guy destroyed my all! My Family! Ichiru! You! And me!!" He screamed. Kanade's eyes widened at his words.

"Ze...ro?" She choked out. "W-what..." She then felt her heart skip a beat as she felt a familiar presence. She looked over and her jaw dropped. "…Kaname?"

'Is this a dream? Has the madness caught up to me without my noticing?'

She pulled away from Zero and started to stumble towards the familiar figure, but she stopped when she realized that it was him just not the full him. The real him was off somewhere else and only a small part of him stood in front of her.

"Kanade." He spoke with his soft voice that made her melt. "You really are quite a challenge."

Kanade stared at him in confusion.


"You are just deluding yourself from the truth. I killed Hanadagi and Ouri. I will kill Sara Shirabuki, Hatori, and eventually the Touma boy. Maybe even one day I will kill you." He bellowed. His words felt like razorblades to Kanade felt like she was losing the ability to stand as her knees grew weaker. "Even with all of the effort you've put in so far to help Yuki, you have yet to fully understand my change in intentions. You should listen to Zero and maybe even have him explain into more detail. He seems to understand my existence quite well."

She glanced over at Zero who was now at her side.

"Zero?" She whispered.

"You don't have to be so blunt." Zero simply said as he looked away. "I secretly hoped that you'd walk alongside Kanade, so I could see that damn smile again." Kanade noticed a rage inside him begin to burn. "You released Shizuka from her prison, why?" Zero demanded. "Answer me, Kuran!"

"To remove Shizuka's grudge, no it was to hunt down a certain hunter couple."

"Why?" Zero hissed.

"To plant the seed of hatred towards purebloods into that families twins, with no liberalization from it till death."

Kanade's eyes widened.

‘What is happening?

What is Kaname saying?

Did he... is he the reason Zero's parents are dead?!’

"Why?" Zero exclaimed.

"To make the twins into weapons that wouldn't stop until all purebloods were massacred."

"Why..." He suddenly pulled out his gun and aimed at Kaname. "WHY US!" He screamed. "At least if Ichiru wasn't dragged into this... IF YOU DIDN'T TAKE HER AWAY, IF YOU DIDN'T PULL ALL OF US INTO YOUR SICK AND TWISTED GAME THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY TOGETHER! WE COULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY!"

Kanade stared at him in astonishment as the vines from his gun wrapped around him and his anger radiated. Kanade reached out for him and laid her hand on his arm. He lowered it and looked over at her, she stared up at him with pleading eyes. Kaname's presence disappeared as the dozens of bats flew away.

The clanking sound of the gun dropping to the ground echoed in Kanade's ears as she welcomed Zero's embrace.

Meanwhile the real Kaname was meeting with Hatori in the moon dorms. "I thought you would be more interested in talking to my sister rather than me Kuran." Hatori smirked. "I can smell it. On the way here you 'ate' a pureblood am I right?" He let out a small chuckle. "Hope you didn't go see Kanade smelling like that."

"Sara is the least of my worries at the moment."

"Yes, well. You could say she is quite obedient to her “big brother"

"I don't understand why you're still holding onto that reincarnation nonsense. We both know that is not your case."

"It was Kanade's though. I thought it'd be nice for her to be able to relate to someone."

Kaname narrowed his eyes at the smug man in front of him.

"Your infatuation with her in quite astounding, for you obviously do not love her."

"Well we do have some family history."

Suddenly Kaname had his sword rested against Hatori's neck.

"It doesn't matter what your relationship is with her. I may not be able to kill you at this moment, but I swear to you, you will not win this battle. I will kill all purebloods, including you.”

"You aren't going on about that again are you? That statement isn't even true, am I right? You won't dare kill that beloved girl of yours and Kanade is certainly out of the question."

"Their fate is irrelevant to you. As soon as I am gone they will be happy once again and you shall be dead."

Hatori met his gaze and for the first time he saw a small, devious smirk tug at the corner of Kaname's lips. He stayed composed, in no way fazed by his confidence.

"Zero." Kanade whispered. The hunter tightened his hold onto her, his fingers tangled in her hair and his arms wrapped securely around her. "I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry that this all happened."

"Stop it." He growled. "Stop apologizing. You're apology means nothing to me. You did not set my fate like he did."

"But I did. I am the reason you are so sad. If I never came into your life, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Maybe you wouldn't have been so heartbroken all this time. Kaname would have never even realized your existence."

"No. Even if you were never born this still would have happened. He would have still destroyed my being, my family."

For the first time Kanade felt as if she was overcome with the weight of her own emotions rather than someone else's.

"No! This is my fault! What can I do Zero? How do I fix my sins?" She cried out as she tightened her grip on Zero's jacket.

"I never want you to leave my side ever again. I don't know if I could take it. Losing you... was one of the worst things in my life."

There was a long pause.

'Should I?

Should I swear to be by his side?

Should I really try and erase every fragment of Kaname in my heart?'

"Okay." Kanade finally relaxed in Zero arms.

'Kaname.... Perhaps you were nothing but a sweet dream after all.'
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