Fate's Evil Curse

It's You

Yuki and Zero burst through the door leading to the roof area to see Kaname standing there waiting for them.

“Yes… the last one to be blocking my way would be you. I knew that all along Yuki.” Kaname said.

“Many innocent people have been hurt…” Yuki said as she hid under her bangs. “And their lives have been taken away.” Yuki lifted her blade behind her head and cut off her hair. "Sorry Zero. I won't make any blunders anymore. Now the both of us have the same objective. So it's fine for me to stand by you isn't it? Even right now?"

"Yeah... It's fine for you to be here."

Yuki began to charge at Kaname.

"I'll bear the consequences of your blunders meaning you'll have to help me when I'm in trouble. Kaname, I've thrown the weights. If I think of what I'll do after catching you, I won't be able to catch you. I will not waver!" She cried out as she lifted her scythe but suddenly she was thrown back by a swarm of tree roots.

"Yuki." A soft voice bellowed. Yuki looked back and Kanade stood before her, a fire burning within her, as she stared straight at Kaname. "How dare you make such an innocent girl fall to such lengths Kaname. She should not have to carry the burden of holding a blade to her own brother's heart."

"Kanade! Get out of here!" Zero growled, his vines charged towards her. She jumped out of the way and landed right in front of Kaname.

"I am done with your shit Kaname. Today you will die, by my hand."

"So you've finally detached yourself from the bond we share." Kaname said.

"If either of you interfere I will have to strike you down as well." Kanade said to Zero and Yuki, not breaking her gaze from Kaname's.

The tree roots started to surround Zero and Yuki, holding them in place.

"Tell me, what was it that finally made you realize the reality of my personality?"

"You lied to me, used my friends, you destroyed Zero's family!" She cried out before raising her daggers. They suddenly changed shape into swords and he blocked the attack by clashing his weapon against hers. "You locked me up, and killed innocent people." Their swords grinded against each other as she used all of their strength. "But none of that came close to that one thing you did." She jumped back and charged at him, but he dodged. She turned back towards him and narrowed her eyes. "You lied about ever loving me!”

'Although you may be the boy from my past after all…

You have changed to a point where I can no longer recognize you.

And now I can see that it was my ancestor all along whom you cared for.

And the only reason why ever even gave me second glance was because I looked so much like her.

I was nothing but a replacement for her.’

She jumped up and landed right in front of him, both of her swords rested against his neck and his against her heart.

"Kanade..." He lifted his free hand and stroked her cheek. Her eyes widened and she stood as still as stone out of shock. He gazed lovingly into her eyes, "My love for you is the one thing I won't allow you to not believe.”

Zero was overcome with rage. He used all of his strength and broke out of the roots.

"Enough!" He screamed.

Kaname glanced back at him and Kanade tackled him. They fell to the ground and Kanade straddled him, keeping him in place as one of her swords rested at his neck. She kept the other sword in hand the other in hand as she restricted him from swinging his weapon.

"How can you say something like that?”

Suddenly she was the one pinned down.

"Even with his blood in your veins you are still weak. You are no threat."

Zero held his gun to the back of his head.

"But I am."

"Kiriyu Zero, kill your enemy in front of your eyes with the rate you are going with those wild roses that drink unattractive blood. Recall, why did your brother have to die?" Sara said in the doorway leading towards the fight. Zero glanced over at her through the corner of his eye. "In order to give you power for revenge... I granted you my blood."

Kanade wiggled out of the pureblood’s grip, jumped up from the ground and slammed her swords against Kaname's. Zero's vines started to surround him from behind.

"I don't care how many lies you utter anymore!” Kanade gritted her teeth.

"Kanade! Release me!" Yuki screamed.

"Yuki, I'm afraid that you will have to stay there a bit longer." She said without even a glance back at her. "Kaname, I don't understand why you want to kill all purebloods, but I wont let you!"

"Look Zero, isn't the one who made the mess of your parents, your brother and your life right before your eyes?" Sara said as she walked towards them with Takuma close behind.


"Zero?" Yuki said.

"And right at this moment his power is being consumed by the hunter sword, appease your desire for revenge to your hearts content."

"Zero! Don't you dare kill him because of what Sara feeds into your mind!” Kanade growled.

"If you kill that man you will fulfill what you want. Kill him, killing doll." Sara said.

"Shut up. Don't try and act as though you are my master, pureblood." Zero said before shooting his gun. Kanade jumped back and Zero's vines engulfed Kaname. "I wanted power to hold him down, and for that your blood was necessary. Kanade!"

Kanade charged towards them with her swords raised over her head. Suddenly the ground began to shake uncontrollably. Kanade stopped in her tracks and looked around in confusion.

The concrete walls began to brake down and the roots trapping Yuki retreated. Kaname jumped up from Zero's hold and Kanade instantly swing at him. He blocked the attack, their swords grinding against each other once again. Takuma jumped in the way and grabbed his arm, holding him back.

"Please run Sara!"

"Get back Takuma, you aren't of any use here." Sara said.

"Alright already just run Sara!" He screamed.

"Lady Sara." One of her girls said.

"Welcome girls." Zero brought his face as his head began to pound and he tried to muster up some kind of control. "My incomplete killing doll, no matter what you howl about in the end you will protect me. Now, shoot that corrupted ancestor." Zero tightened his grip on his gun, ready to shoot. "Hurry and give the finishing blow and make me the true vampire queen."

Kanade shot her head back at the woman out of surprise of her words. There was a gunshot. In that moment Takuma let go of Kaname and ran towards Zero. He grabbed the hunter's arm and pushed it up so the bullet went into the air. Yuki ran as fast as she could towards Kaname and jumped in front of him as Kanade held her ground, her eyes glued on Sara as she analyzed her emotions.

'Was I wrong?

I thought it was Hatori who was just using her as a front, but she... her emotions are so devious...'

"Drop your weapons! Kaname, Kanade and even you Yuki!" Takuma said as he held Zero's gun to the hunter's neck.

"Zero!" Yuki cried out. Kanade met her eyes with Zero's.

"Zero, I'm envious of you, because you 'are of use'. Both to Kaname and Sara and even Kanade and Yuki too! You are always necessary! No... let us stop there."

"Takuma, do you really think that Sara is a pureblood who should be allowed to live?” Kaname asked.

"I don't, but I don't want her to die." Takuma said. "I think the same way about you, Kaname. So please, drop your weapons."

Sara began to approach them, a piece of metal from the broken concrete walls in her hand.

"Sorry Takuma, even so I want to become the queen." She said.

"Kaname!" Kanade cried out, dropping her swords and jumping in front of Kaname. He wrapped his arms around her as the concrete fell around them caused by a large spike shooting through the floor and piercing Sara. Yuki ran over to Zero's side and kicked Takuma in the stomach causing him to fall along with Zero's gun. She held onto Zero as she tried to protect him from the pieces of the ground falling over them.

Takuma's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"Sara!" He cried out as her body hung from the oddly shaped spike.

Sara stared up at the sky, her eyes wide and her skin beginning to crack.

"Ahh! No! I wasn’t born to become like this!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Kanade clutched onto Kaname and Yuki onto Zero as they watched her flail in pain. Takuma stared up at her in disbelief.

"Sara!" He cried out, pushing himself up as he pushed through the pain and stumbled over to her. He held his hand out and touched the large spike only to pull back when it electrocuted him. "I can't... touch it. Could this be the association's weapon, the parent?" He asked himself. Kanade looked up at Kaname in confusion.

"That's the parent?" She asked him. He glanced down at her and slightly nodded. Kanade then realized that she was holding onto him and quickly pulled away.

"Takuma... Help me." Sara whimpered as she reached out for him.

Kaname dropped his gaze from Kanade and started to walk forward.

"Wait!" She called out, and as if on cue the parent shot through the ground just ahead of him. The concrete rained down on them as Kanade watched Kaname walk into the dangerous rubble with ease. "Kaname!" She screamed and ran up to him.

She was only inches behind him when pieces of the parent grabbed hold of them both. Suddenly Kanade felt as if her head was on fire as memories began to flash before her eyes.

~10,000 Years Ago~

"You are the second one of us to pass out on the ground. This happens to you because you refuse to go find yourself some volunteers willing to be turned into servants." The hooded woman said as Kaname lay weak on the floor. "Drink. And don't go saying that you forgot how to use your fangs or something like that. I'll have you repay this favor right away." He sat up as she held out her wrist and did as she said without any protest. "The other one is a girl. She has never tasted blood before. It's amazing she has survived this long. Would you like to meet her?"

He didn’t respond. The woman grabbed onto his arm and pulled him up before leading him to the end of a long hall towards a large ominous wooden door. She lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in." A muffled voice said from the other side. The woman pushed the door open and smiled.

"Kanade, I'd like you to meet Kaname.”

The woman moved out of the way to reveal the pureblood man to her. He instantly felt a pull towards her. She nodded her head at him and he noticed her large blood red eyes. She was sitting on a windowsill, with the moon as the only light in the room. She was beautiful with long, golden blonde hair.

"I do not understand your feelings of affection for me when this is the first time I have ever laid eyes on you." She stared at him in confusion and he was taken aback by her words.

"How did you…?"

"I can see, feel, and touch all of your emotions.” He noticed the pained look in her eyes as she explained. “Every feeling you have floats around me like a cloud. It is why I lock myself up in here and refuse to drink another's blood. It is overwhelming." She let out a sigh and averted her attention out the window. "I used to have beautiful blue eyes, but my lust for blood seems to have changed the color."

Upon hearing those words he instantly fell in love with her and she could feel every bit of it. She chose to ignore it, as she did not understand why he felt this way.

From then on the two purebloods spent much time in each other's company. Their time together was mostly silent. Kanade usually stared out the window as Kaname watched her. She loved the feelings that he radiated so she never protested when he came into her room.

Months passed and one day she suddenly broke their usual silence.

"Will you do me a favor?" She said without even glancing back at him as she stared up at the moon.

He watched her in confusion, "anything,” he said.

"She has told me much about your research... it seems that you have found a solution to our existence. Seeing as it may be the only way to quench my thirst… could you kill me?”

He was taken back by her question but still tried seemed calm…

"Why would you want me to do such a thing?"

"When that woman found me I had thrown myself off the tallest building I could find. However, I could not accomplish what I set out to do. I do not think that I can go on like this. I will never be able to bring myself to drink blood… and I can feel my sanity slowly beginning to slip away from my grasp. You are so strong Kaname I know you could accomplish it...”

He could see through the little amount of light the moon gave them that she was slightly blushing.

"I don’t think I could ever accomplish such a horrid task.” Kaname said, his anger slowly building up in his chest. She cocked her head to the side in confusion.

“I’m sorry that I have angered you. I thought maybe you would understand…”

“I understand it’s just… Although I cannot stand to see you in such torment every day… My feelings for you have caused me to become selfish.”

“I don’t understand…”

“A life without you at this point… I can’t even bear to think about it.” She stared at him with wide eyes. He slowly pushed himself up from his chair and sat beside her on the windowsill. He grabbed her hand and she felt her heart begin to flutter. She had longed for his touch. His feelings of love towards her over their time together had filled her up and planted itself in her even when he was gone. "Kanade, won't you join me in holy matrimony?"

"How can you ask such a question when I just requested you to end my life?"

"Do not make me do such a wretched thing." He breathed as he leaned in closer, cupping her crimson face with his hands, and lightly grazed his lips against hers.

"Kaname." She moaned before filling the space between them, giving into the feelings surrounding her.

"I love you." He mumbled against her swollen lips. She pulled back and averted her eyes to the ground.

"How could you love such a tortured thing as me?"

His voice then dropped to barely a whisper, "Loving you is as easy as breathing. You are the only thing left in this world worth living for."

She took a deep, shaken breath as she met his loving gaze.

"I will not last much longer… please relinquish your feelings for me. I could not bear to make you fall to despair when I lose myself in my hunger. Do not look at me as if I am beautiful or worthy of your stature. Instead, look at the woman. She is the one who found us. she is the only one who seems to be able to stand tall for humanity. Throw me away and follow her."

Although he was reluctant, Kaname did as Kanade requested and followed the woman in the beginnings of a long war of humans against vampires. Kanade was left behind, safe as she slumbered for what she intended to be eternity. In despair from Kanade’s rejection, Kaname set out to throw his heart in the furnace. However, he was not quick enough and the woman took his place. When he lost her he married another pureblood woman and passed on his bloodline. Many years passed and she was soon gone as well. He then decided that he would join the one he loved in a deep eternal sleep.

~2,000 years later~

Kaname and Kanade's coffins sat beside one another in the mausoleum underneath the Kuran castle and one day they were opened by a mysterious man. He left a sacrifice for them, but he was nowhere to be seen. Kaname drank from the human out of instinct, but Kanade was to weak to move.

"Here, eat." He held out the man over her and she very slightly, with all of her strength, shook her head.

"No." She breathed. She had never drunken from anyone besides the woman and she wasn't going to start now. Kaname became frustrated and his hunger that built up over the years was in no way quenched. He picked her limp body up and ran outside in search for their decedents with a plan he had in mind for 2,000 years.

They fell in love again. However, they did not remember who they were. It was only until the night Kanade had died Kaname’s memories suddenly came back. He somewhat knew the truth all along, but he repressed it. He wanted to keep his innocence along with Kanade. Out of despair from her death Kaname went back into slumber for 8,000 years until Rido had awakened him.

Kanade snapped back to reality, panting furiously from the sudden memories. She looked down at the pieces of the parent wrapping around her.

'Is this... is this that woman?!'

She looked up at Kaname who stared straight ahead, his sadness clouding around her made everything more real.

'Am I... the Takanashi ancestor?'

"At this rate... I cannot allow myself to cool down... until I fulfill it." A familiar soft voice echoed. Kanade's eyes widened as tears began to suddenly spill from her eyes. "I won't be destroyed until they have been. To destroy Purebloods who draw others into the darkness, that is the meaning of my existence."

"You have already done your best..." Kaname said. "Ten thousand years is sufficient so... rest in peace."

"Kaname..." Kanade said.

"Kanade?" The woman cooed. Kanade as if all the air suddenly left her lungs as the woman appeared in front of them with a small smile spread across her lips.

"It's…. it's you." Kanade mumbled as the woman gazed down at her lovingly, she glanced over at Kaname who stared up at her with sad eyes.

"You can rest now, she is safe and I will succeed you." He said.

The woman narrowed his eyes down at him before reaching out and caressing his cheek. In that second her eyes softened and she crumbled into pieces. Kanade stared down at the ashes and when she looked up Kaname was leaving.

"Kaname!" She cried out and he glanced back at her as she tackled him in a hug from behind. "Don't you dare leave me again! I remember… I remember how long you have waited.” He glanced back at her as she cried into his back. Suddenly, he turned into a swarm of bats and transported her away.

“Kaname!” Yuki called out.

When the bats reached the ground on the other side of the association grounds he returned to his original form and turned towards the pureblood clutching onto him.

"You shouldn't have remembered… it will only make things more difficult.”

"What do you mean you'll succeed her?" Kanade asked.

"You cannot remember." He turned around and leaned down, about to erase her memories.

She grabbed onto him, "Stop it! Why do you always think like this? Like I need saving all the time? I will always love you and you can never change that, so stop acting like your love is a burden for me because it's not!" She screamed. There was a long moment of silence. She took a few deep breaths, anxious for his reply.

"It isn't my love that I believe is a burden. It's the feelings you hold towards me which seem like heavy weights you must carry around with you."

"Why do you think that? It's not like that at all, Kaname! Has it all gone to waste, all the promises we made?"
He suddenly pulled her into her arms and held her tightly against him.

"Why must I be so selfish?” He mumbled as he tangled his fingers in her hair. “I should have let you go the moment I saw you. I should of just left you to your human life and give you that happy ending you deserve."

"There is no way I could have any type of happy ending without you.” She clutched onto his shirt as she savored his touch. “Just let me stay, please. I don't want to go, not again.” She felt her throat tighten as she said her words.

Kaname slowly lifted his head and met her gaze causing her heart begin to quicken and her face to turn crimson red. He stared down at her as he savored this moment. The Kanade he had fallen in love with all those years was finally standing in front of him. He felt his self-control begin to diminish and he crashed his lips against hers. He kissed her with all of the passion he held up inside of himself for her; for the long years he spent without her in his arms.

Kaname had swept her away to his hideout, where he would be able to have her all to himself. The old Kanade that he missed so dearly had finally come back after thousands of years of the long game to keep her safe, to give her that happy ending he so wished for her to have. All of the lies and betrayal against her were nothing in her mind now.

They stood in the middle of the living room in each other’s arms.

"Even with all of the cruel acts I did, you still insist to be by my side…." He moved a piece of her hair out of her face.

"Even though what I think you are doing is wrong, does not mean that I love you any less. I know it's mad and makes no sense, but how in the world am I supposed to stop?"

"I never did understand why you loved me…" He said as he pulled her in for another kiss.

'I know I used to always say that destiny must have wanted us to be together forever, but it's just you and me now. Only we have the power to be together, so stop acting as if you have caused me sorrow and start letting me give you happiness, Kaname.'

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