Fate's Evil Curse

Those Eyes

Zero and Yuki were searching the grounds for Kanade and Kaname

“Oi. The vampire over there.” He called out to Yuki. She looked back to see Yagari caught in the rubble from the association building. “Lend me a hand.” She said as he pushed a large rock off of him.

“Teacher…” Yuki got down on her knees in front of him and started to move some rocks, while Zero pushed the rock that was on top of him away. “Are you okay?”

“Help, she is…” Yagari said as he pulled Seiren, unconscious, out from under him.

“Teacher… did you protect Seiren?” Yuki said as she held the vampire in her arms. He looked down.

“Seems that girl has made me soft…” He looked up at Zero. “Where is she?”

“…She’s gone.” Zero said. “He took her.”

Yagari pushed himself up despite his injuries and grabbed the hunter by the collar.

“You just let her be taken?” He growled. “You are her guardian! Does that mean nothing to you?”

“I will get her back… no matter what.”

Only a few days passed since the day Kaname brought Kanade to his side.

“Kaname?" Kanade called out from outside his office.

She knocked on the door and walked in finding him asleep on the couch. She smiled and walked over to his side. She sat down and carefully lifted his head onto her lap.


Kaname was walking down the long path leading from the moon dorms to the classrooms with dozens of screaming human girls on each side. His fellow classmates were close behind. It was like any other day. He had been anticipating the moment he'd be able to talk to Yuki, or maybe when she might give him chocolates since it was Valentines Day.

But then he saw her.

The sun gleamed against her pale skin and her golden hair as she glared down at the loud girls bombarding her when she pushed them back.

Was it...?

He walked up to her and took a sharp breath.

"Who are you?" His smooth voice filled the air.

She turned towards him and he felt his chest begin to tighten as she gave him a nostalgic wide-eyed look. Her eyes gleamed a light blue color.

Was this her?

A soft voice echoed around him, "I used to have beautiful blue eyes, but my lust for blood seems to have changed the color."

Could it be...?

"Uhmm I'm Kanade." The girl said.

That's the same name... the same voice. The same chime like voice that he missed so much... it was exactly the same.

Kaname, are you asleep?

Kanade and Kanade were walking along the courtyard together as he was trying to see if she was the same woman he lost. Suddenly, the girl tripped over and Kaname grabbed her, pulling her into her arms. She let out a small scream and Kaname began to panic.

"Kanade? Are you hurt?"

‘The slightest touch and you scream out in pain…

You had become the very thing all vampires despised.

Why? Why did you have to be born like this?

Everything that I worked for to make this world safe for her…

If I held you in my arms and called you mine I would lose it all in simple moment.

Is this my punishment for not protecting you?

How long will this torment last?’

Kaname, wake up.

"You sure dancing with me is a good idea?"

"To them you are just another choice to be my fiancé… when in reality you've always been my bride."

"No I'm not… We could never be together. Not with what I am." There was a long pause. She looked up at him, waiting for some kind of response.

"I guess in a way the curse was never lifted." He gave her a slightly sad smile. That smile was so beautiful yet so heart wrenching.


“Like I said before our ancestors loved each other deeply, but no matter how hard they tried there were just too many obstacles; as though it were a curse.”

"I wonder… how many times this has happened with our families…”

“Our families have a long history, my dear. I assure you it’s happened countless times.”

“I suppose… It's okay. Just being around you is enough."

"I feel the same."

"So promise me… that no matter what we will be at each other's side. Even if there is another girl on your arm, we'll at least be friends."

The same words... Her memories of her past life are bleeding through. How long will she be able to live in this ignorance?

I crave your sweet blood my dear.

"Kanade..." The vampire breathed with his eyes half closed.

"Did I wake you?" Kanade asked as she felt a smile tug at the corner of her lips.

"As long as the first thing I see is you when I open my eyes it does not matter." He lifted his palm and caressed her cheek as he took in her angelic features. He sat up and his arms surrounded her, holding her firmly against him. Her eyes widened at his sudden actions, but she soon relaxed in his arms. She laid her head on his chest and took a deep breath.

"Did you dream at all?" She asked.

"No dream is better than the reality I'm living now." He leaned down so their lips were inches apart. "Are you more comfortable now that you have had time to adjust?"

"I still have some questions..." She said.

"Again with the questions?" His hand encircled her face, his thumbs running softly against the smoothness of her flushed cheeks.

"Well maybe if you answered them we'd get somewhere." She pursed her lips.

"Alright, what would you like to know?"

"Why can't I remember anything from before I met that woman?"

"When she found you, you were deep in your own madness. You never could recall your memories from before throughout the time I knew you."

'What an unhelpful answer.'

"I don't remember ever having children so why do I have decedents?"

“I was surprised as well when I found your kin. Perhaps you reproduced before you were found by her."

"You really know nothing do you?"

He lightly chuckled and tightened her grip on her. "It's quite unsettling for me, perhaps that is why I have been so interested in you for so long. You have always been a mystery. It does not matter in the end though, because I will always love you." He leaned in for a kiss but she pulled her head back.

"Why didn't you just bring back my memories right away? This could of all happened sooner, yet you chose to keep me in the dark."

“… I often internally battled with myself about turning you into a vampire and returning you your memories. However… at that time because of the way you are I decided it would best if you lived a normal human life. But I became selfish when I saw your feelings for me... and that internal battle continued on and on, every night… Now, enough questions.”

He lowered her down so he was positioned on top of her. She shuddered at his hot breath, as he slowly kissed her neck, which sent her mind in every direction. Just his mere touch always seemed to boggle her mind. She felt the heat begin to rise to her cheeks.

"O-one more." She stammered.

"Alright, but only one." He said as he began to kiss down to her chest.

"What about Yuki?"

He stopped his kisses and lifted his eyes up to hers.

"I see, so this is what has been bothering you...." She slightly nodded and he let out a sigh. "I care for Yuki... when she was born the empty oasis I felt so trapped in before was suddenly filled by her bright smile, but with you it's different. You were the one that made that trench in my heart and when you're in my arms every hole, every crevasse is filled."

He laid his head down on her chest and closed his eyes. Taking in her tantalizing scent. He wished to be with her in every way at that very moment.

"I think your love for Yuki isn't romantic like you think it might be…” Kanade stroked his hair. “If I'm correct the only love you felt before was for me and the woman. You've never had more than us as a family. I think your love for her is a bit different, like a sister. I think your urge to protect her and give her a good life comes from your loss of the only two people you loved, but that doesn't mean that you love her the same way. The woman was a mother and I was a lover, never before have you had a sister."

"Perhaps you are right. All I want is for Yuki's happiness, along with yours."

He lifted his head and his lips met hers. His hands took hold of her by the waist, pulling her towards him aggressively. With each movement of their trembling lips, something broke into an intense fire. He lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pinned her down on the couch. A soft moan built in her throat, tumbling from her lips as she opened her mouth to let his tongue slip inside her mouth in search for her own. Her fingers laced into his wild hair, drawing him to her thirstily.

Their tongues tasted, tested, and dove against one another, binding them more deeply than before. She tugged at the bottom of his shirt. He helped her take it off before melting back into her lips. She felt herself become more aroused as she traced his hard toned chest.

She couldn’t handle the temptation anymore. She leaned in and bared her fangs before sinking her teeth into the soft skin of his neck. He tightened his grip around her waist as she felt his delicious, warm blood flood over her taste buds and flow down her throat. She was overcome with ecstasy as she felt her thirst begin to fade.


My unbearable thirst is fulfilled.’

The sun was beginning to set and Kanade woke up beside Kaname. She felt an uncountable grin appear on her face.

'I love you so much.'

She gently touched his cheek with her palm and took a deep breath. His eyes then fluttered open and he smiled down at her as he savored her touch.

"Hello." He said as he pulled her in by her waist and kissed her nose. She giggled before kissing his back.

'So please...'

"What shall we do now?" She asked.

"Oh I have a few ideas." He said before crashing his lips against hers and rolling her over.

'Stay by my side forever.'

For the next few days Kanade and Kaname did nothing but spend their time in each other’s arms.

Kanade was stood out on the balcony as she stared out into the nearby forest as she remembered a promise she had broken.

"I never want you to leave my side ever again. I don't know if I could take it. Losing you... was one of the worst things in my life.”


No don't think about that!

He probably didn't even notice I was with Hatori as he ran around with Yuki. Even if he did fall for her because of my existence he still thinks of her first before anything else.

I don't know what I'd think though if they were together now, completely forgetting about Kaname and I, but I suppose that is what we are doing now...

We are being quite selfish, aren't we?'

"Kanade." A deep voice filled the air. Kanade turned back to see Kaname in the doorway. "It seems that we have received an invite from Isaya to a masquerade ball. Shall we go?"

"Huh? Are you sure about that? Isn't everyone looking for you? It doesn't seem like the best time."

"It's a masquerade party, my dear." He said as he walked towards her and pulled her into him by her waist. "We will be completely anonymous. Don't you think it would be fun?"

"I suppose..."

The next night Kanade walked out of the bedroom with a long dark blue ball gown on, which covered every bit of her markings that proved who exactly she was.

"You look beautiful." Kaname said as his arms surrounded her waist and he kissed her forehead. "Now for the finishing touch." He took a small black mask, which matched his, from his pocket and lifted it over her face so it covered her eyes but not her mouth.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Kanade asked.

"Of course. Don't worry. Everything will turn out fine in the end." He said before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers.

A few hours later they arrived at the ball, entering from the back so no one would see them. Everyone wore masks and danced around without a care in the world, not even noticing the purebloods’ presence.

"It's quite unnerving don't you think?" Kanade said. However, when she looked over Kaname was suddenly gone. She looked around in confusion as she started to panic.

"Seems your date ditched you." Hatori said as he approached her. He wore the same mask he wore at the last ball so she instantly recognized him.

"Uhhh..." She was afraid that she might reveal her identity to him if she said anything else.

"May I take his place for this song?" He asked. His hand extended towards her. She reluctantly took it, fearing that if she declined he would make a scene. He pulled her in and they danced slowly. She concentrated on her feet; afraid she might step on him. "I'm surprised you came." He whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened and she held her breath. "I can recognize your scent anywhere." He lightly chuckled. "I'm guessing you remember a bit more now huh? But not entirely, I'm afraid, or you would do much more than hold your breath in my presence."

"What do you mean?" She quietly asked.

"Never mind that. It's irrelevant I suppose."

"Who exactly are you, Hatori?"

"Now, now. It's simple etiquette to keep a person's identify a secret when they wear a mask, but I do know a few things about this Hatori man you speak of and I suppose I will share a few things." He leaned in and whispered in her ear. "I hear that he never died that night 8,000 years ago."

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.


"It seems the song has ended. Until next time, my lady." He bowed and then disappeared into the crowd. She tried to run after him but no matter where she looked she could not find him.

Kanade walked out onto the terrace, giving up on finding either Kaname or Hatori. She leaned against the railing as she tried to concentrate on staying calm. She assured herself that after all they had been through there was no way Kaname would just abandon her here. She glanced over, sensing a presence. Her eyes widened when she saw a couple kissing right in front of her. She quickly turned away to give them their privacy, but then she noticed something odd. She glanced back when she saw the emotions from the man were familiar. Suddenly she gasped when she caught his scent.

“Zero…” She said under her breath.

They pulled back and Zero glanced over in her direction. His eyes widened and he turned towards her.

"Kanade?" She internally panicked and ran inside. "Kanade!" He called out to her as they both broke out into a run. She glanced back at them. The mask of the girl he had been kissing had fallen off and running after the pureblood along with Zero was Yuki Kuran.

"My lady." A small girl came up to her. "He's this way."

"Rima?" Kanade asked recognizing those pigtails. The girl nodded. She led her upstairs and into an unfamiliar room with Kaname and Isaya inside.

"Kaname!" Kanade exclaimed as she ran up to him and tackled him in a hug. "We need to leave right now! Zero and Yuki have spotted me!"

"Shhh, my love." He said as he stroked her hair. "After the darkness is lifted it will be like nothing ever happened."

"Kaname… what are you going to do?" She asked.

"For now I will make you forget everything that has to do with me.”

Her eyes widened at his words and everything began to click in her mind. The reason he brought her here at a time like this, where they could lose everything with just one slip... this was their farewell.

"What? No! Don't leave me, don't leave me alone!" She screamed as she hit him on the chest. She then held her head down and took a sharp breath as she clutched onto his jacket. "I will not be anything close to happy. Without you my heart will hurt. You don't know how much I love you. I know you at times you may have thought your love was unrequited..." she lifted her head so their eyes met and she felt her throat tighten, "but Kaname I have always loved you and I always will. I will never forget. No matter how many times you erase my memory, I will never forget. You will always be apart of me. Please Kaname, I love you. I love you so much it hurts!" Her tears started to flow furiously.

He pulled her in for a kiss, "You are the very reason for my existence, but you are also the destruction.” His thumbs softly ran over her flushed cheeks, relentlessly wiping away her tears. He kissed her forehead before pulling her into a hug, stroking her hair as she sobbed into his chest. "Why is it that in all the lives you've lived this is the first one in which I've ever seen you cry so much?" She tried to catch her breath and say something, but she was in too much despair. He pulled her in for one last kiss as he intertwined his fingers with hers. "Tears don't suit you, my love." He whispered into her ear, before biting into her neck and draining her of her memories of him.


"Kanade, I'd like you to meet Kaname."... "I do not understand your feelings of affection for me when this is the first time I have ever laid eyes on you."

"Will you do me a favor?".... "Anything."... "She has told me much about your research... it seems that you have found a solution to our existence. Seeing as it may be the only way to quench my thirst… could you kill me?”

Although I cannot stand to see you in such torment every day… My feelings for you have caused me to become selfish.”…. “I don’t understand…”… “A life without you at this point… I can’t even bear to think about it.”

"How could you love such a tortured thing as me?" "Loving you is as easy as breathing. You are the only thing left in this world worth living for."


"Kanade, I'd like you to meet Kaname. He will be your new playmate."

"Kanade?" ... "Hmm?"... "When you're old enough… who are you going to marry?" ... "Kaname of course." ... "Good."

"Kaname… I love you."... "I love you too."

"Kanade. I will soon join you in death."... "No. Live. Live forever and love someone, but please don't forget me and do not lose that smile of yours I cherish so."... "But you promised."...."And when I am reincarnated I shall follow through on that promise."... "I will wait for you, my love."

'Don't do this'

"Who are you?"… "Uhmm I'm Kanade."… "Are you a new member of the disciplinary committee?"

"To the rest of the vampire world you are an abomination."… "And to you?"… "You're special…"

"I'm an abomination! So why don't you just kill me now? Won't the vampire council be angry otherwise?"…."I could never."

"Everyone is watching."… "It's because you're so beautiful."

"Although I do enjoy seeing you without that article of clothing, I was much more worried about your well being than your obscenity."... "You were worried about me?"… "Of course I was. I worry about you all the time.”

"I promise. We will be together forever Kanade, even if we aren't lovers."

'Kaname I will remember you again, I swear!'

"This… this isn't real. This has to be a dream."…."It isn't. I waited or you, just like I said I would."

"I've waited over 8,000 years to feel your warm embrace once again."

"Kanade... I know what you're thinking... but… since when do you break your promises?"… "I don't think I can just sit back idly and watch someone else have you. I'm... I'm too selfish... I'm sorry."

"Goodbye, Kanade."… "Goodbye, Lord Kaname."

'Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Forever.'

When he had taken the very last one he lifted his head up and whispered into her ear as she lay unconscious in his arms. "You will forget I ever came into your life I'll be nothing more than a distant memory of a forgotten past."

The door suddenly flew open to reveal Zero and Yuki pushing through Rima and Senri. Kaname let go of Kanade and her limp body began to fall to the ground. Zero ran over to her and caught her in his arms.

"Kanade! What have you done to her?" Zero cried out as Kaname stood in the open windowsill. Yuki ran towards him and Kaname gave her a small, sad smile.

"She has forgotten me. I trust that you will take of her from now on. We are done here. Come Shiki, Rima." He said before jumping out of the window with the two nobles close behind.

Kanade woke up in an unfamiliar room.

'Why do I feel as if I have just cried a lifetime worth of tears?'

She looked around to see Yuki changing on the other side of the room. The pureblood looked back at her and gave her a small smile.

"I'm glad you are awake."

"Where's Zero? What happened?" Kanade asked as she started to sit up, her head ached.

"You don't remember?"

'Remember? What do I remember?'

"I was running away because I saw you and ... Zero..."

'Zero? Where is Zero? Yuki and him... they kissed. Does he not feel the way he feels about me after all?'

"Oh... that wasn't what you think... What about Kaname though?" She asked.

"Kaname? Who is Kaname?" Kanade felt as if she heard that name somewhere before, but she was unable to put a face to it. She looked up to see Yuki staring down at her in disbelief. “What’s the matter? Is he a friend of yours?”

“Ah! Yes, he was… a classmate of mine.”

“I see. Was he in a different grade?”

“Yes you could say that.” Yuki finished changing and walked over to the door. “I’ll go get Zero and then we will leave. I left a change of clothes for you on the table.”

Yuki walked across the hall and knocked on the door of the bathroom.

"Are you done preparing?" She asked.

"Just awhile more." Zero's muffled voice came from behind the door. "You're fast."

"Kanade is awake. She is waiting for us in the other room."


".... It's a relief that nothing happened to Isaya and the other guests."

"What Isaya said to Kaname Kuran, aren't you curious?"

"I am. Kanade really doesn't remember a thing about Kaname nor those last few minutes before we came. Recalling what happened tonight... many things... like the fact that I didn't know that you danced."

"What do you mean?"

Yuki put her hand on the door and smiled to herself.

"Yes... that's right. That was a fantasy. The Zero I know is supposed to be unable to dance at all after all. I recalled the time the dance festival at the academy. During the decoration of the venue, Zero, you arrived late, blood-stained all over. Girls who wanted to dance with you invited you but you rejected them easily." Little did she know that Zero did actually dance with Kanade that night just before the young girl arrived. "Hey, since the masquerade ball I've been wondering... if you were not a hunter, nor I a vampire, if we met as totally normal human beings how would we turn out to be...? You know. Would I have thought honestly that you were 'so cool' and things like that? Kanade once mentioned that you two were childhood friends though, so nothing would probably happen... but maybe... you wouldn't have stayed back a year so you'd be a year ahead I guess, but you definitely would not get along well with brother Kaname. Perhaps Kanade would though and she would watch him from afar. Maybe one day they would run into each other in the halls, falling in love at first sight and after a few weeks of dating they would want to introduce each other to one another's family. Maybe she'd consider you a brother or maybe she had what she thought was an unrequited love for you. They'd introduce us and I wonder if anything would of happened after that… if we would have watched them grow old together at each other's side, truly happy for them or simply disregard one another's existence."

Zero opened the door, causing her to fall to her knees, and narrowed his eyes down at her.

"You really are an idiot."


"In the first place if we were born human none of us would have any links."

'Kanade wouldn't have anything to do with that bastard and I would have never met her…. maybe that would have been the better life.'

"Stop indulging in delusions that will never happen in reality. Let's get Kanade and go."

Yuki grabbed onto Zero's arm. She pulled herself up and pinned him against the wall.

"... Zero." She held her head down as she lifted her hand up to the side of his face. She started to pull off his jacket so his neck was revealed. She pulled him in so her lips were inches away from his neck. She bared her fangs and sunk her teeth into his flesh.

"Yu--" Zero's memories of Yuki suddenly all began to drift away in Zero's mind. "Ugh." Zero pushed her back. "What... are you doing..."

Yuki lifted up her sleeve and slammed her wrist holding the bracelet the Chairman gave her against his neck tattoo causing him to fall to the ground, paralyzed.

"Yuki!" He exclaimed.

"Do you know that the first thing she asked about when she woke up was where you were? If I absorb your memories... if I just erase my existence... then maybe, just maybe you two have a chance!"

She got on top of him and bit into his neck.

"Erase?... Stop it! I wont forgive you! Stop it Yuki!”

She pulled back, his blood dripping down her chin, and whispered, "Sorry... I'm sorry... sorry but if I don't do so I... won't be able to go..." Tears began to form in her eyes and her voice cracked. "The only way to stop Kaname is for me to make him human."

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