Fate's Evil Curse


After Yuki had taken Zero’s memories of her she also decided to take the last remnants of her from Kanade’s memories for she knew that if Kanade still thought of her as a sister she would never let her go.

The pureblood girl then brought the two unconscious vampires back to the academy, which had been evacuated and is now being used as the new Vampire Hunter Association for the time being.

"Are you alright?" Yuki asked as she stood over Zero in the infirmary. "Is your thirst troubling you, Mr. Hunter?"

Suddenly Zero was holding his gun to her head.

"There are no reasons why a vampire I do not know such as yourself would be concerned about my health. Disappear." He growled.

"Okay." She started to turn away. "I'll disappear since I've finished my check up... Take care." She started to walk out, but she stopped in her tracks and glanced back towards him. "By the way... that dhampire doesn't remember a thing about him."

His eyes widened and Yuki closed the door on the infirmary without another word and began to walk off. Kanade quickly ran past her and into the infirmary, barely giving her a second glance. It seemed Yuki had erased the pureblood’s memory of her as well.

Kanade swung the door open, “Zero?”

He looked over and he felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips as she stood awkwardly in the doorway.


"I'm so glad you are alright." She let out a breath in relief. She started to turn towards the door but she stopped when she felt strong arms surround her from behind.

"Kanade." He breathed as he buried his face in her neck.

"Should you be standing?!" Kanade exclaimed.

"Are you leaving me again? You chose me didn't you?" He said, completely ignoring her concern.

"Uhh... yeah I did."

'What does he mean chose?'

"So why are you turning away from me?"

'It doesn't matter I guess.'

She turned to him still locked in his hold and leaned her forehead against his.

"I'm so glad I'm back in your arms." Kanade said.

"As am I." He then leaned in and pressed his lips against hers.

A few hours later Kaito pushed open the door to the infirmary to find Zero and Kanade lying in bed fast asleep in each others arms. Kaito let out a small chuckle.

"Yagari did say once that you didn't seem to sleep all that well after she left. I wonder if you will finally be at ease despite this mess." He said before closing the door behind him.

The next day Kaito and Zero were walking down the halls just getting back from a hunt.

"Yuki! Can I have a word?" The Chairman said. Zero stopped in his tracks and glanced back to see him talking to the strange vampire woman from the other day.

"That pureblood girl... I wonder if the association is detaining her here..." Zero said.

"She's an ally for the time being, and a valuable master of Artemis... are you bothered by her?" Kaito asked.

"She's obviously an eye-sore."

"Zero, are you seriously not feeling any hunger?"

"Yeah... I feel the way I was taking tablets before like crazy was all just a lie. Kanade is all I need."

"And you and her are alright? Even with her memory loss?"

"Yeah... We're a lot better now actually... even if she doesn't remember him."

Kanade sat in Zero's room, waiting for him.

"Something isn't right..." She whispered to herself.

'There are holes in my memory...

Why can't I remember where I was before I came here?

Or what happened after that level E attacked me that one night?

What happened to make me leave Zero when Rido attacked?

I can't... I can't remember...'

Her head started to pound as she took a sharp breath.

'What... happened?'

The door swung open and Kanade shot her head up. A smile spread across her lips when she saw Zero leaning against the doorframe.

"You're back!" She said.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"Huh? Why would you say that?"

"You're sitting in the corner of the room." He nodded his head towards her and she looked around in confusion.


"You only do that when something is bothering you."

'I do?'

She then recalled how the entire time she attended the night class she often sat in the corner of her room, depressed.

'What was I so sad about? Why was my heart hurting so much?' she thought as she brought her hand to her chest and tried to rack through her mind for some answers.


"Huh?" She looked up at him. He stood over her with his hand extended.

"Don't hold in your anxiety. I'm here for you."

She stared up at him in astonishment before grabbing hold of his hand. He pulled her up and held her firmly against him as he stroked her hair.

‘I suppose… the past doesn’t matter.’

Meanwhile the Chairman was having a meeting with Kaname in the forest nearby. The Chairman had brought Yuki along, making her hide behind a nearby tree.

“Ah so you came.” The Chairman said. “We can finally speak leisurely and alone.”

“Have you finished preparing the furnace?” Kaname asked. "It's the responsibility of the last remaining member of the founders, so I will succeed her. We must leave the parent, and with that the power to butcher vampires with the humans. I will use my heart to fuel the furnace."

"You aren't the last though are you?" The Chairman asked.

"She no longer remembers. She isn't apart of this."

"Kaname stop closing your heart to everyone and stop making decisions on your own!" The Chairman burst out. "Who will benefit from continually contaminating yourself only?!.... It only happened yesterday." He said, a bit more calm now. "My followers and the students of the night class entered a specific empty castle while following a target. It's the castle where you put the end to the life of the head of the Hanadagi family and Aido's father. Despite the castle being supposedly empty, my followers and the students discovered a coffin with 'something inside' in the shrine deep underground. Inside, Mr. Aido, who you supposedly killed was alive, sleeping soundly." Yuki’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth to prevent her from gasping. “Aido quickly went to meet him.”

“I see… I’m glad.”

“It was all an act to encourage detachment. It's because you're like this that Yuki went so far as to steal the memories Zero and Kanade had of her! For Kanade and Zero's sake and also for your sake!" The Chairman cried out. Kaname's eyes widened in surprise from the news. "Kanade couldn't let go of you, no matter how many evil acts you supposedly did, so you made her forget you! What do you think would have happened? You gave Yuki the idea, so that those two could be happy! But it's false happiness and you know it!"

"Cheif Director! You had no need to say tha...!" Yuki cried out as she revealed herself from behind the tree, instantly regretting it when her eyes met Kaname's.

"Kaname, take Yuki and go. We will make sure those two stay in the dark despite the cruelty of it. Having her around isn't any help. I apologize, but the preparations for the furnace are not yet complete." The Chairman said. "I want you to know that I know it's not your true intention. I am relying on Yuki to hold you back." He walked off leaving the two alone.

Yuki held down her head when she felt Kaname grab hold of her and pull her close.

"Yuki... what have you done?"

'I can't cry... I can't be clingy...' She thought as her tears began to form. 'I can't because I...' She returned his embrace and buried her crying face in his chest. 'I was trying to help this person become human.'

Kanade tears began to form as she buried her face in Zero's chest.

"Zero... there is a large hole in my heart... and I can't figure out why." She whispered as he stroked her hair and tightened his grip around her.

"Shhh I'll sleep with you tonight so your troubles don't keep you awake." He picked her up and laid her on the bed. "Do you feel better now Kanade?" Zero asked as they lied face to face. He moved a piece of hair from her face. She slightly nodded.

"Sorry... I don't know what came over me..."

"It's alright. Try not to think to much about it." He said before he started to close his eyes. Kanade watched him for a moment and took a sharp breath before sitting up.

"Zero." She said. He opened his eyes and stared up at her.


"Kiss me."

He slowly sat up and raised an eyebrow at her sudden boldness, but nevertheless he grabbed onto her and pulled her in for a kiss.

Kaname had taken Yuki back to his castle. Kaname wrapped his arms around Yuki, but she pulled back.

"Answer me... was it all... was it all my fault?" Yuki asked him. "That night, when Rido wanted you and came to this residence, was the beginning. Why did you give up on the idea of living with me? My love isn't..."

"You don't laugh with your heart."

Her eyes widened, "We're blocked on both sides... You're even going to try and throw your heart into the furnace and I..." She suddenly crashed her lips against his and his eyes widened at her sudden action.

Kanade's words rang through Kaname's mind, "I think your love for Yuki isn't romantic like you think it might be."

Yuki then pulled away and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace once again.

".... I see... Yuki... I've realized something, you are my wonderful sister and I will do anything for you. That is all we ever were, brother and sister." He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair as her tears began to form.


"Yes, I am your brother and I always will be."

Kanade straddled Zero's lap as she traced his toned chest before leaning in so her lips were inches away from his neck.

'My hunger... it's gone... what happened to make me feel this way?'

She bared her fangs before sinking her teeth in his flesh causing him to groan underneath her. His hands traveled up her shirt and worked at her bra as his blood flowed down her throat. Kanade then pulled back and licked his wound before kissing it, making it heal. He pulled her head up and crashed his lips against hers. With every touch of his lips, with every sweet caress on her soft skin, she felt her face flush, and her parted mouth became dryer with each panting breath.

'I feel like... a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.'
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