Fate's Evil Curse

Fate's Lovely Curse

"The time has come. This is the moment when my unstoppable heart is necessary. To stop other unstoppable hearts." Kaname said as she gripped onto his chest and stared up at the furnace.

"Kaname!" A familiar voice exclaimed. He glanced back to see Kanade standing doorway, clutching onto the book.

His eyes softened. "I'm sorry."

Kanade's eyes widened and she broke out into a run as Kaname dropped his heart into the furnace.

"No!" He began to fall to his knees and Kanade stood by him, staring into the fiery furnace. "I'll get it back!" Kanade exclaimed as she started to reach in, but Kaname grabbed onto her other wrist. She looked back at him and he stared up at her with pleading eyes.

"It's too late, Kanade." He pulled her down into his arms with the last remains of his strength.

"Kaname..." Kanade and him glanced over to see Yuki and Zero in the doorway with wide eyes and dropped jaws. "Kaname!" Yuki ran up to them and stood over the two as Kanade held her head down against his chest.

"This can't be." Zero said as he kneeled down. "You... this shouldn't be happening."

"No... Kaname..." Kanade whispered into his chest as her tears began to form.

"Shhh this is for the best, my love." He cooed as he stroked her hair.

'Although there are still a few holes in my memory, I think I understand now.

You didn't choose her because you loved me any less, it was because for the first time in all the lives I have lived someone else suddenly started to care about me.

I had a family.

And although it was hard on you, you still felt this need to let me go.

You thought that maybe if I didn't love you I could be happy, but the truth is Kaname...'

"You're all the family I need." She whispered in a low voice. "But now... you’re going to disappear." She lifted her head to meet his gaze.

"That's why I wanted you to forget me." He said as he wiped the warm drops that flowed down her cheeks with his thumb.

"Even if I forget you, I will still miss you Kaname. You will always be a apart of me." He stroked her hair and stared lovingly into her eyes, glazed with her relentless tears. "Maybe... If I didn't exist.... things would have turned out different."

"Don't say such things Kanade. Our fates were always intertwined, but I do not think of it as a curse, it truly is a blessing."

Kaname leaned in and pressed his lips against hers for one last kiss. Yuki stood over the two with her hands clenched at her sides and her tears flowing furiously.

"Kaname... brother..." Zero came up from behind her and laid his hand on her shoulder, trying his best to comfort her.

“You’re… you are that girl…” Kanade said as she stared up at her, trying to piece her missing memories together. “The girl whom… I feel a strong attachment to…”

"Yuki, my dear sister. You really were a radiant existence to me. When you were born I thought “this time, I will protect you till the end.” And as my memories of Kanade and everything else came back you kept me going and gave me purpose. I named you after our non-existent daughter without even realizing it. I could have only hoped that our daughter would have been like you. Kanade, when your existence was revealed I was awe struck. I had locked away my memories of you from despair and focused everything on protecting Yuki, but when you suddenly appeared like a ghost in the crowd, everything had come back. I should have turned you fully human right away, locking away every last trace of vampires. However, I made a mistake; I lost myself in desire. I wanted you to remember on your own, and when you couldn't I wanted to see if perhaps even now you would have fallen in love with me, but then I saw how happy you seemed with the people who had surrounded you and I decided to try and move on. Of course even then... I ended up causing you even more misery."

"Don't talk about it as if it was all a mistake. I wasn't even close to happy before you came into my life." Kanade sobbed.

"The fact that I decided to protect the both of you they were all my choices. And I regret none of them... but..." He looked back at Zero. "All that I have done this far... all of the sins I have committed... I have to atone for them. You understand don't you? At this very instant too..."

"...Yeah... There's surely someone... someone yet again... who becomes another sacrifice. It may be a situation that you've brought upon."

"That's right. That's why... Yuki, Kanade, don't struggle to stop me anymore." Kaname said.

"I don't want this... I can't live in a world where you don't exist anymore..." Kanade mumbled.

"Me either..." Yuki said as she fell to her knees.

"I'll say it again. You both, gave me nothing but happiness, because there's light at the end of journey."

"Bloody rose is dying... should I be thanking you?" Zero said. "... But I cannot forgive you for giving them sorrow or grief."

"That's fine." Kaname and Kanade exchanged a quick glance before he both pulled Zero down to their level. “As long as you take care of them in the end."

Kanade looked up at Zero and met his gaze, “Zero Kiryu, I relinquish your guardianship once and for all and I give you a new task: protect Yuki Kuran and make her happy.”


“Let them be happy, Kaname. I will be fine.” Kanade said as she stroked his cheek.

Zero and Yuki's eyes widened and Kanade felt her heart drop as Kaname grew limp in her arms. Her and Yuki laid him down and Kanade lied down next to him, her head rested in his chest as Yuki began to run off.

"Yuki!" Zero exclaimed.

"Kaname..." Kanade sobbed as she felt the daggers strapped to her thighs begin to crumble. "I won't leave you. I'll stay with you till the very last second." Kanade said as she intertwined her fingers with his.

'I may not remember everything that has happened, but I do remember my love for you.

And I take comfort in the possibility that it was always you and I, that we were meant for each other since the beginning of time, and that I had someone to love and care for all this time who felt the same towards me.

I'm happy that I now know that no matter how many lives we live, we will always be able to find each other.'

Suddenly, vines erupted out of the school causing it to begin to crumble. Kanade did not move from her spot as she clutched onto Kaname and the building began to come crashing down around them.

"Kanade! Kaname!" Aido exclaimed.

The fight was over and everyone was gathered around Kaname and Kanade’s frozen bodies.

"I thought... we mustn't expose lord Kaname to danger when he is defenseless and Lady Kanade refused to leave his side. So I tried my best to lock them both up in an ice coffin." Aido said as he held his head down.

"No, you did well Aido." The Chairman said. "Other than being ancestors they are, more importantly, the children of my friends. We have to treat the both of them with care.

"Should we try to unfreeze Lady Kanade?" Ruka asked.

"No." A deep voice said. Everyone turned back to see Hatori. "Do you see their hands?" He nodded towards the two whose fingers were intertwined as they lay next to each other. "If you unfroze her there is chance that man may lose his. Besides, she would just beg to be frozen with him again anyways."

Years passed and people moved on. Hunters and Vampires fought for co-existence, Takuma guarded Kaname and Kanade's tomb along with Hatori, Aido took on Kaname's research in turning vampires into humans, Yuki and Zero after a few years recovered from their loss and ended up married. The era changed. Yuki and Zero would visit the two's chamber every once in awhile to pay their respects. Soon it was a thousand years passed and Zero had met his deathbed and on that same day was the day that the furnace’s fire would be put out.

Hatori stood in front of the frozen Kanade and took a deep breath, "I know I'm the last person you want to see right now… but I thought that I should at least say this once, even if you're not listening. I'm sorry for what I've done, I'm sorry that I can't seem to control myself. I was the one to open your tomb, but I didn't know what to do so I opened his knowing he'd have some kind of plan. I just wanted to give you another chance at a happy life, to protect you, just as I had vowed on our wedding day. I know you don’t remember, perhaps it’s best that you never did. It was a long time ago and I understand you left me and our children to keep us safe, but I couldn’t just let you live on in such misery. You allowed me to be with the woman I loved despite our forced marriage and I am forever grateful. I am so sorry for the pain I have caused you and… I know… I know that I may not have fallen in love with you, but I do care for you greatly Kanade and I wanted to be there for you. It was alright if it was unrequited. I just… I just wanted to tell you how I feel. I'm sorry that things ended this way, but I really will make up for my wrongdoings… I swear this to you… even if I wasn't lucky enough to be your lover, I'm glad that I was part of your life..."

"Hatori it's time." Yuki said as she walked in on him.

"Right." He walked over to Yuki's side as they unfroze Kanade and Kaname. They set them both down on top of the stone table. Hatori walked up to Kanade's side and stared down at her unconscious body.

"You know how your embodiment is butterfly? Or how Kaname's is a wolf and mine is a snake?" He said to Yuki as she stood behind him with her two children. "Well Kanade is special. The thing is she was never meant to be born as a vampire… she was always and completely human at heart. She cared for others and fought often internally with the vampire side of her. She never drank from them because she envied them. That is why she was reborn this way… although not entirely. Kanade will always reincarnate as a human, no matter how many times she dies. She will always be with us, in our hearts, and maybe even a few blocks down the road. Kanade will be endless, she will live on… forever, smiling." He crawled on top of Kanade and leaned down and said in a low voice, “May you always find happiness.”

He pressed his lips against her forehead and then he was gone. Yuki walked up to Kaname's side and sat down next to him.

"Aido and the others have finally completed the research from a long time ago. Hatori refused to let us use the medicine on Kanade and it'd be good if that medicine worked on you, but if we retrieved your heart from the furnace, neither will it be able to endure the effects, nor will it wake you up... but... with my life I can turn you into human." She said as she started to lean down caress his cheek. Then she was gone, disappeared into dust.

Kaname and Kanade's eyes slowly began to open.

'The long and endless journey.'

"Ah, sister... they are awake." One of the children said.

Kanade and Kaname sat up to meet eyes with the glowing sun and the glittering forest before them.

'You who fought endlessly to be with one you love.'

"This message is from our mother and father." One of the children said. "We want to give to you, whom we both love,"

"The world we saw when we were human." The other child said.

Kanade looked over to meet eyes with Kaname. He smiled down at her out of how beautiful her blue eyes shined and she felt warm drops against her cheeks. She lifted her hand to her face, realizing that she was crying.

"Why are you crying?" He asked her.

"I... don't know. Your smile it's just... so wonderful."

They both looked over and out into the magnificent scenery before them.

'May you finally be able to smile.'

The sun radiated and they felt warmed by the simple glance. Kaname outstretched his hand and small butterfly landed on his fingertip.

"What a beautiful light."
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