Fate's Evil Curse

Unexpected Reality

Kanade woke up on the bathroom floor across from Zero, surprised that she could fall asleep with him so close. She stood up and peaked through the door to look out the window across the hall. The sun was up and she dearly hoped that the Chairman hadn't walked in on them. Kanade closed the door and walked over to Zero's side. She took in his mesmerizing features. He seemed to always be sleeping when they were alone or in class. It made her feel a bit special, like he felt safe around her. She carefully pushed back his bangs, making sure not to touch his skin.

"Zero." She whispered. He didn't respond. "Zero, come on we have to go to class." She said a bit louder and his eyes started to flutter open. She unwillingly smiled. "We are probably already late." Her cheeks started to burn from his sleepy gaze.

"Can't we just sleep?" He pulled her in and held her head against his chest. She tried not to whimper at the pain that she endured from being so close. Instead she held her breath and worked through it, not wanting to leave this position. She loved being so close to him, despite the fierce pain. She closed her eyes and tried her best to enjoy this moment. Not long after a few seconds Zero's eyes shot open and quickly pushed her away, realizing the pain he was causing her. "Sorry."

"It's fine, it wasn't that bad." She breathed.

"Go change into your uniform. I'll wait outside." He said as he stood up and left her leaning against the wall, breathing heavily.

Zero disappeared after 2nd period and Kanade was worried the entire time. When she saw him waiting for her outside of her classroom at the end of her last period she was overcome with rage.

"You idiot!" She punched him in the arm sending waves of pain throughout her body. "You had me worried sick!"

He didn’t respond, instead he just kept his head down and quietly he followed her around as usual. She could tell something was wrong.

Later that night Kanade had snuck out of her room once again trying to find the one person who might be able to provide some answers. The curious girl was in the classrooms building walking around aimlessly, hoping she would run into Kaname. But instead she ended up coming across one of the worst things she could imagine. She stopped in her tracks and froze in shock, as she watched Zero bare his fangs into Yuki's neck.

"Zero you're…?" Yuki pulled away with surprise.

"Yuki, I'm sorry." Zero pleaded.

"Yuki!?" Kaname appeared beside the frozen girl watching from the sidelines in shock. She started to feel the stabbing pain, but was too overridden with disbelief to pay any attention to it.

"Ka- Kaname!" Yuki exclaimed.

Zero looked over their way and his eyes widened when he saw Kanade, the one person he more than anything did not want to have to witness what he had just done. Kanade took a step back when she met his eyes as she finally realized the truth.

Everything started to make just a bit more sense. The burning only came when she touched Zero or Kaname, but not anyone else. Her mind was racing with thoughts,

'This…. this is all true. This isn't some delusion. This isn't my insanity. This is real! There really are vampires! And I've been hanging around one this entire time!'

"So you have finally fallen to the bloodlust of beasts!" Kaname exclaimed standing in front of Kanade protectively and pushing Yuki behind him. Kanade caught the weak girl in her arms. She stared down at the fresh wound,

So much blood...

She could faintly smell it; the aroma sent shivers down her spine. Kaname’s eyes narrowed at the blood-covered vampire. Yuki suddenly jumped out of Kanade's arms and ran in front of Zero to protect him.

"Don't, Kaname!" Yuki screamed before she started to feel dizzy and fell limp into Zero's arms.

"Your thirst must have been great to have drained her to a point where she can't even stand." Kaname said as he ripped her from Zero's hold.

"Kaname why... why is Zero--?" Yuki mumbled.

The Chairman suddenly came down the stairs.

"Chairman." Kaname stated.

"Yes I know."

Kaname walked off with Yuki and the Chairman grabbed Zero. Kanade stood motionless, swarmed with her thoughts.

"Kanade." She shot her head up. "You should go back to your room." The Chairman said before walking off.

Zero followed close behind, but before he disappeared behind the corner he glanced back at her with an apologetic look. She felt as though she had just been punched in the chest.

Kanade stood there and stared at the empty space in front of her,

'Zero is… a vampire.'

She kept repeating the words over and over, yet they didn't make any sense, it didn't seem right.

The betrayed girl hadn't realized that she was running in the direction of the infirmary where Kaname was patching up Yuki. When she snapped out of her daze she was in the doorway. Kaname had his hand on Yuki’s knee as they talked. A bit of jealousy tug at her heart, making her feel uneasy. She had no reason to feel such a way; she had no connection with him. She shook it off, stepped out of the room and slumped against the wall. Her head held down as she stared at her hands.


She looked up to see the Chairman standing over her.

"Where's Zero?" She whispered.

"In his room. You shouldn't be here Kanade you could lose control with the smell of blood in the air."

She narrowed her eyes at him; insulted by the fact that he thought such a thing would tempt her.

"I'm fine."

"You don't look it."

"I'm just confused." She looked back down at the floor, not wanting to have to meet his worried gaze any longer.

"Let me clear it up for you a bit then." He held out his hand.

She was hesitant for a moment, instinctively cringing when they touched even though there was no pain. They walked into the infirmary together and the Chairman asked for Kaname to leave and attend to his fellow night class students.

The Chairman sat Yuki and Kanade down and explained to them the truth about Zero's past; how his family was killed by vampires and that a pureblood vampire bit him. He explained to them how if a pureblood bites you, you either die or become a vampire yourself and since Zero is apparently not a pureblood Yuki won't turn.

Kanade left them without a word and went to her room in a daze. The sun was coming up and she was tired, but there was way too much weighing on her mind for her to fall asleep.

She leaned over her windowsill and watched the sunrise as she tried to sort her thoughts.

She felt betrayed but she also felt pity for him.

‘He must have been in a lot of pain, having to hide such a thing from everyone.’

‘Will Zero become one of the night class members now?

Who will follow me around everywhere now?

Who will scare off everyone who tries to talk to me?

Who will force me to go sit in detention with them because they were sleeping during class?

Who will watch me as I read underneath the apple tree?

What kind of school life will I have now?

Honestly… it sounds like a boring one without him…’

The next morning Kanade walked out of the front doors to the Chairman's building and was overcome with joy when she saw Zero waiting at the bottom of the steps.

“What are you doing here?” She tried to hold back her smile the best she could.

“What are you talking about? I always wait for you in the mornings.”

“—Right! Well it’s still creepy.” She said as she jumped down the steps and tried to pretend to be annoyed.

"Guess what?" He looked back down at her, curious to what she had to say. "I am a prefect now!"
She tried to contain her smile, but she was just too happy to see him.

He didn't know how to react. Although it is a better way for him to keep an eye on her, it is also an easier way for Kaname Kuran to get to her.

"At least now you won't go sneaking out at night." He started to walk ahead and Kanade eagerly followed.

They ran into Yuki who was glaring at Zero. Kanade held her breath, afraid of what the angry girl was going to say.

"I am still mad at you Zero for not telling me!" She exclaimed. Kanade let out a breath of relief. Yuki grabbed onto Zero's wrist and dragged him inside and Kanade followed out of curiosity. Yuki glanced back at him before knocking on the double doors leading to the Chairman’s office and pushing them open. "Chairman, we have something to say."

The three of them walked in to see the Chairman holding out a boy’s night class uniform with a goofy smile on his face.

"Good Morning! You've come at the right time! Just in time to see this! The night class uniform I made for Zero!"

Zero walked up to him and slapped him across the face. Kanade jumped back in surprise that he would treat the Chairman that way.

"I'm leaving." Zero said.

"Wait Zero!" Yuki grabbed onto Zero's arm. "Chairman!"

"Look at it from a Chairman's point of view!" He whined, rubbing his face where Zero had hit him. "You look like you've recovered."

Zero looked over in Kanade's direction, not wanting to have to see that idiot's face.

"I know Zero can never go back to the way he was before, but I won't let him go to the night class!"

"Me either." Kanade interrupted.

The Chairman scratched his head and then let out a sigh.

"Yeah well you're right. Even with our new prefect we will need Zero as a guardian as well." Yuki looked over at Kanade, assuming that was whom he was talking about as the new prefect. She smiled, happy that she could be apart the group. "Yuki." He lifted up a bracelet. "Put this on." He handed it to her and she did as he said. The Chairman then held out a small knife. "Zero cut open your fingertip." Kanade and Zero shot their heads up at him in surprise. Yuki simply stared at Zero with a confused expression. "I need your blood." He glared at the sliver haired boy who reluctantly did as he said. "Don't look so suspicious!"

When his finger was cut the Chairman grabbed the two by the shoulders and pulled them close so his blood dripped onto the bracelet.

"What…" Yuki trailed off.

"... have you done?" Zero finished her sentence.

Kanade simply stared at the three in confusion.

"I would have given you one as well Kanade but I am afraid touching Zero's blood would affect you, so here." He handed her a two daggers. "These daggers are vampire hunter daggers that will only cut the flesh of a vampire, so be careful." She took them and nodded. 

Later that day after classes, Kanade was following Zero towards the moon dorms, not quite understanding what was going on.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"I'm going to get Yuki and you're going to stay right here." He pointed to the spot she was standing on, just outside of the gates to the moon dorms.

"When did Yuki go to the moon dorms? And why can't I go?! I'm a prefect now too!" Her face started to get flushed as her anger rose; she never did like him telling her what to do.


She folded her arms across her chest and narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not a dog!"

He internally smirked as he left her and headed towards the dorms. When he was out of sight Kanade quickly ran the other direction.

Although she was happy Zero was staying with the day class, she needed some time alone. Ever since what had happened, the Chairman, Zero, or Yuki were constantly watching her and she felt as though she was being suffocated.

She managed to dodge Zero for the rest of day and it was now nighttime. The night class students were in their classrooms and Kanade had no idea where Zero and Yuki were. She was leaning against her favorite tree, knowing Zero had already looked here for her. She took a deep breath and tried to sort out her thoughts.

Suddenly she started to feel the stabbing pain. She now knew that it meant there was a vampire around. She hovered her hand over one of the daggers she had hanging from a garter under her skirt. She stood up and looked around to see Kaname walking her way. She did not move her hand away from its ready position to defend herself. Now that she knew the truth his mysterious air was no longer charming, but frightening.

"So you like this place as well." He said as he laid his hand on the trunk of the old apple tree.

"Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Do not worry, I will not hurt you. I am taking a break from my studies at the moment."

She relaxed a little and the pain started to slightly increase; she winced.

"I'm sorry if I'm causing you pain." He started to walk off.

"Wait!" He turned back towards her. "Do you know why it hurts so much when I touch… a vampire?”

"Hmm? You are part vampire. The vampire side of you is trying to surface itself and our blood is what triggers it. Being so close to our blood makes the cells in your body try to change but your human cells are fighting back.”

‘The vampire side of me…?’

“Why does it hurt more when I touch you compared to Zero?”

“I am a pureblood vampire. My blood is very powerful, causing a powerful reaction within you.” He explained.

She looked down at her hand and he watched her intently as she wrapped her head around what he just said, curious to see her reaction.

"How do I make it stop?"

"By drinking just any vampires blood you will temporarily become a vampire. But if you drink my blood, the blood of a pureblood, you will become one permanently."
He took a step closer to where they were only inches apart. The pain started to increase, but she tried her best to ignore it. She noticed that her heart was racing at an unnatural speed and her cheeks grew hotter. He leaned down to her ear and said in a low voice, "Did you know that your father broke serious rules by mating with a human without turning her first?" She trembled at his hot breath against her cheek. "Any other group of vampires and you would be killed in an instant. To the rest of the vampire world you are an abomination."

She was surprised at how he could say such frightening words so calmly. She expected to be full of rage, but all she could feel was undoubtedly frightened.

"And to you?" Her voice was unstable.

He carefully moved her hair away from her neck and her pain worsened. "I could drink from you and you wouldn't become vampire." She shuddered at his words and he took a step back. “But drinking from you would cause you immense pain. I'm surprised Zero hasn't sucked you dry yet."

"Zero would never." She hissed, her anger finally surfacing.

"You care for him don't you?" She glared at him and he let out a sigh. He looked up at the branches that hung over them from the large apple tree. "Your father was a great pureblood. Our families, we are like pedigree.” He looked back down at her and slightly smiled. “His daughter was supposed to be my bride… but then he brought you into this world; a half human, half vampire; the blood was soiled. I'm surprised he didn't change you at birth, knowing how much pain you would have to go through your entire life. He refused to the vampire council's orders and was killed on the spot. I thought… you were killed along with him." He said with no emotion.

'Vampires killed my father...because... because of me? I'm the reason he is dead?'

"How can you talk about such sad things so coldly?” She snapped at him, tears beginning to form. His eyes averted away from hers almost instantly. "I'm an abomination! So why don't you just kill me now? Won't the vampire council be angry otherwise?"

"I could never." She didn’t understand the sound of sorrow hidden within his voice when he suddenly spoke those words.

"Kaname!" Takuma called out as he walked their way.

"Lets go back to class Takuma." Kaname said without so much as a goodbye to the girl. The blonde haired boy gave the crying girl a curious look before following the dorm leader back to the classroom.

The pain faded completely and she took in a deep breath. She felt like her head was spinning. She sat down on the grass and she tried to regain control of her emotions. She brought her knees to her chest and attempted to make sense of what had just happened.

"Kanade." She looked up to see Zero standing over her, her tear-stained face overwhelming him with concern. He couldn’t keep eye contact. "Where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you all day. You're a prefect now, you have duties."

She nodded and stood up, wiping away her tears.

"…I'm sorry." She lingered for a moment as she thought about all the horrible things Kaname said to her. He started to walk off, expecting her to follow but instead she didn’t move.

"What's the matter…?"

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm such an abomination." She mumbled as she tried to hold back her tears.

"…What are you talking about?"

"Kaname said—“

"Don't ever talk to that filth." He interrupted, grinding his teeth.


“Whatever he said was nothing but lies. You’re not an abomination just because you aren’t one of them.”


“Just… don’t talk to him anymore, alright? If you stay by me he won’t hurt you.”

He started to walk off and she followed him back to her room in silence, a sad smile holding her together.

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