Fate's Evil Curse

Vauge Explanation

"Ah! It's been so long since I came out for a walk!" Yuki exclaimed stretching out her arms. Today the three prefects were out in the village running an errand for the Chairman. Kanade smiled at Yuki's happy atmosphere even though she felt slight pain being so close to Zero. "Come, come! Don't look so bored Zero!" She pointed at him. "You should take this opportunity to spread your wings!"

"But I don't have any wings to spread." He said in a glum tone. Kanade tried to hold in her laughter.

"Why are you so gloomy! Lets go!" Yuki said grabbing ahold of his jacket and dragging him along.

"Okay what else do we need?" Kanade asked the short girl holding the list of groceries as she tightened her grip on the few bags she was grasping.

"Uhm well the Chairman wants us to do arrangements, buy some hamburgers, green vegetables, and…"

"Any more?" Zero asked. He didn't notice that Yuki got distracted and was now off at a stand looking at clothes.

"Zero!" She called after him and they walked over to her. She was looking at a boy’s shirt.

Kanade couldn’t help but think it was it was cute how Yuki would buy all of Zero's clothes.

"We should head back to the academy before sundown." Zero said looking up at the sky.

"The night class will be resting tonight so we don't need to worry." Kanade reminded him.

"If you just let go a bit Zero it would be easier." Yuki said while holding the shirt up to him to see if it looked like a good fit. "You're like a younger brother, always making me worry don't you feel the same Kanade?"

"Uhh well…”

"You are so humorous Yuki, even though you are one year younger than me." Zero started to walk away. "If you don't hurry I will leave you." Kanade started to follow but Yuki was trying to quickly buy the shirt; she impatiently waited for her.

"Aren't you two going to have anything to eat?" Yuki asked between bites while eating an ice cream sundae.

"I'm not hungry." Kanade said, regretting sitting next to Zero. The stabbing pain she felt made it hard for her to build up an appetite. She barely eats anything these days with Zero always a few feet away.

"I want yakisoba.”

"This is the best ice cream shop in town. I came here with Yori before." Yuki seemed a bit nervous.

"You're still incapable of walking the streets I see.”

"There is no need for you two to put up a brave front. Leaving school grounds brings back memories of those event's right Yuki?" Yuki had confided in her about her past so Kanade knew exactly that he was talking about the night Kaname saved her.

"The world is not filled with 'harmless vampires' like Kaname Kuran." He said.

"I'm not scared! That was 10 years ago!" Yuki exclaimed. She went back to devouring her ice cream.

"You sure can eat a lot." Zero glared at her.

"Zero you are too cunning! I've been living with you for four years, you know everything about me but I don't know a thing about you! Both of you actually! I don't know if you have any siblings or what school you went t--"

"I had a younger brother." Zero interrupted. They both looked at him surprised. They didn't expect him to open up. "He died... on that day." The day he lost his family. The day a vampire killed them all.

"Zero..." Yuki started.

"Sorry to interrupt." They looked up at the waitress who was standing by their table with a pitcher of water and another girl close by. They were both flustered. "Are you a student at Cross Academy? I'm right! No wonder you seem different from the other people." She was referring to Zero, completely ignoring two girls sitting around him.

"That-- Please wait!" Yuki exclaimed.

"As expected people from Cross Academy are special! Are you apart of the night class? The night class students there are all so beautiful! Do you know Aido? He loves sweet things! Sometimes he comes here. Will you please help me tell him that he is welcome back anytime?"

Zero stood up, "I'll go out first."

"Yes wait for us outside!" Yuki cried out. Yuki started talking to the girls.

"Will you tell Aido?!" The waitress asked Kanade who had her attention focused on the door. She looked over at the girl, confused.

"Uhh I don’t really know him.” She looked back towards the door and then over at Yuki. Something wasn't right; she could no longer feel the lingering pain. She walked over to Yuki, grabbed her arm, and dragged her outside.

"Wait Kanade!"

She opened the door and as expected Zero wasn't there anymore.

"Where's Zero?" Yuki's eyes widened.

"That idiot." Kanade scoffed as she walked off to look for him; Yuki followed.

After around an hour of searching they had found themselves in a dark alley.

"Where do you think he went?" Yuki said before tripping over a pile of garbage and scraping her arm.

"Are you okay?" Kanade asked as she helped her up.

She nodded and regained her balance before returning to look for him. Kanade felt a slight pain in her core. She looked around, but no one was in sight. She sensed something and looked up. Her eyes widened as she saw a creature jumping over them.


She pushed her friend out of the way and let out a scream when the vampire fell on top of her causing her to write in pain.

His face was disgusting and he looked like he was rotting.

"What are you? Her blood smells so delicious but you smell different... like chocolate but better!" He exclaimed. "Let me taste both of your blood!" He showed her his fangs and started for her neck but he was pushed off of her and thrown against the wall.

Kanade looked up to see Zero holding Artemis.

"Zero!" Yuki cried out. Zero held his hand out for Kanade but soon pulled it back; realizing touching her would make it worse. Yuki went to her side instead and helped her up. "What are vampires doing out here?"

They watched the vampire hop up and get into a fighting stance.

"Something is not right. We cannot allow humans to see this creature. You were once human right?" Zero asked the beast.

"Yeah! So what?" He exclaimed as he jumped up and started to head straight for Zero.

Then suddenly the beast was in two pieces, sliced right down the middle. Some of his blood splattered but then instead of becoming a corpse he became ash.

Kanade started to feel immense pain, worse than she had ever felt. She fell to the ground writhing in pain.

"Kanade!" Zero started over to her, but stopped and took a step back instead, thinking he was the cause of the pain.

"Takuma! Senri!" Yuki exclaimed. "Please step back I think you’re causing her pain…" She crouched over Kanade and tried to think of a way she could help.

Kanade felt the pain suddenly start to fade and she slowly stood up, not needing to catch her breath like she usually did.


"Are you okay?" Yuki asked.

She nodded, unable to take her eyes off the human's wound. Something smelled so good and it seemed to be coming from where Yuki was hurt. Her throat felt dry, she was so thirsty.

"Kanade! Why are your eyes red?" She exclaimed, trying to get a closer looked.

Kanade snapped up at her and gave her a confused look.

"Yuki you should go clean your wound. Our noses are sensitive you know." Takuma interrupted knowing exactly what was happening. He walked over to the dhampire's side. "Kanade, I think it's time for you to go see Kaname."

He grabbed her shoulder and she looked over at him, not able to take her eyes off his neck.

"No, she isn't going to see that bloodsucker." Zero hissed.

"Careful how you speak about our dorm president." Takuma led Kanade over to Senri's side. It took all of Kanade's will not to give into the strange urge she had to bite the boy.

"I don't understand." Yuki interrupted.

Kanade suddenly realized that Takuma had his hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widened and she looked up at him.

"How are you touching me without pain? Aren't you a vampire?" She looked over at Zero who was glaring at the two night class students.

"We will explain later." Takuma said trying to get her to move.

"What are two night class students doing out here anyways?" Yuki asked.

"If you are so curious why don't you come by the moon dorms later tonight?" He nervously said, trying to get Kanade out of there as soon as possible.

"Get your hands off of her!" Zero aimed his gun at blonde haired boy.

"Careful with that, you could hurt someone precious to you." He glanced down at Kanade and she instantly understood. She knew she needed to get out of there.

"We are going!" She cried out, grabbing onto the two boys arms and pulling them back.

"Kanade!" Zero called after her.

"What's going on?" Kanade asked the two night class students once they were within the safe walls of the Academy.

"Some blood from that level E must have splattered into your mouth." Takuma said as he led her towards the moon dorms.

"What's a level E? What do you mean?" They disregarded her questions.

Takuma dragged her across the gates. She was outraged that he would treat her this was and she found herself suddenly in front of him, her mouth inches away from his neck. He seemed unfazed by her actions as he stood still.

She slowly moved away from him and brought her hand up to her teeth. She poked her finger on the sharp ends of her fangs and looked down at her now bleeding flesh.

"Sorry." She whispered. He simply nodded and walked ahead of her; she followed as she watched her finger slowly heal in front of her eyes.

Kanade looked up to see bunch of beautiful people all dressed up, staring straight at her. The heat rose to her cheeks and she looked back down, she didn't like being the center of attention. She kept walking forward, following the two vampires, and when they stopped she looked up to see Kaname sitting on a couch at the top of a set of stairs so he was leveled up, overlooking everyone. Her heart started to race and she felt joy wash over her. He looked like royalty among the others. She started to walk over to him but was soon stopped by Aido.

"Where do you think your going?"


"It's okay Aido." Kaname interrupted. "Let her come."

The blonde haired boy gave her a glare as he moved out of her way. She hesitantly walked past him and up the steps leading to the mysterious dorm leader.

Although he pissed her off and even scared her a little, she felt a pull to him. He gestured to the seat beside him and she cautiously did as he wanted, sitting as for away from him as possible. She didn't want to feel the way she did for him at that moment, she needed to conceal it.

"Why are you so far away? It doesn't hurt to be around me right now am I right?"

She looked over at him, not knowing what to do.

"Come closer."

She scowled and scooted over his way a bit. He started to get impatient. She glared at him and scooted another inch his way. He reached out for her and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her to his side.

"I am so glad that we can finally touch." He said.

She looked up at him and saw his big brown eyes smiled down at her. She started to feel happiness enclose around her, but it wasn't hers. She gave him a confused look. Is it his? She enjoyed being close to him for some reason, but she wasn't this happy. These weren't her feelings. She looked around and noticed that everyone was glaring at her. She pulled out of his grip.

"What's happening?"

"Takuma tells me that you accidentally consumed some vampire blood. Although it's only a level E's blood it still made you change into your full vampire self." He sighed. "Sadly it will only last for a few more minutes since it was a low class vampire's blood and you had so little."

"What is a level E?"

"A vampire that was once human that never tasted its makers blood, lost all of its will, and recklessly attacks everything within its sight to try and fulfill its lust for blood."

"Why did Takuma and Senri kill it?"

"We higher class vampires have taken it upon ourselves to manage them, and sometimes even take care of them. I couldn't have vermin running around the city so close to the Academy." He scoffed. She was surprised at his crudeness.

"How can you speak so lowly of one of your kind?"

"They are beasts. They are not one of us."

"They are abominations like me?" She gritted her teeth, feeling her anger begin to build up.

"I am deeply sorry for what I had said. I was just angry with you for coming back as you are. You are nothing like them." He leaned in closer and let out a sigh. "I was afraid that you wouldn't remember even in your vampire form, turns out I was right."

"Remember what?"

"Doesn't it feel good? To not feel so much pain all the time?" He laid his hand on her cheek and twirled his thumb in circles, cherishing her soft skin. His intense gaze never parting from her own. "I can make you this way forever..."

She felt her entire body tremble as his softened, wide eyes trailed over her flustered face. Her heart was pounding furiously when she suddenly felt his hot breath against the side of her neck. She closed her eyes softly as she inhaled his tantalizing scent, completely forgetting her self control. It felt so good to be so close to him. She felt this strange feeling of passion radiate around them.

When she opened her eyes she was unable move her gaze from his inviting neck. Her throat was aching and she felt herself craving his warm blood to wash over her taste buds. The attraction she had to him had never been this intense before. She's always been able to hold back, but right now she couldn't control herself.

"What's going on?" She breathed.

"What do you mean?" He whispered into her ear. She licked her lips, finding her own breaths harder to catch with each passing moment as he pressed a lingering kiss against the side of her neck and she felt him exhale deeply against her skin. "May I taste your blood Kanade? It would be a real treat."

"Pl...please don't." Her breath was shaky as she forced herself to blurt out the words.

She wanted him, every inch of herself ached for him, and it took every ounce of her precious control to not allow herself to melt into him right then and there.

"Why are you restraining yourself?" He lifted his gaze to hers, loving how she was feeling the same lust for him as he was for her.

"I... I can't. Yuki..." She managed to choke out. He sighed.

"I care about Yuki very much, but you were originally supposed to be my bride. If you let me turn you we can be together and I can let Yuki live a happy human life." He pulled away from her but held onto her hand.

"So you don't want Yuki to be like you?" She asked, recovering from her nerves. He didn't respond and instead just looked away. "Why me? Why was I supposed to be with you?" He looked back at her and met her passion glazed red eyes he loved so much.

"Our ancestors have loved each other for centuries, except many things happened and they were unable to be together...it’s as though they were cursed.”

"What does that have to do with us?”

He pulled her into an embrace. "I thought you were dead. All that matters now is that you are safe." He mumbled into her shoulder.

She wanted more than anything to wrap her arms around him, but instead forced herself away.

“Stop that!” She stood up.

"How dare you speak to Lord Kaname like that!" Aido exclaimed, interrupting their conversation. She had completely forgotten that other vampires were there.

"It's fine Aido. She can speak to me anyway she likes right now. She is a pureblood anyways."

There were gasps and Kanade looked around as they started to bow.

"Why are you bowing?"

"Right now you are pureblood, the most prestigious of vampires. They have to bow to you, you are their superior." She turned back towards him, not fully understanding his words. "I suggest you enjoy your last few minutes as vampire, since your time is running short. Have a drink, you must be starving." He gestured towards the glass on the table in front of him. He picked up a tablet and dropped it in the water.

"What is that?"

"It's a tablet that cures your craving for blood."

Kanade's thoughts brought her back to the glass that Zero threw to the ground when the Chairman offered it to him. She thought about how she promised Zero that she wouldn't take them or drink any blood.

"I can't"

"Why? It will help with the hunger." She sat down and stared at the glass of water. "Kanade." She looked up at him. "If you drink my blood you can stay like this forever, you will feel no more pain and we can be together. What do you say?" He pulled her in close. She simply stared at him, surprised that he was still going on about it. "I can end your suffering. I can hold you like this forever." He said as he stroked her hair.

She was about to tell him to get off of her even though that was the complete opposite of what she wanted, but then he suddenly let go.

"We will have to continue this conversation later. Yuki is about to come. Please do not tell her or Zero of our conversation."

Kanade looked over and saw the two guardians come into view. She smiled at the sight of them. Zero looked over at her, his eyes filled with rage. She could feel his anger inside of her.

'How am I...?'

She looked over at Kaname, his attention was completely focused on Yuki. She noticed that he moved as far away from her as possible.

"Kaname." He looked over at her. "Do vampires have… powers?"

He smirked. "Only nobles and purebloods."

'Is this pureblood power?'

He looked back over at Yuki. She was talking to Takuma and Aido, Kanade could hear everything they were talking about. They were explaining the level E vampires to her. It's like a pyramid with purebloods on the top, then nobles, then normal vampires. And level E vampires, which were vampires who were once human and were turned into vampires, did not even have a place on the pyramid. Along with the very thing Kanade was, a dhampire. Dhampires were the lowest of the low, thought of as nothing but garbage rather than even beasts.

Kaname got up and walked over to her, Kanade followed eager to get to Zero's side.

"I heard there was an E class roaming the city so Takuma and Senri hunted it down... at my order." He interrupted.

"Kaname! Kanade!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Yuki why didn't you report this matter to the Chairman?" Kaname asked.

"As a school prefect upon hearing Takuma's words, I think that simply reporting this matter wouldn't be enough... also I'd like to confirm it myself."

Kanade raised an eyebrow.

'She is really serious about this prefect thing.'

"Yourself... is it? Coming here with Zero..." He started to walk back to the couch. Yuki followed him and Zero followed her. He looked at Kanade and then at the other vampires. He grabbed her arm and dragged her up the steps.

'No pain. I'm touching Zero with no pain!'

Kanade could feel his anger though and she couldn't quite understand why he had so much rage inside of him. She stood behind the silver haired boy and watched the two in front of them.

"Yuki sit beside me." Kaname said.

"Eh?" She was very surprised and nervous. Kanade could feel every bit of it.

"Just do it."

She noticed Kaname's impatience and looked around to see everyone staring at them. Yuki looked over at Zero and he simply looked the other way with no expression on his face, but Kanade could feel his anger rise. Yuki then looked over at her friend and she glared back at her.

'Just a few seconds ago he was all over me you don't want to get involved with this guy.'

"No thanks."

"Yuki." Kaname sighed.


She then walked over to the couch and sat beside him. He grabbed onto Yuki's shoulder and pulled her closer.

Kanade felt jealously pile up inside of her, hers and Zero's.

"The safest place is beside me." Kaname said.

He started to talk about how there was a war between vampire and human and that is why there are level E vampires because they were pawns in the war and now they are exterminating them.

"That is a vampire hunters job Kaname." Zero stepped up, infuriated by his words.

"Then why didn't you kill it at the time Zero? Is it because you pity it?"

Zero's anger rose within Kanade and then his gun was pointed at the pureblood. In the same second Kanade stepped in front of him, standing in between the two. She noticed that at the same time another girl had her hand to Zero's neck and he had a small cut now. Kanade started to realize the dryness in her throat again and how delicious that drop of red smelled. He stared down at Kanade, surprised that she protected Kaname. She couldn't help but feel the same way about her actions, it was like an instinct.

"It's okay Kanade, Seiren." Kaname said.

The other girl stepped back and Kanade slowly moved out of the way. Zero kept his stare towards her. She could still feel his jealousy and anger start to emerge.

"I am the only one who spoke carelessly." Kaname then kissed Yuki's wound from earlier that day.

"Kanade, how did you move so fast?" Yuki asked, trying to hide how embarresed she was from his touch. The dhampire looked over at Kaname, not quite sure about it herself.

"Kanade is vampire at the moment. She accidently got a taste of the E class's blood." She then felt Kaname fill with a bit of jealousy when he said those words, yet he was completely composed. “It caused her to change. It should wear off any second now."

Yuki stared at her friend, she was full of confusion and fright.

"Are you scared Yuki?" Kaname asked. She looked back over at him. She was now trembling.

'Does he have the same powers?'

"Actually Kaname I've always been a bit scared of you." She choked out.

Kanade started to notice a piercing pain emerge.

"So mean of you to forget! Everyone is gathered here to celebrate my birthday!" Takuma yelled out.

She tuned him out and focused on ignoring the pain, but it grew more intense and she fell to the floor, trying to hold in a scream.

"Kanade!" Yuki cried out.

Zero crouched over her. The pain was worse than she ever imagined.

"She is changing back into her human self. You should take her out of here, being around this many vampires, her pain would be endless." Kaname calmly said.

Zero picked her up and ran out of there as fast as he could. Yuki called after him. Kanade caught the sweet smell of blood on the way, not like Yuki's… different.

Zero stopped at the pool where he was a good distance away from the smell. He set her down. She looked over and Zero was now crouched over a few feet away from the pool, a box of tablets fell out from his jacket.

"Zero?" The pain began to fade and she started to crawl over to him. "Zero…" She laid her hand on the side of his face, the burning sensation returning. "It was the blood wasn't it?"

He looked up at her and grabbed hold of her waist, pulling her onto his lap. She yelped at the sudden intensity of the pain.

"Ever since I attacked Yuki that night I've been taking those tablets, but they make me feel disgusted." He started to tighten his grip. She wanted to scream out, but she held it in.

"Zero, your making it unbearable." She yelped. He licked her neck. Her eyes widened in shock.

"You smell so good." His fangs came into sight.

She couldn't move. His teeth sunk into her skin and the pain became unbearable. Kanade opened her mouth to let out a scream but no sound came out. Her succulent blood ran over his taste buds and his eyes glowed red. Every second was pure bliss for him and he felt he might never be able to stop.

She felt a heavy push and they were suddenly in the pool. She couldn't swim with how weak she was, he let go of her and was relieved as she started to sink, but then she met the burning again. She let out a scream and water filled her lungs.

When she was pulled above she was coughing and trying her best to breathe with the agonizing pain throughout her body. She looked over through her stinging eyes and saw she was in Zero's arms. Then there was the sudden sound of a gunshot.

"Kanade! Zero!"

The panting girl looked over and Yuki was standing on the side of the pool.

'She must of pushed us.'

She looked over to where the gunshot came from and there was a man standing over them with a gun inches away from their quivering bodies. She could smell Zero's blood, his grip on her started to loosen but he didn't let go.

"Stop right there vampire!" The man bellowed.

"Master?!" Zero looked up at him in surprise.

"Even if it’s just a little brush the pain is still great. That bullet was imbedded with magic. Zero, even with that craving for blood, you should still retain awareness am I right."

Kanade tried to wrap her arms around Zero to shield him but her limbs were too heavy to move. She was limp in his arms. There was a splash and then Yuki was in the water in front of the two.

"Don't shoot!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Are you that dull wit hermit's daughter?"

"Don't… touch… Zero." Kanade tried to say as loud as she could but it came out as a whisper. She could barely breath and she still burned from being so close to Zero.

"Who are you? The other homeless he's taken in? How can you protect him after he bit you?" He addressed the young girl in the vampire's arms staring back at him.

She didn't respond. Zero's grip tightened on her even though he was in pain from the gunshot, but he knew if he let go of her now she would sink.

"I do not know the relationship between either of you and Zero, but who are you to determine whether or not he dies?"

"I will not let Zero die." Yuki exclaimed.

"Me either." Kanade choked out.

"Even if he falls to a level E?"

"Yuki, Kanade… enough." Zero moved out of Yuki's grip and handed the limp dhampire over to her.

The pain faded and Kanade tried to take a deep breath, despite the chlorine still lingering in her throat making every attempt more painful.

"Why has it turned into this! This is why I say I hate vampire hunters!" The Chairman came running over. "How long do you expect a couple of girls to soak in water?" The Chairman reached towards them. "Come now kids, hold onto me."

Yuki handed her Kanade over to the Chairman as the two got out. He set her on the ground.

"Kanade!" Kaname was suddenly standing over her, the piercing feeling rising up in her again.

From the corner of her eye, she saw as he reached out towards her, just slightly, only to pull back, clenching his hands together into hardened fists as if it were painful to him.

She lied there and fought to keep her eyes open.

"Who are you?" Yuki asked the man.

"Yagari. Vampire hunter. I was Zero's teacher." He said grabbing a cigarette. "Isn't that right Zero?"

"Yes." Zero said keeping his gaze towards the girl on the ground.

"You really act like the daughter of that dimwit Chairman." The man said to Yuki then he looked over at Kanade. "Are you alright?" She glared at him. "You were bitten by Zero. I'm doing this for your own good so stop antagonizing."

"With the amount of blood you’ve lost you will go into shock and your body will try to turn back into a vampire without blood." Kaname whispered. "You won't survive much longer without some of my blood."

"No…" She tried to say and then the burning started to come back. She looked around to see if Kaname was touching her but he was now a few feet away.

'I... can't... breath.'

Her eyes started to get heavier.

"What's wrong with her?" Yagari asked.

"Don't....” She choked out.

"Zero." Was the last thing she heard from Kaname before passing out.
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