Fate's Evil Curse

The Caring Vampire

Kanade woke up in a room she had never been in before. She looked around and saw a window with a bit of sunlight peeking out from behind a drawn curtain. She took a deep breath and looked over at the clock sitting on the nightstand next to her. It was noon. Kanade got up feeling completely rested and walked out of the unfamiliar room. She looked down at herself and noticed that she was wearing someone else's clothes. She swallowed, not wanting to think about who changed her while she was unconscious.

The confused girl looked around the empty hallway and noticed an open door leading to a bathroom across from her. She slowly walked over to the small room and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair sprawled out over her shoulders and the little make up she was wearing before had run down her cheeks. She looked over at her neck, remembering the events from the previous night. She was surprised to see there weren't any bandages or markings to indicate that she had been bit. She looked over at the other side of her neck, still nothing.

'I would have thought that there would be a scar. He bit me pretty hard... wait did Kaname? Did he give me his blood?'

She looked at herself closer in the mirror.

She didn't look different. She lifted her upper lip. No fangs.

Wait are their fangs retractable?

She tried to focus hard on her teeth, still nothing. She recalled Yuki saying she had red eyes. She looked up to see that her eyes were still the same electric blue.

'I guess he didn't then…. Thank goodness.'

She ran her fingers through her hair and washed off the excess make up before walking out of the bathroom and over to the set of stairs ahead, but before she could reach them Kaname was abruptly in front of her. She jumped back out of surprise.


Kanade still felt the attraction she had towards him, but it wasn't as strong. She was able to control herself.

"I see you turned back in your sleep."

"What are you talking about? Where am I?"

She started to notice the familiar piercing pain emerging in her stomach.

"Zero drained you so much you would have died. I offered you my blood, but you refused, so Zero gave you his blood. You are in the moon dorms. It was too dangerous for you with that hunter around while in your full vampire form. The Chairman said he had him under control, but I still don't trust him."

"Why would the hunter want me?"

"You're a dhampire. Vampire hunters orders are to kill your kind on sight."

Her eyes widened. "So now I'm wanted?" The pain started to increase as Kaname inched closer. He nodded.

"Do you want some blood? I can get one of the nobles to give you some." She shook her head.

"I don't want to force anyone into offering me blood."

"I do not like causing you pain." She looked up at him, completely perplexed by his words.

'Why do you care so much? Why would you?'

"I'm fine." She ignored the heavy stabbing feeling as much as possible. He let out a sigh, he could see straight through her.

"The vampire hunter will not hurt you while you’re in human form, so please do not drink any more vampire blood unless it's mine."


She stepped back into the room she woke up in and looked around for her clothes. They were neatly folded at the end of the bed, no bloodstains. She quickly changed and headed back out the door to see Kaname still in the same spot he was when she left him. She raised an eyebrow. He was watching her intently as she walked up to him.

"You better not be the one who changed my clothes." She growled. A ghost of a smile appeared on his lips.

"Of course not."

She nodded and ran down the stairs and to the door.

Kanade searched everywhere for Zero for the rest of the day, but no luck. She finally gave up when the sun began to set and went to do her duties as a prefect.

Kanade sat on the balcony that the prefects usually did patrol from as she watched Yuki run towards the Chairman's building. She knew she was running towards Zero. She had overheard the conversation the girl had with the hunter. She wanted more than anything to run to Zero's side, but she didn't want Yuki around to witness her intentions. She was going to let him drink her blood, no matter the pain. Yuki must have the same idea.

'It hurts. Why must it hurt this much?'

She envied Yuki, but she understood that they had a bond that would be unbreakable. She laid her head in her hands as she wallowed. She felt the slight piercing feeling appear.

"What's wrong Kanade?" Kaname asked from behind her. She didn't bother to look back at him.

"You probably know exactly what's wrong." He always seemed to know everything so why not this?

"I'm sorry." His tone was sincere.

"Maybe I should become vampire… for good."

"He may never accept you then…”

"I know." Her tears started to fall unwillingly as she spoke. "He was the first person to care." She said to herself.

Kaname sat down next to her. The pain in her stomach increased, but she welcomed it. Kanade then smelled the faint aurora of Yuki's blood. Her tears flowed heavier down her cheeks and she felt like she couldn't breath. She knew he smelled it too. He seemed unaffected by it, but she could see the pain in his eyes. He leaned into her ear and took a deep breath, sending shivers down her spine.

"I've cared about you since the beginning of time." He whispered.

She couldn't take it anymore. She gave into her urges and wrapped her arms around him triggering the agonizing burning sensation. He returned her embrace and held her tightly.

"If you do the same as Yuki I will kill that ex-human on the spot. Understand? ”Kaname said.

Kanade pulled away from him and nodded, wiping her tears away.

"Would you like to stay in the moon dorms tonight?"

She looked up at him not understanding first. She looked back at the stone building ahead of them and realized that Zero is now living right down the hall from her. Kaname is scared for her safety.

'Funny how he thinks that I'm safer surrounded by a bunch of vampires instead of being down the hall from one.'

She shook her head. It would be impossible for her to sleep being surrounded by that many vampires.

"Then I'll walk you back to your room." Usually she would detest the offer but she didn't want to pass by Zero's room alone, not knowing what she would do.

They walked in a comfortable silence. Being around Kaname may be the most painful times of Kanade's life but it's also the most natural for her. They ran into Yuki. Kanade instantly noticed the band-aid on her friend’s neck. It's confirmed now. Kaname stopped in front of her.

"Where are you going Yuki?" Kaname asked. It was obvious she was nervous.

"Uh I'm… I'm going to the night classrooms." She looked over at Kanade and the dhampire just looked the other way, not knowing how to face her at this moment.

'At least she is taking care of Zero.'

"There is no need. Class is dismissed. Everyone is back in their dorms. Should I tell Chairman Cross that you’re secretly outside?" It was obvious he was teasing her.

"No." Yuki looked down. He took a step forward. Kanade looked the other way to give them some privacy. She would of just gone ahead but she could see the hunter behind the tree and she was scared of what he was waiting for.

"Is that so..." He gently ran his fingers through a few strands of her hair. "The ends are wet. Did you wash it?" She looked up at him; she was now shaking from how nervous she was. He moved the collar of her shirt to reveal the entire bandage. "Since when did you not tell me everything? This aspect is the only thing that has changed." He let out a sigh. "Goodnight Yuki."

"Goodnight Kaname." Yuki started to walk away and he watched her as she disappeared in the distance.

"A pureblood vampire hugging a girl so warmly." The hunter came out from his hiding spot. Kaname slightly turned his head to look his way. "I don't know why you break tradition to favor that little girl, you should know what she just did, after all the evidence is still there." Kaname narrowed his eyes at him. "And you should have killed this dhampire on the spot." He nodded towards Kanade. "Yet you walk beside her with ease." He paused momentarily, waiting for the pureblood's response. "Never mind it's getting uncomfortable waiting for any honest answer. What is your motive? Why don't you drive Zero in the corner?"

Kaname completely turned around and the wind picked up.

"So I wont lose them of course." He said before walking off, Kanade was about to follow but then stopped and looked over at the hunter.

"Please don't hurt Zero." She said before running to catch up with Kaname.

'What an odd girl.' Yagari thought.

Kanade tried to sleep but the image of Zero drinking from Yuki kept popping into her mind. She got up and decided to take a shower to help her calm down. She grabbed a towel and headed towards the bathroom.

When she walked in she stopped. She felt a vampire's presence. She looked over at the closed shower and slowly approached the door, mentally preparing herself for the worst. When she opened the door Zero looked up at her with blood still on his face. She felt the light piercing as she sat beside him.

"It's okay I already knew. Don't worry I won't tell anyone." She let out a sigh. "…I wish I could help you too."

"… Having to already do something disgraceful as that to one of you is enough." He looked down.

She took in a sharp breath and they sat there in silence while she tried to build up the courage to say what was on her mind.

"If I drank Kaname's blood I would become a vampire permanently... we would be able to touch." She looked the other way, afraid of what his response might be.

"Don't you ever become of them," He growled. "Promise me."

She tried to hold back the tears that were forming.

"Zero… I’m sorry… I can't promise that…"

He just blankly stared at her before getting up and walking out, slamming the door behind him.

Kanade could not sleep last night with Zero in the next room, disgusted by her. She sat in class and stared at the board blankly, trying to keep her eyes open. Her head snapped up when she heard a chair scoot back and a door slam. She looked down and noticed Yuki's chair was now empty. She instantly got up and ran after her, knowing it was something to do with Zero.

She ran towards Zero's room and when she opened the door the hunter was standing over him with a gun pointed at his head.

"Zero! No!" They screamed and there was two gunshots, but Zero had pointed it upwards just in time so he was unharmed. They let out a breath of relief.

"Isn't it a good thing to be killed by me?" The hunter asked. "Have you forgotten? 'I won't let you regret losing your right eye to save me.' " He quoted Zero from when he was a child and put his hand over the patch that was covering his right eye. Zero grabbed the gun. "That day you made me an oath. Seeing you like this makes me want to kill you. I kind of feel like doing so would make me feel comfortable, somewhat happy even. While you can still fight, struggle to your heart's content. The life you have chosen now is that much full of fresh blood." The hunter turned around. "Don't run away... Zero." He walked over to the two girls… "Hey little girls."

"Wh... What?" Yuki asked.

"When this guy breaks down you need to stop him." He looked over at Yuki. "His crooked arm is from his injury, just sew it up and it'll be alright." He veered his attention towards Kanade. "He made an oath to you too. Make sure he keeps it.” He picked up his suitcase. "All of this is for his own good. From now on it's all up to you two."

"You’re person who made the attack at the pool..." Yuki trailed off.

"If I wanted to kill him I wouldn't have left just a wound. Missing a shot from that distance? You must be joking." He set down his bag. "I'll just send for this suitcase some other time. I'm a busy man and I have a lot of work to do. No time to slack." He walked over to the door. "Goodbye... I want to see you alright at our next meeting." He grabbed the handle. "Zero… that woman. It seems that somehow she survived." He said before walking out.

Kanade could see Zero's sudden surprise and fear in his eyes. He grabbed onto his neck where his tattoo was. Yuki turned to the boy and walked over to him.

"Zero. I thought you were really going to die."

Kanade felt overcome with happiness. She was glad that he was safe and that was all that mattered.

She gave him a small assuring smile and began to make her way out. She didn't want to listen to their conversation. She didn't like being the third wheel.

"Kanade." She heard him call out before she ran off.

She ran towards her favorite tree where she felt safe. She needed to escape these feelings of being trapped. She was stuck in the middle of this crazy messed up love square and it was odd. There is a reason why there are no movies or stories about these kinds of things because it is fucked up and stupid. She laid her head against the trunk and tried to sort through her messed up feelings.

"Kanade." She opened her eyes to see if she was imagining it. She smiled when she saw the real thing in front of her. Zero.

‘He ran after me.’

He knelt down and the stabbing feeling started to emerge. "He's right. Sensei is always right." He reached out to her just to pull back, the last thing he wanted to do was cause her anymore pain. She wanted to tell him so badly how much she cares for him, but he probably already knows. "I'm not going to run away anymore… but I don't know if I will be able to control myself so...." He reached up her skirt and her eyes widened, not completely understanding his intentions. She was about to grab his hand, but then she noticed that he grabbed one of her daggers that was strapped to her side. He pulled it out from under her garment and handed it to her. "If I ever cross the line again, I want you to use this."

"What? Zero --"

"Please. I gave Yuki a gun and I told her the same thing."

She took the dagger from him and looked up at him.

"… Okay."

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