Fate's Evil Curse

No Ordinary Girl

Kanade was heading towards the kitchen for a late night snack when she saw Yuki run out of the Chairman's office. She decided to see what all the rush was about. She walked in to find the Chairman sitting at his desk.

"Something interesting happening?"

"Ah Kanade! Would you go get Zero? There is a vampire coming to see Takuma, his grandfather. And I would like to have him come straight to my office. I already sent Yuki, but I don't know if she can handle it alone."

"I can go with Yuki!"

"Kanade, If Takuma's grandfather found out what you are you would be killed. It's safer for Zero to go... alone."

"But Yuki is human!"

"And just being around vampires makes you vulnerable. Just please go get Zero."

She cross her arms and huffed. She felt as though the fact that she was a dhampire was more of a nuisance than anything.

Maybe if I drank some vampire blood I could help…

She knocked on Zero's door and then walked in, knowing that he wouldn't have gotten up or even said anything if she waited.

"Zero, the Chairman wants you to go help Yuki get Takuma’s grandfather back here before he causes trouble. He's at the moon dorms right now." He got up and walked past her without a word. "Zero." He stopped, but didn't turn around. "I want to help."

"It's too dangerous." He started off again but she grabbed the back of his coat, the stabbing pain starting to emerge. He stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her.

'Come on say it. Say it!'

"What if... I…"

'I can't.'

She told Kaname she'd only drink his blood and that was all she could think about at this moment.

"Be careful." She ended up saying before letting go.

'I'm like putty in Kaname's hands… how pathetic.'

The next morning Kanade, Yuki, and Yori were walking towards their P.E. class. "Yuki come on." Kanade called after her as the small girl was falling behind. A loud creaking sound erupted and she looked over to see that the gates leading towards town were opening.

Kanade took a closer look to see it was Zero who was leaving the academy... Yuki started to run after him and Kanade quickly followed, leaving Yori behind.

"Kanade!" She exclaimed under her breath so that Zero wouldn’t catch them.

"You know if it was any other vampire he'd realize what you’re doing right away. Lucky for us Zero is an ex-human vampire that doesn't know how to sense the things around him just yet." She smirked.

"It's too dangerous for you Kanade."

"Shut up!" She snapped. Yuki's eyes widened and she took a step back; never before has Kanade spoken so harshly to her. "We are both human. We are both just as strong as the other. I can help. Do not think of me as any lesser than you."

"…I'm sorry Kanade." She nodded before they started off.

They followed Zero all the way to an old, crumbling building.

"What is he up to?" Kanade mumbled.

"I thought that maybe he was running away." Yuki stated.

"To this place?" Kanade looked over and saw two vampires from the night class walking up. Yuki came out from behind the wall and she followed.

"Rima and Senri? What are two members of the night class doing here?" Yuki asked. There was the sudden sound of scraps falling and they all looked up at the roof. There was a vampire up there. It was obvious he was a level E by the way he moved.

"Oh his comrades? Unfortunately I'm taking care of something right now." The level E said with blood trickling down his mouth. "Are you perhaps intending to take away my dessert from me? That's no good." He jumped down from the roof. Kanade and Yuki took a step back causing them to be right in front of Rima and Senri. The stabbing pain from being so close to them started to form in Kanade’s core. "It's my entertainment for later." He took a few steps towards them.

Yuki took out her weapon and pushed the dhampire back. Kanade felt her anger build up. Yuki was again treating her as if she was weaker and lesser and she did not like it. That seemed to be how everyone was treating her now.

"Do you intend to fight me?"

'She is so stupid sometimes.'

Senri walked in front of her and pushed her back as well.

"You're in my way."

He bit his finger and blood started to trickle before it started to whip around as though it were a weapon. It was aimed towards the vampire but he dodged just in time and it ended up smashing some rocks. The vampire jumped an unnatural heigt into the sky and landed just behind Kanade. The vampire grabbed onto her and bared his fangs as he tilted her head so that her neck was bare.

“You smell amazing!” He exclaimed as pressed his nose against her hair and deeply inhaled. Kanade wanted to vomit from his actions.

"Kanade!" Yuki cried out.

"Oh no." Rima said as if she was bored.

He bared his fangs again and was about to sink his teeth into her flesh but the he felt a sudden pain in his hip. He looked down to see one of her daggers piercing his side. He let out a cry of pain. “You’ll pay for that!” He was holding onto Kanade’s wrists tightly so that she couldn’t cut him again. He was about to break her arm to make her scream when Senri calmly called out,


She looked over and her eyes widened as she saw the large whip of blood from before racing towards her. She did as he said and the blood penetrated the vampire’s chest. The vampire let go of her as he cried out in pain and she fell to the ground, now covered in his blood. He ran off again as fast as he could with his injuries. Kanade accidently licked the blood on her lips and the next thing she knew she was in excruciating pain as all the cells in her body suddenly changed.

“Oh no. Rima said once again in a bored tone.

“Kanade? What’s happening?” Yuki ran over to her side.

"Lord Kaname is not going to be happy." Senri said.

The burning then faded and she slowly stood up. She felt as if her throat was burning. Her mouth was dry. She was so thirsty. She pushed Yuki away when she caught the mouthwatering girl's scent.

She ran after the vampire.

She was running so fast it was only seconds till she was over 100 feet away from the rest of them. She sniffed around, she could sense the vampire but he was no where in sight.

"Hello." He grabbed onto her leg. She looked down and he was in the hole next to her. "Today must be my lucky day, you would be the fourth girl."

She smirked as he tried to pull her down into the hole with him, but she didn't budge. He looked at her with surprise, not quite understanding why she wasn't falling into his arms. She grabbed his hand and threw him up over her. When he started to fall she grabbed his neck before he hit the ground and held him in front of her.

"I'm no ordinary girl." She grinned big enough to show him her fangs. He just stared at her with the surprise imprinted in his eyes. There were two gunshots and the amount of blood covering him increased. Kanade looked up and Zero was now falling down over them.

"Finally this game of tag is over." He grabbed the vampire from her and they both fell in the hole. She quickly jumped down after them with ease. She watched as Zero had his gun to the vampire’s head. "Don't touch her." He growled. Yuki came jumping in.

"Zero! Why?" She exclaimed.

"Yuki! I won't let you stop me. I was given an order." He looked back at the vampire. "For the crime of continuously killing for vampire purposes, I'm going to enforce discipline upon you."

"Oh man… I got caught…. but now I don't have to kill people anymore." The vampire said with a slight hint of remorse.

Kanade could feel his pain, his guilt. He truly regretted killing. There was a gunshot and then all of the vampire’s feelings were gone. All of his shame had filled her up and she felt her heart break as she stared at the pile of ash in front of her.

"Hey, members of discipline." She looked up and it was Rima. Behind her was Senri with a girl over his shoulder. "We picked up this girl over there, but what are we going to do? She's still alive."

"You did a good thing Zero. She's safe." Yuki made Zero lower his gun. "You saved Kanade too. Thanks."

Zero glared at Kanade. He could easily tell she was in her vampire form and he despised it. She looked the other way and jumped up to Rima and Serni's side. She took a deep breath when she started to feel their emotions of utter detachment and boredom. It was much better than Zero and Yuki's crazy feelings running around, she felt much more tranquil around the two night class students.

Lately Kanade had found herself following Yuki. Zero seemed to be ignoring her and hasn’t shown up waiting for her outside of class anymore.

"A dance party?" Kanade asked Yori. Yuki looked surprised.

"Didn't Yuki tell you? Or did you forget?" Yori said.

Yuki nodded a little nervous, "I'm not really interested in dancing with anyone."

"Me either." Kanade looked over at Zero who was standing behind them looking the other way.

"More than that, I'm nervous about the final exams coming up. Right Zero?" Yuki looked over at him.

"Ah well..." Zero trailed off.

"You really have forgotten it, the Traditional Cross Academy's dance party. The rule is that the class that does the poorest on the final exam before the party, is force to help out with the dance's backstage preparation." Yori explained.

"Wow you guys really take tests seriously here." With that rule Kanade was starting to get a bit nervous too. If her class did bad she would have to go to the dance.

"I'm worried miss Yuki Cross… you are always lowering my class average score." The class president interrupted.

"That's a mean thing to say class president." Yori said.

"And you miss Kanade. I'm afraid that your being from America may very well lower our chances as well."

"Hey! What's wrong with America?" Kanade retorted.

"The dance party is a formal event, in which the day class and the night class can attend together. If I lose and opportunity to dance with Ruka from the night class I'll hate you forever." He said to the both of them. Yuki shivered in fear.

"Oh no I better study hard." Yuki said as the president walked away.

"You really don't like to be hated do you Yuki?" Kanade said.

"Why don't you ask your father to look for an excellent tutor?" Yori suggested.

"Is she really that bad?" Kanade’s eyes widened.

The three of them were now walking to their next class with Zero close behind, silent, when Kanade and Zero started to sense other vampires. They looked over.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Yuki asked.

"You can't go that way!" Takuma yelled after an unfamiliar girl. "Maria!" The day class students started to notice and fawn over him.

"Eh? Night class students? That's not right!" Yuki started to run after them but Zero grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Don't go near that student. Leave her alone that vice president will do something about it." Zero said. Yuki looked over at Kanade and she nodded. Although she had no idea what he was talking about, she trusted Zero.

"Okay." Yuki said.

"Yuki!" Aido came out of no where and hugged her from behind.

"Aido!" She started to get nervous as she met all the angry stares surrounding her.

"This is the second time we’ve met during the day." All of the girls around them went into a craze. His voice became low as he whispered in Yuki’s ear, "You shall be ill-treated by all of the girls who have gone mad with jealousy, Yuki Cross."

"Get off of her!" Kanade growled and Aido instantly did as she said.

"Sorry Lady Kanade." He sneered. She had forgotten how they had to have respect for her since at night she is their superior. It was obvious that he was reluctant about it though. Zero and Yuki both shot her confused stares. She looked away hoping that they hadn't figured it out. Everyone was surrounding them now. The girls all angry at how she had spoken to Aido.

"Can I talk to you for a moment Aido?" Zero asked. Yuki and Kanade were now giving him a confused look.

"Huh? This is good, I wanted to have a few words with you as well." Aido walked over to his side. The stabbing pain appeared and disappeared as he walked past the dhampire.

“…Be careful with Maria.” Zero said to the two girls before walking off.

"It's you who should be careful not to get into a fight!" Yuki yelled after him.

"I know"

"I'm worried." Yori said.

"Me too." Kanade grumbled.

"He'll be fine... probably." Yuki said.

"No I meant about you two." Yori said, looking over at the angry mob of girls behind them.

"Yori hold my textbooks!" Yuki threw her books into Yori's hands and started to run, pulling Kanade along with her.

"Hey prefects! We want an explanation! What was that?" They all screamed after them.

Yuki jumped up and grabbed onto the rails of a balcony above. The problem was Kanade's physical skills are extremely lacking when she's in human form so Yuki had to throw her over causing her to land on her back and have the wind knocked out of her.

"Ow." The stabbing feeling starting to rise up.

"Lady Kanade! Yuki! You're having a hard time being chased too?" Takuma grinned. He was sitting across from them catching him breath.

"Takuma?!" Yuki climbed over. "What happened to Maria?"

"Uh actually she ran away while I was being chased by the day class girls."

"Ran away… Vice president of the night class has a hard time too I see." Yuki stood up.

‘Running around is easier when you’re a vampire…’ Kanade thought, not paying attention to their conversation as she desperately tried to catch her breath.

"Ah well it's Kaname. Well… if Kaname asks not just me but everyone from the night class they would probably do as he says." He looked down. "There are countless abilities pureblood vampires can use… and one of them is to make other vampires that aren't pureblood obey." Takuma looked over at Kanade and she slightly shook her head. Yuki cannot know she's a pureblood. "But although he seems superior Kaname doesn't wish for that sort of thing. That's why I am doing all these unfavorable things." He let out a sigh.

"Takuma." Yuki smiled.

"Lady Kanade you need to be careful around Maria. She doesn't know your… situation… and we don't know how she would react."

Kanade nodded as she slowly stood up, her head dizzy from the wind being knocked out of her.

“I’m gonna go lie down.” She stumbled over to the sliding doors that conveniently led to the infirmary.

Kanade and Yuki sat at the Chairman's desk studying. The Chairman was trying to help Yuki with math, but was getting nowhere. Meanwhile, Kanade was doing fine with the questions herself. Zero walked by and the Chairman stopped him.

"Zero would you mind helping tutor Yuki and Kanade with their studies? I have to go since the night patrol is my duty during testing." Zero just stared at the blankly for a moment. "It's alright if you don't want to--."

"It's fine. I'll do it." He walked over and pulled up a chair.

"I'll leave you to it then." The Chairman smiled and walked out.

"I'm fine Zero you should help Kanade. I'm sure she's confused." Yuki said. Kanade narrowed her eyes at her.

"Just because I'm from America doesn't mean I'm stupid." She put her pencil down and stood up. Yuki gave her a confused look. "You're the one who's to idiotic to get that Pi is 3.14 not 314."

Yuki nervously laughed and started to erase some wrong math. Kanade walked out and headed towards outside. She looked over towards the exit and stopped in her tracks. She began to think about leaving. She felt overwhelmed with this new world she was introduced to. The other day she almost died when that vampire attacked her and the thought brought chills down her spine.

'Where would I go?'

She let out a sigh.

'I have nowhere else.'

She stared at her feet, thinking about what she was going to do. Everything seemed upside down now. Zero seemed so far away now. She just kept wishing that things could go back to the way they were before he told her she was a dhapire. She missed the boy who would follow her around everywhere like a little puppy, no matter how angry she would get at him.

She looked up and she felt the slight stabbing pain. She saw Zero walking towards a building she'd never been in before. She later saw Yuki run after him, she ran towards them, sensing something had to be wrong.

"Kanade!" Yuki exclaimed.

"What are you doing now?" She asked her troublesome friend.

"Zero is acting strangely." They ran inside and came across Zero and Maria.

There is where they both found out that Maria is actually the very vampire that had turned Zero all those years ago, the pureblood that killed his entire family and threw him into the darkness. Kanade was overcome with rage.

She is the reason Zero is so tortured.

She understood how Zero must of felt, coming face to face with the very vampire who damned him.

Kick her ass Zero. If I ever laid eyes on the vampire who killed my father I'd slit his throat within seconds…

What? How could I think such a thing?

She shook her head, not wanting to think of that at a time like this. She looked back over and saw that Maria had a sword in hand and swung it at Zero.


She was about to run in to help him, but felt a hand pull her in, covering her mouth. The burning feeling was at its most intense state. She held her breath and looked up. It was Kaname. He was holding Yuki next to her passed out.

"I could never lose either of you, but him… if he is to die here we do not need him." He looked over at Kanade. "Do not breath a word of this to anyone."

She watched as Maria struck Zero down. The pain filling her up from Kaname's touch was nothing compared to the pain of watching Zero be hurt.

There was another man there with a mask covering his face.

"Lady Maria." He addressed her.

"I'll be resting for the rest of the night, Ichiru." She said as she walked off.

"She will not remember a thing of tonight’s events, please do not tell her." Kaname stood in the doorway of Kanade's room with Yuki in his arms.

"Why didn't you erase my memories?" She sat on her bed, still mortified by the sight of Zero being in so much pain.

"So you understand how important it is that you stay away from Maria. She would kill you within seconds of grabbing your scent."

The next morning Kanade sat down behind Yuki in class. Zero’s seat was empty. He didn't come to take exams.

"Kanade?" Yuki looked up at her.


"Did something happen last night that I am forgetting?" She asked.

Shit, shit, shit! I want to tell you so bad Yuki!

Kanade shook her head and faked a smile.

Yuki, Yori and Kanade were walking to their next class.

"Cross! Yoshi!" Someone yelled.

"The class president is calling for you." Yori told them. They turned around to see the president stomping over their way.

"I found out the results of the exams for all five subjects and as expected our class did the poorest!" He screamed. "Cross, I heard you just wrote down your name and class and left the rest blank! Yoshi, apparently you got every question wrong in every subject!"

'I guess both Yuki and I were having trouble focusing.'

"Because of you two our class has to do all the backstage preparation! Now I'll never be able to dance with Ruka!" He ran off crying.

"You did study didn't you?" Yori asked them.

"Uh yeah." Yuki said.

"Huh? Night class? It's that girl again…" Yori said. Kanade looked over and Maria was walking by, staring at them.

Kanade could feel her rage build up as she saw the little devil.

Yuki started to run towards her.


"Yuki! Don't!" Kanade cried out. She wanted to run after her so badly, but Kaname's words held her in place.

'Stay away from Maria. She would kill you within seconds of grabbing your scent.'

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