Fate's Evil Curse

The School Dance

"Kanade!!!" The Chairman called out from the hallway excitedly.

Kanade opened her door to see him standing there with a big goofy grin on his face. He was wearing a really fancy suit and holding a box wrapped with ribbon and a small bag on top of it.

"Why are you wearing your pajamas!? The dance is tonight and you’re supposed to be helping out!" He exclaimed.

"I was hoping you'd let me off the hook since there would be so many vampires there…."

"Oh Kanade it completely slipped my mind!" He face palmed. "But you shouldn't let such a pesky thing get in your way." He held out the box. "This is for you from me and the little one is from Kaname." He winked. She took the box and the little bag in hand and shut the door on his face. "I expect to see you there tonight!" He said through the door. She picked up the card that was lying on the top,

Senri was kind enough to donate.

She took the tissue out from the bag and at the bottom was a vial of blood.

‘Is this really Senri's blood?’ She thought as she examined it.

‘…Maybe Kaname is trying to trick me

... He did say not to drink any other vampires blood.’

She set the little bag down and opened the box. Her eyes widened as she pulled out a beautiful red and white dress.

Oh my god. I can't believe the Chairman gave me this.

She stared down at the vial of blood. When she had the Level E blood she only stayed a vampire for less than an hour. How long would a whole vial of a Noble like Senri last?

‘Is it really safe for me to go?

Will Maria be there?

… If they want me to go I guess it's better than staying cooped up in here.’

She got up and started to do her hair and make up. She slipped on the dress and once everything else was done she stared at the vial of blood. She was dreading this moment so she left it for last. She took in a deep breath and picked it up. She stared in amazement; she didn't feel any burning when she held onto the vial.

'How did he do this?'

She shrugged her shoulders and took a quick sip, only consuming a third of the blood.

I may need some in the future and this stuff isn't exactly easy to come by.

She quickly put the cap on the vial and set it down so it wouldn't spill before she fell to the ground in agonizing pain.

She stared up at the ceiling as the pain increased and then slowly went away. When she was fully recovered she stood up and walked over to the mirror. She had never seen her vampire self before and she was curious.

I wonder if vampires can see their reflection or is that just a myth?

She gasped at the person looking back at her from the mirror. Her eyes were red and she was so… beautiful. There wasn’t a single blemish on her face and it was like her skin was glowing because of her paler complexion. She noticed on her arm were these weird black markings. They looked somewhat like tattoos. She turned and looked in the mirror. They ran all down the sides of her back.

What the hell?

Kanade started up the steps to the ballroom, but instantly stopped when she saw Zero standing outside the door. She could feel his surprise when she came into his sight.


"Kanade! That dress is so beautiful on you! I'm so happy you chose to come!" The Chairman interrupted him and ran over to Kanade's side.

"I had a choice? Then I'm leaving. There's no use in embarrassing myself." She started to walk off but the Chairman stopped her.

"You've gone through so much to come here though. Please stay." He begged. She let out a sigh and walked up the steps with him. "Zero! Why don't you go dance with Kanade before she runs off!" She looked down.

"I'm only here to do my job as you instructed."

"Well isn't part of your job is to keep an eye on Kanade? And the best way to do that is to dance with her. I will hold down the rest of security for you for a few songs." He grinned.

Zero let out a sigh and then held out his hand.

"If I must."

She took hold of it, relishing the feeling of touching Zero without any pain. He led her out on the dance floor.

"I'm not a very good dancer." She admitted.

He put her hand on his shoulder and held the other. He grabbed onto her waist and then started to move his feet. She could feel everyone's stare and it made her nervous.

"Me either." He looked down at her and she couldn't help but smile at his comforting gaze. He didn't say anything and they danced in silence for a while. She noticed him staring at her new markings.

"They just appeared out of nowhere." She said looking over at her arm.

"They are the mark of a dhampire... It's how us vampire hunters can tell which is which." He mumbled. "You'd be dead right now if any of them were here."

If these identify me as a dhampire then Maria would be able to tell…

She looked around for her but she wasn't in sight. "Who's blood was it?" Zero suddenly asked. He was looking the other way, trying to hide his face like he always did.

"Senri's apparently… Kaname must have forced him to give some. I'll yell at him for it later." She smiled to herself.

"You never smile like that unless you’re thinking about him.” She looked down at her feet, ashamed of her feelings for Kaname. “Do you… care for him?”

“…Yeah.” She mumbled. “But not like how I care for you…” Her face turned bright red in embarrassment.

“…I care about you as well.”

She just stared at him with complete surprise.

What does he mean? As a friend or… more than that?

"But not when you’re like this. Not when you're one of them."

He let go of her and stomped away. She stood in the middle of the dance floor and stared after him in complete awe. She glanced at the exit.

… I should go.

"May I have my turn?"

She looked over and to her surprise it was Kaname. She unwillingly nodded and he grabbed onto her waist.

"I thought you only wanted me to drink your blood…" She mumbled.

"Even though it kills me for you to have someone else's blood in your veins, I did not want to miss out on seeing you in a dress." He slightly smiled.

"Won't Maria notice my markings?" She tried her best not to look at him and instead watched everyone dance around her. She accidentally stepped on his foot. "Sorry." She looked down and tried to follow him but she noticed that he wasn't going with the beat. "Why are you dancing so slow?"

"After watching you dance with Zero I figured it would be easier for you to go slower, but apparently not. Just stand on my toes and I'll lead."

She looked down and did as he said. Suddenly she felt as if she were floating, he started to move with the music. She noticed that everyone was now to the sides of the room watching the two of them dance.

"Everyone is watching." She was beginning to get more nervous. She held her breath when she accidentally caught his scent, afraid that she might not be able to control herself if she opened her mouth anymore.

"It's because you're so beautiful." She tried not to let his words make her blush as she looked around for Maria again.

She must see my marks now.

"Don't worry she isn't here."

She internally took a sigh of relief and looked over at Zero leaning against the wall, staring off in the other direction. The song ended and Kaname took a step back.

"Please excuse me."

He bowed and then walked out towards the balcony. Everyone started to fill the dance floor once again and she walked over to the punch bowl. She reached out for a drink, but then she remembered that she was a vampire. She wasn't sure if she could eat or drink normal food even though she had seen Zero do it before.

She looked over and saw the other vampires standing in their own little group. She walked over to them.

"Lady Kanade!" Takuma bowed, the others bowed with him.

"Um hi." She tried to smile at them. "Thanks for the blood Senri. I'm sorry you had to go to the trouble. I will make it up to you."

"No need." He was holding a glass of water with a tablet at the bottom.

She grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down but it didn’t quench her thirst whatsoever.

“Do you want one?” Takuma said as he held out a box of tablets. She felt tempted to try it but she felt like doing so would mean she’s accepted the vampire side of her. She reluctantly declined before chugging down another glass of water.

Yuki entered the ballroom with a beautiful pink gown on. She saw Kanade and walked over her way.

"Kanade! I didn't expect to see you tonight." Kanade turned around to meet with Yuki, revealing her blood red eyes. "Oh… I didn’t realize…” There was an awkward silence. "Have you seen Kaname?"

"He's out on the terrace."

So that's why he left me. He didn't want Yuki to see us together...

If he feels the same way I do for him, he would never want to leave my side…

Yuki went up to him and they ended up dancing together out there. Jealousy pulled at Kanade's heart.

"Would you like to dance Lady Kanade?" She looked over and it was Takuma. He had a big smile on his face.


She tried her best to not step on his feet but she just kept stumbling as she watched Kaname and Yuki together. Then Yuki walked away and started to run out. She looked over and Zero was talking to Kaname.

Something must be wrong.

She pulled away from Takuma.


She ran after her friend. When she caught up with her Yuki was in another building that used to be the night class dorms. She ran inside.

"You think purebloods are happy?" Maria said as she pinned Yuki down on the couch.

"Get away from her!" Kanade showed the girl her fangs, trying to intimidate her.

"Kanade!?" Yuki exclaimed.

"Dhampire? What a surprise." She sat up. "How did you manage to keep it a secret for so long without getting killed?" Kanade took a step forward. "Stop." She did as she said. "I am a pureblood. You cannot harm me." Maria smiled.

She doesn’t know that I'm pureblood as well…

"Besides I have information that you will want to hear as well. We made a deal. Her life for the secret to save Zero." The man with the mask came walking in with an unconscious woman in his arms. "Ichiru, those boys withdrew obediently?"

"Yes Lady Shizuka."

"Of course. They are well brought up. They know better than to harm a pureblood's body." The masked man brought the woman over to them. "That's my true body. It's easy to save Zero." The man sat the woman next to her. "That boy… only has to drink my blood." They said at the same time. Kanade took a step back in surprise. Maria passed out and the woman stood up.

"Blood?" Yuki asked.

"Yes. His master Shizuka Hiou's blood." She smiled. "That way Zero will never become a Level E. He will then truly become apart of the night clan. Ichiru, lay Maria's body down on the bed." He left the room with the unconscious girl. "It's a deal, give your blood to me. I am being chased. I need more strength. For that your innocent blood is necessary. Watch, dhampire, as I suck her dry. You'll be next." She smiled. She leaned in and showed her fangs.

"Get away from her you bitch!" Kanade was suddenly on top of her, her hand around the woman's neck.

“Kanade you’re a…?” Yuki started, speechless from bewilderment.

"Pureblood?!" She stared at her with surprise. Kanade smirked.

"You got it. You have no control over me you crazy hag." She was about to punch her, but the tables turned and suddenly she was on the floor and Shizuka had her hand wrapped around Kanade's neck.

"You still don't know how to use your powers, along with that you haven't tasted human blood. I may be weak, but I'm stronger than you." She smiled. "I guess I'll finish you first." She leaned in for her neck.

"Kanade!" Yuki cried out.

"Get away from her Shizuka!" Zero was in the doorway. He pulled out his gun and aimed it at her. Yuki then got in front of the two with Artemis.

"Get back Zero, please." Yuki said.

"Get out of the way! Why--"

"This woman is the only one who can save you!" She cried out.

"That woman... will save me?"

"That's right. If I keep my end of the bargain… are you listening Zero? The only way to end this without you turning into a level E is… if you drink this woman's blood, Zero. As I promised I'll be bitten by her and become the same as you are. I'm scared, but I'm fine. Because… that way I can save you."

“There’s no need for you to become one of us tonight, Yuki.” Kanade said. “Drink from me instead. I will not turn into a vampire.”

“I’ll happily suck you dry.” Shizuka smiled and leaned in. "Kaname Kuran would not like this at all." She whispered into her ear. Kanade grew stiff. "You're her right? The last of the Takanashi's. Kaname's--." Kanade covered the woman's mouth before she could say anymore. Shizuka picked her up and threw her on the couch.

"You don't want them to know?" She smiled and leaned in close to her ear. "Then don't struggle." Zero took a step forward.

"Get back Zero!" Yuki pointed Artemis at him.

"Even if this story about drinking her blood is true… it can be after I kill you half way. Can't it… Shizuka?"

She smiled and Yuki dropped Artemis.

"Zero…" Yuki said under her breath in astonishment. "Sorry Zero but…" Yuki lifted her bracelet up to Zero's tattoo.

"Yuki don't!" Kanade cried out.

Zero grabbed her arms before she could reach his neck.

"Why are you trying to stop me!?" He exclaimed.



"You are tamed by her fool." Shizuka said. Zero became stiff. She stood up with her hand still wrapped around Kanade's neck.

I don’t want to lose them… I don’t want them to know… Kanade thought to herself, as she stayed limp in Shizuka’s hold.

The woman laughed. "Are you happy to hear your master's voice? Do you not feel like obeying me? …It is because I have returned to my real body that my voice has the 'power' to bind. Ahh that is just good. Hold Yuki like that for a while. You do understand don't you? The commands given by me, your parent and master, as a vampire you cannot disobey, Zero."

"Zero… let go of me." Yuki tried to slip out of his grip.

"Fight it Zero. Just keep fighting!" Kanade said.

"Be quiet." Shizuka shook her and tightened her grip around the dhampire's neck. "Or I'll tell them your little secret."

"Kanade?" Yuki looked over at her in confusion.

"You don't have to make them do such things! I'll be obedient when you suck my blood!" Yuki cried out.

"For four years this body has been starving… do you think that if I drank only your blood that it would be enough?" She walked over to Zero, dragging Kanade along. Shizuka grabbed onto him and sunk her teeth into his neck.

"No!" Kanade tried to cry out but the woman was choking her now.

"You said that you only want my blood. Stop it!" Yuki exclaimed. "It should be enough already! Why are you doing such a cruel thing to Zero?"

Shizuka pulled away from Zero and leaned down towards Yuki, "It's punishment for being tamed by you." She whispered into Yuki's ear. "You tell me that I am cruel, but who are you to tell me...? The fact that your decision would torment Zero was obvious even by my eyes." She looked down at Kanade and lifted her up to her level. "You are a dhampire, an abomination." She growled at her. "You defy the very of nature of vampires. I will enjoy drinking you dry." She leaned with her fangs bared.

"Zero. Please." Kanade choked out as she tried to push the woman away. Zero let go of Yuki and grabbed Shizuka by the neck, but she hadn't let go of Kanade. Her fingers, still wrapped around her neck as the dhampire hung helpless next to her.

"Let go of her." He growled.

"You love her too don't you?" She laughed. "It's pointless Zero. You should stay still just like a marionette for now. She can never love you anyways. You cannot even put any strength into these fingers on my neck can you?"

Zero shot himself in the leg and tightened his grip on her neck. Shizuka grew stiff.

"Don't you take anything away from me!!" He cried out.

He then brought the gun up to her and took two shots. Shizuka let go of Kanade and the dhampire fell to the ground recovering her breath.

"No Zero!" Yuki screamed and grabbed onto his arm holding the gun. Shizuka started to laugh hysterically. She jumped up and sliced the couch behind her in half.

"You want to kill me don't you?" She said. "It'll take more than that."

"No. No more from me." Zero ripped out of Yuki's grip and started to shoot at her.

Kanade quickly ran over to Yuki's side. She wanted to help but she couldn't let any of Shizuka's blood into her system. She hid behind the small girl as she held her back.

"I'll finish everything!" Zero exclaimed still taking shots. He suddenly stopped. Her blood was now dripping on the floor. "Let's put an end to this and be at ease, Shizuka. I've lived only for this day."

Yuki grabbed Zero from behind. "Let go Yuki."

"I still haven't asked you about what happens afterwards."

"When this is all over what will happen to you Zero?" Yuki asked.

"There is no need to think deeply about it am I right Zero?" Shizuka said. "What has always been deep down in your heart is... the desire to perish… with me."

"Yeah..." He lifted his gun at her. "That may be so…"

Kanade saw a sword heading for Zero and in a split second she was in front of him holding the sharp blade in her hand, her blood trickling down from her hand.

"Kanade!" Yuki cried out.

"Lady Shizuka what are you doing, sporting?" The masked man was standing in the doorway. "How long are you going to play with Zero, Lady Shizuka? Could it be that you plan on leaving that devil spawn as he is?" He stood in front of her. "No that's wrong, Lady Shizuka. You can't die selfishly it will cause trouble."

"Don't do such an unnecessary thing!" The woman exclaimed. "You are uncalled for."

"I understand, but I cannot be convinced with the difference in the way we are treated." Zero grabbed the sword from Kanade and pushed her back.

"I thought you were already dead, Ichiru."

The man reached for his masked.

"You remembered me huh? Zero… My dear brother."

He had the same face as Zero. Kanade and Yuki stood in shock.

"Zero--" Kanade started.

"No. Do not get involved with this, Kanade." Zero interrupted her.

“Kanade?” Ichiru’s eyes widened as he examined the dhampire. “Is she--?”

"Take Yuki out of here." Zero growled.

"I'm not leaving your side." Yuki said.

"Me either."

"You got those two wrapped around your finger don't you Zero? A dhampire and a human." Ichiru smirked.

"Hmph. I still have something I should do. You don't have to worry I don't plan on being killed." Shizuka walked out.

"Shizuka!" Zero started to run after her but Ichiru stopped him.

"It's horrible to ignore me like that Zero." Ichiru said. Kanade looked over at Yuki.

"Make sure he doesn't get killed." She said before running after the pureblood.

"Kanade!" Yuki called after her.

Kanade grabbed Shizuka from behind. She could smell the woman's blood and she licked her lips, it smelled like strawberries and she was craving it.

No get a hold of yourself!

"What if I was to rip out your heart right now?" She whispered in the woman's ear. Shizuka laughed.

"Kanade stop." She looked up and saw the night class dorm president leaning against a window.


What is he doing just standing there?

"Come over here."

She did as he said and slowly walked over to his side.

"Just one drop of her blood and you will be like this forever, plus it's a great crime to kill a pureblood."

"So I was right. She is the cursed dhampire. How cute."

Kanade narrowed her eyes at the woman who seemed so confident when she was so close to defeat.

"Kaname what are you doing?" Kanade whispered to him.

"Shhh." He grabbed her hand to keep her in place.

"Why are you here Kuran?" Shizuka smirked.

"This bedroom was the first that I occupied when I entered this school." His voice still calm and as gentle as a light breeze, like it always was no matter the situation.

"I see. As for me there is no one to disturb me here, but I didn't expect that girl you think you have wrapped around your finger would leave her precious Zero. I guess it's a good thing you’re here. She's in love with him too you know? Well then let me ask you one more time… what brings you to this school?"

Kaname glanced over at Kanade and then reverted his attention back at Shizuka. He needed to be careful with his words. She had her back towards them and was messing with her robe.

"To return a favor… and also this is an appropriate place to get what I want."

What does he mean? What does he want?

He let go of Kanade's hand, ripped the curtain off the window next to them before laying it on her head. He started to walk up behind the pureblood, as Kanade peeked out from the curtain in utter confusion.

"Actually I probably would have done the same as you, Shizuka."

He was now holding onto to her from behind. In that second he had his hand through her chest. Kanade gasped and lifted the curtain back over her face so no blood would get into her system… and so she didn't have to watch.

"I'm like you milady. I do it for myself." He softly said into her ear.

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