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Tere Siva(A Darshan Raval fanfic)


Tere Siva - an intense love story of a normal fan girl and her idol. A normal love story but with elements of compassion and infinite love for each other. It's the story of Darshan and Dia. Where one's happiness becomes other's happiness and one's sadness becomes other's sorrow, when small things of someone gives you something and unexpectedly make you cherish. Where, Darshan - he doesn't need a introduction but though he is a singer, composer, lyrisist and most probably a man with a heart of gold from Ahmedabad but is living in Andheri. Dia - a normal girl who is a Cardiologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital, Andheri. Some More characters are: @ Saiyami and Divya (Dia's besties since high school) @ Hardik, Dj Chetas (Darshan's friends) @ Kritesh (Darshan's best friend)

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1A : The Absurd Meeting

Rule1 Whose name is written above the content character would be describing the scene.

#Rule2 That thumbtack emoji denotes location. 📌 Venetian's Bar and Gastronomy, Bandra, Mumbai.

Dr. Dia Mehrotra

I was fiddling with my car keys and wondering that how crowded is Venetian's growing day by day.

When suddenly, someone broke my thinking, say wondering.

It was Rahul.

He asked, "Hey Dia!! Are you going to play Truth and Dare??".

The whole group roared.

I had, a short I mean short almost non existent fondness for that game but as the whole group insisted, so I unfortunately agreed.

I was so not Intrested in that game that my eagerness faded away and I had no clue at whose turn was coming and going.

Suddenly, the bottle moved and there came my turn. And Rahul said, "Dia!! It's a Dare for you!"

And I was like hang on, "what?" was just something came out of my mouth.

He said, "You have do it." And the whole group encouraged. I said "Rahul you are my junior remember?"

Rahul: Remember boss!! I am your friend since college, Junior hoon toh kya Hua? (What happened if I am your junior?).

"So", he mouthed, "First you have to have a smooch with the first guy you see the other is kiss someone on his cheek whom we would recommend you."🙄

"Is it necessary?" I asked timidly.

He gave me a cold stare.

"Hell Yeah! OK fine I'm gonna the second one."I said.

Darshan Raval

I adjusted myself on the broad table with my back leaned on the corner with Dj Chetas who was in the same position.

We were enjoying Hardik's dance moves.

To some extent my heart said," Hardik shu kare Che?? (PS. Gujarati : Hardik what are you doing??) but I let him go on.

Dr. Dia Mehrotra

" That's the guy " he pointed towards a man.

I saw him and was shocked.

#Disclaimer Gujarati is for representative purposes only. If wrong, please notify me.


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