The Mystery of Forest Feder

Starting Over

Serena opened her eyes. The room was as white as snow. She quickly looked down at her arm. There was a needle in her arm that was attached to a machine. She was confused and dizzy.

A woman walked in the room. She had scrubs on. The woman asked Serena how she was doing, and if she wanted anything to eat. Serena said she was fine, and then asked her what happened to her. The nurse describes how she got in a car accident, and how she was in a coma for the past ten days. The woman asked Serena what her name was. Serena replied. The nurse asked if she had anyone who could help her, and Serena stated Blair’s name and phone number. The nurse then left the room to go call Blair, and the nurse described how the accident on the news was the one that Serena was in.

Serena tried to run through everything in her mind that happened. She remembered being with Blair at dinner and meeting Forest. She also remembered Forest taking her to his house and explaining how it was love at first sight when he saw her. Then, she had a faint memory of the two getting married, and then a memory came of a newborn baby girl being held by Forest.

Two hours later, Blair arrived with Chuck. When Blair saw Serena, she became a puddle of tears. Serena’s face was suddenly filled with joy. After delightfully embracing each other, the Blair gently sat on Serena’s bed. The mood was delightful. But then Serena asked Blair where Forest was.

Blair then described how Forest and her went on a date, and on their way to his house they wrecked. But that didn’t make sense to what Serena remembered. Serena said, “No...” Serena explained all of the events she remembered. Her memories didn’t match what actually happened at all. Blair then asked Serena a few questions about the events that have happened around the world recently. Serena thought it was 2019. Blair also asked Serena if she knew why she was in a Jeep. Serena didn’t remember a Jeep at all. She remembered being in a Mercedes.

The nurse then walked in. Blair asked the nurse why Serena thought these things. The nurse described how sometimes when people are in a coma they have hallucinations and dreams that seem very realistic. Serena instantly broke down in tears. Blair asked the nurse how much longer Serena had to stay here. The nurse said, “She is free to leave now if she feels comfortable with it, and as long as you all understand that acclimating her back to the real world might be difficult and emotional for not only Serena but you all too.” Serena said all she wanted to do was go home. This was not only what she wanted, but also what she needed.

Serena, Chuck, and Blair drove back to Manhattan. Serena was so happy to be home, but she kept asking where Forest was. Blair explained how the hospital told her that Serena was the only one in the car at the scene of the accident. Serena’s body filled with rage. She couldn’t understand how he could do that to her. They were in love. Why would he just leave her like that? After Serena had fully recovered, her and Blair tried to track down Forest, so Serena could come to terms with what actually happened. They had no luck. It seemed as if Forest was nowhere to be found.

Two years passed, Serena had moved on in life. She had a serious boyfriend named Dan. They were madly in love and most likely were going to get married. Her career had taken off she was working in movie production. She was fulfilling all of her dreams. Although, in the back of Serena’s heart there was always the lingering love for Forest, the mystery man with the eyes the color of the ocean.
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