A New Home

Chapter 2

“Follow me! I think I know how to get out!” Virginia said. Virginia proceeded to lead the group in the opposite direction of the walkers. They got to a closet and Cayla shut the door behind them thinking she was the last one… but she wasn’t. Right after the door was closed, the group started to hear screaming. At first they thought that the screams belonged to Taylor because they were high pitched and they couldn’t seem to find her, but they soon realized that it was Ben who had the door shut on him and was virulently eaten by walkers. Remembering the danger at hand, Virginia revealed a secret door in the closet that led to a stairwell. The group went up the stairwell and ended up on the roof. There were five walkers up there and Glenn and Enid took them out with their pistols, which no one else had.

Cole asked, “Now that we are up here, what the heck are we supposed to do?”

Virginia replied, “All I know is that no walkers can get up here and that means for the time being, we are safe.”

Callie realized that the door to the stairwell was about to bust and informed the group. “Wow this is a really bad situation,” she said, “but luckily I have my ziplining gear. That should definitely get us down from here.”

Taylor anxiously asked, “Callie, Why in the world do you have ziplining gear?”

Virginia exclaimed, “Taylor! Who cares? All that matters is that Callie is saving our lives!” Callie then shot the cable for the zipline to the alternative school and the group started to zipline over there. Everyone had made it over and Taylor was the last person on the roof. Taylor started ziplining towards the alternative school, but about midway through the line snapped and Taylor fell to her death like an apple out of a tree. Again, the group was forced to have a short memory and keep going. They started their trek down Morgan Drive and when they got to the parking lot of Moe’s BBQ they heard a loud roar, which sounded like a motor. Not even two seconds later, a dozen red Lamborghinis showed up and stopped for the distressed group. All of the butterfly doors opened at the same time and out walked the rest of Glenn and Enid’s group.

“I thought you guys all died in Alexandria!” Glenn said, falling to the ground in shock because his wife, Maggie was alive. Glenn had thought that his family was gone, his friends, were gone, and his life was gone, but it wasn’t. The leader of that group, Rick invited the Vestavia group to embark into the Lamborghinis. Glenn’s group appeared very nonchalant and they benevolently asked the Vestavians to join their group. Rick’s group was now comprised of his original group and the Vestavia group which was somewhat destitute in their ability to survive the apocalypse. The now voluminous group drove off into the sunset deftly on the way to the coast, where they believed there would be new hope.

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