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Cherry Blossoms | Taekook


In which a highschool teenager Jungkook falls in love with a church boy Taehyung during Cherry blossoms. Jungkook, a normal teenager trapped inside the bubble of introversy discovers love for the first time with Taehyung who is meant to serve God and help people. Taehyung taught him how to love, the one for whom love is considered as a sin but what if he falls for the other male too? Will their love be granted? ❝It is said that if you kiss someone under this cherry blossom tree then your love will last forever.❞ ❝Can I kiss you under this?❞ ~~~ ❝No you can't, you can't love me.❞ ❝If loving you is a sin then I am a sinner.❞ The pain of rejection of immense emotions and feelings, the heartbreak, helplessness of losing the one you always longed to hold one day and the irresistible true love manipulate their destiny. - Contains Irresistible love, Heartbreak & Angst -------DISCLAIMER------- It's all just imagination based content for entertainment purposes. Don't take this seriously. It's written with no intention of hurting any person, community or place. Plagiarism is a crime, don't copy or re-post my original work in any way. © 2020 Dippy08

Romance / Drama
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Author's Perspective

Spring time has its own effect which brings changes with it. It makes days warmer and starts nature's new blooming journey. And that's when the most awaited season of prepossessing cherry blossoms starts.

The precious time of cherry blossoms brings joy and a bit of romance as speck of dust in the air everywhere. Pink petals all around the way catch the minds of all. The sweet scent of blooming flowers soothes every mind. It's a very pleasing time which arrives once in a year.

But who knew this would start a journey of eternal love which now would last for seasons after seasons.

A young boy in his teenage years discovers love for the first time with a boy who just became an adult and who taught him what love is and how it's done then why he asks him to unlove him?

It all started in a day but now even infinity wasn't enough to end it.

•°•°Back in time•°•°

A man in his mid 20s with a well built muscular physique, wearing a long black coat over his classic white shirt and black pants at the bottom, owning black hair just entered the church.

Candles glowing all around in a little dark hallway to the entrance of the church. Framed paintings of God and Goddesses were hanging on the walls adorned by designed patterns, giving glimpses of heaven. A big chandelier was just hanging above his head. The surrounding was holy and aesthetic.

He stood now and took his hands out of his pocket to now join in front of God. His eyes gleamed with so many emotions. He was hurt and upset with God for a very unfair event that had him standing there with no strength and will left inside his body.

"God, they say I am your son, why are you hurting your child this way? I just wanted to have a life of love but all you did is try to keep me away from it. How many more tests are left to prove myself? Isn't that enough now? I am tired. I am giving up......" He whispered with his crackling voice as he tried to control his tears.

".... but if it's for him. I am not giving up any moment. Try me as much as you want. I am standing here in front of you."

He aggressively wiped away his tears with his sleeves as he walked away fiercely out of the church again.

His feet froze for a moment when air collided with wind chimes. The sound of ringing was tickling his emotions. So many thoughts out of his memories were forcing him to stay still a little more there.

He turned his head out of the window of the hallway to find the same tree, the cherry blossom tree whose buds were starting, giving the tree a rebirth.

Tears had filled his eyes. The same tree, the same place when it all started and where it all started.

Spring had always been his favorite season but now his life was darkened, all of his happiness was shedded like the leaves in autumn and his life was in a long-term autumn. There was no sign of arrival of hope and happiness like the spring season.

He was tired of tortures the God was giving him to test his love. He was giving up on it but the thought of him could never let him be weak.

His feet slowly dragged him to the place under the tree. The tree was standing still how it always did before. They grew much older but the tree was the same and one more thing was the same with the tree, the carved letters of names joined with a heart in between.

One was Jungkook and another was Taehyung. His love of life.

His fingertips brushed against the surface of the wooden bark. Tears were flowing all of the time.

And the flashback started when it all started...

A young teenage boy was fiddling his fingers with the pen and paper of the notebook.

The extremely boring classes were going on and he was too busy staring outside the window of his class.

Spring had arrived and everything was so beautiful, probably way better than the boring classes inside the school.

He was shaking his leg furiously out of impatience. Though his body was inside the class but his mind was outside of it.

Sooner his attention was caught by the coughs of his teacher who was distracted by the boy's behavior. His twinkling doe eyes met with the teacher's narrowed eyes who were stepping closer to him.

"Jungkook? You don't seem to pay your attention here on what I am saying. Be attentive!" He ordered with his stern voice and Jungkook sat properly as he straightened his back and faced the board in front of him.

Just in a while, a bell rang and students dispersed with the speed of light. Just when Jungkook was about to stand to leave, the teacher had put his hand on his shoulder.

"Oh no personal lecture time." The young male thought in his mind and sat again with an upset pout.

After an hour which felt like an eternity to the boy, the teacher gave him permission to leave and all of Jungkook's energy was sucked.

He left the class with his down facing head. He was so unhappy after being scolded that way. All of his classmates had left the school already. He was the only one left.

It's not like he had always been leaving with his friends because he really didn't have one.

He would just go all alone behind the crowd of students like him. He was very introverted and maybe a lot too shy to begin a conversation on his own and that's why he could never be close with anyone.

But maybe that day was a little different...

He was not really in a mood to go home like that because his mom would scold him for being late and she would know why he was late, which made him even more upset.

"Ah my life is so boring." He whispered in a pout and kicked a stone on the road as he walked onto the other way.

"Meow" a sound replied to him. He turned his head to see a cat. Behind the bushes who seemed a little terrified because the cat had been hiding from dogs for a long while.

"Hey little kitty, what are you doing here, aww look at you." He cooed and carried it. The white furred cat slowly leaned in his touch which melted his heart.

"Aww seems like I made a new friend." He smiled and carried it along with him. He started to walk through the aesthetic way filled with mellow pink petals of cherry blossom trees.

There were actually a lot of them. The roadside was densely filled with the cherry blossom trees and it was something new for him.

How couldn't he discover this place before? It seemed quite unfamiliar.

Maybe because he wasn't an outgoing person or maybe he never got to be there as he was still new to the city.

The curiosity led him into the place. The cat was still in his arms and he slowly stroked it's fur with his fingers as he walked.

And suddenly the cat jumped out of his arms when they reached a specific place. There was a big beautiful church in front of him now. The cat ran towards the church through the garden which had the biggest cherry blossom tree inside it.

And then suddenly his eyes caught a figure of a boy there who had lifted the cat in his arms.

"Oh my my, where have you been Miss. Daisy? Aww I missed you so much." He played with it's fur and the cat meowed in response to his sentence.

The young teenager stood there speechless with his eyes fixed on the male in front of him.

He was caught off guard after watching a figure of beauty in front of him. His eyes were round and blue, hair blonde and shiny with bangs and mullet reaching upto his neck. His body was curved, not too skinny, not too thick, just perfectly built and had white clothes on his petit frame with a cross locket in his neck, representing his religion. His lips were pretty pink and cheeks had crimson freckles on top of his pale skin. The male in front of him was the definition of delicacy, beauty and blessing of God.

The male saw the teenage boy standing there in a trauma. He slowly walked to him and smiled. He slightly bowed in front of him.

"Thank you so much for bringing back my cat here Mister." He whispered and his voice was another sudden attack for the young teenager. He was really surprised by this much perfection.

The church boy slowly stepped backwards and blinked cutely while staring at the traumatized teenage boy.

"Oh, you're a student at St. John's school. Nice to meet you." He found out after watching him in his school dress. He kept his hand in front of the younger male to shake and the black haired slowly held his hand. This brought him back to reality.

Just like the male, his hands were the same way delicate.

"I am Taehyung, and you?" And then for the first time his eyes met with the said male. It was as if he would drown in his ocean eyes and he wasn't even complaining to drown there.

He knew something was different about that feeling. He was suddenly overfilled with emotions which changed everything in his life after that one meeting.

"I, I am Jungkook"


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