Eden's Diary

Chapter 4: The Future Diary Project

October 30 / 19:47 [Sakurami Stadium]

My uncle's treating me and my big sisters to a concert. Eden's Embrace, if I'm not mistaken – they're supposed to be this up-and-coming band, and Piero's apparently friends with the lead singer.

Yukiteru took one look at the diary entry he'd just finished, before stowing his cellphone back in his pocket as the queue moved up. In no time at all, it was their turn to be let through the entrance. Piero had gotten them really good seats, too – front row, to be exact. Being friends with rock stars really did have its perks, it seemed.

"Right this way, please," prompted the usher, who led them down to their designated seats.

As usual, he was with his sisters Athena and Minerva, Piero having gone backstage to chat with his friends before the show got started. Saturday wasn't usually his day off, but his uncle had been nice enough to take them to this concert – especially since his friends gave them free tickets for it. Which, taken into perspective, really was generous of them; even general admission tickets to these kinds of events would have been expensive, to say nothing of front row seats.

Soon enough, it was showtime.

One by one the band members came up, to raucous cheers from the many teenage girls in the audience. Looking at their faces, Yukiteru found more than a few pretty ones, too. But there was one girl in particular who caught his attention: a rose-haired girl, with eyes of deep red, seated together with her parents to the far right of their row.

And as their eyes met for a moment, he smiled shyly at her, to which she blushed in turn.

"Nobody knows just why we're here…Could it be fate, or random circumstance?At the right place, at the right time,Two roads intertwine…"

Eventually his sisters noticed where he was looking, and giggled.

"That girl, you've been staring at her. You like her, Yuki-kun?" asked Minerva suddenly, much to his embarrassment.

For his part, Yukiteru frantically shook his head, but it was too late; the flush creeping up his face gave him away. It was like one of those cheesy romance movies, or otherwise those soap operas he knew his sisters liked so much. Nor did it help that it was Minerva who'd asked. Considering that Minerva was usually the more serious twin, he must've been really obvious about his infatuation.

And sure enough, Athena noticed her adoptive little brother's… predicament.

"Stop it, sister, you're making him blush," Athena admonished her even as she herself tried to stifle her giggles. "If he were any redder, he'd be visible from low orbit."

"Still, Yuki-kun, you like her, don't you?" she winked as she elbowed him in the ribs. "Excellent! You can go talk to her later, then!"

Yukiteru paid no attention to either of his sisters as he resolutely kept his eyes on the stage.

Despite his façade, though, he wanted very much to vanish on the spot right about now. Thanks to all the time he'd spent in the Animus, he was becoming more and more like his ancestor, even and especially in ways he didn't necessarily want. Indeed, it seemed to Yukiteru that the skills and knowledge of an Assassin weren't the only things he'd inherited through the bleeding effect – and that, much to his horror, Ezio's love of the ladies must have spilled over to him as well.

This'll be one looooooooooooooong night, he thought.

Much later, Yukiteru would find that he was exactly right, although for completely different reasons.

"Papa! Mama! It's starting!" squealed Yuno excitedly to her parents, pointing at the stage as the band began to play their first song.

Tonight was a very special night indeed for Yuno Gasai, who was lucky enough to have both her parents with her. Her mother had been discharged from the mental hospital not too long ago, and to say that Yuno had been delighted at their reunion would have been an understatement. And it seemed, too, that her father had agreed with her, as he'd gotten them front row tickets to this concert as a celebration of sorts.

Suddenly, something – or, rather, someone – caught her attention: a boy her age, with dark hair and cobalt blue eyes, seated between two identical-looking women with long, platinum-colored hair. And then he looked at her, giving her a shy smile, before reverting his eyes to the stage.

He's… looking at me…

To Yuno, it was, quite simply, love at first sight. As if it was fate itself that made sure this moment would come to pass, she felt a powerful urge to get to know the boy a little bit more. She made a mental note to come up to him later, to at least ask for his name.

Even the singer seemed to agree with her, if the lyrics of the song she was singing now were anything to go by.

"And if the universe conspired,To meld our lives, to make us fuel and fire…Then know wherever you will be,So too shall I be…"

"Mama, Papa, I need to pee for a bit," said Yuno as she nudged her parents, who simply smiled and nodded.

Yuno wasted no time exiting the stadium to go to the restroom, but not before passing by that boy on her way out. Again their eyes met. Again Yuno smiled at him.

I'd like to be your bride someday.

Little did Yuno know that she would get her wish.

Although perhaps not in the circumstances she would have liked.

October 30, 2025 [Sakurami Stadium]

Currently on watch at the concert in Sakurami Stadium, nothing wrong so far.

Kurusu looked around the stadium as he keyed the entry into his cellphone, surveying the area from above as he stood apart from the crowd at the general admission area.

He never really cared for events like these; indeed, he much preferred to be out there, actively taking on and going after the criminals himself. Alas, orders were orders, and no less than City Mayor John Bacchus himself had tasked Kurusu with ensuring the event went smoothly. And so it was that Keigo Kurusu led a cadre of his subordinates in safeguarding the people here, leaving the more mundane jobs at the station to his second-in-command, an earnest and good-hearted youth named Nishijima.

And true enough, thought Kurusu, it was an important job. Considering the number of people that had turned up at this concert, the potential loss of life should something happen would be nothing short of catastrophic. That he didn't particularly enjoy these kinds of events was no consequence; his oath had ordained him as a guardian of the people of Sakurami, and it was precisely his duty to take on the difficult jobs so that nobody else had to.

And besides, he thought as the song hit the refrain, it wasn't all bad. It was like a trip down memory lane, actually, considering that the songs the band was covering happened to be popular when he was a boy. They were very good, and in fact, some of the songs they were performing sounded better when sung by a female vocalist.

Eden's Embrace, huh…? They're not half bad.

Still, Kurusu half-wished he had a way to know for sure whether something was going to happen at any given time. That he had a way of knowing what crimes were going to be committed in his territory, so he could head them off before they even came to fruition. He wouldn't let any crimes go unpunished on his watch; indeed, if at all possible, he wanted to reduce Sakurami's crime rate to zero.

The events that would occur, however, would lead him to reflect on whether it was all worth it. There was a saying, after all.

Be careful what you wish for.

At least, that was how it went.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far, milady?"

At the opposite end of the stadium sat Tsubaki Kasugano and Shouichi Ogami, in one of their rare excursions to the outside world.

"Yes, thank you, Shouichi," she replied, smiling at him as she usually did. "They're a very good band, too."

To Tsubaki, this was a rare treat, and so she savoured every minute of it. Her parents hadn't deigned to come along with them to this event, saying they needed to stay at the shrine and hold down the fort, as it were. Shouichi accompanied her as he always did, though, and that was enough for her. Getting to step outside the shrine would have been enough for her on its own, in fact.

That someone so dear was with Tsubaki now, however, only served to make her happier.

"Remember how we laughed until we cried?At the most stupid things, like we were so high?But love was all that we were on…We belong…"

For his part, Shouichi couldn't help but notice the appropriateness of those lyrics to their current situation. Tsubaki's parents had nothing but the utmost trust in him, and had even confided in him that they were thinking of disbanding the Sacred Eye so as to allow their daughter a chance at a normal life. And while he, Shouichi, would never say it out loud, he couldn't help but agree with their reasoning.

Tsubaki's parents had actually taken Shouichi aside for a bit that time, too. According to them, the main reason they'd started the cult in the first place was to protect and shelter Tsubaki. Given her poor eyesight, living in the outside world would have been difficult for her.

However, when Shouichi came into the picture, everything changed. Indeed, if her parents were to be believed, Tsubaki had never even seen the outside world before he came along. It wasn't lost on him either that she'd come to regard him very fondly, and so he resolved not to let her or her parents down in that regard.

"And though the world would never understandThis unlikely union, and why it still stands…Someday, we will be set freePray and believe…"

Looking at her at that moment, Shouichi made a solemn vow to himself.

He would protect Tsubaki, no matter what happened. The possible return of his memories wouldn't change that, either. And even if circumstances tore him from her side, he'd resolved to continue to protect her as best he could, from the shadows.

After all, it was because of his Lady Tsubaki that he, Shouichi was able to start a new life, after his previous one had been all but lost to him. The way he saw it, this was the best way – perhaps the only way – to repay her.

He would protect Tsubaki.

No matter what happened.

And that, dear Tsubaki, is a promise.

And as the band ended their song to a cacophony of adoring fans, neither Tsubaki Kasugano nor Shouichi Ogami noticed that their hands were clasped tightly together.

As everyone else focused their attention on the concert, Piero Auditore thought it the perfect moment to begin his mission.

C'mon, bastardo… where are you?

His target was here somewhere: John Bacchus, Mayor of Sakurami City and known Templar. Along with his Templar allegiance, the Mayor was also known to maintain close ties with Abstergo Industries, and had even worked with them on a few of their projects. In fact, it was said that he was right up there with Warren Vidic on the list of Abstergo's evil geniuses.

Bacchus himself had a pet project that he had been working on recently: the Future Diary Project. Empowered by one of the Apples of Eden, the Future Diaries generally took the forms of cellphones, though the available data told of more unusual variants – such as a scroll and even a children's coloring book – that were known to exist. As the name itself implied, a Future Diary was a diary with the power to tell the future, though it would do so in different ways depending on its owner.

Piero of all people would have known, given that he himself had one. The one he'd stolen, which he'd come to refer to as the Eden's Diary, had two functions that he knew of, both of which were an immense boon in his work as an Assassin. First of these was the Assassin's Diary, which provided detailed information on persons of interest, making it a useful tool for assassinations. Meanwhile the second function, the Random Diary, was a great help in reconnaissance missions in that it detailed the immediate surroundings and events to occur in the immediate future.

The project entailed the release of twelve of these Future Diaries to selected individuals living in Sakurami, and for two purposes. He knew for a fact that the Mayor intended to gather data using these prototypes, which he would then use to create mass-produced Future Diaries. From there, the mass-production models were to be given to Abstergo's personnel. And while he'd yet to determine the other objective behind the Future Diary Project, that alone served as sufficient reason for it to be stopped.

As it was, Abstergo was already a difficult enemy to face. Its access to a vast pool of resources, coupled with a benevolent public face, made it difficult to oppose openly. Not only that, the many agents it had at its disposal were more than a match for even their most experienced members, and were even led by Assassin turncoat Daniel Cross.

As it was, Abstergo and its agents already had them on the defensive. But if the Future Diary Project were to succeed, Piero and his comrades would be forced to contend with enemies who could tell the future, on top of all those other advantages.

Needless to say, John Bacchus getting his way could very well spell doom for the Assassin Order itself.

Piero wasted no time getting to one of the darker corners at the top of the stadium. He set down his briefcase on the catwalk, before opening it and piecing together the contents. He then took aim with the sniper rifle he'd assembled, seeking out his target in the crowd.

Finally, he spotted his prey: a giant of a man, dressed in a crisp, black business suit, flanked by his bodyguards in the front row – well away from his family, fortunately enough.

And it was just as well, thought Piero. Given the risk involved, he didn't want them involved in this particular mission.

It wasn't that they wouldn't have been of help; far from it. Athena and Minerva were capable Assassins themselves, being persocoms of the Eden series. And in fact, they'd even assisted Piero in some of his previous missions, both as mission control and on the field.

Right now, though, he needed them to be there to look after Yukiteru in case he died tonight. Even though the bleeding effect had allowed his nephew to synchronize with their ancestor and assimilate his skills and knowledge, he was still just a child. He still needed the love and care of his adoptive sisters.

And… hell.

Should the worst happen, the last thing he needs is to lose the girls, too.

"This is Piero Auditore," he whispered to himself, finger steady on the trigger as he waited for his chance.

"I'm targeted and firing."

Before he could fire, however, he heard an ominous noise come from his cellphone.

Yukiteru Amano.

Yuno Gasai.

Keigo Kurusu.

Tsubaki Kasugano.

Shouichi Ogami.

On that night, their lives, along with those of eight others, would be changed forever.

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