Widow's Hill Notes to Dark Shadows

Episode 13

EPISODE 13: Burke insists that he wants to forget that Roger was responsible for railroading him into prison.

Liz asks Roger where the heck he's been. Burke Devlin has been waiting in the Drawing Room for three episodes to see him. Thank goodness he wasn't actually in all those episodes, or he'd be bored out of his mind by now.

Roger goes in to say hi to Burke, and find out all that vital information, like how tricks are, and whether or not Burke is planning to kill him on the spot. Burke is all smiles, but Roger isn't, and insists on knowing why Burke is there, what his intentions are, et cetera. Burke laughs and says that Roger asks all the same questions his sister does. Except whether her hair is straight. For some reason, Roger doesn't ask that one.

Burke insists that his visit is strictly social. He's just back to pay a visit to the old home town, catch up on old times, and of course, flaunt his newly acquired wealth. Roger says that he may have grown 5 years older, but he hasn't quite become a fool yet. [For some reason, Roger was 33 years old when Burke left 10 years ago, but only admits to being 38 now. Roger explains this by saying that he got time off for good behavior.]

Roger says he knows Burke holds a grudge against him for testifying in the trial 10 years ago. After all, that's what Burke kept screaming as the constables dragged him off. Burke says no, that's not true, and that one of the reasons he came here tonight was to tell Roger to his face that it wasn't true. Of course, that's not going to be easy to do, as long as Roger is hiding under the coffee table. Burke says he just said all that stuff when he was young, and excitable, and melodramatic. He's already gotten his revenge by coming back young and filthy stinking rich, with a full head of hair, and seeing Roger penniless, and living on the leash of his older sister, who can throw him out any time she wants to. Roger asks couldn't Burke try to get just a LITTLE revenge, to make him feel better?

Roger is relieved, but still cautious. He starts to ask that if Burke has no grudge then why was he so interested in having coffee with the family's gorgeous, nubile, pliable young governess, but thinks better of it.

Speak of the governess, Vicki arrives outside the Caretaker's cottage, and finds a silver plaque that reads "Matthew Morgan, Esquire". Beneath it is a note, scribbled in crayon, reading "Actually, I prefer Playboy." Finding the cottage empty, and the door unlocked, Vicki naturally walks right in (this is a soap opera, after all).

Inside, she finds three bowls of porridge. Either Matthew is a really heavy eater, or we've walked into a different story.

Speaking of walking, Matthew himself walks in a minute later, and actually has the nerve to accuse Vicki of breaking and entering. Vicki objects that she didn't break, she only entered. And besides, she came here looking for Matthew to ask him a few questions. Matthew isn't too keen on this idea, so Vicki actually (I can't believe I'm writing this!) tells a LIE, and says that Liz knows she's there! (this place is starting to affect Vicki already!) Matthew says he's not doing any talking until he's had his supper. He offers Vicki some, but all she wants is a bar of soap to wash her mouth out with.

Back in the Big House (Collinwood that is, not the Big House that Burke spent five years in), Roger gets rid of Liz on a pretext, and has a word with Burke alone. Okay Smart Guy, if Burke has no grudge, then why did he offer Joe Haskell $2375.48 for information about the family? Burke says there's nothing sinister there. He likes Joe, and knew he needed that much money for a down payment on a boat. He knew Joe wouldn't accept the money as a gift, so Burke thought he'd let him earn it through some good old-fashioned work. Like bribery.

Roger threatens Burke that if he goes through with... whatever he's thinking of, that Roger will do... something unspecified in retaliation. Burke wonders why it was worth getting rid of Liz to say that.

Roger says okay, if Burke doesn't want revenge for the accident, then what about the fact that Roger married Burke's old girlfriend, Laura Murdoch, right after the trial? Surely Burke wants revenge for that, doesn't he? Burke asks where Laura is right now, and Roger explains that they're separated. The old witch was impossible to live with. Burke smiles and thanks Roger for taking her off his hands. Roger starts to wonder if maybe he isn't the one who needs some revenge here.

Back at the Cottage, Vicki asks Matthew if the family has any connections with Bangor, specifically any connections involving sending monthly stipends to her at the Foundling Home from there (subtlety isn't Vicki's strong suit).

All Matthew knows about Bangor is that Burke's trial was held there. Matthew says if Vicki wants to snoop, she should be asking about Augusta. That's where Roger moved the day after Burke was convicted, after first marrying Burke's girlfriend, Laura. Roger only returned to Collinwood a month ago when he learned that a new TV series was being based around the place. And since Liz owns the house and cannery, Roger only lives there at Liz's pleasure. Vicki insists that she wants to ask nosy questions about her own back story, not somebody else's.

Back at Collinwood, Burke asks to meet Roger at the Blue Whale later on a business matter. Roger asks how he can talk about a business matter when he doesn't own one. Burke promises that he'll be glad to give Roger the business. (Hmmm...)

Back at the Cottage, Matthew offers Vicki some homemade muffins, but she's more interested in buttering him up. Being not unarmed in the Boring Stories department himself, Matthew reveals that there's a steep hill on the road outside Collinwood, and that he once almost died there when his brakes failed. (This had BETTER be an incredibly important plot point, because otherwise, it's one of the most boring factoids ever).

Unfortunately, at that moment, Liz calls, and Matthew discovers that Vicki lied to him, about being there with Liz's blessing. Matthew boots Vicki out of his place, his faith in gorgeous, nubile, pliable young governesses forever destroyed.

Even though she hasn't got a car, Vicki returns to Collinwood through the garage. There she finds Burke admiring Roger's car. Burke says he's thinking of getting one just like it if he could only tell what color it is (in Black and White, who knows?). Burke is also holding a wrench that he claims he found on the front seat, and tosses it aside. (A steep hill, brakes, a wrench. I wonder if they're building up to an actual plot point at last?)

Back at Collinwood, Roger tells Liz about Burke's invitation to meet him at the Blue Whale. Liz doesn't think he should go, but Roger says he's got to. They're out of brandy at Collinwood, for one thing. Liz asks if Roger would actually risk his life for a drink, and some questions don't even deserve an answer, do they?

Vicki returns and confesses to Liz that she went to see Matthew just now. Liz warns Vicki against visiting Matthew without telling anyone. Sure, he may seem like a nice guy, but they're re-casting him next week with a much fatter, grungier, dumber, slobbier actor.

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