Widow's Hill Notes to Dark Shadows

Episode 18

EPISODE 18: Vicki mentions to Roger that just before the accident, she caught Burke in the garage standing next to Roger's car with a wrench, and asks if it's important.

Vicki wakes up and can't get back to sleep. She tries narrating for a while, and succeeds in putting the audience to sleep, but not herself. Vicki decides to go downstairs and get a glass of warm milk.

Before she can go, Roger knocks on Vicki's door, asking if he'd woken her. She says no, she was up narrating anyway. Roger asks Vicki to meet him downstairs as soon as she gets dressed. Vicki says fine, that'll be about 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Roger tells Vicki to meet him downstairs, toot sweet. Vicki says she'll come, but she hasn't got any candy to bring.

Roger waits for Vicki downstairs in the Drawing Room. David comes in and asks Roger how he is. Is he as bad as he looks, or worse? David offers Roger a very non-specific apology for something or other, but refuses to say what he's apologizing for. Roger says he's got no time to deal with David (not that he ever does), and sends him to bed. David retracts the almost-apology, and says he meant every word of it... or would have meant it if he had actually said it.

David runs upstairs to cry on Vicki's shoulder about how Roger yelled at him and told him to go to bed. And how Roger was in a traffic accident and was almost killed, and then wouldn't tell David anything about it! And how Roger went to the doctor's office and didn't bring him anything! David seems to blame himself for the accident. Vicki thinks this is because David had wished Roger dead. So naturally, when Roger almost died, David imagined that he caused it. David denies this entirely. If wishing Roger dead were enough to kill him, Roger would have been dead years ago.

David is more curious about what the implications would be if it turned out that the accident wasn't an accident? Would the Police get involved? Vicki doesn't see where this is going, and says yes, of course they would. It would be a crime. David asks if the guilty party would go to jail. "Yes, and good riddance," says Vicki, still not getting it. David asks if it wasn't an accident, and Vicki knew who did it, would she tattle? "Of course, I'm no commie," says Vicki, still clueless.

Downstairs, Roger is getting impatient, waiting for Vicki. The last time he waited this long for a woman was during his Senior Prom, when his date went to the loo, and then slipped out the toilet window. Good gracious, Roger just wants to talk to Vicki, not date her!

Upstairs, Vicki is just finishing telling David a Foundling Home story. Mercifully, we don't get to hear what it was, but whatever it was, the Foundling Home never had a roach problem afterwards. David doesn't want to hear the stories, but doesn't want to go to bed, either, and so he asks Vicki to tell him another one. Vicki launches into a story about the time she and her friends held a Bake Sale, and learned some interesting lessons about life and relationships.

Vicki finally comes downstairs. Roger asks what took her so long, and Vicki tells him that she was brushing her hair. Roger can't believe it would take that long to brush your hair, but what would he know about something like that?

In his room, David is playing with a toy car, when he suddenly stops and smashes it with his foot (the director sells the footage to Monty Python).

Downstairs, Roger grills Vicki about what happened that evening. Vicki admits that she saw Burke in the garage earlier. And oh yeah, he was holding a wrench in his hand at the time. Is that important? Roger shows Vicki the sketch Malloy made of the bleeder valve, and asks if Burke had been holding a part that looked like that, but Vicki has no idea (Bill isn't exactly Michelangelo).

Roger can't believe that Vicki saw Burke in the garage with a monkey wrench, and didn't think to mention it! Vicki says that she did think about it. But with Burke, Liz and Roger all seeming to be getting on so well, she didn't want to throw a you-know-what into the works (do I really have to say it?).

Roger thinks he has all the proof he needs to get Burke sent back to prison. Vicki is surprised to hear this. "Back to prison??" (Nobody tells her anything.). Roger sets out for the Collinsport Inn to confront Burke. He asks Vicki to come along, a) so she can corroborate that Burke was seen with the wrench, and b) to have her skirt to hide behind if Burke tries to take a poke at him.

David comes to see Vicki while she's getting ready to leave. David knows that Roger is going into town, and for some reason, he seems afraid that Roger is going to talk to the Police about him (probably not for the first time). Vicki puts David to bed, and Dan Curtis bemoans the smashing of the toy car, which he had planned to use to film the special effects for the "Driving to the Collinsport Inn" scene.

After Vicki and Roger leave, David gets that strange metal cylinder out again, and puts it in Vicki's bureau drawer. The cylinder looks a bit like Malloy's drawing, but one can't be sure, because, as previously mentioned, Bill is no Michelangelo.

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