Widow's Hill Notes to Dark Shadows

Episode 19

EPISODE 19: Carolyn learns that Burke wants revenge because Roger's testimony against Burke 10 years ago sent him to jail for manslaughter, and thinks that it all sounds like some bad TV show.

At Collinwood, Bill telephones to tell Liz that Joe and Carolyn had a fight at the Blue Whale, that Joe walked out in anger, and that Carolyn left with Burke Devlin! Liz is aghast, but Bill tells her not to panic because Carolyn won't do anything foolish. Liz asks if we're talking about the same Carolyn.

At the Blue Whale, Malloy gets off the phone, and Sam is eager to pump Bill for information. What's this about Carolyn and Burke leaving together? Bill tries to deny it. Yeah, he's looking for Carolyn and he's looking for Burke, but he's not looking for Carolyn AND Burke, if you know what I mean. Sam does know what he means, and takes it as proof that he hasn't drunk enough yet.

Sam is also very interested to know what's going on between Burke and Roger. Malloy, in turn, is interested to know why Sam should care one way or the other. Both ply each other with drinks to try to get information out of the other. (The contest is declared a draw when both hit the floor at the same time.)

At the Coffee Shoppe, Joe and Carolyn argue about how cozy Carolyn seems to get, not only with Burke, but with every other guy in town. Carolyn defends herself. It's not "every other guy", only the young, single, available ones. Joe offers to treat Carolyn to a cheeseburger, as a peace offering, and then has to cook it himself, when it turns out that no waitress is in the scene with them.

Back at the Blue Whale, Bill and Sam have regained consciousness, and are starting on round 2. Sam still wants to know why Carolyn and Burke were together... and why he's got this splitting headache. And Bill still wants to know if Sam has a reason for asking, or if he's just a snoopy-drawers. Bill suggests meeting Sam at his place later, to try to find out more. Also to get another drink, since Sam just succeeded in drinking the Blue Whale dry, and Bill knows that Sam has that 150 gallon emergency tank under his house.

In the Coffee Shoppe, Carolyn and Joe are still having a meaningful discussion about their relationship, even as thousands of viewers are switching over to Bowling For Dollars. Carolyn says her interest in Burke is just a dalliance. Carolyn says that Joe can always go out with other girls in the meantime, or even watch football. Joe says he doesn't fool around, or watch sports, which sort of makes him a disgrace to boyfriends everywhere.

Bill enters the Coffee Shoppe, and heads straight for the phone booth. No, he doesn't have a secret crimefighting identity, he's just calling to tell Liz that he found Carolyn, and that she's with Joe. Liz breathes a sigh of relief. Now that she no longer has to worry about Carolyn's safety, she can concentrate on killing her.

Sam follows Malloy in, still pestering him with questions about Roger. Sam says there's nothing odd about that. He doesn't actually like Roger, or anything weird like that. But Roger bought some paintings from him once when he was in a tight spot, so he just hopes Roger is okay, that's all. Malloy points out that Roger is also Sam's biggest rival for the booze supply in this town. Sam says okay, he hopes Roger is okay, except for his elbow.

Back at Collinwood, Joe delivers Carolyn to Liz, safe and unravished. Liz and Carolyn both say "Thanks a lot", but Liz sounds less sarcastic about it. Carolyn can't imagine why Liz is focused on her on the same night Uncle Roger was in a car accident. Liz says that all Roger has got is a bump on the head, and she's just got to find out if Carolyn needs one too.

Liz grills Joe just like one of Maggie’s cheeseburgers, about what went on between Burke and Carolyn after he walked out. Of course, Joe doesn't know because he walked out. A likely story, says Liz. The next time Joe walks out on Carolyn, she wants him to stick around! Joe lets slip the fact that Carolyn only asked him to go to the Blue Whale because she knew Burke would be there, making him the next candidate for a bump on the head. Joe tries to downplay Carolyn's interest in Burke. There's not necessarily anything improper about it. Devlin is just an interesting guy, that's all. When Liz tells Joe that Burke may have nearly killed Roger tonight, Joe decides that Burke is even more interesting than he thought!

Joe leaves to try to get rid of the smell of fish that all fishermen have. When he goes, Liz bawls Carolyn out again for throwing herself at Burke. In return, Carolyn demands to finally know what the big deal is with Burke anyway, and why he's persona non grata around Collinwood. After all, didn't she help patch things up between Burke and Roger tonight? (Liz says no, Carolyn just helped Uncle Roger get patched up).

Liz explains the back story for the benefit of Carolyn and the viewers. Ten years ago, Burke went to jail for vehicular manslaughter. Roger testified against him in the trial, and when he was convicted, Burke swore he'd come back and get revenge. Carolyn giggles, saying that it sounds like some bad TV show. Noticing Liz (and Dan Curtis') glare, she corrects herself to say that it sounds like a really good TV show.

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