Widow's Hill Notes to Dark Shadows

Episode 4

EPISODE 4: Liz's Black Sheep brother Roger gives Vicki the Third Degree about her meeting with Burke Devlin at the train station.

Once again, Vicki opens the show by informing us that her name is Victoria Winters. It looks like this is going to happen at the start of every episode for the foreseeable future.

Vicki is reading alone in bed. She expects someone to walk in, but no one does. It's just Vicki carrying the scene all by herself. By the five minute mark, Vicki would be glad to see even a ghost, just to have someone to act off of. Vicki takes a closer look at the script, and realizes that the first scene takes place in "Interior Drawing Room", not "Interior Vicki's Room". She's in the wrong scene!!

Down in the Drawing Room, Roger and Liz are wondering why Vicki isn't here for the scene she's supposed to do. Since Liz had few lines upcoming anyway, she offers to fill in, and play Vicki's role, just for this one scene. Liz does her best to try to act wide-eyed, innocent, chirpy, and about 30 years younger, while Roger questions her about her meeting with Burke Devlin at the train station, and what was said. Roger gives it a go, but just can't take Liz seriously as Vicki, and suggests that maybe Joe Haskell should play the part of Roger for this scene.

Liz returns to her own character, and tells Roger to cool it. After all, that business with Burke (whatever it was), was 10 years ago. Maybe Burke has forgotten all about it, or at least is too busy making money to have time to bother with it. After all, to somebody with as much money as Burke seems to have now, Roger is pretty small fish to fry. No offense. Roger says none taken, but judging from the way his pencil snaps in his hand, that's probably not what he's thinking.

Carolyn enters and says hello to Roger and "Vicki" (wink, wink). Roger angrily tells her they're not doing that any more! Liz is Liz again! Roger also blames Carolyn for eavesdropping on their conversation. Carolyn claims she wasn't eavesdropping. You could hear their argument out in the hallway. Heck, you can even in the next soundstage! Seriously, at this very moment, The Price is Right viewers are asking who Burke Devlin is.

Carolyn says don't worry about the argument, though. She really just wants to know more about this fascinating Burke Devlin person who threatened to paddle her at the Blue Whale. He seems to know the family. Who is he? And is he single? And why did hearing his name make Roger almost jump off of Widow's Hill? Roger doesn't want to talk about it, and tells Carolyn to go get Vicki - the real Vicki, and bring her down here before he does... (something or other, which might be something bad).

Carolyn goes to get Vicki, and Liz chews Roger out, as being a disgrace to all the Collins ancestors whose portraits are hanging on the walls. None of them would have been reduced to a quivering blob of Jell-O, just because Burke Devlin had returned to town! Take Isaac Collins there! He would have fought his way out of this problem! Barnabas Collins, he would have bitten his way out. Even Quentin Collins would have drunk his way out. In Roger's defense, Liz admits that he wasn't all that far from being a quivering blob of Jell-O even before all this started.

Upstairs, Carolyn tells Vicki that Roger wants to see her toot sweet. That means he wants to see her quickly, not that he wants to see her in a Little Bo Peep outfit, Carolyn explains as Vicki starts to change.

Downstairs, Roger calls Vicki in to the Drawing Room. He tries to break the ice by offering Vicki a nightcap. Vicki declares that she never wears them.

Roger starts to quiz Vicki about Burke, but Vicki has no answers to give. Roger is unable to believe that anyone could be so clueless as Vicki seems to be (after he's known her for a while, he'll get used to the idea), and drives her from the room with insinuations that Vicki is somehow in cahoots with Burke!! Vicki rushes to a dictionary to find out what cahoots are.

Late that night, Vicki wakes up to the sound of a ghostly sobbing sound somewhere in the house. Naturally, since this is a horror show, she gets up (in a nightie, no less) and goes off to investigate it herself, alone and unarmed, rather than running for the hills, like anyone in real life would do.

Vicki comes downstairs, into the Foyer, then the Drawing Room, trying to trace the sound. The sound of anyone in distress brings Vicki's Pollyanna side to the surface, and she begins offering to help whoever it is with whatever their problem is. Unless the person in question is a ghost. There may not be much she can do to help with that. The ghostly sobbing stops before Vicki can trace it to its source, allowing Vicki to imagine that her words of comfort somehow had an effect.

Her good deed for the day done, Vicki starts to go back upstairs. On the staircase, she sees a strange little boy, about 9 years old, staring at her. She asks who the boy is. Is he David? A ghost? A stagehand? The little boy simply declares that he hates her! Vicki struggles desperately to come up with a retort, but after two minutes thought, all she can come up with is "Oh yeah??"

As the closing credits roll, we realize that not a whole heckuva lot happened today. We didn't learn anything new about who Burke is or why he's here. Nothing about Vicki's past. Nothing that advanced the plot in any way. Do you suppose that sobbing sound came from the director?

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