Skip-Beat: The Morning After

Enter: Kuon

30 Minutes Earlier….

He tried to sleep, he really did. He tried to obliterate her out of his mind and tried to dispel any and all possible reasons why she wasn't answering her phone.

Tsk! Who the hell does she think she is? Not answering my phone calls. I will make sure she regrets this. I'll make Pochi make her life even more miserable.

Sho went on and on, complaining and whining to himself as he turned back and forth in bed. No matter how much he denied it, or postponed it, ultimately, he arrived at the same conclusion.

Kyoko was his. His and no one else's and if anyone dared to take her….

He sat up, exasperated, not only at his discomfort, but at the sudden image of Ren flashing across his mind.

The hell are you doing here? GET OUT! He shook his head furiously.

Ren can never compete with me, Sho told himself with a grin. I am bigger in Kyoko's heart, after all.

Though his thoughts of reassurance were in vain. He got up, threw on a crimson T-shirt and usual trademark boots.

"Sho?" manager Shoko Aki called after him.

He grabbed his keys off the counter and opened the door.

" I think I'm going on that walk now."

Happening now…

Sho gaped at the man. Tall, very tall, with an all-black wardrobe, right down to his icy expression. His hair waved at the tips, and it covered his neck and was almost to his shoulders.

How tacky. He thought to himself.

"Sho! Sho! Can we take a picture?" Sho looked around at his adoring fans.

That's right. Love me.


This line could not move any slower. Literally. The three people in front of me are obviously paralyzed. Or hate me.

Ren looked back and forth between the depressingly slow check-out line and Sho. He sneered at his act. How he faked being all nice to his fans, but in reality, he was a selfish, heartless jerk.

"You'd think these people would get out of the way after seeing me." Ren whispered.

The woman in front of him gave a hesitant step forward.

After a painful several minutes of constantly looking behind his back, he finally made it to the register.

Why am I running away? I shouldn't be in a hurry.

"Actually, you should." Kuon noted.

What? Why?

"Because if you don't get out of here soon, imma beat the absolute crap out of that guy."

Ren took out his wallet.


Sho suddenly slithered in front of him, blocking him from the exit or the cashier.

"Look very familiar." His frigid green eyes narrowed as they studied Ren.

Sho wasn't a shy guy. So, he didn't think twice about going up the man in black. He looked achingly familiar, and Sho knew if he didn't ask who this guy was, it would bug him later.

"I'm in a hurry." His Japanese was slurred and had an accent, hinting to his foreign origin, but understandable. The man began walking.

I don't think so.

"I know I've seen you before…are you a singer? Actor perhaps?"

Sho wasn't particularly interested in this stranger; just interested in why he stood out like a sore bruise amongst everyone. And why his face was in anyway familiar.

The man stopped and looked straight at Sho. "Move."

This guy just loves to meddle in people's business. Why does he care who I am?

Ren side stepped Sho, finally leaving him behind. Though, Sho persisted. He grabbed Ren's arm and turned him around.

It all happened so fast. Maybe a few seconds.

As Ren turned around, his hair swayed from place, exposing the sore spot on his upper neck. Sho's obvious regret as Cain turned completely toward him. He snatched his arm away.

I've had it. I kept my temper down for Kyoko. She wouldn't want me to get into any fights. But I've had it. This guy, despite the fact he's the reason for my reuniting with Kyoko, I can't help but hate. He hurt her.

Kuon: that's right. This bastard hurt our Kyoko. He destroyed her. He wasted her life. Threw her away. Yet, he has not only the guts to ask us to make her leave to Kyoto, but to question us like this.

Ren: I shouldn't hurt him

Kuon: is that what you want?

Ren: The right thing to do would be walk away.

Kuon + Cain: Finish him.

Ren's gaze grew colder, hands tightened into fists, and jaw clenched tight. He raised his arm.


Ren stopped and hesitantly looked behind him. Sho followed his gaze.


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