Skip-Beat: The Morning After

Conflicted Feelings Pt.II

Flashback: Mogami Kyoko and Mogami Saena outside of LME.

"Medical bills? Is that the only reason why you came to find me?" Kyoko was exasperated. A small part inside of her had hoped it wasn't for a bogus reason as such. Obviously, she shouldn't have. Her mother would never have the heart to reconcile with her daughter. Even if she tried, Kyoko might not have allowed it.

"We leave in two days."


Onnanoko no kaikaku popped into Kyoko's mind. Right now, that was her only worry. She couldn't leave them on such short notice. Hana-chan was probably already scheduled for surgery, and Kyoko really didn't want to hurt sweet little Kanae like that. She doesn't have the right to crush their dream like so.

"What did you just say to me?"

"I—I can't."

"And why is that?" Saena's voice was fierce.


"I will talk to the head of this joke of an agency and pull you out if you don't come willingly."

They stared at each other.

Saena scoffed. "I guess we will do this the hard way, then." She stepped over Kyoko and began walking towards the crystal revolving doors.

"No, Please wait!" She reached out to her mother.

Saena turned back.

"It's just that one of my close friends is in a band and I promised that I would be here for their debuting concert. Please don't make me break that promise."

"That's a really lame excuse to stay here." She continued walking.

"I will go with you!" Kyoko shouted. "I will go with you after the concert."

After a moment's hesitation, Saena turned back towards her. "When is it?"

"In a week."

Ultimately, Kyoko had to say that. If she hadn't agreed to leave, her mother wouldn't have hesitated in pulling her out. She couldn't do that to President Takarada or the band.

At the moment, Kyoko made sure no one knew of her upcoming departure. No one had to know. Yet.

"O.K.! take it from the top!"

After the encounter with Saena, Kyoko had literally been at dance and voice practice nonstop for 4 days. Well, give and take a few breaks home.

It was exhausting. Very. And she missed seeing her friends. Moko-san, and Ren. And she even wanted to see Sho; mostly to ask where he disappeared to that day.

"Get into positions!"

Kanae, Mioko and her had been at the studio for a little over an hour.

" We already got the dance perfectly!" complained Mioko. "I want to go home!"

"Silence!" yelled the choreographer. "You will keep doing it until I am satisfied."


With a long sigh, Mioko resumed her position next to Kanae.

" The more you argue, the more he kills us. Just stay quiet." Kanae whispered.

Kyoko sucked in the warning.

As the choreographer was about to play the music, his head snapped towards the door. Kyoko heard it open and close, then footsteps approached them.

"Sho Fuwa!" smiled the choreographer. "What an absolute pleasure."

The girls turned around.

Sure enough, Mr. rotten chicken egg walked towards them radiantly.

Kyoko groaned internally. Ew.

He wore his usual attire: Leather. Everywhere.

"As you all may or may not know," their manager signaled for Sho to come forward. "Sho Fuwa will be dueting with you in this upcoming concert."

Kyoko hear Mioko inhale and excited bunch of air. "Really!?"

She stepped forward and bowed. "Please take care of us, Sho Fuwa!"

He smiled charmingly and took Mioko's hand.

"My pleasure." He planted it with a gentle kiss.


Kyoko had completely forgotten about Sho's duet. Honestly, she thought he was kidding. Her heart began to race.

No. I am not dancing with this idiot.

Slowly, quietly, she slithered behind Kanae.

"What's wrong with you?" she whispered.

"I don't like him."

Kanae turned toward her. "Really? I think he is alright."

She looked at Kyoko. "But if you don't like him, then are you comfortable with the duet? It will just be you and him."

Kyoko's heart stopped.

"Y—ya…Kyoko-chan?" Kanae shook her. "Breathe!"

Kyoko sucked in a deep breath.

"But—but I though he—it was—all of us."

She shook her head. "We each have a solo. Yours had to be with someone else, so they don't focus too much on your face, for Hana-chan's sake."

Kyoko glared at Sho.

"Did you know about this?"

Sho stepped over Mioko and looked at Kyoko. "I tried to tell you on the phone, but you were..ahem..busy."

"Don't play that game with me." She stood right in front of him now, eyes piercing his. "You could have still told me."

He shrugged with a smile. "Are you scared?"

Kyoko blinked. "Of course not." She turned back around and returned next to Kanae. "You better not mess up."

"Mr. Sho!" called the manager. "I listened to the wonderful song you wrote. It was so touching. Perfection!"

"I have already choreographed a major part of it." Continued the choreographer.

I…I haven't even heard the song.

As if on cue, Mioko said: "You should play it! I just love it so much 3"

As the music began to flow through the large black speakers, Kyoko felt a wave of uneasiness. Not because of the song itself, but because of how out of character the melody felt. Sho usually had more upbeat, rock based music, but this one was the polar opposite. It was only a simple melodic guitar, accompanied by a gentle piano harmony. It was the kind of song that could either bring back your happiest, most treasured memories, or your deepest, saddest ones.

The music went on for a few more seconds before the actual lyrics began. At first, Kyoko was confused, for the voice wasn't Sho's. It was a woman's.

"This will be what you will be singing, Kyoko-chan." Whispered Kanae. She nodded.

"Never once saw me cry

You didn't notice.

When I wanted to tell you, that you weren't alone, I would just hesitate

And be by myself.

Gomenasai (I am sorry), for all the hardships.

Sumimasen (Excuse me) , I know I let you down.

Gomen (sorry) for all the mistakes,

But regardless of our faults,

Aishiteru (I love you)"

Next, it was Sho's voice. He sounded as poetic and flawless as always.

"Starting today, let's make a promise.

I just want to be honest.

I thought I loved you,

But then I didn't

Only confusion realized my worries

But now I see you, loud and clear.

And now I heard you,

All the fog disappeared.

Gomenasai for your pain

Aishiteru 'till the end."

And the verses went on and on. Speaking of the unrequited love between a couple, and honestly, it bothered Kyoko. This song, it was no coincidence. She was about to stop it, about to punch Sho in the face, but stopped after the female voice came back on.

Oh what does he have me saying now?

"And now time has passed, my heart has healed.

I don't want your pain,

I don't need your pity,

But no matter what, our memories remain

And I can only hope

That you will still love me until the end."

Sho really didn't know what he thought of his own song. In a way, it was romantic, but in another, it was a farewell message. And the fact that he was going to sing it with her…

What the hell was I thinking?

Kyoko stared at the wall. That song clearly wasn't about them. No. it was just…similar to their situations.

"Okay. I will show you the choreography video I made with my partner back in studio B." the choreographer dragged in a colossal TV. Everyone crowded around it.


Kyoko looked back at Kanae. She was on the floor, hand on her head, and Sho stood over her.

"No, I am sorry," he apologized. "I ran into you."

Kanae took his extended hand, and Kyoko noted that he held it a few seconds too long.


As soon as the video began, Kyoko felt vomit rising from the pit of her stomach.

No. no.

She refused to dance like that with Sho. She was OK (Not really) with the song, but no. Not the dance.

At a certain point in the chorus, the woman's hand cradled the man's head, making them face each other sideways. After a long few moments, he slowly leaned closer, into an almost kiss, before she pushed him away gently and going into an elegant turn.

Sho leaned over. "Looking forward to that " Kyoko shot him a glare.

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