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BTS JIMIN FAN FICTION ( series) Broken glasses


sometimes I wonder why you didn't love me like how you love her. a resilient impact fell on your cheek, you kept your hand on your cheek, slowly caressing it "w-why?" you asked, while lurching, "because your a horrible person, who doesn't know how to keep friendship", as he said the words pierced your heart slowly and slowly like a needle, "w-why?" you said why lurching, "don't ever come to me or talk to me, you disgust me", he said and shut the door causing a loud bang, you fell on the ground while snivelling. I am no one here goodbye forever... my aim in this story is that I want people to think twice before trusting a person completely because the world is a bad place now, anyone can be easily influenced by anyone so think twice before doing anything. also always value the people around because you don't know when they will come and go, remember to always be grateful for people who help you.

Romance / Drama
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I like her

Y/N’s P.O.V

you got up feeling invigorated and mellow, you sough in reconciliation and got up from the bed, “what a great morning” you said to yourself, you went to the bathroom and did you morning routine. few minutes, after you were done, you went downstairs and saw your sister ‘jisoo’, she gave you a revulsion look, you unheeded and went towards the kitchen to take a cup of water, you take ahold of the jar and pour the water in the cup, a compressible sough left your mouth as you steadily sip on the glass of the water. “ahh” you emit a soft sound as you finished drinking the glass of water, you kept the cup on the platform of the kitchen. you didn’t feel like eating so you decided to grab a small apple and eat it on your way to school.

you wear your shoes and headed outside of the, you stood at the bus stop, waiting for the bus. you went inside the bus and sat on the empty seat, you sough in reconciliation as you look outside of the window. you started to think about your life, a few minutes later the bus stopped and you up and headed towards your school. you sough and wondered, school is so boring, but I go there for myself, people don’t mind me cause I do my work, come home, sleep and eat, that’s it my whole day schedule.

you wobble your head, to get rid of these thoughts and focus on the contemporary situation. you were walking in the hallway and find your locker, you open your locker and kept some of the books inside, you were about to close the locker but suddenly you felt someone percussion your back, you look behind to see your friend jimin. “oh jimin, how are you” you asked, jimin cachinnated and grabbed your cheeks, ” ah-ah-ohh” you said in anguish, as your cheeks were getting pulled, “I am fine, girl” jimin said and pulled his hands away from your cheeks, “oof” you said while stroking your face which was pulled by your best friend jimin.

you and jimin entered the class and you saw jisoo, she gave an impertinent look to you, which you unheeded and sat on your bench, you and jisoo never spoke but only gave each other the look of repugnance, you were kind of sick by the whole scenario but as long she doesn’t trouble you, it’s fine.

a few minutes later the teacher came inside, turning our attention towards him, “students I would like to make an announcement, so please pay attention” teacher said, “I wonder what it is” you heed, “so as our academic year is almost at the end, so we have decided to go for camping” the teacher said enthusiastically, a compressible sough left your mouth, you were going to confess to jimin, tell him how much you love him.

time went by, it was lunchtime, you were sitting and eating with jimin, “ahh the garlic is so strong”, jimin said while making a cringing face, “aish, then why don’t you bring your own tiffin box”, you replied, “yah y/n do you think I am a kid”, you started to cachinnate, ” what if I say you are”, jimin looked at you with his wide eyes, ” ahaha” you giggle, jimin gave you a weird look as he saw you laughing, “anyways I am excited for the camp trip” you said with enthusiasm as well as enliven, “yeah me too” jimin said stuffing the whole bowl of rice in his mouth, “but you know y/n I want to tell you a secret” jimin said, ” sure” you said while vaguely nodding your head, jimin lean towards you and steadily susurrating in your ear, “I like jisoo”, you move backwards and looked at jimin with immense eyes, “really??“, you asked and saw jimin nod while enlivening. your heart dropped, you felt dejected and heartbroken but instead you decided to keep a enliven on and pretend to look optimistic. “ahh my boy is big now” you said while softly punching his shoulder, jimin looked down, feeling shy and flushed. suddenly the bell rang, creating a pealing sound.

you sough in distress, you and jimin got up and headed towards the classroom, your next class was gym class, you sough in vexation, ” I hate the gym class” you heed, you went to the girls changing room, you came early because you don’t like to change in front of all-girl, the girls like to show off their body, while here you look like a couch potato, so why would I like to show my body.

you at feeling on the bench feeling knackered just by looking at the way girls were playing, you sough and heed,” why do I have to do this,aish when will this finish”, as you were in your thoughts, suddenly you heard a shrill sound, calling your name, you look up to see your teacher, “y/n it’s your turn now” the teacher said, “ne” you said feeling presentiment inside, you got up and went to the ground. you heard the whistle again, indicating that the match has started. you were running around trying your best to catch the ball, suddenly, you didn’t notice the ball coming towards you, then suddenly a prodigious impact came on your face, causing you to fall on the ground, ” ah” you whimper and softly caress your face with your hand, your friends eun Jung came towards you, “y/n are you alright?“, you keep your hand down, “y/n blood is coming from your nose”, eun Jung said with her widen eyes, “it’s okay”, you said while getting up, eun Jung took out a handkerchief and gave it to you, ” thank you” you said, “your welcome” eun Jung said while sitting on the bench, you wipe the blood off your nose, you sough and sat on the bench beside your friend.


“oooo~” a compressible sough left her mouth, along with white smoke emitting from her mouth, “ah”, she said enjoying every bit of the cigarette, “yah, jisoo stop smoking it’s not good for health”, jisoo unheeded and continued to smoke, “aish what can I say to you now”, her friend said with a pissed out tone, “why should I stop when it feels good”, jisoo said while emitting more smoke out of her mouth. “anyways is y/n your sister”, jisoo stopped, and looked at her exasperated, “yeah”, jisoo said with impertinent voice, “haha, you know someone mistakenly hit y/n with the ball today in the gym class, and I gave her my handkerchief”, jisoo looked at eun Jung, “well your y/n ’s friend?“, jisoo asked, “well no I am pretending to be her friend”, eun Jung said with a grimace on her face, jisoo nodded,” I came to know y/n likes jimin and jimin likes you”, jisoo looked at eun jung flabbergasted but soon went into her normal state, “well I have a great idea” jisoo said with a lascivious look, and crushed the cigrarette below her shoes.

end of episode 1

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