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sonic the hedgehog


this will contain the sonic story and a lot of other characters i might make up things but not characters

Fantasy / Humor
Youssef Hesham
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sonic pov
There once lived a blue lazy but fast hedgehog .yup thats me sonic..sonic the hedgehog but i kind of made a huge mistake um i .. you know what lets go back a little shall we

flashback narrator
(tails plain falls)"hat happend"Amy shouted . "we got hit " Tails replied nervously "LOOK!" a blue light comes from a distance . "its sonic!" Tails says happily . As sonic runs he destroys some robots as he jumps in the plain saving both Amy and Tailes
mean while knuckles is trying to protect the master emerald from not only egg man but also metal sonic ."why are you doing this" knuckles said "because there is a lot more than just this island there a wholes other world out there and the master emerald is powerful enough to get me to this planet " egg man explained . "how are you going to do it you do not induce chaos control"knuckles said . as metal sonic punched him and almost killing him
egg man laughed in a sinister way "dear knuckles i may not induce chaos control but your friend does "you mean sonic ? knuckles said . "yes this little sticky blue hedgehog " egg man answered with annoyance . but fortunately sonic came and surprised egg man .''hey egg head "sonic said . what how did you?" egg man said astonished . '' didnt your mother teach you never to talk about someone behind there back '' sonic said . ''well well finally i got you but this time you will go by my rules '' egg man said .w..what do you mean ? sonic said .''help me and your friend lives but if you do the oppiste he dies . sonic was in a tough decision life or death . ''f..fine what do you need '' sonic said . ''SONIC DONT !!'' knuckles shouted . ''i am sorry '' sonic said . ''you will touch the master emerald and say chaos control '' egg man told sonic . ''why'' sonic said non of your business egg man replied . sonic closed his eyes miserably and said fine but as soon as sonic touched it tails and Amy run . "sonic !'' tails shouted . ''good by tails''sonic said . CHAOS CONTROL


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