Grey's Anatomy Plane Crash

The Rescue

He grabbed a rusty pair of tweezers and he grabbed an old pair of scrubs. Derek began working with hopes of saving Christina’s life. The task was extremely more difficult with the given circumstances and Derek struggled with what to do. Meredith brought some bobby pins from a toiletries bag and Lexie found a pair of scissors in what was left of the cockpit. He appreciated the others helping and it made the job go much faster. Mark was beginning to wake up and was able to help support Christina’s head on his leg. As long as Derek could keep Christina alive, everything would be okay. The tweezers were slipped into her head and past her skull by Derek. Suddenly a fountain of blood began pouring out of the back of her head and Meredith started to scream. She told Derek he needed to hurry or else she wouldn’t make it. Being in charge of Christina’s life made Derek feel slightly uneasy but he continually reminded himself that he saves people’s lives every day; however, he already knew that Christina wasn’t going to make it but he needed to try the best he could for Meredith. Derek worked for five more minutes but Christina was already dead. As Derek carefully laid down the scissors, the whole world seemed to stop for a minute. Everything was silent and peaceful. Meredith’s eyes overflowed with tears and Derek once again embraced her in his arms. Mark and Lexie sat on the soft ground next to one another and stayed still.

After everyone had settled down, Derek stepped up and decided that they needed to make an effort to be rescued. The entire group was starving and no one had any way to communicate with the outside world. Lexie predicted that the plane had crashed only about seven hours ago and Lexie predicted that the others at home should have noticed that the plane never landed. Derek and Mark began building a mountain of a fire to keep them warm through the night. Meredith and Lexie went through all of the luggage and tried to find food, but they only discovered a pair of pants and some toothpaste. Derek and Meredith laid down next to one another by the crackling fire and closed their eyes. Both of them missed Zola and Bailey and would have given anything in the world to be together as a family. Each of them quickly fell asleep. Around four A.M. they all suddenly woke up to the loud chopping of a helicopter. The four friends jumped into the air and began yelling and screaming loudly. The helicopter surrounded their heads and a rope fell from the large opening. Three men lowered themselves and the helicopter hovered above. Blankets and medical supplies were brought in by the men and they began to attend to the small wounds on their bodies. Mark’s arm was placed into a proper sling and Derek’s shoulder was properly cleaned. The men placed Meredith and Lexie on a small mat that lifted them into the chopper. After the girls, Derek and Mark were placed on a small mat that lifted them into the chopper. Derek, Meredith, Lexie, and Mark were finally safe and headed back to Seattle Grace Hospital and they couldn’t be more relieved; however, they didn’t know how to bear the fact that they were leaving behind two of their dearest friends.

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