Mortal Kombat: Ascension

Chapter 3: Edenian Showdown, Part One

Chapter Three: Part One

In the time the new deities had spent honing their new powers, only a mere five seconds had passed.

It took them a few moments to realize that they were back in Edenia, at the pyramid. They also realized that the fighting had temporatily stopped when Blaze was defeated, and that all of the fighters' attention were on them. Unfortunately, the majority of the fighters were on the side of evil.

It was, however, Shang Tsung, who spoke first. "NOOO!!! They received the godlike powers!" He also noticed that he was closest to Liu Kang. Drawing his sword, he charged at the former Shaolin Monk-turned-thunder god. "The power will be mine!"

Liu looked at his nemesis and merely smiled. He then raised his hands, Emperor Palpatine-style. A massive bolt of lightning shot from his fingers and caught Shang in the chest, the force of the lightning bolts was the eqivalent of being hit by Shao Kahn's Shoulder Ram, ejecting Shang from the pyramid and sent him flying to the ground below, where he made a nice crater upon impact.

Liu, however, wasn't finished. In a bolt of thunder, he teleported from the apex to where Shang was getting to his feet. As Shang watched Liu calmly approached him, the demon sorcerer gathered his power and fired a Flaming Skull. Now, Shang Tsung's Flaming Skull attack wasn't any ordinary projectile, per se. In truth, the attack itself is in fact, the lifeforce of an extinguished soul.

And as the Earthrealm and Edenian fighters alike know, Shang's primary attack is indeed a formidable weapon.

Liu however, came prepared. He unleashed another lightning bolt, this time destroying the Skull, which was followed by his trademark Flying Kick, knocking Shang back several more feet.

But Liu wasn't finished. Not by a longshot. Eventhough it was against his beliefs, being a former Shaolin Monk and all, Shang Tsung had to suffer, for he did to him and for assissting Quan Chi for killing his friends. He raises his hands once again and let loose a violent volley of lightining, which only intensified with what Liu was feeling. His eyes went from brown to electric blue and finally, to blood red as the lightning increased in strength.

But Liu wasn't going to electrocute him to death. That would be too good for him. He stopped attacking Shang, who fell to his hands and knees, and moved behind him. Shang felt Liu grab his hair, jerking him upright. Shang felt his hands clamp down on his head and almost immediately, knew what Liu's intentions were. Shang Tsung knew he was a dead man, but even so, he grabbed at Liu's arms, trying to stop him.

"Y-You don't have what it takes to kill me," Shang hissed. "You don't kill other people! You're a--" CRACK.

The unmistakable sound of a neck snapping was heard all throughout the canyon as Liu violently twisted Shang's head a complete 180 degrees. Shang's body went limp as he fell forward to the ground.

Shang Tsung was dead.

"I'm a former Shaolin Monk," Liu stated, his eyes going back to normal. "Now, I'm the new God of Thunder. Rot in hell, sorcerer."

The fight then intensified, with the villains attacking the new gods and goddesses...well, if they could reach them, but the forces of good were still in their way. Sonya, however, saw Kano and the chase was on.

Upon arriving at the base of the pyramid, Sonya found herself surrounded by Kano and his fellow Black Dragon members. Jarek, Kabal, Kira and Kobra had every way out blocked, effectively blocking Sonya in as they advanced on her, with their various bladed weapons drawn.

"There's no way out for you, baby," Kano drawled in his thick Austrailian accent, knives drawn. "You got lucky all those years ago. Now, it ends."

Sonya looked back at her enemy. "Actually, there's no way out for YOU, or your friends, Kano. Surrender now, or if you want, resist and save me the trouble of taking you in."

Kira twirled her blades, which she dubbed 'Dragon Teeth.' "My, my...aren't you a cocky little bitch. I'm so going to enjoy this."

Kano looked at the buxom redhead. "You stay there, Kira, as well as the rest of you. Blade is mine."

As Kano advanced on the blonde officer, Sonya merely smiled at Kano. Then her expression changed as she cast a hard glare at the one-eyed mercenary.

In an instant, Kano was engulfed in flames. He managed to let out a single scream before he was reduced to a pile of ashes, then only thing that remained of him were his knives and his metal faceplate, the glowing red light died out.

The other Black Dragon members watched in complete horror as Kano was obliterated. Kira, however, was the first to recover. When Sonya turned to face the remaining Black Dragon members, Kira plunged both her knives in Sonya's torso. Sonya's face was that of complete surprise as the redheaded Black Dragon member pushed her knives deep into Sonya's body.

Kira had a look of complete satisfaction on her face. "That's for Kano, you blonde bitch," she spat out.

Sonya looked down at the knives in her gut. Then she looked back at Kira. "Ow," she said in a mocking tone before casually, almost leisurely backhanding Kira with superhuman strength. Kira scrambled back as she watched Sonya yank out both blades with her hands. Kira, in the meantime, was scrambling back to safety, until she reached Kabal.

Sonya looked at the blades. They were, of course, stained with her blood, as they should be. She looked down at the two holes in her torso and saw that the wounds were closing themselves up rapidly. In a matter of seconds, the wounds were gone, although Sonya's shirt was still bloody, not leaving a hint of broken skin or even a scar.

"Wh-what the hell are you?!" Kira gasped, now scared upon seeing that her knives had absolutely no effect on Sonya.

Sonya looked down at Kira. "I'm the Goddess of Order..." Her voice then took on a severe hardness. "...and you've just made me VERY angry."

Meanwhile, both Jarek and Kobra tried to attack her from behind. In an instant, Sonya spun around and tossed both knives at the two men. The knives found their marks, embedidng themselves into Jarek and Kobra's chest. Sonya threw them with enough force, the men were knocked off their feet upon the knives impacting their chests.

They were both dead before they hit the ground.

With Sonya distracted from killing both Kobra and Jarek, Kabal made his move. Hookswords drawn, he charged at Sonya. However, Sonya moved with the same speed as Kabal, somersaulting into the air landing a hard kick into the small of Kabal's back with vicious force.

The Black Dragon member let out a strangled scream as he felt his back snap as he stumbled into the bodies of his fallen comrades. Sonya turned around and upon seeing the mangled Kabal in the midst of his dead comrades, she blew him a kiss.

However, it wasn't your ordinary kiss, since a normal kiss wouldn't incinerate the opponent upon defeat.

When Sonya blew her kiss, a small ball of flame appeared, fluttering harmlessly into the air for a moment before making a beeline for Kabal. The result was instant. Upon impacting with Kabal, the ball expanded, catching not only Kabal, but the bodies of Kobra and Jarek as well in its flames.

Kabal managed to let out one final scream as the flames engulfed him. After several moments, once the flames finally subsided, the only thing that was left were three charred skeletons, pieces of burnt clothing and weapons and the remains of Kabal's mask and respirator.

Kira, after watching Sonya singlehandedly eradicating four Black Dragon members, did what was probably the most smart thing she has ever done in her life.

She got to her feet and ran for her life.

Sonya turned from the skeletal remains, preparing to finish off Kira, but saw that she had ran off. Sonya contemplated going after her, but decided that her friends needed her help.

"You can run, Kira," Soyna shouted after the retreating figure, "but you can't hide! Mark my words...I WILL DESTROY THE BLACK DRAGON!"

Meanwhile, Kitana had fought her way to her mother, who was defending herself against several Tarkatan soldiers. One massive whirlrind had forcibly ejected the attacking mutants from attacking Sindel, thanks to Kitana, but the damage was done. Sindel could hardly stand, due to suffering a leg injury from one of the Tarkatan blades. The Edenian queen was leaning on her Kwan Do as Kitana approached.

"I'm sorry, Kitana," she said as Kitana helped her to a sitting position. "I can't fight anymore."

Kitana placed a reassuring hand on her mother's face. "It's okay, Mother. You've fought well, and you got the wounds to prove it."

Sindel managed a small grin. "There is a radiance to your face, Kitana. It must be because you are now a goddess. Your father would be proud of you."

"We need to get you out of here," Kitana said.

At that moment, Rayden appeared. Eventhough he was no longer Earthrealm's protector, he still fought on. "Perhaps I can be of assistance."

"Lord Rayden, my mother is injured," Kitana said. "Take her back to the palace and make sure she receives medical attention."

The former thunder god nodded. "Will do." He the noticed someone approaching Kitana from behind. "In the meantime, protect yourself."

Kitana spun around, just as Rayden took Sindel and teleported her from the battle.

Mileena was approaching. Sais drawn, the Edenian-Tarkatan clone was out for blood. Namely Kitana's.

"There you are," Mileena hissed. "This ends now, my dear sister," she said, pronouncing the last word with sarcasm. Even after all this time, Mileena still regaded Kitana as her sister and Shao Kahn as her father.

Kitana's eyes narrowed. "You should be dead," she stated, remembering on her wedding day that Baraka has presented her with Mileena's severed head.

Mileena didn't bother to respond to Kitana's barb. "Once I kill you and Queen Sindel, Edenia will be mine!"

She threw her sais, aiming for Kitana's head. The former stepdaughter of Shao Kahn countered by catching them out of the air and throwing them back at Mileena. One of them nailed her on the side of her face, severing the veil and slicing a narrow gash in her right cheek.

As the veil fluttered to the ground, Kitana got a real good look at Mileena's face. Eventhough she saw what she already looked like without the face mask, it still sends chills down her spine as Mileena was a living, breating witness as to what Shang Tsung's dark sorcery can do.

Mileena looked like Kitana in very way. However, her mouth was anything but. Shang Tsung had mixed Kitana's essence with that of a Tarkatan, creating a clone that was loyal to Shao Kahn, and acted as a spy to her own 'sister.' However, there was a one-in-a-million chance that the clone would be slightly deformed and unfortunately, Shang had landed on that one chance, since Mileena's mouth had deformed into that of a Tarkatan, complete with razor-sharp teeth. Her mind was also damaged as well, since Kitana had killed her killed her in the Outworld Tournament and she was later resurrected by Shinnok.

With a mad look in her eyes, Mileena let out a blodthirsty howl and lunged at Kitana, tackling her to the ground. The two rolled along the Edenian dirt, punching, kicking and clawing at each other, until Mileena ended on top, hands around Kitana's neck, hoping to choke the life out of her.


Kitana managed to kick Mileena off of her. Coughing violently, taking in gulps of air, Kitana saw Mileena making a beeline for her, having rerieved both her sais, ready to take her apart limb from limb, if necessary. Kitana rolled out of the way, materializing a pair of fans in her hands. Eventhough they weren't her trademark steel fans, her wind fans were just as deadly as their steel counterparts.

Kitana ducked as Mileena attacked, unfolding her fans and slicing Mileena in the abdomen. Four slashes appeared across Mileena's torso, spilling blood, the insides threatening to splill from the wounds themselves. The look on Mileena's face was that of complete shock more than the intense pain. Her sais fell from her hands as Mileena keeled over, holding her stomach, blood dripping from her mouth.

Mileena then felt herself being levitated into the air, and saw that Kitana was the once responsible. Using her newfound powers, Kitana had gotten Mileena in a helpless posistion, but in a way so that Mileena was at eye level with Kitana.

Kitana regarded the freak she once considered a sister from a lifetime ago. " had the choice to come and join me in overthrowing Kahn, yet you chose to stay with him out of sheer jealousy. You can't have my life, Mileena. I'm sorry things had to end up this way. But there is a way to make things right."

Kitana then leaned in and kissed Mileena softly on the forehead. "This is my final gift to you...sister. Here is the peace in death in which you couldn't get in life."

She then turned and walked away as Mileena slowly began to swell like a helium balloon. "KITANA!" Mileena screamed as the pain became unbearable. "I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL YET, YOU BITCH! I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!!!"


Those were Mileena's last words as she exploded in a gruesome shower of blood and body parts. Kitana continued to walked back into the fray, not turning around even once to witness the effects of her infamous Kiss of Death.

Subzero and Scorpion were working together, taking on all newcomers, including a squad of Shokan warriors that Kintaro and Sheeva had brought in as backup. Eventhough they had the numbers advantage, they were no match for the Gods of Fire and Ice, as the charred and frozen remains were the witnesses to the carnage that the two ninjas had brought.

"You fight well, Lin Kuei," Scorpion noted. He was now back in 'specter' mode. "Your brother would have been proud of you."

"And you are the best that the Shirai Ryu has to offer," Subzero replied with the same courtesy. He then noticed Hotaru, naginata in hand, gunning for him. Scorpion saw him coming as well.

Subzero cracked his knuckles. "You don't know when to quit, do you, Seidan?" Subzero asked. "Kenshi killed you."

Subzero remembered all too well two years ago. He had formed an alliance with the Special Forces operative Kenshi in order to return to Earthrealm, wiping out a large number of Baraka's Tarkatan forces, gaining Hotaru's attention, who was in Outworld at the time, allied with Onaga. Hotaru himself had came across the two men inside the Living Forest and had blinded Subzero with an energy blast.

Seeing as how Kenshi was already blind (thanks to Shang Tsung's treachery), Kenshi was unaffected, since his sight was more of a spiritual nature rather than physical. When Subzero's vision came back, he saw that Kenshi had cleaved Hotaru neatly in two, from his head down to his crotch.

Hotaru chuckled. "Lord Onaga, in his mighty wisdom, is as merciful as always," he replied, holding the naginata at the ready. "He brought me back to life, so I can serve him. And now, Lin Kuei, your friends can't save you now. You will pay for your crimes against Lord Onaga, ninja." He looked at Scorpion. "And your friend as well."

He swung the naginata in an overhead swing at Subzero's head. The Lin Kuei cryomancer merely caught the blade in his index and middle finger and held it with inhuman strength. Hotaru then watched in horror as the naginata's blade began to freeze.

"For the record," Subzero replied, "I am not a ninja. I am Lin Kuei." He motioned to Scorpion, who was at the moment, hacking a Tarkatan lackey apart with his sword. "Scorpion is the ninja."

With that said, the blade was completely frozen, and Subzero shattered it with his other hand. "You really think you can take on a god?" Subzero cooly asked Hotaru, still holding the broken naginata's staff in one hand.

Seeing another Tarkatan approaching from his left, Subzero kicked Hotaru in the gut, and yanked the naginata's staff from his hands. The Lin Kuei god swung the staff, cracking the back of the attacking Tarkatan's head open. Then, in a grisly homage to his late older brother, Subzero reached into the stunned Tarkatan's back and after several jerks, yanks the bloodied spine and skull out from the Tarkatan's body.

He then threw it at another incoming Tarkatan, the skull shattering on impact, but more importantly, knocking the Tarkatan out cold.

When Subzero and Scorpion turned back to face Hotaru, the both saw that the Seidan Guardsman was being double-teamed by both Dairou and Darrius. The bald, dark-skinned Seidan stopped attacking and turned to the two elemental gods.

"With respects, Grandmasters," Darrius said, bowing. "Leave the order freak to us."

Subzero and Scorpion returned the gesture and returned to the fray.

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