Mortal Kombat: Ascension

Chapter 3: Edenian Showdown, Part Two

Chapter Three, Part Two

Scorpion in the meantime, had caught sight of two other baddies he wanted to see dead, other than Quan Chi.

The two Oni, Moloch and Drahmin.

Scorpion growled internally. "Drahmin and Moloch," he said. Without giving Subzero fair warning, he rushed off. Subzero looked after the furious ninja and saw who he was going up against.

Instinct told him to move and forunately, Subzero trusted his instincts as much as he trusted his friends. Subzero jumped straight up into the air, just as Frost came sliding by, hoping to knock him off his feet. Unfortunately, she missed.

The former student faced off against her master, slowly circling one another.

"You should have killed me...sifu," Frost said. "Instead, you left me to die in Outworld."

"You've done that yourself," Subzero replied. "You disappoint me, Frost." He sighed. "Then again, part of it was my fault. I taught you how to fight, but I didn't teach you how to think."

"Don't lecture me, Subzero," Frost retorted. "I see through your lies. I've spent two years in Outworld, biding my time, harnessing my Kori powers...waiting for the perfect moment to kill you and take over the Lin Kuei."

Subzero smiled evilly, eventhough Frost couldn't see it with his mask on. "You couldn't control the Dragon Medallion. What makes you think you have a chance of beating me? You think I make ice boats just for fun, little Frost? You have no idea as to what I am capable of." Slowly, his hands began to turn into living ice, from his hands up to his elbows. "And now you joined the forces fo evil just to get to me? You are pathetic."

Frost grinned evilly as she former Kori daggers in her hands. "You hesitate, Subzero. That's the ultimate flaw of compassion."

Subzero balled his hands into fists. "The flaw of power is arrogance, little blade."

Frost charged at Subzero. However, this fight wasn't going to take place. Frost was so caught up in attacking Subzero that she failed to see Sareena's sneak attack on her, until it was too late. Foot met face, and Frost was flat on her back.

The female cryomancer turned to her male counterpart. "Sorry. She just wouldn't shut up," she said sheepishly. "I'll deal with Frost."

Subzero waved her off. "She's all yours."

When he turned from the two dueling women, he found himself face-to-face with someone he was hoping that he wouldn't have to kill.

His brother, or rather, the Netherrealm wrait, Noob Saibot.

Subzero's voice caught in his throat. "Big brother..." he whispered.

"Your brother is dead," Noob replied flatly.

Subzero nodded. "So it seems," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

Over a decade ago, the elder Subzero was the Lin Kuei's most cunning assassin and thief. However, it was during the Mortal Kombat tournament on Shang Tsung's island that Scorpion - whom Subzero the Elder had bested - killed him in kombat.

Subzero's soul descended into the Netherrealm, free from compassion and emotion. In time, he became a wraith, having completely shed his humanity. And now, he was facing against his younger brother, now the Lin Kuei grandmaster and the God of Ice. Were he the former Subzero, he would have been proud of him. But now...

Subzero looked at the wraith that was once his brother, and Subzero returned the gesture. "Today is the day, Subzero," Noob said. "This ends now."

Subzero nodded. "Yes. It ends now."

It was a Mexican standoff, in the midst of the ensuing chaos that surrounded them. Then the two attacked.

Scorpion, in the meantime, was closing the distance on the two Oni, knocking battling fighters aside like Godzilla stomping through Tokyo. Sheeva came at him, Shokan Blades at the ready. However, Scorpion's ninja sword, the Mugai Ryu, was more than a match for the female Shokan. Its blade ablaze with the fires of Hell itself, Scorpion made short work on the Shokan, severing her limbs, the head the last thing to fall from her mutilated body.

Drahmin saw the advancing Shirai Ryu ninja, sword in hand, ready to deliver his vengeance. The last time they saw each other, both Drahmin and Moloch had double-teamed Scorpion, who was gunning for Quan Chi, beating him within an inch of his (undead) life. Seeing as how one can't kill someone who was already dead, both Moloch and Drahmin instead tossed Scorpion into the Soulnado, where Scorpion was ripped apart.

Now, Scorpion is back with a vengeance that was only seen with the elder Subzero. Moloch, after mauling some random Shokan warrior, turned on Scorpion, who att aht precise moment, unleashed his Spear on the ball-wielding Oni. However, Moloch had it scouted and caught it with his other hand. Yanking the ninja to him, Moloch clocked Scorpion with his iron ball, sending the ninja straight into the air.

Moloch thought that he had gotten the ninja out of the way. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Scorpion was coming back towards him and Drahmin. The two Oni saw that Scorpion's mask was off, this time, revealing the infamous grinning skull. Scorpion opened his mouth and a massive stream of fire came out. Drahmin rolled out of the way, but Moloch wasn't very lucky.

The Oni let out an inhuman howl as he was immolated alive, the fires reducing him to nothing but bones and ash. Scorpion landed, Mugai Ryu now resting in its sheath. Drahmin hurled a ball of Outworld rotflies at the ninja, but they were instantly incincerated by a belch of flame. Scorpion lunged at Drahmin, feet abalze as he performed a backflip, both feet catching the dreaded 'Oni Tormentor' in the face.

The mask was knocked off of Drahmin's deformed face. In an instant, he went into his Oni fighting style. The mask he wore kept him sane and disciplined. Removing it, however makes Drahmin goes into a murderous rage.

This time, it was that murderous rage that would prove to be, in his battle with Scorpion, his undoing. Scorpion himself had learned how to harnessed his inner rage to the point it was borderline demonic.

Once Scorpion landed, Drahmin punted Moloch's skull at the skull-headed ninja. Once Scorpion kicked the skull out of the way, it proved to be just enough to distract Scorpion as Drahmin moved in close enough to knock Scorpion in the head with his iron club.

Scorpion's head, upon impact, rotated a complete 360 degrees before settling back into its original posision. "That almost hurt," Scorpion hissed, right before dodging another iron club to the face. Spear in hand, Scorpion came back up and violently slashed Drahmin in the neck, severing both his jugular veins, causing a splatter of blood to stain Scorpion's uniform.

Then Scorpion went down on one knee and sliced again, this time across Drahmin's torso. The blade went through Drahmin's flesh like a hot knife through butter, cutting the Oni in two as the top half flipped and landed on the ground.

Then as he did with Moloch, Scorpion incinerated the two halves of Drahmin before placing his mask back onto his face. He secured his bloodied Spear and once again, drew his sword, and went back into battle.

Meanwhile, Subzero was fighting for his life against Noob Saibot. And he was getting the worst of it. Noob, however, wasn't going through his battle completely unscathed, since Subzero had caught him with several devestating blows. But now, Noob had the advantage, after countering Subzero's freeze attack with his own: he teleported behind Subzero, grabbed him and slammed him on the canyon floor. Hard.

Troll Hammer in hand, Noob approached the cryomancer, who was on his hands and knees, trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. However, Subzero, acting out of pure instinct, quickly materialized a Kori Blade in his hands and slashed upward, destroying Noob's weapon, but more importantly, slashing Noob across his chest. The Netherrealm wraith fell to his knees, before falling over onto his back.

Then, something happened.

Darkness enveloped Noob, consuming him completely. Then as if the morning sun pushes back the night, the darkness was gone, revealing someone that Subzero would not have in his lifetime, would see again.

His brother, the elder Subzero. The elder brother was still dressed in the Lin Kuei uniform, the same one he wore during the Mortal Kombat tournament on Shang Tsung's island fortress, but the injury that was inflicted upon him was still present. It was clear that he was dying.

Subzero dropped the Kori Blade and rushed over to his brother, pulling him into a sitting position. "Brother, hold on! I can save you, just hold on!"

Subzero the Elder slowly shook his head. "You already have, little brother," he said. "Thank you...for not giving up on me." He looked at the younger Subzero. "Let...let me see your face."

The Lin Kuei grandmaster removed his mask and cowl. Subzero the Elder took in the sight of his younger brother. The combed back hair and the scar over his right eye. "You haven't aged well," Subzero the Elder said jokingly. "Help me...take my mask off."

Subzero did as his brother wished, removing the mask and cowl, revealing his brother's face for the first time since the incident with Shinnok's Amulet. Sareena rushed over to the two brothers, having knocked Frost out cold. "What happened?" she asked.

"I freed him," Subzero said sadly.

Subzero the Elder looked at the woman. "Sareena...I thought you were dead."

Sareena shook her head. "No. I was expelled to the Fifth Plane, but I came back. Your brother gave me asylum within the clan." There were now tears in her eyes. "A lot has happened since you died."

Subzero the Elder nodded. "I know. I know everything." He looked at Subzero. "Dad...he would have been proud of you." He clasped his hand into Subzero's. "You managed to learn how to value human life, unlike myself." He noticed Scorpion approaching, and jerked slightly.

Sareena saw this and calmed the dying man down. "It's okay, Subzero," she said. "Scorpion is on our side."

The God of Fire knelt down in order to face his former adversary. Subzero the Elder was fading fast. "My old enemy," he said. "That night inside the Shaolin Temples...that was just business...but you fought with honor worthy of your clan. I...I should have spared your life then." He turned to his brother. "Make the Lin Kuei proud, little brother. I will always be with you."

Subzero the Elder relaxed as he breathed his last, his eyes going vacant as his soul moved on to a much better place.

Scorpion gently closed his one-time enemy's eyes as Subzero laid his brother's body back to the ground, the yellow-clad ninja whispering a small prayer to the elder cryomancer.

"Rest well...Lin Kuei warrior," Subzero said, remembering how his now-deceased brother used to hate being called a ninja.

Jax was in the middle of fighting Motaro. The bipedal Centaur--now a Minotaur (thanks to Shokan black magic)--still retained his brute strength, but Jax, being the God of Earth, was even stronger, and proved it to Motaro by ripping off both arms, tail and smashing his head like a ripe watermelon.

Leaving the carcass of Motaro to rot, Jax found his target. The Red Dragon member Hsu Hao. And he wasn't alone. The Red Dragon boss (and Taven's brother) Daegon was there, as well as his second-in-command, Mavado.

Daegon had just witnessed Jax's brutal execution of Motaro. "Good show," he remarked. "I really should thank you and your friends. For years, we've been trying to eradicate the Black Dragon." A cold smile appeared on his lips. "It appears that your Special Forces have done the job, so I am feeling generous to give you a special one-time offer. We could use a good man like you within our ranks in the Red Dragon. What do you say?"

"Forget it," Jax spat out. "Because of your organization, particulary Hsu Hao, your organization destroyed a government facility, not to mention causing the deaths of over sixty agents." Jax balled his hands into fists. "That puts the Red Dragon in the same boat as the Black Dragon."

Daegon sighed. "Such a pity. You would have made a fine member of the Red Dragon." He turned to Mavado. "Keep our guest company while I go and find my brother." Daegon the made his retreat, leaving Mavado and Hsu Hao to deal with the new God of Earth.

The trenchoated member wasted little time. He show out his hooks, until they were embedded into the ground in front of Jax and propelled himself forward, feet first. Jax rolled out of the way. Before he could attack Mavado, Hsu Hao, armed with his Sun-Moon Blades, attacked Jax from behind, slicing Jax across the back with his bladed weapons. Unfortunately, for Hsu Hao, the attack had no effect, since Jax's skin was rock-hard (yet, maintaining his human appearance).

It did, however, destroyed Hsu Hao's blades.

Annoyed, Jax decked Hsu Hao, leaving him down down for the moment while he focused on Mavado. He broke the Red Dragon member's hookswords and tossed the weapons aside.

As Jax and Mavado fought, it was clear to Jax that Mavado, despite being on the wrong team, was a dignified and honorable fighter, unlike Kano. But it wasn't enough for Jax. The Red Dragon had to pay for their crimes. And Mavado would be the first.

Mavado fell to one knee as Jax stood triumphant, having beaten him within an inch of his life. Even in defeat, Mavado showed no fear in the face of death. He looked at Jax. "Give me a clean death," he said calmly. "An honorable death."

Jax nodded. "You fought well, for a Red Dragon. I am honored. You would have been a great soldier in the Special Forces."

Mavado smiled at the compliment, and closed his eyes.

Jax struck him in the temple, killing Mavado instantly. He then turned back to Hsu Hao. Guessing that he was probably resurrected by Onaga, Jax decided to put him down permanently. As he did before the battle with the Deadly Alliance, Jax walked over to Hsu Hao and yanked his cybernetic heart from his chest.

As before, Hsu hao died a most painful death.

Jade was currently fighting her way through several Shokan. Armed with her fire staff, the Edenian Goddess of Fire wasn't afraid to show off her new powers, as seen by the trail of ash and charred Shokan bones left in her wake. She had caught sight of Tanya, who was fighting alongside Onaga and seeing her alive only meant that somehow, after being mauled by a gang of Tarkatans and later decapitated by Jade, that the Dragon King had resurrected her.

Fortunately for Jade, Onaga had caught sight of his old nemesis, Shao Kahn and was making a beeline for him, leaving Tanya stranded. The Edenian traitor saw that Jade was closing in, and fast. Pulling out a boomerang, Tanya flung it at Jade, who merely knocked it to the ground with her staff. Tanya then disappeared in an orange plume of smoke, but Jade has seen Tanya pull this stunt off before.

"That's not going to work on me," Jade muttered, holding her staff at the ready.

Tanya, in the meantime, had snuck around Jade. This time, Tanya was holding her own orb of concentrated Tarkatan essence, with the intention of thworing it onto Jade as a measure of payback.

Jade felt Tanya's presence from behind her and quickly acted. She spun around, swinging her staff in an upward posistion, catching the invisible Tanya's hand that was holding the orb, knocking it into the air, not to mention nullifying her invisibility.

The exotic woman in the green then blinded Tanya with a small blast of flame, just as the orb came falling back to the ground. The orb shattered on Tanya, the foul-smelling liquid once again covering her, making her smell like a male Tarkatan.

Tanya realized that her plan had backfired in a major way. "Not again," she groaned.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Baraka was nearby, preparing to make mincemeat out of Li Mei when he smelled what he thought to be the scent of a rival Tarkatan male. In an instant, Baraka was on Tanya. Soon, several more Tarkata joined in, this time ripping apart Tanya limb from limb. Having seen this before, Jade turned from the sight and went back into the battle, hoping that Baraka and his henchmen would save her the trouble of killing Tanya.

Fortunately for Jade, in Baraka's bloodlust, he, as the other Tarkatans, ripped Tayna apart.

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