Mortal Kombat: Ascension

Chapter 3: Edenian Showdown, The Outcome

Part Three

The tide of the battle was starting to turn into the favor of the gods and their allies, forcing the forces of evil to fight as hard as ever. Nightwolf was fighting alongside the Edenian Rain. The American Indian shahman and the Edenian general worked together as a team, fighting off a horde of Tarkatan and Shokan warriors. The pair was successful in defending themselves against the attacking forces.

Nightwolf was catching his breath when he felt an extreme pain in the small of his back. Rain had stabbed him from behind.

The wound itself wasn't mortal, but it was enough to effectively immobilize Nightwolf. Tomahaws clattering to the ground, Nightwolf staggered to his knees as Rain pulled his Storm Sword from Nightwolf's back.

"You're far too trusting," Rain mused as he circled around the injured fighter.

"You bastard," Nightwolf spat out. "You, out of all people...why?"

Rain regarded the blood on his weapon. I've come to learn that only the strongest and the smartest stay alive. That is one of the reasons why I sided with Kahn during the Outworld Invasion. You see, shahman, I myself am half-god. Originally, my plan was to take the prize for myself, so I can enslave Edenia. And with my father now an Elder God, he wouldn't be able to stop me. So now..." He raised the sword over his head. "...after I deal with you, shahman, I will eradicate the Edenian royal family and take my birthright!"

However, a well-aimed razor-edged hat knocked Rain's sword out of his hand before disappearing into nothingness.

Kung Lao has made the save. And he had heard Rain's confession. The newly-appointed God of Wind has decided to deal with the Edenian traitor personally. "Liu and Kitana had their suspicions about you," Kung Lao said as another hat materialized on his head. "Looks like they were right."

It was true that Rain had fallen under suspicion by the Edenian royal family. He was in fact, the only person who was against Kitana's engagement to Liu, pointing out that not only was Liu from Earthrealm, but the fact that he wasn't of noble blood. Of course, after what had happened to Tanya, Kitana and Sindel were suspicious of Rain. Sure he had no more love for Outworld and Shao Kahn, but the suspected that he had his own ulterior motived for Edania.

It appeared that the royal family were right.

Rain kicked the injured Nightwolf to the side as he faced Kung Lao. "Let's see what the descendant of the Great Kung Lao is made out of."

He launched himself towards Kung Lao, feet first, with a constant spray of water propelling him forward. Kung Lao saw Rain perform this move once already and leapt towards Rain. Kung Lao flipped into the air, reaching down and grabbing Rain by the shoulders, causing him to flip with him and then, being tossed several feet by the new God of Wind. Rain countered by flipping out of the throw and landing on his feet. He saw that he had landed near his Storm Sword and quickly retrieved it.

Kung Lao was charging towards him. Rain smirked beneath his mask and raised one arm into the air. A lightning bolt came cashing down on Kung Lao, propelling him into the air.

However, this was only a trick from Kung Lao's end. Seconds before the bolt had struck him - or rather, the ground - Kung Lao teleported, making it appear that the bolt had found its mark. Rain the noticed something was wrong when Kung Lao had disappeared from the air. He then realized that he was tricked.

It would be the last mistake he would ever make.

Rain spun around, but Kung Lao was quicker. Hat drawn, Kung Lao lashed out twice with it. The first slice was through Rain's wrist. The second slice was an upward stroke, starting from Rain's crotch and ending at his head.

Rain's hand, which was holding the Storm Sword, fell to the ground, severed.

A thin red vertical line appeared from where Kung Lao had executed the second slice. Kung Lao secured his hat back on his head as Rain fell to his knees, both sides of him seperating cleanly before falling to the ground.

But Kung Lao was far from finished.

As he turned away from the sliced halves of Rain, Johnny Cage landed at his feet. Kung Lao looked at his attacker, or attackers.

The two Shokan, Goro and Kintaro, the latter power-punching the movie star clean across the canyon. Were it any other man, Kintaro would have punched him in two. Unfortunately, Mokap was the victim of Kintaro's brute strength. Fortunately for Johnny, Kintaro's punches had hurt like hell, not to mention breaking every bone in his torso. Kintaro held Johnny's prized shades in one hand. He then crushed them, the fragments falling to the ground.

One main aspect of godhood was rapid regeneration and healing ability. Within seconds, Johnny was healed and back on his feet. " I'm mad."

"Is that what you Americans call 'taking one for the team?'" Kung Lao asked with a wry grin.

Johnny scowled at the God of Wind. "Shut up and help me out here." He pointed to Goro. "You take Goro. Mr. Bad Attitude is mine."

"If you insist," Kung Lao replied.

Years earlier, Kung Lao and Goro had made peace with each other. Now with the rampaging Shokan prince charging at him, it appears that the truce is now off. Which was just fine for Kung Lao. After all, some 500 years ago, Goro DID kill Kung Lao's namesake ancestor.

And although Kung Lao prayed a small prayer beseeching the Great Kung Lao's forgiveness for what he had planned, it was payback time.

Meanwhile, Kintaro charged at Johnny Cage. Johnny turned to Kung Lao. "Take your hat off and kneel."

Kung Lao blinked at Johnny's request. "What?"

"Just do it!" Johnny ordered.

Kung Lao did as Johnny had asked. He removed his hat and kneeled. Meanwhile, Johnny moved behind Kung Lao and took several running steps back. When Kintaro was close enough, Johnny took off. Using Kung Lao as a stepping stone, he launched himself into the air, sailing towards Kintaro.

Kung Lao thought that he was performing a Shadow Kick in mid-air. However, Johnny wasn't. Eventhough the green after-images were present, Johnny instead of using his foot, used both his knees instead to do the damage needed, catching Kintaro in both eyes, taking him down, in a fashion that would have made David and Goliath look like kiddie stuff. The tiger-striped Shokan roared in pain as he staggered back, his upper hands holding his eyes while his lower hands were reaching out for the offending human that had momentarily blinded him.

Using his advantage, Johnny moved in. He ducked under Kintaro's lower hands by going into a split and punching Kintaro in the groin several times. Now, if you are a human or a Shokan warrior, you will without a shadow of a doubt feel extreme pain when someone punches you in the family jewels.

And unfortunately, that's what Kintaro was feeling at the moment. His lower hands holding his groin, the still-blinded Kintaro sank to his knees as Johnny hopped to his feet, one hand balled into a fist.

"Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole," Johnny said, mentioning the shades that Kintaro had destroyed. He cocked his fist back, an evil grin on his face. "You've killed Mokap.'ve been Caged!"


The movie star then executed a vicious uppercut causing Kintaro's head to be promptly liberated from his body in a geyser of blood as his body fell to the ground. Goro was the sole witness to the brutal decaptation of his Shokan-comrade in-arms. He let out a primal roar of rage and charged at the movie star, preparing to tear him apart with his bare hands.


Goro's eyes bulged as he felt something embed itself into his back.

"That was for my ancestor," Kung Lao spat out. He had tossed his hat at Goro, catching him in the back. As Goro staggered to his knees, Kung Lao yanked the hat out of Goro's back, blood flowing freely from the massive wound, and walked around so that he was facing him.

"And from me," Kung Lao finished before bringing down his hat...

...right into Goro's skull.

Johnny winced as he saw Kung Lao execute Goro. The God of Wind then took several moments to pray to his ancestors, begging for their forgiveness before returning to battle.

Meanwhile, Shao Kahn was fighting for his life.

He had ascended from advisor to Onaga to Emperor of Outworld after poisoning the Dragon King. Now, Onaga had thrown aside the temporary alliance he had made with his former advisor.

Eventhough Shao Kahn himself had brute strength to rely upon, Onaga was even more stronger, and the broken arm and ribs that Kahn had suffered was proof enough of Onaga's strength. Worse yet, he witnessed several of his key allies killed by the new deities. Baraka and his squad of Tarkatans had already fled the scene, having suffered massive casualties. Mileena was dead, as were Shang Tsung.

And if things didn't look up soon, he would be joining them very soon.

However, eventhough he wouldn't admit it, he was glad that Reiko appeared. Armed with his trusty Crude Hammer, he was able to stun Onaga for the moment by bashing him in the head. While the Dragon King was reeling from the blow to the head, Reiko grabbed his master. "Emperor Kahn, we must retreat!"

Kahn shook his head, thankful that his helmet concealed his face, which was hiding the amount of pain that he was in. " retreat." He grimaced in pain at his broken arm. "I never retreat!"

"Soverign Emperor," Reiko replied, "you are hurt. You can't defeat Onaga with just one arm! And the new deities will sure take their revenge on you if you stay. We must retreat back to Outworld while the opportunity presents itself!"

Surprizingly enough, Kahn saw the wisdom in his general's words. "Fine. In due time, my wounds will heal and I will return."

Leaning on Reiko for support, Shao Kahn made his exit. Havik, the Chaosrealm cleric, had also retreated back to Chaosrealm. Darrius and Dairou had chased Hotaru back to the realm of Seido. Sektor also withdrew, seeing the immese power that Subzero and Sareena now posessed. Daegon had fallen to Taven, who was also injured and was being tended to by Bo' Rai Cho. Frost had also disappeared, her whereabouts unknown. Nitara, eventhough she was on the bad guys' team, decided to withdraw from the battle. After all, she had no vendetta against the heroes and would wanted it to stay that way. Only Shinnok, Onaga and Quan Chi remained.

The new deities wisely decided that Onaga was the greater threat and while Subzero and Scorpion kept Shinnok and Quan Chi occupied, the remaining deities attacked Onaga. The Dragon King was more than enough of a challenge for them, sledgehammering the deities back.

However, it was Sareena who gave the deities the upper hand. Creating a Kori Demon Fang, Sareena quickly moved in on Onaga from behind. She flung the razor-sharp ice weapon at Onaga, neatly clipping his right wing off. Kitana immediately caught on and using her wind fans, severed the left. Onaga roared in pain as Scorpion, having knocked Quan Chi out for the moment, charged at the Dragon King, as did Kung Lao, the duo hacking at the Dragon King with their bladed weapons.

Not even the Dragon King himself could withstand such a brutal onslaught. He even tried to resurrect those that the new gods had killed, but found out that his resurrecting ability had been completely nullified by the gods' power. Scorpion ran the Dragon King through his heart, the blade incinerating the organ, along with the rest of him, ending the life of Onaga, the Dragon King, once and for all.

The battle was over. Only Shinnok and Quan Chi remained.

As Bo' Rai Cho and Li Mei tended to the injured, Shinnok made his exit through a portal back to the Neatherrealm. He spun around, holding his amulet in his hand. "As long as I have my amulet," he shouted, "I will return!"

Liu fired a lightning bolt at Shinnok, causing him to drop the amulet back into Edenia.

"No! The amulet!" Shinnok screamed as the portal closed, trapping him in the Netherrealm. "NOOOOOOO!!"

Apparently, being stuck in the Netherrealm was already bad enough for Shinnok. But now, he had numerous threats to his throne, as a result of the majority of the villains who were killed during the battle, their souls transported to the Netherrealm.

Liu picked up the amulet and destroyed it. Meanwhile, Quan Chi decided to make a break for it. Unfrotunately, he didn't get very far. The familiar WHOOSH was heard, followed by the Spear impaling Quan Chi through the shoulder.

Scorpion yanked him back to the pyramid. "Get...OVER here!"

Quan Chi found himself lifted off his feet by the force of the spear. He landed on his back. When he managed to get back to his feet, he found nine angry gods and goddesses surrounding him, most of them remembering their deaths by his hand two years earlier.

Quan Chi knew that without the amulet (or his broadswords) he was very much screwed in more ways than one.

He tried to run again...only this time, it was Liu who unleashed a bolt of lightning from the side, blindsighting the Netherrealm sorcerer, causing him to fall to his knees.

"Doesn't feel too good getting attacked from behind, doesn't it?" Liu taunted, remembering all too well the events that lead to him being killed by Shang Tsung with an assist by Quan Chi.

It was true as the saying goes: revenge is indeed a dish best served cold. For several minutes, the deities beat Quan Chi to the brink of death. Finally, Scorpion had enough and prepared to finish him off, removing his mask once again, revealing the cold grinning skull, but Subzero restrained the God of Fire.

"You can't kill him, Scorpion," Subzero said. "You do that and his soul will just return to the Netherrealm."

"He does have a point, ninja," Sareena said. "In time, he will return, stronger than ever. We can't risk that."

Scorpion knew that they both were right. "So what do you suggest then, Lin Kuei?" he hissed back.

Sareena's face took on an evil grin. "I got an idea." She turned to Quan Chi and advanced on him.

Quan Chi was coughing up blood. "You traitor," he spat out. "You betrayed! I gave you your human form to hide your demon side! And now you become the whore to," he said, glaring at Subzero. He attempted to banish Sareena back to the Netherrealm, using what little remained of his powers. However, now that Sareena was no longer a demon, his powers had no effect on her.

"I'm human now," Sareena said as she gathered her Kori powers. "Death is too good for you, Quan Chi."

As everyone watched, Sareena engulfed Quan Chi with her freezing ability, until Quan Chi was encased in a block of ice, a look of complete horror on his face. Scorpion walked over to the block of ice and tapped on it with his sword. "Hmm. Quan-sickle," he said.

Sareena turned to Subzero. "You said that the Lin Kuei temple used to be a temple for Delia, right?"

Subzero nodded. "Yeah. What about it?"

Sareena turned to Taven, who approached the victorious fighters. "Taven, are there any secret passages inside the Lin Kuei temple that we don't know about?"

Taven nodded. "There is one. It's deep underground. What are you getting at?"

Sareena explained her plan. "Well, we take Quan Chi and hide him there for eternity. I purposely combined my Kori powers with a bit of sorcery, making the ice indestructable. Not even Scorpion can break through it. We hide him there and seal off the passage."

Liu nodded. "Sounds like a good idea to me." He looked around the landscape, at the bodies of the fighters, both good and bad. He saw that the cop Kurtis Stryker, Johnny's friend Mokap and Shujinko had fallen in battle. Both Cyrax and Smoke were heavily damaged, the yellow-armored ninja missing an arm. The winged vampire Nitara was injured in the battle and was forced to retreat. Many others were seriously injured.

Kitana moved to her husband's side. Liu wrapped one arm around her waist as she looked around the battle site. "Where's Kahn?" she asked.

"He retreated with Reiko," Liu replied. "Looked like Onaga gave him a broken arm."

Subzero turned to Taven. "That underground passage you mentioned. I know of it. It has the same lock mechanishm that kept your armor sealed inside."

"So we seal Quan Chi inside and Taven locks the door," Sonya said. "Then, we either barricade or as Sareena suggested, seal off the passage so that no one can enter. Sounds like a plan."

Edenian Palace, Edenian Capital, later on...

"How is my mother?" Kitana asked Rayden. The Edenian princess/goddess saw that Rayden had changed out of the dark armor and into his old outfit which he wore in the Outworld Tournament.

"She's resting comfortably," the former Thunder God replied. "There was minor damage to her leg, but she will be fine after she rests." He looked at Kitana with a small grin. "Goddess of Wind. It suits you."

"Thank you, Lord Rayden. So what will you do now?"

Rayden thought for a moment. "Now that I've relinquished my status as a god, I really don't know."

"There's Kung Lao's new realm that he is assigned to protect. You could go there," Kitana suggested. "You could also stay here in Edenia, if you wish."

Rayden decided that maybe a change in scenery would be nice. "Perhaps..."

Bo' Rai Cho heartily slapped his two former apprentices on the back, causing them to stagger slightly. "Never in my wildest dreams that two of my most successful apprentices would become gods! This calls for a celebration!"

"That hurt, Master," Liu said, wincing slightly. "You can't return to Outworld. More than likely, Shao Kahn would have a price on your head by now."

Bo' nodded. "That's true."

Kung Lao stepped forward. "Master Bo' you could help me with the new realm. I plan on opening a branch of the Wu Shi Academy there."

Bo' thought about it for a moment. "What's in it for me?"

It was Liu that made the save. "How about a lifetime supply of Earthrealm sake?"

That did Bo' in. "Agreed! You always knew what I liked, Liu Kang." His laughter rang throughout the western halls of the Edenian Palace.

In another part of the palace, Jade, Sonya, Johnny, Sareena, and Li Mei were tending to the wounded. The exotic-skinned goddess was securing a splint to Kai's leg, which was broken by Sheeva.

"There," Jade said, finishing her task. "You deserve a rest, Kai. You fought well."

Kai grinned. Apparently the Edenian medicine he was taking was working. "You outfought me, Jade. That and you didn't get mauled by a rampaging Shokan."

Jade looked around, making sure that no one was looking. Then she quickly leaned in and gave Kai a quick kiss on the forehead. "For a speedy recovery," she said, leaving Kai with a goofy grin on his face.

Sonya was in the final stages of dressing Nightworlf's wound. Fortunately, Rain had missed anything vital, but the wound was more than enough to stun the shahman. With Li Mei assissting her, Sonya applied over thirty stitches to Nightwolf's wound before bandaging it. Li Mei herself had a bandage around her torso, showing that even she didn't get through this battle unscathed.

The two women rolled Nightwolf on his back. "There you go," Sonya said. "Just lay there and rest up."

"You know what you're doing, Blade," Nightwolf grunted as he laid on his back.

Sonya shrugged her shoulders. "It wasn't just me. Li Mei helped as well."

Li Mei shrugged her shoulders. "Outworld medicine is pretty effective. You pick up some things surviving this hell. I heard that Master Bo' is travelling to the new realm. I will go with him and continue to atone for my past sins."

Both Nightwolf and Sonya was well aware of Li Mei's near-betrayal. Two years earlier, Li Mei's soul was transferred into the mummified remains of a soldier who once served under the Dragon King. Her memories had mingled with that of the undead soldier, and once Li Mei's soul was restored back to her original body, she felt that Onaga was more deserving of victory. She attempted to betray her friends, holding them at bay while Onaga worked on the Kamidogu, but failed when Bo' Rai Cho knocked her out and Shujinko took down Onaga.

Before the gathered fighters could attack the confused Outworlder, it was Bo' that spoke in her defense. Since that incident, Li Mei has decided to train under the Outworld master's tutelage. When the battle at the Edenian canyon took place, she decided that this was the best time for her redemption and eventhough she took a spear to the gut, she continued to fight on.

"I think that even after all this time," Nightwolf replied, "all is forgiven. You have proved yourself to everyone here."

Johnny, in the meantime, was standing over his fallen friend. Mokap was killed during the battle, killed by Kintaro. Johnny had personally retrieved the two halves of his body. He said a silent prayer before drawing a sheet over the remains.

Ever since 'Ninja Mime,' Johnny and Mokap were friends. While Johnny relished in being in the spotlight, Mokap worked behind the scenes, his specialty being special effects. In fact, he was out sick that day when Shang Tsung had attack Johnny shortly after the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Johnny sighed. "Rest in peace, old friend."

Inside the cellar, Jax and Smoke were working on repairing Cyrax. Jax's knowledge on mechanics were helpful in fixing the yellow-armored cyborg. "How is his diagnostics, Smoke?" Jax asked.

"He's working at about 75 percent," Smoke replied. He looked at Cyrax's chest cavity. "You're going to need some body work done on the plate armor." He tapped on it a couple of times. "What is this? Titanium?"

Cyrax shook his head. "Not quite. It's a special type of alloy. Much stronger than what the Lin Kuei originally used when they automated us. One of the perks of working for the Special Forces. Why not join us?"

Smoke shook his head. "I maybe a cybernetic ninja, but I am still Lin Kuei. My place is with the new Grandmaster. Now that he is the God of Ice, he has his work cut out for him. I've heard that once he holds a funeral for his brother, he and Scorpion will form an alliance between the Shirai Ryu and the Lin Kuei. The new aliiance between our clans will help protect Earth alongside the Shaolin Monks as well as defend against Sektor and his clan of ninja."

Meanwhile, Subzero held a silent vigil over his brother's body.

He had changed out of his battered Lin Kuei uniform and into some fresh clothes. In accordance to Lin Kuei traditionm Subzero had washed and clothed his brother's body. However, instead of a spare Lin Kuei uniform, which he didn't have, Subzero the Elder was clothed in Edenian funeral robes.

Sareena walked into the room and knelt down beside the distraught Lin Kuei grandmaster. The former Netherrealm demon took his hands into hers. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Subzero shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know." He sighed. "Most people would think of him as a cold-hearted bastard. But he is still my brother. Ever since we were kids, and even when we were initiated into the Lin Kuei, he always looked out for me. My brother...some think he is a man, others think that he is a monster. But he will always be my brother."

Sareena decided that just being there for Subzero was more than enough.

The realms were safe once more...for the time being.

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