Myra's Revenge

Chapter 4

It was 9.30 pm and Bobby Tortini, Gino Cellini and Mike Juliano sat huddled around a small circular table in the saloon bar of 'The Feathers', a pub on the Old Kent Road, each swigging a bottle of Budweiser and smoking their Marlboro's.

They had made this pub their base.

Its owner, Charlie Dutton, a wheelman for the Frankie Taylor gangster crew, had known the Giradino's for nearly three decades, since back in sixties, he'd been Raphael's trusted driver and friend.

Mikey had been waiting around in the three bed family room Charlie had made available to them, while Bobby and Gino had been out in the Mini. They had stolen it the previous afternoon in Durham and driven directly to the London pub that night.

Each had known the other all of their lives, having been born on the Lower East Side in New York and in the same year to mothers who were neighbours. Collectively they were of mixed Irish, Italian and American blood and proud of their roots. They'd played in the street together, bunked off school together, beat up other kids together and got into crime together by the time they were 9 years old.

Gino was short, around 5'6", with a wiry physique that belied a strength inconsistent with his build. And he was deadly with his choice of weapon - a knife. He had several, all shapes and sizes. He loved knives.

Mike, or "Mikey" as he was known, stood 6'3" in his socks. Weighing in at 230 pounds and carrying an obsession with keeping fit, there wasn't an ounce of fat on his body. What he lacked in intelligence he made up in muscles. He was as strong as he looked and possessed a vicious right hook which had broken many a jaw - both male and female. He was as much of a killer as his two buddies.

"So ya lost 'em, huh?" he said to Bobby.

"Yeah." replied Bobby, his eyes wild, "they saw we was tailin' 'em an' took off! We gonna need faster wheels."

"An' we don' know where they are now." Gino added.

"Hell no!" snarled Bobby, slamming his clenched fist onto the table.

Bobby was 5'10" and matched his friends in dark Mediterranean looks. Like the other two, he had black hair, worn long down the nape of the neck. Bobby possessed a short fuse - it didn't take much to get him riled up, and when he did, his eyes, although as black as coal, seemed on fire. They blazed.

"Take it easy Bobby," said Gino, "we'll find 'em."

"Yeah, listen." he said, looking at each of them in turn and dragging on his cigarette. "Gino, you go stake out the broad's place, Mikey, you Dempsey's."

"An' waddya gonna do Bobby?" asked Mikey.

"Me? I gonna watch the offices." he replied. "Sooner or later, one of us will see 'em. An' when I get my hands on that blonde bimbo cop, I'm gonna enjoy myself."

The others sniggered. They'd been here before.

After waiting in the side alley for around fifteen minutes, Dempsey slowly reversed the car onto the street and headed for a restaurant, finding a quiet looking bistro.

They were hungry and thirsty.

Dempsey ordered a steak with bearnaise sauce and sautee'd potatoes while Harry settled for a mushroom omelette in cream sauce. They washed it down with a beer for him and a glass of chilled white wine for her. Suitably refreshed they continued on to the hotel.

There was no sign of the Mini re-appearing so, clearly, they had broken the tail. But Dempsey's eyes were never far away from his rear view mirrors for more than a few seconds.

Harry had radioed in to base to keep them in the loop and gave them the make and registration number of the Mini, the latter which Dempsey had read back to front through his mirrors. He'd done this before and it was something Harry was very impressed with.

She was told the replacement car and various disguises would be delivered early the following morning, together with any details surrounding the Mini.

"Probably just as well we get the stuff tomorrow." she said, sighing, "it's been a long day and I just want to soak in the bath now."

"How'd ya know there's a tub?" asked Dempsey, turning to glance at her and grinning, "might just be a shower cubicle. Fun can be had in them things, honey."

"Spikings told me." she said, forcing herself not to break into a grin too - she knew what was coming.

As expected it came.

"When in the hell did ya speak to him!?" he demanded, annoyed she hadn't told him until now.

"When you were sneaking around that alley, checking the Mini out." she replied, a grin forming on her lips which she quickly stifled again, "he confirmed that our rooms had been booked, yours has a shower, mine a bath."

There was a momentary pause - she braced herself.

"Rooms!" yelled Dempsey."Rooms!"

Harry bit her lip as the laughter rose to her throat and put a calming hand on his arm as he drove. "Dempsey." she said, matter of factly and with eyebrows raised. "You have clearly forgotten that we are not an item as far as Spikings is concerned. Remember? it's a secret?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know." he answered, miserably," I guess sometimes I kinda forget."

"Just don't forget when Spikings, or Chas or somebody else is in earshot - or eye shot!" she said, glancing over and digging him in the ribs with her elbow when he didn't reply.

"Ok ok angel, don't fret. I won' let us down." he said, still sulking but still guarding his mirrors.

All of sudden he banged the steering wheel. "Oh hell!"

"What!? she asked, alarmed, momentarily worried the Mini had come into view again.

"There's only gonna be one single friggin' bed!" he exclaimed.

"Is that all you can think about!?" she asked, feigning anger.

He quickly glanced at her with a pained expression on his face. It took all her willpower not to burst out laughing, so she pretended to yawn. "I'm a bit tired anyway." she announced to the crestfallen look next to her.

Dempsey had always been totally unpredictable, which had driven her to distraction before she got to know his ways well, but on the issue of their physical and emotion feelings for each other, he was quite the opposite - she could read him like a book. And she so loved him for it.

Little did he know that she was planning they sleep together that night, because, although they weren't in rooms with a double bed, they were in double rooms with two single beds - and those can be pushed together!

But she certainly wasn't going to tell him in advance and spent the remainder of their journey looking out of her passenger window, constantly having to suppress a giggle. She so loved teasing him as well as having him next to her in bed.

He was still in a mild sulk when they checked in. The concierge gave them their individual room keys, asking no questions as to the whereabouts of their apparent non existent luggage and while Harry kissed him on the cheek before walking over to the lift, Dempsey busied himself obtaining garage keys and locking the car away out of sight.

He didn't go straight to his room but knocked on Harry's door. She was already in a large, fluffy, white towelling bathrobe and he caught his breath when she opened the door. She could see the breathless love in his eyes as he looked at her and reached for his hand, gently pulling him into the room.

How lucky was he to have the heart of this stunningly beautiful lady - this brave, courageous, loyal creature in battle, yet utterly feminine away from it, unafraid to show her love, tenderness and physical need for him, and wonderfully feisty.

God he was lucky indeed!

He kicked the door shut behind him and pulled her to him, plunging his mouth down on hers, the electricity between them almost enough to blow the rooms light bulbs out, such was the depth and force of their passion for each other.

He shrugged out of his jacket, her hands already unbuttoning his shirt, while he slipped off her bathrobe. Within seconds they were on the bed and everything in their world stopped as the pent up need for each other took hold.

Later, much later, Dempsey lay on his back with Harry on her side, cuddled into him, arm resting across his stomach, her tousled, blonde head lying comfortably on his chest as she listened to his steady breathing and beating heart. She felt blessed to have this strong, devoted, passionate man's love and reflected on their time since they met three years ago.

Remembering how his brash arrogance and maverick attitude had driven her mad, she quietly giggled when recalling the best things about him. Things that made her laugh and which slowly emerged as their relationship gelled and the gradually developing knowledge that he really cared for her as well as her safety.

"What's funny sugar?" asked Dempsey, hearing the subtle little giggle. She looked up at him.

"I was just remembering things and thinking about us." she answered. "You know, someone once told me that love and hate were one of the same, because one took as much emotion and effort as the other. I think they were dead right."

"Yeah I guess." he murmured, sleepily. It wasn't much longer before she detected his breathing becoming ever deeper.

She glanced up at him, watching his face in sleep, then snuggled in closer.

"I love you." she whispered and closed her eyes.

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