Myra's Revenge

Chapter 5

The shrill ringing of the telephone woke them both up, Luckily it was on Harry's side.

Eyes still closed, she reached out for it, walking her fingers around the bedside table until she found it. She lifted the receiver and put it to her ear. "Hello?" she murmured, still half asleep. She sat bolt upright when Spikings voice came booming through the speaker.

"Makepeace!?" he shouted. She held the handset away from her ear. God! why does he have to be so damned loud!

"Yes?" she answered, calmly, "good morning sir."

"Morning Sergeant." he replied, a little quieter, "where's Elliot Ness?"

"Er... I presume you mean Dempsey sir. Erm, in his room, I'd have thought. Why?" she asked, mouthing Spikings name to Dempsey and pointing to the door, indicating with her thumb to get to his room.

He was nodding furiously, having leapt out of bed the instant he'd heard Spikings bellow and was half way across the room grabbing his clothes!

"Because I've been trying his 'phone and there's no answer!" said Spikings, sounding really hacked off.

"Oh - well, perhaps he's in the shower?" she suggested, watching with amusement as Dempsey hopped around the room, frantically putting his jeans and socks on. She looked at her watch which had just turned six o'clock.

"It's very early sir." she said, "are you in reception?"

Dempsey paused, ready to make a dash for his room.

"No Makepeace, I'm still at home." he said."I wanted to make sure you two would be up and ready, bright eyed and bushy tailed. We'll be over in an hour with cars and disguises and some more information. We think we know how many accomplices Tortini has with him and I wanted to run the names past Dempsey. No matter, I'll do that when I see you both."

"Right you are sir," she replied, looking at Dempsey, shaking her head and pretending to wipe her brow, "see you at seven then." The 'phone clicked and the dialling tone buzzed in her ear.

She replaced the handset and looked at Dempsey, who, by now, was sitting on the edge of the bed, clutching the rest of his things.

"I presume you heard most of that." she said.

"Yeah, difficult not to!" he said, nodding, "guess I'd better get over to my room an' shake it up a bit. Don' want the maid raisin' any eyebrows. See ya in what, thirty minutes?"

"Ok," she agreed, "just time for a quick bath."

"Sure ya don' wanna join me in the shower, hon?" he asked, raising and lowering his eyebrows suggestively.

"Get out of here you sex mad lunatic!" she laughed, bundling him out of the door.

Half an hour later they were making their way down to the dining room. The hotel day shift didn't start until six thirty, breakfast being served between seven thirty and ten o'clock, so they sat waiting for a pot of fresh coffee to be served by the night porter.

They were just finishing second cups when Spikings, Chas and Jamie, another team member, turned up, gathering chairs around their table and sitting down as if in conference. Chas was carrying two large bags and laid them on the floor next to him.

"Do you think it's safe to talk here, sir?" asked Harry, quietly, "wouldn't it be better if we went up to Dempsey's room? More private?"

"Yes, good thinking Sergeant." agreed Spikings, "I presume you have no objections, Lieutenant?"

"Be my guests." he replied, waving them upstairs."Ya'll have to take me as you find me."

Spikings scanned his eyes around Dempsey's bedroom when they entered. He'd made a damn good job of messing it all up. Pillows askew, sheets crumpled up, bathroom light still burning bright, towels lying disguarded on the floor, curtains only half open. Harry stared at him, a faint smirk around her lips - he winked.

"Good God! It looks as if a Claymore's gone off!" remarked Spikings,"either that or you've had an orgy in here!"

Chas and Jamie grinned, suppressing the urge to laugh out loud.

"Neither, boss," replied Demspey,brightly, adding," sorry ya couldn't get me earlier, must've been in the shower."

Spikings scowled at them all, glancing at Harry too, who kept her expression neutral and impassive. She wondered if he suspected something was going on with her and James, but he hadn't any proof and anyway, he certainly wouldn't be backward in coming forward if he considered it was compromising their abilities to be effective in their work.

"Right, down to business." said Spikings."We've traced the car that tailed you. It's a Mini Cooper S, colour black, registered two years ago and it was reported missing from an address near Durham at 4.30 pm the day before yesterday. That's in an area with CCTV and, as luck would have it, the theft was picked up on camera. I've brought some stills with me."

He handed copies of the photo's to Dempsey.

"Recognise any of them?" he asked. Dempsey studied them closely.

"Yeah," he said, pointing," that's Tortini and the big one is Mike Juliano. He's unmistakeable. But the other guy I can't put a name to just yet."

"Gino Cellini." said Spikings, "that's who he is."

"Yeah that's right." agreed Dempsey, "those three have been in cahoots with each other all their lives. I remember 'em now. They were never high up in Giradino's mob but they're still killers, all three of 'em." He passed the photo's over to Harry.

"Why are none of them in disguise?"she pondered, "you'd think, being pro's, they would have wanted to hide their true identities."

"It's a good point." chipped in Chas, "but they could be thinking that once they're in the big city, and in disguise, they'll be invisible."

"Tortini's the smart ass." said Dempsey. "Cellini and Juliano are just there for back up. Cellini's a knife freak and Juliano makes up for a lack of brains with muscles. He's got fists as big as hams an' a pretty deadly punch."

"Hmm, not so smart as to be caught on CCTV, though are they?" mused Harry and glancing at Dempsey continued, "and I wonder why they stole a Mini. I mean they're Americans. You'd think a Mini would be like a toy car to them."

"Easy to steal. Available at the time." suggested Spikings. "I expect they've dumped it by now anyway. I've put out requests that we're given details of every vehicle reported stolen in London since midnight last night. At least that might give you a clue if you suddenly pick up an unexpected tail. Being a Yank, Dempsey, what type of vehicle do you think they'd go for?"

"Hard to say, Chief." he replied. "But seein' as most cars stolen are expensive ones, I guess we scan those lists for run of the mill stuff. Tortini'll wanna blend in."

"Ok, we'll give you breakdowns of all the ordinary makes and models as we receive them." assured Spikings, continuing, "now, we're watching your home Sergeant and your apartment Dempsey, so if anything turns up that looks suspicious we'll let you know."

They nodded.

"So wadda we do in the meantime Chief?" asked Dempsey. "You both sit tight today,"he replied, "give us time to draw up a list of stolen vehicles. At least then we'll all know what to watch out for. There's nothing to stop you putting out feelers to any snouts you have - you know, see if they've heard anything that might be helpful. You can make use of the phone's in your rooms for that."

Harry knew instantly that sitting around was going to frustrate Dempsey no end. 'He doesn't know how to sit tight and wait!' she thought. All his life, Dempsey had been pro-active not reactive. She looked over at him, catching his eye. He returned her gaze. The look on his face told her he knew exactly what she was thinking.

"Now," continued Spikings, "your replacement cars are outside in the car park. I suggest you stick together and use just one. The other can be a back-up."

"What are they?" asked Dempsey.

"One is a Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth. Very fast." replied Chas. "The other is a Peugeot 205 GTI, quite quick too."

"I guess we'll go for the Ford." said Dempsey. "Incidentally Chief, did you all drive here in convoy?"

"No Lieutenant."said Spikings, irritated, "of course not! what the hell do you take us for!"

"Okay okay." said Dempsey holding his hands up, "guess y'all know for sure ya weren't tailed then." Chas and Jamie nodded.

"For your information Dempsey," said Spikings, looking daggers at him, "Chas and Jamie collected the cars yesterday at varying times, took them home and drove here separately." Then pointing to the two bags Chas had carried in with him he continued, "in there are various disguises. You can busy yourselves sorting them out. Any further questions?"

"No, I think we've covered as much as we can for the present, thank you sir." replied Harry.

"Right, we'll leave you to it." he replied. "Stay in touch."

With that, Chas gave them two sets of car keys and left with the others.

"Jeez!" gasped Dempsey, after they'd gone, "we gotta sit on our butts twiddlin' our friggin' thumbs all day!"

Harry strolled over and put an arm round his waste.

"Yes I know, James." she said, consolingly. "but it's only for today. There are three killers out there gunning for us and we've no idea exactly where they are right now. We've got to be patient. Something will turn up. It always does. We'll put some feelers out today as Spikings suggested"

"Yeah, guess you're right, angel." "And really, they can't be that clever." she said." I mean, they've been caught stealing a car on CCTV for goodness sake. Tortini's visited Myra in plain sight. Doesn't that tell you anything about their state of mind?"

"Yeah, right again honey," said Dempsey, pulling her close. He looked into her captivating blue eyes.

"What would I do without you?"

"I don't know." she said, gazing up at him and smiling, "what would you do without me?"

"I dunno princess." he said, "but I sure as hell couldn't handle it if ya got hurt. Why don't ya go stay with ya father for a few days. You'd be outta the danger zone, much safer."

"What the hell are you saying Dempsey?" she cried, pushing him away, anger flashing in her eyes. "I'm your bloody partner for God's sake! My place is by your side! We're going to fight this just like we've fought all those shithead villains in the past - together! You and me! Christ! this has really bloody got to you, hasn't it!?"

Dempsey was startled. Harry hardly ever swore but now she'd belted out several expletives.

"Look," she continued in calmer tones. "I love you very, very much and I don't know how I would cope if anything happened to you. These deep feelings we have for each other have changed the landscape of our lives. But those feelings have always been there, we've just never admitted them to each other until a few weeks ago. Nothings changed in the job we do and love doing. So, come on darling. Get a grip. Where's my knight, my guardian angel?"

"Huh."he shrugged, "funny ain't it?"

"What is?"

"Only yesterday ya were bawlin' ya eyes out 'cos ya had that vision again. An' now I'm the one gettin' jittery!"

They looked at each other, then burst into laughter.

"God what a pair!" said Harry. "Come on let's see what's in those bags."

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